We’re seeking help reviewing a new mHealth app


Prof Lingams LTC and Allergy Questionnaire

We have been busy working with Professor Sam Lingam MD (Hons) FRCPCH FRCP (Glas) DCH DRCOG to produce an app that helps Parents to share complex Paediatric and Allergy histories with their Doctors. To get some final feedback before the app goes live to the world we will be hosting a meeting in London’s Harley Street. There are a few places available to attend that we would like to offer to readers of mHealth Insight.


Professor Lingam is an incredibly talented and experienced Paediatrician who has published some of the formative work in this area eg. the first ever paper on allergies by a Paediatrician (in 1984!), a paper discussing how he was sharing notes with Patients (in 1986!), the basis of this questionnaire and it’s template (he’s been providing it to Parents in a paper based format since the 1980’s!).

At 3G Doctor we have been using Instant Medical History (the world’s most advanced Patient History Taking Questionnaires) for nearly 10 years and it has taught us so much about the opportunities that emerge when Patients get the opportunity to share their medical history  via their mobile. As partners with Prof Lingam on this global project we want to take the innovative paper based questionnaires he developed in his work at world leading children’s Hospitals and make them accessible to billions of Patients the world over who don’t have access to such interactive tools. They will also be added to the Paediatric history taking questionnaire sets used within Instant Medical History.

The feedback event

The event (date to be confirmed) will be held at Professor Lingam’s 117A Harley Street Clinic (London’s first Walk in clinic). As an attendee you will get the opportunity to:

> Learn of the clinical value of this Patient empowering tool and the Clinician template.

> Trial the app and share your feedback.

> Meet with world class medics who we’ve already confirmed for the meeting

> Meet with the world class Mobile Developers who we have building the app and learning from your insights.

Places are limited but if you would like to apply to attend and contribute to making this incredibly powerful tool available free of charge to Patients and their Parents the world over please get in touch via the following form:

Note: if you are selected to attend all of your travel expenses will be reimbursed.

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