The data from your Apple Watch could be used to accurately predict your risk of dying in the next decade

March 3, 2015

Scary mHealth message from my Apple Watch
Analyzing data from 58,000 heart stress tests, Johns Hopkins cardiologists report they have developed a formula that estimates one’s risk of dying over a decade based on a person’s ability to exercise on a treadmill at an increasing speed and incline… …the new algorithm, dubbed the FIT Treadmill Score and described in the March 2 issue of the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, can gauge long-term death risk in anyone based solely on treadmill exercise performance

Makes it a little easier to appreciate how wearable devices like the Watch Apple (that is launching on Monday) are going to kill the $Trillion p/a Healthcare Insurance Industry.

If you want to understand the challenges that society faces as mobile tech becomes ever more pervasive you must not miss a second of these inspiring chats between FullPower CEO Phillipe Kahn and Ubergizmo’s Eliane Fiolet.

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Join us 10-11 March at the Clinical Innovation Congress in London

March 3, 2015

Clinical Innovation Congress 2015

Join us on the 10-11 March 2015 at London’s Business Design Centre for the Clinical Innovation Congress (and co-located Clinical Outsourcing and Partnering World). Organised by Health Network Communications this 2 day forum will share insight from the pioneers who are driving clinical transformation and offering disruptive solutions to universal clinical research stumbling blocks.

Key topics, discussions and peer to peer roundtables will cover:

Designing and Embracing the Clinical Trial of the Future, The good the bad and the ugly of clinical trials, Revolutionising sponsor and clinical trial site communication via the Shared Investigator Platform, Opening up clinical study design to the long tail, What it really takes to innovate in clinical trials, Real world experience using RBM approaches on a trial, New clinical trial regulation – update, and impact on clinical trials, Innovation in Clinical Technologies, Wearable Tech and Clinical Trials: a seismic shift, Integrating new technology and processes to accelerate drug development, Tech showcase, Transforming clinical development via innovative partnering (Cancer Research UK case study), Giving investigators what they want: win-win solutions for investigators and industry, How to achieve excellence in clinical relationship management, How can rapid analysis of big data enhance clinical research, Digital clinical trials, Innovation in feasibility, How to use your eTMF as a strategic asset, How to creating truly Patient Centric Trials and the emerging role of mHealth in Clinical Trials.

Key speakers will include:

Munther Baara, Senior Director, Development Business Technology, Pfizer
Raja Banerji, Global Head Life Sciences, TATA Consultancy Services
Mike Bartlett, Senior Enterprise Architecture, H. Lundbeck A/S
Muriel Berthier, Director Feasability & Enrollment Solutions, Parexel
Andy Brown, Global Trials of the Future, Novartis Pharma AG
Melva Covington, Research & Development, Sanofi Aventis US
Heather Cox, CNS & Metabolism Operations, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Franciska Darmer, Vault Product Specialist, Veeva
Simon Denegri, Chair at INVOLVE & National Director at NIHR
Ilaria Di Resta, Clinical Operations Leader, EspeRare Foundation
David Doherty, coFounder, 3G Doctor
Kathleen Goin, VP Clinical Operations, Trevena Inc
Ben Goldacre, Doctor and Author of Bad Science
Chris Hart, Information Practice Leader, AstraZeneca
Ian Hodgson, Associate Director European Clinical Operations, Takeda
Leo James, Associate Director Medical Affairs, Clinical Trials, Astellas
Jackie Kent, Senior Director Clinical Development, Eli Lilly
Kirsty Kwiatkowski, Director, Site Services, DrugDev
Courtney McBean, VP of Clinical Innovation, BioClinica
Fiona McKenzie, Patient Insight, UCL Partners
Dr Gareth Milborrow, Head of Clinical Development, ICON
Peter Milligan, VP Clinical Platforms Transformation, GSK
Robin Murray, Managing Director, Dataline
John Posner, Consultant in Pharmaceutical Medicine
Chris Powton, IT Lead for Digital Clinical Trials, GSK
Oli Rayner, Research & Patient Involvement, Cystic Fibrosis Trust
Tomasz Sablinski MD PhD, CEO, Transparency Life Sciences
Jonathan Sheffield, CEO, National Institute for Health Research
Dr Nick Sireau, Chairman & CEO, AKU Society
Dr Peter Tormay, Business Development, Capish
Dr Robert Williams, Chief Development Scientist, Cancer Research UK
Kirsty Wydenbach, Medical Assessor of Clinical Trials Unit, MHRA

Click here to download the program and here to register to attend (get in touch via the comments below if you’d like to avail of a special discounted rate for readers of mHealth Insight).

Note: Check back here for the slides from my mHealth in Clinical Trials presentation and the video recording of my talk.

Apple is all set to completely blindside Mobile Operators next week with their Watch

March 3, 2015

Telefonica CEO Stephen Shurrock talks about Wearables on the eve of Apple Watch launch

(on the Wearable opportunity for MNOs) there’s clearly a distribution opportunity whereby these devices are sold alongside smartphones or as add-ons afterwards

Mobile World Congress Daily, Tuesday 3rd March

I remember a few weeks before the launch of the original iPhone in 2007 O2/Telefonica published research showing that the single biggest factor that influenced a consumers choice of new mobile was battery life. The reports publication coincided with the promotion of an O2 branded mobile phone with extra long battery life.

Of course it was obvious the research misread the market as customers flocked to a new sales experience that involved a device that had a terribly short battery life and wasn’t even much good at making the phone calls that mobile operators thought they were in the business of providing.

It 2015 it’s obvious the billions that O2/Telefonica paid to Apple to provide expensive iPhones to their customers contributed to the companies debt mountain that reached €50Billion (by the time the iPad arrived they had completely given up on their subsidy model and while they’d give you a SIM for an iPad the staff in stores would tell customers to go direct to Apple to buy one!).

I get the feeling that next week when Apple starts the waiting list for it’s Watch this article by Consumer CEO Stephen Shurrock on Wearables will be helpful for anyone studying the thinking behind how to completely miss an opportunity that was dangled in front of you.

Despite the millions wasted on the failed O2 Health O2/Telefonica still can’t supply me with a SIM card for my Smoke Alarm and out in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress this week it’s obvious that Mobile Operators are still pretty clueless about the innovation that their networks enable or the revenue share models (eg. how else do you arrive at $9 a week for a SIM that does little more than monitors a door that will be opened twice a year). I’m sure this is why events like the WebSummit in Dublin have exploded onto the scene and grown so quickly. Without the vested interests of $billions of network infrastructure you can think very differently and the conference speakers can be far more interesting when they don’t all have to have interests that are completely ‘on-side’ with those of GSMA members.

Don’t miss these mHealth Insights into Wearables from the inventor of the camera phone (another technology that mobile operators at first ignored because they couldn’t imagine digital photography playing a role in their future) & MMS (by 2010 this had grown into a $30Billion pa industry yet is still only grudgingly tolerated by MNOs).

Is EHR Administrivia now the leading cause of Patients leaving the Primary Care Doctor they trust?

March 2, 2015

Doctor Richard Carey Typing

A colleague of mine, a successful physician-entrepreneur in his late sixties, recently told me about a visit to his primary care doctor after a long hiatus. “I had seen him a few years earlier, and I like him,” he said. “But this visit was entirely different. This time, he asks me a question, and as soon as I begin to answer, his head is down in his laptop. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. He looks up at me to ask another question. As soon as I speak, again it’s tap-tap-tap-tap.” “What did you do?” I asked. “I found another doctor.”

Paul F Levy, former President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, reviews Robert Watcher’s new book (out in April) “The Digital Doctor”.

Don’t fall into the Administrivia trap being set by providers of Electronic HealthBilling Records (EHRs). Understand that the 2000 year old model of healthcare is broken forever, be prepared to let Patients help and get some proper training on how to use the tools of our time.

Smart Wearables: a $30 billion opportunity coming to a body near you…

February 25, 2015

WiFore's Nick Hunn predicts sales of Tricorders

The consumer electronics industry has convinced itself that wearable technology will be the next big thing, with analysts predicting a market worth over $30 billion by 2020. That belief is driven by a desperate need for major companies to find something to follow on from laptops, tablets and PCs all of which are being commoditised.

The problem is that their model for wearable technology is built around technology push, trying to shape their technology to fit consumers. It is a strategy that is likely to fail, as wearable technology is more, rather than less, personal. This report takes the contrary viewpoint, building the market opportunity from known consumer behaviour and preferences. It suggests the market will still reach $30 billion in 2020, but with a very different mix of products being made by some very different companies

Click here for introduction/summary of the report and here to download this unmissable completely free report (63 page .pdf) by the super smart Wireless Industry Evangelist, Nick Hunn.

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Insights from FullPower’s Philippe Kahn who is predicting a wearable market that will grow to the same size as the smartphone market (>$100B).

Don’t think you’ll ever buy an Apple Watch? How about if it cost just $7 or it fell out of your next box of cereal?

Will Wearables kill the >$Trillion pa Healthcare Insurance Industry?

mHealth Summit UK, Tuesday 3rd March 2015

February 24, 2015

mHealth Summit at UK eHealth Week 2015

Next week at UK eHealth Week in London there will be the first ever mHealth Summit to be held in the UK. This is a new addition to the mHealth Summit series of events (the highlight of which is the Washington DC event that is now in it’s 6th year and attended by more than 4,000 delegates) and won’t be replacing the annual European mHealth Summit event that has been held together with the ‘European eHealth Week’ (eg. in Copenhagen 2012, Dublin 2013, Berlin 2014 and on 11-12 May this year in Riga, Latvia) but is an addition to the UK eHealth Week meeting being held at Olympia, London, that’s being organised by HIMSS UK together with NHS England and the BCS Chartered Institute for IT.

Although invited to present I unfortunately can’t make it as I’ll be out in Barcelona attending Mobile World Congress but the speaker line up looks very interesting, it’s CPD credited and free to attend for anyone attending UK eHealth Week (free to attend for healthcare professionals who do any work in the public sector).

Topics include Data Safety, Mobility in Hospitals, Mobile Social Networks, Health and Wellness Apps, Personal Health Data and the Hospital, mHealth’s role in citizen driven healthcare and mHealth usability from a patient perspective. The following speakers will be sharing their mHealth insights:

Angus Campbell, Business Development Executive, IBM
Andrew Cockayne, Managing Director, Captive Health
Jen Hyatt, Founder, Big White Wall
George MacGinnis, Consultant, PA Consulting
Malachy Rice, Principal Consultant, Kokomo Healthcare
Michael Seres, Patient Advocate
Jonathan Thorpe, Telehealth Project Manager, University of Hull
Robert Turpin, Healthcare Market Development Manager, BSI
Francis White, EU General Manager, AliveCor

Follow @UKe_HeathWeek, keep a watch out for the event hashtag #eHW15 and click here for more info and to register.

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Does the Anti-Vaccine movement exist because of the undeveloped social media voice of Healthcare Professionals?

February 19, 2015

Well funded family foundations are backing movement to get parents to question vaccines

Kate Trafecante at CNN Money has put together an interesting video on how the financial support of affluent families is having Patients question vaccines.

Following decades of hard work the US Federal government annually spends billions of dollars on the manufacture of vaccines to protect children and billions of dollars more providing the healthcare services that are required to market and deliver these, yet CNN Money have uncovered $1.6 Million that they think is driving the anti-vaccine movement. Why isn’t the big story here asking how this donor cash is having so much more impact?

I think it’s clear that it’s because the anti vaccine movement is spending it’s effort and resources reaching Parents through social media. If every single Practice Nurse, Pharmacist, Paediatrician and GP in the USA had a blog they used to share insights with the Patients that trust them (the powerful story telling videos are easy to find/embed) would any Patent have ever even heard about the fake science propelled by the disgraced Andrew Wakefield?

In 2015 Healthcare providers have a duty to understand and use social media and medical groups involved in the training and regulation of Doctors like the GMC need to be very careful about the unintended consequences of poorly considered guidance that they’re providing that is discouraging Doctors from contributing their important voice online.

If you are a Healthcare Professional please watch and share this great (free) lecture on Social Media by Michael Seres and be inspired to get creative by Dr Z Dogg MD


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