GoogleGlass video records ‘Patient Receiving Bad News’ experience

This Google Glass video recording (HatTip: @ZGJR) shares the ‘perspective of a standardized patient as they’re being given bad news from a medical student‘ that is being used as ‘part of medical student education and training‘.

My thoughts:

> I think this is a great use of GoogleGlass but I see nothing here that couldn’t be done (as we’ve been doing it here in Medical School training for 10+ years) as well with a video camera positioned in the room or a GoPro/Contour+ (mounted on the Patient’s head/shoulder).

> After watching this I’m convinced that the biggest opportunity for people to wear Android mobiles on the side of their skull will be because it will drive clinicians to provide proper documentation (if they fail to do this they’ll feel the wrath of US medical malpractice lawyers).

> I think anyone who doesn’t have direct experience of private medical consultations will watch this video and be astounded at how acceptable it is considered for US Doctors to be consulting with Patients with whom they are completely unfamiliar. In a world where Target knows that your daughter is pregnant for how much longer can we tolerate the status quo in which the Doctor informing you that you have only 3 weeks to live is being trained to be so uninformed and has done so little research with their Patient that they don’t even know if they have family? (There is an easy way to rectify this medieval situation: we need to let Patients help by providing them with modern tools to share information with us before we meet).

Thomas Goetz Better Health is not a science problem its an information problem

What feelings/thoughts did you get from watching the video?

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2 Responses to GoogleGlass video records ‘Patient Receiving Bad News’ experience

  1. Christopher Bickford says:

    Very dramatic footage based on the pregnant pauses. Interesting
    that the informer did seem to address the Glass, but maybe they did before thhis recording.. Should be quite informative, but needs
    some explanation about patient info/privacy issues.


  2. Christopher Bickford says:

    did not seem to address the Glass !

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