How can we help Healthcare Professionals be more ‘ready’ for mHealth?

“You’ll never hear it spoken aloud, but it happens all the time, particularly when you’re selling something new, something powerful, something that causes a positive change:

‘You’re right, but we’re not ready’.

This is what people felt about the internet, about word processors, about yoga pants…

When you think this is going on, the answer isn’t to be more ‘right’. The answer is to figure out how to help people be more ‘ready’

I think this post by Seth Godin about the most common b2b objection (and the one we have about most innovations) is spot on.

I’m all in on sharing openly on this blog, helping facilitate networking over in the mHealth group on Linkedin, and obsessed with providing CPD accredited mHealth training to healthcare professionals but is there anything else we can do (or that you’ve seen being done) that can help people be more ready to move beyond the office visit model and start providing services that make sense to the Born Mobile generation?


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