mHealth review of the 2011 Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress 2011 took place in Barcelona and we got a chance to make a fleeting visit with high expectations for learning new things with a full (first) day of mHealth themed sessions that had over a hundred people registered and an exhibition floor peppered with mHealth concepts, products and assoications.

As with the review I’ve posted on the 2008, 2009 and 2010 events here are my thoughts on the mHealth developments I found interesting:

> 3G Doctor
> Aerotel Medical Systems
> AirTel/Apollo Hospital
> Alcosystems
> Andago
> Apple
> AT Kearney
> Bluegiga Technologies Inc
> Buddi
> Cavitid Inc
> Continua Health Alliance
> Docobo Ltd
> Doro
> ePhone International Pte Ltd
> Ericsson
> Gates Foundation
> Google/Android
> GSMA Awards
> GSMA Embedded Mobile House
> Healthcare Alert
> Hildalgo
> Honeycomb
> iHealth Lab Inc
> Itude Mobile BV
> Laipac
> Lavandoo Mobile Solutions
> mHealth Alliance
> mHealth Company
> mHealth Sessions (Monday morning)
> mHealth Session (Monday afternoon)
> MicroKia
> NTT Docomo
> Partelec
> Perception Digital
> Platform wars – and what they mean for mHealth
> Qualcomm
> Sennheiser Communications
> Sensiron AG
> Skype
> SK Telecom
> Telecom TV mHealth Focus
> UKTI mHealth session (Tuesday morning)
> Wopata
> Zenkko

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5 Responses to mHealth review of the 2011 Mobile World Congress

  1. steve says:

    Have tried to contact you via Tomi Ahonen.

    I would like to email you directly. Steve

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