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David Doherty, CoFounder, 3G Doctor @mHealth

david-doherty.jpg David cofounded 3G Doctor after his studies of Medicine at University College London convinced him of the need for remote care services that could provide Patients with a means of private and economical anytime anywhere access to the documented care of registered Doctors.

David’s role at 3G Doctor involves bringing together feedback from Patients & Carers, the public, mobile developer communities and me technologists to learn how to improve the Patient experience, bake in kindness and begin to understand ways in which 3G Doctor can deliver and support new care experiences. An important part of this role includes posting and communicating with the readers of this blog and managing the mHealth networking group on Linkedin that brings together a 8,000+ member strong tribe of the key influencers in the global mHealth movement.

In 2009 David helped launch and organise the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit – the first major industry event focused on the mHealth market. David is a regular contributor to leading industry events and has chaired conferences including the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit (London), Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit Middle East (Dubai), Mobile Strategies for Pharma (London), National Health Summit (Dublin) and Pharmaceutical mHealth (London).

David has also presented at the following events: CareWare (Denmark), eMarketing & Mobile (Barcelona), Guardian Mobile & Wireless Healthcare (Birmingham), Health 2.0 (Paris), HISI Conference and Scientific Symposium (Dublin), mHealth Summit (Washington DC), mHIMSS Symposia (Denmark), MobileCollective mHealth ThinkCamp (London), Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit (Belgium), Mobile Marketing Live (London), Mobile Monday (Amsterdam, Athens, Belfast and London chapters), Mobile Pharma World (Amsterdam), Mobile technologies in e-Health (Belfast), Smart Device & Mobile User Experience Summit (London), Smart Healthcare Live (London), Telus mHealth Workshop (Toronto & Ottawa), The International Telecare and Telehealth Conference (London), Total Telecom mHealth Breakfast Briefing (London), Health2.0Dublin (Dublin), mHealth Pharma Masterclass (London), eMarketing and Mobile Europe (Barcelona), Health 2.0 Manchester (Manchester), mHealth Symposia at European eHealth Week (Dublin), Telehealth & Telecare Summit (Glasgow), Digital Health Forum (London), Nuance Healthcare Global Partner Event (Lisbon), Going Mobile Summit (Dublin), Mobile Health: new ways of looking at Health (Portugal), The promise and perils of mHealth (Florida), Digital Health Summit (Istanbul), Value Beyond the Pill (London), Irish Cardiac Society Scientific Meeting (Killarney), DigiPharma & Mobile Pharma World (London), Multichannel and Mobile Pharma Marketing Summit (London), International Telecare & Telehealth Conference (London), Health 2.0 Europe (London), HISI 2013 (Dublin), Health Technology Forum (London), Transforming Healthcare through Mobile & Wireless Technologies (London), Mobile Monday (Manchester), Social Media in the Pharma Industry (London), mHealth Seminar (Edinburgh), National Health Summit (Dublin), Disruptive Innovation in Clinical Trials (London), Healthcare Apps Europe (London), Wearable Wednesday (Dublin), Doctors 2.0 & You (Paris), the Royal College of Psychiatry International Congress (London), EyeforPharma Value Added Services & Multichannel Marketing Summit (London), the International Life Sciences Summit (Dublin), Wearable Wednesday (Dublin), UOH Science Centre mHealth Conference (Oklahoma), Self Care Pharmacy Conference (London), the Clinical Innovation Conference (London), the Mobile Clinical Trials Congress (Edinburgh), the Internet of Things Summit (Dublin), Wearables Europe (London), Wearables London Tech Meetup (London), Wearables Monitoring Conference (London), IDF World Diabetes Congress (Vancouver), Digital Health Summit (Turkey), IoT Tech Expo (London), the Clinical Innovation Congress (London), Wearable Tech Show (London), mHealth for Digestive Disease Workshop (Dublin), Vet Futures Summit at the Royal Veterinary College (London), Food Allergy & Hypersensitivity Summit (London), Irish Street Medicine Conference (Cork), mHealth for Medical Students (Dublin) and mHealth for Paediatricians (London). Click here for a list of future events.

David also provides consulting services to companies looking to get a better understanding of opportunities they have to add value in the mHealth market. Much of this work is confidential as it relates to new projects but client companies have included leading infrastructure (eg. Cisco), software (eg. Microsoft), telco (eg. Telus), care providers (eg. the NHS), medical device (eg. Telcare) and pharmaceutical (eg. Pfizer) brands. To enquire more about these services please visit this link. The quality of David’s insights have been endorsed by the world’s leading Mobile industry author/analyst Tomi Ahonen.

Click here to connect with David on Linkedin, click here to connect with the 8,000+ members of the global mHealth Tribe that David has brought together on Linkedin.

Personal Disclosure: I have conflict of interest to disclose. I have made it my mission to try to fire people up about the mHealth opportunity and actively seek relationships, financial and personal, with Patients, Carers, developers and companies that are seeking to leverage mobile (the newest mass media) to create better healthcare experiences and outcomes.

You might also like to check out the following videos of David Doherty sharing mHealth Insights and talking about the work of 3G Doctor:

NLDigital; 5G &. mHealth

London Futurists What should we learn from the COVID-19 Crisis: “A mobile first approach to the management of infectious disease”

mHealth in times of Crisis: the CoronaVirus

“Mobile Health: enabler of empowered Patients” presentation at the “Transforming Community Pharmacies in to High Street Clinics” Conference in London on the 15th November 2018:

Mobile Health: What it is today?” InternetMedicine Hangout on the 22nd April 2017 (including transcript/links):

In April 2016 in an interview with Andrea MacDonald from IdeaXme! you’ll here about who and what inspired David to cofound 3G Doctor and this blog:

For the Clinical Innovation Congress in London on the 10th March 2016 David discussed the opportunity to take a Mobile First approach to designing Clinical Trials (view the slides here) before leading a round table discussion for Clinical Trial Industry executives:

For the December 2015 biannual IDF World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver we produced the following mHealth Symposium which will provide you with a round up of some key mHealth opportunities to help improve how we prevent and manage diabetes:

A discussion of the opportunity to take a Mobile First approach to Clinical Trials (more info, links etc) at the Mobile Clinical Trials Congress held in Edinburgh (Scotland) in March 2015:

A discussion of the impact that seamless connectivity (referred to as the Internet of Things or IoT by the tech community) will have on Healthcare at ‘Wearable Wednesday’, Trinity Science Gallery in Dublin in October 2014 (more info, links etc):

A presentation on “mHealth Best Practice”, Doctors 2.0 in Paris (France) in June 2014 (slides):

In September 2013 presented an “Introduction to mHealth” at the Digital Health Summit in Istanbul Turkey:

In June 2013 David presented in Lisbon (Portugal) at the 16th annual José de Mello Saúde’s annual conference (the first to be open to the public and Patients of Portugals’ largest Hospital group) with a talk about the mHealth technologies that are changing how healthcare is provided (click here for the full talk transcript/links):

A chat with BNetTV’s Tony Sklar in Washington DC at the mHealth Summit in December 2012 about how we’ve designed 3GDoctor to serve the needs of Patients and their information (click here for the transcript/links etc):

Presenting at Mobile Monday Amsterdam in January 2010 on the opportunity for the mobile industry to get involved in supporting mHealth innovations:

A conversation with ‘Media Insultant’ Jonathan Marks) at Mobile World Congress (Barcelona) in February 2009 discussing the problems that 3G Doctor is trying to solve:

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