Healthcare in a post-COVID19 world

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As a follow up to the “mHealth in Times of Crisis: the Coronavirus” event we livestreamed on the 24th February 2020 we’re putting together a follow up online seminar on the topic of “Healthcare in a post-COVID19 world”.

Politicians, the Healthcare industry and Patients and Carers have responded to the Coronavirus in extraordinary ways and we seek to dive deep into these and present the key insights and best practice from around the world.

The meeting will be held online on Friday 1st May 2020. It will start at 9am (London/Dublin) and a video recording will be posted here as soon as it’s ended.

Agenda/Timings (we’re still finalising the program so please refresh this page to see updates):

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Refresh this page to see updates and complete the following form if you’d like to register to attend (it’s completely free) or have suggestions/ideas for the organisers: