Road Safety is a key feature of Samsung’s new Galaxy J3

Great work from the creative team at SamsungMobile in for launching “S-bike Mode” as a key feature of it’s new Galaxy J3 smartphone that was launched today in India.

Like the medical device and pharma industry there are huge opportunities for the motor industry to learn from the Mobile industry (eg. the born mobile generation are amazed at our concerns over autonomous driving cars because they’re aware of the millions of distracted millions, they find it hard to believe that £100,000 cars can be broken into or stolen and they don’t even SMS the owner with an alert, etc) so it’s great that Mobile brands are side stepping them and incorporating road safety awareness into their marketing messages and as part of their brand promise.

I really hope it works to build trust and boost sales for Samsung (eg. you can imagine that Parents would be more inclined to buy mobiles with such feature sets for their children/loved-ones) so that other mobile brands get involved in the important work that’s needed to reduce road traffic statistics eg. more than a million people are killed annually from road traffic incidents in low/middle income regions of the world.

Compare Samsung’s well crafted video with the incredibly careless promo video that Google used to advertise the launch of Android One in India and you’ll realise how important it is that global brands start to act responsibly…

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 13.18.21

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