#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning about #mHealth

We’ve been close to running the mHealth for Healthcare Professionals course in flagship Apple stores to coincide with major medical conventions but nothing has materialised as until only recently Apple leadership wasn’t talking publicly about it’s enthusiasm for this area. Hopefully the new #TodayAtApple initiative is going to make it much easier for local Apple branches to initiate and organise meetings for Medical and Patient communities. I think it’s obvious there will be queues around the block to get tickets to these as they’ll be really productive meetings.

WTF! and can you imagine the opportunities?

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning how to sleep better

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning about the mHealth opportunity in Psychiatry

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning about Clinical Trials

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning about Wearables

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning about Innovations in Ophthalmology

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning about the mHealth opportunity in Cardiology

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning how to better manage your diabetes

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning how to be a more effective Medic/Carer

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning about Social Media from a Patient

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning how to share a medical history with an iPhone

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning how to use your mobile as a medical device

#TodayAtApple we’re going to be learning how to use Facetime with your Patients

Search for a Today at Apple meeting near you. As no mHealth themed events are yet listed you might like to check out this comprehensive listing of mHealth events taking place around the world in 2017.

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mHealth Guide to the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting #APAAM17

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 16.57.27.png

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting 2017

I think one of the best things about using the term ‘mHealth’ to refer to the convergence of Health to Mobile is that it by default prioritises mental health as many medics (particularly those who haven’t yet realised that their mobile phones turn them into cyborgs and give them super powers) would think that you’re talking about mental health if they didn’t know the m was being used to denote Mobile (the newest mass media).

I think it’s obvious that ‘go and get help’ doesn’t make sense to the BornMobile generation when they encounter mental health issues so while it’s great to see so many mHealth events being held all over the world it’s probably even more encouraging to also see major medical associations like the America Psychiatric Association (follow them on Twitter @APAPsychiatric) adding mHealth themed sessions to their annual meetings (help in San Diego for 2017).

Saturday 20th May 2017

Mobile Mental Health Meets Clinical Psychiatry: New Tools for New Models of Care
Time: 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Room 29B, Upper Level
Speakers: John Torous MD, CoDirector at Digital Psychiatry Program @ Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School (Chair), Colin Depp, Steven Chan MD MBA, Digital Health & Behavioral Sciences Research, University of California (UCSF) & Co-founder, Health 2.0 Sac and John Luo MD, Interim CMIO UC Riverside Health, Director of Psychiatric Residency Training, University of California.
About: Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)

Poster Session 2: Medical Student/Resident Poster Competition
Time: 14:00 PM – 16:00 PM .
Location: P2-006, Exhibit Hall A, Ground Level San Diego Convention Center
About: Comparing Child and Adolescent First Mental Health Contacts With a Mobile Crisis Team
Author(s): Rachel H. Olfson, Student, Harvard Medical School

Sunday 21st May 2017

Connecting With Patients in the Life Space: A Pragmatic Approach to Web and Mobile Applications in Clinical Practice and Research
Time: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Location: Room 29B, Upper Level
Speakers: Brian Grady MD, Director TeleMental Health; VISN5 TeleMental Health Lead, University of Maryland School of Medicine (Chair), Julie Kinn, Department of Defense Research Psychologist and Program Director, National Centre for Telehealth & Technology, University of Illinois at ChicagoNaomi Wilson, Clinical Psychologist Institute of Psychotrauma, East London NHS Foundation Trust & the University of Sheffield and Kelly Blasko, Mobile Web Program – Lead Psychologist, National Centre for Telehealth & Technology, The Pennsylvania State University.
About: Technology (EHR, Telepsychiatry, Apps)

Poster Session 3: Medical Student/Resident Poster Competition
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM .
Location: P3-140, Exhibit Hall A, Ground Level San Diego Convention Center
About: Mental Health and HIPAA in Today’s World of Social Media and Smartphones
Author(s): Amber Mansoor MD

Monday 22nd May 2017

Using Mobile Phone- and Web-Based Technology to Enhance Treatment and Support Recovery
Time: 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Location: Room 25C, Upper Level
Speakers: Anita Bechtholt PhD, Program Director at NIAAA, National Institutes of Health (Chair), Kathleen Carroll PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University School of MedicineDavid Gustafson PhD, Professor, Kansas State UniversityMarsha Bates PhD, Facility Manager and Social Worker Transitional Housing Center, Kathy Jung, PhD and Frederick Muench PhD, Director, Digital Health Interventions & Behavioral Health, Northwell Health.
About: Substance Use Disorders

Poster Session 6: Young Investigators’ New Research Posters 1
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM .
Location: P6-017, Exhibit Hall A, Ground Level San Diego Convention Center
About: The Relationship of Smartphone Addiction With Impulsivity Among Korean Smartphone Users: Vulnerability to Smartphone Addiction in Adolescents
Author(s): Hyun-sic Jo

Poster Session 6: Young Investigators’ New Research Posters 1
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM .
Location: P6-029, Exhibit Hall A, Ground Level San Diego Convention Center
About: Mobile Device Applications for Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Review of Current Evidence
Author(s): Jung W. Kim MD


Note: Sadly the APA has really outdated views on social media and although there’s a hashtag it’ll probably be just dominated by sales & marketing adverts as they’ve banned the taking of any images/video.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 18.18.12

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What can GPs do about health needs that Patients don’t talk about & for which they haven’t had training?

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.38.28

This interesting article by Dr Mark Griffiths (Professor of Behavioural Addiction, International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University) highlights the challenge of getting GPs to see gambling problems as a primary reason for referral and a valid treatment option and reports that “very few GPs could probably treat a problem gambler”.

mHealth Insight

We’re living in a time where the family Doctor relationship is becoming a rarity (and while there is ‘trust’ a GP is still a stranger that only offers office visits) but it continues to amaze me that so many experts think the opportunity in the world of General Practice is just about having GPs ask more questions of their Patients and having GPs do more in-depth training on specific topics. I think the conclusions being reached by this subject expert in this post are particularly revealing because it’s clearly identified that:

  1. Patients can and will reveal information about their gambling problem if they are asked to by a survey in a waiting room.
  2. Most GPs aren’t screening for gambling problems.
  3. Most GPs couldn’t properly treat a problem gambler even if the Patient reported gambling as their reason for making the appointment.

Instead of having busy GPs blaming Patients for wasting their time or doing more to take GPs away from their Patients to do more specialist training or in projects that will increase Patient anxiety levels it’s time to flip the model:

  1. Wherever possible let Patients give their own history, answer all the questions that we’d like them asked in their own time in a place they feel most comfortable and enable this to be done using their mobile phone.
  2. Let senior Doctors triage the Patients
  3. Refer Patients directly to the Doctors who we know have the skill sets and experience to best help them with their needs (in this case a Patient who revealed gambling problems might get an appointment with a GP or Counsellor who has specific training in this field and perhaps even direct experience of a gambling problem).

Perhaps once this is all in place the NHS can then focus more on what it’s doing with the information Patients are sharing with their Doctor because at the moment their sterling efforts to share it with law enforcement agencies and powerful US advertising companies is completely undermining the trust Patients have.

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Are the world’s biggest Pharmacy Retailers about to be Amazonised?

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 23.58.27


“Amazon is hiring a business lead to figure out how the company can break into the multibillion-dollar pharmacy market”.

I hope readers of this blog are applying for this job as disrupting this industry is going to be a walk in the park. To give you an idea of how easy consider this the boss of Europe’s largest Pharmacy Retailer recently told Chemist & Druggist that Amazon has no hope yet he has already installed a recording device belonging to Amazon in the boardroom of his HQ office!

While I can see challenges for Amazon I think having them competing in this market will be great for mHealth innovation because without the bricks and mortar business model and reliance on existing healthcare system revenue streams Amazon will be able to get on with the innovations that Patients and Carers are crying out for eg. can you imagine the expensive education the lawyers at Amazon would have given the civil servants at the HSE?

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 00.04.54


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If Patients see you uncomfortable using a mobile they may doubt how current your medical knowledge is

discussion relating to use of iphone book and pc by junior doctor

I had an interesting point put to me last night on Twitter from Dr Kunal Kulkarni that I think will be helpful for the mHealth training course that I provide to medics.

The original tweet posted was from 10 days ago when watching an interesting Channel4 TV programme called ‘Confessions of a Junior Doctor’ that showed a busy junior Doctor who had been working long hours under pressure and turned to a printed copy of the BNF,  a Hospital windows PC and his iPhone 6 Plus while he hurried to prescribe a steroid to a child in his care.

mHealth Insight

I think the discussion thread provides a good insight into the challenges that engaging on social media sites like Twitter can present to practicing Doctors. Even though Dr Kulkarni isn’t following the GMC’s advice to the letter (eg. he doesn’t list his own GMC registration number on his Twitter profile) he asks me to confirm that I am a practicing clinician after accusing me of accusing a Junior Doctor of bad practice (“If a member of the public reads your statement at face value, it suggests what the doctor is doing is bad practice. That’s not the case”).

I think this Twitter conversation might be useful in training medics on the challenges of social media as it shows how easy it is to discourage medics from making the effort to be helpful and share their thoughts eg. if I was a GMC registered Doctor there is enough confusion expressed by Dr Kulkarni in this thread for anyone to start a medical council disciplinary investigation against me for starting it.

For the record I think what I saw there in that program was to my mind worse than bad practice it’s CONVENTIONAL practice in an administrivia laden NHS and it’s why we have Junior Doctors leaving the Profession (and the Patients who really need them) and suffering from burn out whenever they try to tolerate it. There’s nothing inherently unsafe about using a brand new printed prescribing text book but clearly you as a Doctor don’t get to decide if that’s what’s on the ward when you arrive for your shift. The NHS has for very good reasons made this available free of charge to all staff because the benefits of always having such an important ‘essential’ reference document is obvious. It also saves them a heap of money if medics help them do away with the need to print and distribute new books and collect/recycle old books across all of the NHS’s buildings/wards every few months.

It clearly takes Mobile First thinking but I’m confident that in 2017 you shouldn’t be allowed to practice medicine without a smartphone loaded with high quality up to date content because clearly access to this information on a device you are familiar with using is critical to being able to do your work safely and to the best of your ability.

I think the thread also highlights the urgent training need there is because so many even young Doctors (yes even those who already use Twitter and have experience working for a ‘management consultancy firm’ that specialises in IT) have become wedded to the paper based processes that they have been trained to use.

The aviation industry has shown us it’s not sufficient to blame mistakes and deaths on fatigue when there are processes in place that haven’t been thoughtfully designed. All Doctors but especially Junior Doctors deserve better working conditions and their training and examinations urgently need to be modernised to ensure that they are capable of working with the tools of our time because it’s safer to be using a quality smartphone (perhaps with a mophie power pack if you need to work long shifts away from a power outlet?) than hoping the hospital ward you are working in has a poster on the wall or a printed book that hasn’t been thrown away/misplaced/recently updated or even (as we’re seeing since Friday following what’s being labeled as the ‘NHS cyber hack’) a PC that has been patched for known security issues and is working/available.

Get in touch if you face these challenges in your Medical School, Hospital or Clinic and would like us to run the accredited mHealth course we developed because such an investment in your staff can help ensure you don’t fall victim to easily avoidable malware attacks and your Patients will benefit from being cared for by Professionals who are confident using the incredibly powerful supercomputers that they already carry in their pockets.

Click here to download a copy of the BNF’s essential reference book app for your smartphone.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 15.49.06.png

Related Posts:

If you attend a Medical School that still doesn’t give you mHealth tools the data now shows that they are failing you (Feb, 2013)

Has your Hospital replaced error prone paper based Observation Systems with mHealth Apps? (Oct 2014)

Why do we blame Pharmacist Fatigue when fatal errors are originating from poor design & outdated tools? (Dec, 2016)

UPDATE 13:00HRs 16 May 2017

I tweeted a link to this post and Dr Kunal Kulkarni came back to say I was just “scaremongering to sell IT” and that how he or colleagues use their mobiles “has absolutely NO link” to his clinical acumen.

I think this is very interesting because I’ve only encountered it once before when training medics and it was a point of view held by another newly qualified Doctor. More senior Doctors absolutely love the energy that mHealth adds to a consultation (eg. a Paediatric Cardiac Electrophysiologist who pulls out an Alivecor in an outpatient consult, or an orthopaedic consultant who launches the 3D4Medical app and shows their Patient exactly what they’re talking about before adding their anoted images to their Patients records, etc.) but the young Doctors have got to be really skilled in their use of mobile technology and how they communicate what they are doing because otherwise some Patients/Carers may think they just don’t know what they’re doing:


I think it’s clear twitter isn’t working for this debate (and find it very odd that a Junior Doctor in 2017 is claiming that they don’t benefit from the superpowers a smartphone gives them especially when many NHS facilities have had to close today or have cancelled appointments because of malware that would’ve been easily avoided if staff had been using smartphones or even just had been trained to properly use the old IT the NHS prescribes them) so I offered him an invitation to join me on a mHealthTV hangout and hope he takes me up on the offer (I’ll then update this post with that video discussion and readers can make their own mind up):

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 13.04.18

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 13.05.15

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 13.05.25

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 15.40.20Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 15.38.22

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 15.48.22

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 10.43.19

Margaret McCartney: The NHS needs big, firm IT pants

UPDATE: 27 May 2017

Medics in the NHS are so obsessed with the value of printed drug reference books that they think it’s charitable to ship their old (dirty) copies to the BNF to colleagues working in lower income regions of the world. Why not just send them your old mobiles or use the money wasted on shipping heavy books to pay for inexpensive SD cards (that could be loaded up with the LATEST content) and send them out there in an envelope?

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 23.25.28

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 23.25.05

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How have we arrived at a situation where Doctors get annoyed when NHS Patients use Google but okay when Google uses NHS Patients?

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 11.25.25

In an interesting discussion on Linkedin Howard Green MD (@dermhag) explains the outcome for Doctors in 2017 from the $multibillion eHealth Record companies being focused on profiteering from Patients rather than helping them. I think this is just one of the reasons why everything changes when the Medical Record is permanently carried/accessible on the device that we all own and it doesn’t surprise me that giant mobile companies like Apple (with a cash reserve of $820Billion) understand this and are making it clear that their future role in the mHealth market is on the side of Patients (and not the short term quick buck that is available if they were to focus on reimbursement/insurers).

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 11.52.57

This month a Doctor in the USA was jailed for inappropriately browsing the Electronic Health Records at the Hospital he worked for yet no one is even talking about it being a real problem for a NHS Hospital Trust to have handed over 1.6 million NHS Patient records to Google.

It’s no longer good enough to blame Patients for wasting your time when you insist they visit you for things that you could’ve fixed for them by just pointing them to a resource on the internet.

It’s no longer good enough to tell someone who knows how to use the supercomputer in their pocket that they need to go somewhere to talk to a stranger.

With your access to the internet and my medical degree can you imagine what we could achieve

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With your access to the internet & my medical degree imagine how we could work together? (Dec 2015)

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mHealth Guide to #LondonTechWeek #LTW

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 15.35.52

Just making final plans for my trip to present at the ‘5G World: Futurist Summit’ in London and thought it might be helpful to share a mHealth guide to the London Tech Week (that the meeting is a part of). If you know of anything that’s mHealth related and not on the list please share it in the comments and I’ll update the guide.

Monday 12 June

Health and Digital Innovations @ Westminster
Location: Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, W1
Starts/Finishes: 4.30 PM – 8.00 PM
About: Annual event celebrating innovations and industry partnerships in the health and digital sectors. Learn more about business-university partnership opportunities (placements, short courses, contract research, etc.) within the Faculty across our departments of Biomedical Science, Life Sciences, Psychology, Computer Science, and Engineering. This will not only include displays of past and current projects undertaken in collaboration with business but also student projects of direct relevance to or involving external organisations.
Speaker(s): Dame Karen Dunnell, University of Westminster Governor
Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive, Nuffield Trust
Prof Annie Bligh, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology
Prof Thierry Chaussalet, Director of Business Development, Faculty of Science and Technology
Cost: Free (register here on eventbrite or email Denise Teale/d.teale@westminster.ac.uk).

Tuesday 13 June

TugLife III: Should we be worried about Machines + Out Minds and Bodies
Location: Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY
Starts/Finishes: 09.00 – 11.00 AM
About: What happens to humans as machines become more embedded in our lives? How is constant connectivity changing us mentally and physiologically as a species? Is our growing dependency a cause for concern? Should we take more control back? Or is there a bright side to it all?
Pete Trainor, Founder & Director of Human Focused Digital, Nexus CX
James Murray, Microsoft
Dan Machen, Director of Innovation, HeyHuman Group of Agencies
David Wood, Futurist, catalyst, singularitarian, Delta Wisdom
Cost: Free.

China-UK Medical Technology M&A Deal Fair (Organised by: InvesTarget)
Location: TBC
Starts/Finishes: 12.40 PM – 16.00 PM
About: A bridge between British Healthcare Enterprises and Chinese Investors The China-UK Medical Technology Forum is a one-day event intending to promote business cooperation and M&A activities between China and Britain. China is emerging so rapidly during the past years that it has become an essential market for many businesses in Europe and America. Meanwhile, Chinese enterprises came to be equipped professionally and financially to engage in cross-border partnership, thus actively seen in the global market.
British and Chinese governments, professionals and top Chinese companies like CR Pharmaceutical, Fosun Pharmaceutical, and Prosperity Investment will be invited to discuss the opportunities and challenges in communications between Britain and China’s Medical Technology sectors. Professional consultation services and communication opportunities will be provided for enterprises in the event.
Speaker(s): TBC
Cost: Free. Contacts: Sara Ye (General Enquiries) +86 188 0162 3018 Sara.ye@investarget.com, David Young (Speaking Opportunities) +86 138 1670 2381 Di.you@investarget.com, Sidu He (Sponsorship & Press) +86 138 1622 5193 Sidu.he@investarget.com

TugLife III: What happens to humans as machines become more embedded in our lives?
Location: Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EY
Starts/Finishes: 13.30 – 15.30 PM
About: What next? And is it really better? How is technology changing our day to day lives? What’s coming down the line? Is it actually better or are we just addicted to ever more tech in our lives?
Steve Moore, Connected Homecare, Dixons Carphone
Paul Thomas, Head of Marketing, EE
Jack Waley-Cohen, coFounder/COO, What3Words
Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist, Book of the Future
Vianney Dubois, Chief Data, IamYiam
Cost: Free.

MMA Forum London Mobile Redefined – Transform, Innovate and Disrupt: The Merck Way to Love Brands & The Role of Mobile
Location: County Hall, Riverside Building
, Belvedere Road
, SE1 7PB
Starts/Finishes: 14.05 PM – 14.35 PM
About: Merck Consumer Health has several leading brands around the globe and has declared to not just think and act digital but mobile first when it comes to developing its brands global and local communication. Going beyond product, mobile is used to differentiate, emotionalize and reach consumers where it matters most to them. Join Beate Rosenthal, Global Digital Brand Director as she shares how Merck Consumer Health is using mobile to accelerate at many levels, with a new way of thinking and building marketing capabilities across their eco-system of marketers, agencies and market researchers. #MMAF2017
Speaker(s): Beate Rosenthal, Global Brand Digital Director, Merck Consumer Health
Cost: Register £500/£550

The Europas European Tech Startup Awards #Europas
Location: Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 3BS
Starts/Finishes: Evening
About: Nominees for the “Hottest Health” Startup include:
Lifesum (a Swedish digital health startup that helps clients become healthier by using applied psychology and technology).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.21.26
Klarismo (uses MRI technology to give you a new way to explore your physiology and understand your body composition in unprecedented detail).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.24.31
Lumeon (is a digital health company providing care pathway management solutions to the healthcare industry).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.24.16
Echo (is a mobile app that helps users order their prescriptions medicines and have them delivered to their door).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.24.06
Ada Health (offers a new approach to personalized health, supported by a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.23.57
Babylon Health (delivers high quality healthcare via your mobile phone).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.23.38
BrainWaveBank (allows anyone to measure and track their cognitive health at home, taking just a few minutes everyday).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.23.26
Doctolib (an online and mobile booking platform that helps to find and a specialist doctor nearby and make an appointment).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.23.13
Antidote.me (is accelerating the breakthroughs of new treatments by bridging the gap between medical research and the people who need them).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.23.03
Zebra Medical Vision (has set out to create the world’s largest medical imaging insights platform).

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 08.22.32
Cost: Awards only £245+VAT

Wednesday 14 June

Path to Mixed Reality: HoloLens Examples in Healthcare
Location: Studio Spaces, Unit 2, 110 Pennington Street, St Katharine’s & Wapping, E1W 2BB
Starts/Finishes: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
About: Mixed Reality delivers new insight for creating, collaborating and bringing products and information to life in 3D. Mixed Reality (MR) creates a brand new holographic category and endless possibilities for how we can improve how people communicate, create, and explore by mixing the physical world and the virtual world together. MR redefines personal computing through holographic experiences by delivering new insight for creating, collaborating and bringing products and information to life in 3D. During this session, we will share inspiring ways that Microsoft HoloLens is being used today within health care- enabling clinicians, hospitals and businesses, to impact patient care in ways previously unimaginable. We will then be joined by Dr. Navin Ramachandran, London Cancer Regional Lead for Renal Cancer Imaging and Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL CHIME. Dr. Ramachandran will detail examples of the work that UCL is doing in collaboration with NHS Digital to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice throughout the NHS.
Speaker(s): Dr. Navin Ramachandran MBBS BSc (Hons) MRCP FRCR is a practising radiology consultant at University College London Hospital (UCLH), an honorary senior lecturer / healthcare data researcher at University College London Centre for Health Informatics & Multiprofessional Education (UCL CHIME), a faculty member at The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, and a cofounder of OpenCancer and the Platform for Enhanced Analytics and Computational Healthcare (PEACH). His interests include Healthcare IT, distributed ledgers, digital design, data modelling, interoperability, analytics, identity and consent management
Leila Martine, Director, Category Management Lead, Microsoft
Cost: Free (register here) Contact Nancy Guttridge +441189093371 naguttri@microsoft.com

Using Data and IoT technology in insurance to help improve people’s health
Location: (EXCEL) Internet of Things World Europe: Creating Partnerships & Ecosystems to Ignite the IoT Driven Enterprise
Starts/Finishes: 12:10 PM – 12:30 PM
About: How technologies are changing the way health insurance companies work. Data and how it can be used to incentivise a healthy lifestyle for people. Innovation and opportunities to create shared value.
Speaker(s): Pierre du Toit, Head of Technical Pricing and Big Data Analytics, Vitality
Cost: TBC

Unlocking new potentials and designing the healthcare app of the future
Location: (EXCEL) Apps World Evolution: Mobile Marketing
Starts/Finishes: 12:15 PM – 12:34 PM
About: Improving health through sophisticated app design. Transforming the app concept in healthcare through implementation of latest tech and healthcare regulations
Speaker(s): Ashley George, Global Head of Innovation and Consumerisation Centre of Excellence, GlaxoSmithKline
Cost: Free.

Tech Foresight 2037: Unravelling Complexity – The Science of the Future by Imperial Business Partners
Location: City Hall, SE1, London
Starts/Finishes: 12:30 PM – 18:30 PM
About: TF2037 aims to bring together academics, industry leaders and members of the public to discuss and engage with the increasing complexity of our future world. The future will be smart; the future will be networked; the future will be complex. TF2037 uses these concepts as a springboard to ask how the evolution of technology will give us the capability to process and address increasingly complex decisions and innovations.
Prof Alessandra Russo, Machine learning, Dept of Computing, Imperial College
Dr Thomas Heinis, Neuromorphic computing, Dept of Computing, Imperial College
Dr Ben Almquist, Advanced tissue repair, Dept of BioEngineering, Imperial College
Prof Armand Leroi, Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Dept of Life Sciences, Imperial College
Cost: £600 (Register on Eventbrite)

Using IoT Data in Insurance to Improve People’s Health
Location: (EXCEL) IoT World Europe
Starts/Finishes: 12:50 PM – 13:09 PM
About: TBC
Speaker(s): Pierre Du Toit, Head of Technical Pricing & Big Data Analytics, Vitality
Cost: Free

Better tracking health, performance and vulnerabilities with connected devices
Location: (EXCEL) Cloud & DevOps World: Cloud & Business Transformation
Starts/Finishes: 2:40 PM – 2:59 PM
Location: IoT World Europe: Ecosystem Centre Stage
About: TBC
Speaker(s): TBC
Cost: Free

Case Study: Digital Transformation in the NHS: NHSBT’s Cloud and Digital Strategy
Location: (EXCEL) TBC
Starts/Finishes: 2:45 PM – 3:04 PM
About: Improving health services through the effective use of cloud technologies
Is the cloud the right option? Data, security, resilience
How can NHS and other organisations achieve a successful digital strategy: cost savings, new services for patients, efficiency
What can other organisations learn from our journey?
Speaker(s): Aaron Powell, Chief Digital Officer, NHS Blood and Transplant
Cost: TBC

Pitch-Off: Consumer IoT – Smart Home, Healthcare, Wearables
Location: (EXCEL) Project Kairos – Startup City
Starts/Finishes: 15:00 PM – 15:45 PM
About: Project Kairos Pitch-Offs. Details not yet published
Speaker(s): Not yet published
Cost: Free

Networking event announcing the launch of the Horse Tech Conference
Location: (EXCEL) TBC
Starts/Finishes: 5.30 PM – 7.30 PM
About: The Horse Tech Conference is being held on Wednesday the 18th October 2017 in Central London (it will also be accessible globally via a free livestream) and will provide an immersive day of learning and networking with leaders from the global Sport Horse industry who aurre utilising technology to breed and train Champions. At this small meetup you can meet with the organisers and learn about the comparative medicine opportunities emerging this £25 Billion industry.
Cost: Free (register/more details)

Thursday 15 June

Consumer healthcare and Artificial Intelligence
Location: (EXCEL) TechXLR8
Starts/Finishes: 09:55 AM – 10:15 PM
About: Not yet published.
Speaker: Marc Speichert, Global Chief Digital Officer, GSK
Cost: Free

Addressing today’s health demands: Fit for patients; fit for investment by MedCity
Location: Greenwood Theatre, King’s College London, 55 Weston Street SE1 3RA
Starts/Finishes: 10:00 AM – 13:30 PM
About: Join us during London Tech Week to access expert insight into healthcare demands and guidance on how to access funding to support demand-led innovation.
MedCity, DigitalHealth.London, Tech London Advocates HealthTech group and Asthma UK will host speakers and opinion leaders from across industry, the investment community and medical research charities for a series of presentations and interactive discussions, examining how to understand areas of unmet clinical and patient need and then how to fund and scale-up your technology development.
Kay Boycott, CEO, Asthma UK
Dr Ameet Bakhai, Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Anne Bruinvels, NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow, CEO, Px Healthcare
Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow
Terry O’Neill, Head of Health, Knowledge Transfer Network
Aisling Burnand, CEO, Association of Medical Research Charities
Daniel Oliver Uriel, CEO, Capital Cell
Inga Deakin, Healthcare Principal, Touchstone Innovations
Nooman Haque, Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences, Silicon Valley Bank
Jorge Armanet, CEO, HealthUnlocked
Eze Vidra, Chief Innovation Officer, Antidote
Rajesh Agrawal, Deputy Mayor Business, Greater London Authority
Cost: Free (register here on Eventbrite or email Yaesel Lee, Business Administrator, MedCity at yaesellee@medcityhq.com)

Better networks for better healthcare
Location: (EXCEL) 5G World: Futurist Summit
Starts/Finishes: 11:15 AM – 12:04 PM
About: The future of healthcare that 5G can enable. From 3G Doctor to 5G Doctor.
Prospects for digital healthcare: Untangling hype and reality.
Speaker: David Doherty, Co-Founder, 3GDoctor
Cost: Free

The Cyborg Brain Workshop
Location: Diversity in Technology (155 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3YD)
Starts/Finishes: 12:00 PM – 13:00 PM
About: Decision makings affects every aspect of recruitment, from talent attention to retaining top talent. Riham Satti, a neuroscientist, provides a tour into new models, such as neuroimaging to detecting unconscious bias and how that will shape the recruitment market. Welcome to cognition; a preview into when machines and humans will work together in the human capital sector, as we all know that one co-worker who’s at the top of their game: always on time, remembers everything, never lets his/her feelings cloud their judgment, and is so scarily good at predicting the future, it’s as if they have a cyborg brain.
Speaker: Rigam Satti, CEO, MeVitao
Cost: From £200 (+Vat)

Opportunities from enhanced data analytics across the UK and Europe’s Health tech integration ecosystem
Location: (EXCEL) IoT World Europe Expo Theater F.
Starts/Finishes: 12:30 PM – 12:49 PM
About: Not yet published.
Speaker: Steve Johnson, Information Security Manager EMEA, Orion Health
Cost: Free

Virtual Reality’s Advantages in Healthcare, Transforming Interaction With Patients and Improving Training
Location: (EXCEL) VR & AR World: Service Sector VR & AR
Starts/Finishes: 2:20 PM – 2:39 PM
About: TBC
Speaker(s): Jonathan Wood, Operations Manager, Digital Marketing Bureau
Cost: Paid

NSpine: VetSpine
Location: Royal College of Surgeons
Starts/Finishes: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
About: Instrumented spinal surgery in dogs – fusion and disc replacement, Thoracic vertebral malformations – kyphosis and scoliosis in dogs, Vet Spine – Masterclass Interspecies Case Discussions.
Speaker(s): Noel Fitzpatrick BVetMed, Colin Driver BVetMed
Cost: Paid

Save the Children UK Session
Location: (EXCEL) Internet of Things World Europe: Creating Partnerships & Ecosystems to Ignite the IoT Driven Enterprise
Starts/Finishes: 14:20 PM – 14:40 PM
About: Details of session still to be confirmed.
Karl is in charge of the leadership of technology and digital functions within the UK and member of the global IT executive team. Providing vision and strategy to ensure technology supports the charity in fulfilling its mission. Defined technology strategy to support all business functions including retail operations. Leading digital transformation programme. Negotiated global contract with Adobe for Marketing Cloud. Implementing Oracle HCM globally to provide a common HR service across Save the Children. Delivered technology platforms covering back-office functions, email marketing, data and insight, collaboration and digital, increasing organisation efficiency and effectiveness. Fostered an innovation culture, collaborating internally and externally to provide thought leadership and agile delivery of technology/digital solutions.
Speaker(s): Karl Hoods, Chief Innovation Officer, Save the Children UK
Cost: TBC

Guest Keynote: How Artificial Intelligence can enhance patient care
Location: (EXCEL) AI & Machine Learning World
Starts/Finishes: 2:35 PM – 2:54 PM
About: Understanding the potential paradigm shift that AI could create for patients
● Assessing the potential impact of AI for patients with chronic illnesses
● Working with public healthcare authorities to implement future AI strategies
● Partnering with the patient in order to create innovative new services
Speaker(s): TBC
Cost: Paid

Redefining the Role of the Clinician, Who is Responsible for AI Decisions?
Location: (EXCEL) AI & Machine Learning World
Starts/Finishes: 2:55 PM – 3:24 PM
About: What is the future of the AI ecosystem; who will the key players be?
● What are the ethics within the medical industry around AI?
● Can AI help create a new way for patients to get treated?
● Is Machine Learning proving a sustainable method of treatment?
● What barriers need to be overcome in adoption by the NHS
Arjun Panesar, Co Founder, Diabetes.co.uk
Dr Ali Parsa, CEO, Babylon
Dr Harpreet S Sood, Chief Clinical Officer, NHS England
Matteo Berluchi, CEO, Your.MD
Charles Lowe, Managing Director, Digital Health and Care Alliance (Moderator)
Cost: TBC

Panel Discussion: Healthcare Focus: How All Industries Can Learn from VR and AR’s Inclusion in Every Business Area
Location: (EXCEL) VR & AR World: Service Sector VR & AR
Starts/Finishes: 3:20 PM – 3:59 PM
About: Augmented reality for medical applications
Improving mechanics of feeling and immersion: haptics and sound
Remote healthcare
Usefulness in medicine: Considering the use of VR for medical training, dentistry training, paramedic training, preventative medicine, phobia treatment, counselling and treatment of post-traumatic stress
Ash Mosahebi, Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Royal Free Hospital London, UCL Medical School
Steve Dann, CEO Amplified Robot and Founder, Augmenting Reality Meetup Group
Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow and Plastic Surgery Registrar, and Honorary Clinical Lecturer, UCL
Shafi Ahmed, Consultant Surgeon & Co-founder, Virtual Medics & Medical Realities
Jonathan Wood, Operations Manager, Digital Marketing Bureau
Cost: Paid

Patient Monitoring and fitness tracking in Healthcare Market Labs Sessions
Location: (EXCEL) 5G World: 5G Ready Networks
Starts/Finishes: 3:20 PM – 3:59 PM
About: Each market lab will be led by an end user of connected technologies and focus on how low power connectivity will enable them to achieve their IoT vision.
1) Energy Management in O&G Fields
2) Waste Management in Smart Cities
3) Patient Monitoring and fitness tracking in Healthcare
Improving the Fan Experience in Connected Stadiums
Speaker(s): TBC
Cost: Paid

Building AI models for healthcare
Location: (EXCEL) AI & Machine Learning World
Starts/Finishes: 3:25 PM – 3:44 PM
About: Implementing AI solutions in public healthcare
● Utilizing machine learning to improve healthcare
● Driving wearables adoption through AI tech
● Engaging with the healthcare community through AI
Speaker(s): TBC
Cost: Paid

AI: A Case Study of It Working In Public Healthcare
Location: (EXCEL) AI & Machine Learning World
Starts/Finishes: 3:45 PM – 4:04 PM
About: Understanding the implementation of Artificial intelligence is having on public healthcare services
Should we build, buy or partner when looking to launch a successful AI platform?
How can AI improve the patient experience?
How can the human and the computer work successfully together, to maximise the patient needs?
Speaker(s): William Smart, Chief Information Officer, NHS England
Cost: Paid

Nesta: Making the most of Digital Social Innovation + drinks
Location: Nesta, 58 Victoria Embankment, London, EC4Y 0DS
Starts/Finishes: 17:30 PM – 20:30 PM
About: A showcase of inspiring projects followed by a panel discussion with some of the UK’s leading ‘tech for good’ organisations. With more than 1.64 million jobs in the digital technology sector and investment in the sector reaching £6.8billion in 2016, the UK has rightly taken the title as ‘the tech capital of Europe’. However, leading in technology should not just be about games, payments or self driving cars, it should also be about solving some of society’s biggest challenges.
Advances in technology – such as the open source and open data movements, low-cost hardware, crowdsourcing and internet of things – provide new ways of tackling social problems in fields as diverse as healthcare, education, democracy, environment, transport and housing. Examples include using open hardware and online patient networks to provide personalised care for those living with chronic health conditions. Or getting more citizens involved in democratic processes, through digital platforms where they can propose solutions to issues that matter to them, or vote on local budgets.
This event is a must for: Technologists, social entrepreneurs, policy makers, public sector innovators and civic activists interested in or involved with how technology can solve some of society’s biggest challenges
Speaker(s): TBC
Cost: Free (Register here)

Friday 16 June

Brink Institute New Frontiers VIP Summit: Exploring Human Potential: Hacking Biology and Future Humans
Location: 30 Pavilion Road, Knightsbridge.
Starts/Finishes: 10:40 AM – 12:00 PM
About: We can only begin to imagine the potential that new technologies hold to correct, enhance and augment our physiology. We will join experts in human-machine augmentation, biomedicine, medical devices, longevity, anti-aging, and cryonics to showcase the latest science, technology, research, invention, and innovation that will allow us to reach new heights of human achievement in the not-too-distant future. In this session we will explore: Exoskeletons and applications for corrective and enhanced human mobility, Telomeres, and their role in determining human lifespan, Longevity sciences and the plan to reach the escape velocity of human mortality, Hacking our biology, the promise of personal data and the quantified self, and Cryonics, from theory to application, the hope of regeneration and reanimation. #VR4Good #BRINKvr #BRINKLTW
Speaker(s): TBA
Cost: Paid/Livestream Available (£400/£50)

Things you need to know about information governance to sell healthtech products into the NHS
Location: Hempsons, 40 Villiers Street, Central London, WC2N 6NJ
Starts/Finishes: 12:30 PM – 14:00 PM
About: The NHS encourages innovation in using technology in developing new and better ways of delivering care, managing health conditions and reducing hospital conditions. It is also a key marketplace for such products. NHS organisations also have large databases of patient related health data, which have the potential to be vital source of information for analysis and development of healthtech products. However, the NHS internal information governance rules place strict controls on the use of patient identifiable data. Any healthtech product must be capable of operating within this framework in order to be a viable product to offer to NHS customers.
This session will provide: an introduction to the relevant rules and principles and sources of guidance, advice to technology companies seeking to develop products for this sector; and an overview of the role of anonymisation (including the use of controlled environments) and section 251 authorisations.
Lunch will be provided.
Chris Alderson, Partner, Hempsons
Jamie Foster, Partner, Hempsons
Cost: Register here (free)

Saturday/Sunday 17/18 June

AcornHack: Mental Health Artificial Intelligence Intelligence Hackathon for Teens
Location: GSMA, The Walbrook Building, 25 Walbrook, EC4N 8AF.
Starts/Finishes: 10:40 AM – 12:00 PM
About: Empowering Young People on Their Tech Entrepreneurial Journeys Through Artificial Intelligence with Guidance From Adult Mentors acornhack.acornaspirations.com. Acorn Aspirations in partnership with London Technology Week, Lean Startup Summit and Tech London Advocates is running a 2-day hackathon/start-up style event where young people aged 12-19 will collaborate with mentors from London’s TechCity community to develop tech start-ups and artificial intelligence solutions to tackle some of the problems associated with mental health for young people. #AcornHackAI will unlock young people’s entrepreneurial potential by inspiring them to get creative with coding and machine intelligence technology, as well as attend masterclass workshops in digital marketing, branding, APIs, lean UX and Business Model Canvas. The purpose of this event is to equip young people with the tools that will enable them to become change-makers and entrepreneurs of their own lives. Why Artificial Intelligence Hackathon for Teens? Why not? Technology is disrupting lives at every aspect of our society. At Acorn Aspirations we believe teenagers should be part of this technological transformation and have an opportunity to create technology alongside the most innovative minds and tech creators. We know that young people learn best when they are equipped with the right tools and environment that nurture their creativity. We design learning experiences that nurture entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity in young people. We develop future leaders – leaders that will be making tomorrow’s world a better place. We prepare young people for the jobs that do not yet exist. Young people that learn through our programmes WILL BE the ones to create those jobs. Join us. Learn with us. Reinvent education with us!
Speaker(s): Matthew Celuszak, C0-founder, CrowdEmotion
William Tunstall-Pedoe, Inventor, Amazon Alexa
Natasha Rooney, Internet Engineering Director
Mischa Dohler, Professor of Wireless Communications, King’s College London
Cost: Free/£63 Contact Elena Sinel on +447780478616/elena.sinel@acornaspirations.co.uk

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