Will Ratings have more impact than Precision Medicine approaches to Clinical Trials?


This interesting JAMA article suggests that a Precision Medicine Approach to Clinical Trials  is an evolutionary not revolutionary step.

I agree. Clearly Patients are desperate to be involved in this industry but in just a few years it’s going to seem such an outdated idea to make an appointment with a specific clinic in the hope of finding a Physician who will be able to match you with a clinical trial that will accept you.

“Five or 6 years ago, only 5% to 10% of patients at David Hong, MD,’s clinic arrived with a mutational profile of their tumor. Today, it’s more like 25% to 30%. They come bearing their tumor profile in the hope that they’ll qualify for one of a growing number of clinical trials targeting specific biomarkers, a strategy called precision medicine. Desperate, some come already knowing that they qualify for a particular trial, thanks to Facebook groups for cancer patients whose tumors share the same genetic abnormality and other online resources”

As I explain in this talk I gave at the Mobile Clinical Congress in Edinburgh the step change happens when we think like the BornMobile generation and let Patients and Clinicians rate Clinical Trials


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What happened to the mHealth Summit?


I’ve drafted a blog post about what I think happened with the mHealth Summit – the world’s biggest mHealth industry meeting – now in it’s 8th year that has merged with Partners Health’s Connected Health Symposium and been renamed by HIMSS as the Personal Connected Health Alliance’s Connected Health Conference.

Before I post it I thought it might be a good idea to post a draft post in case any readers have experiences or thoughts they’d like to contribute (please get in touch via email or the comments thread below).


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Has your clinic/hospital ordered a Tesla yet?

Elon Musk has revealed that all Tesla vehicles in production can now:

> Drive themselves (with no human input at all)

> Travel through urban streets to highway and back to streets before finding a parking spot (by reading street signs)

> Locate you and return whenever you tap the ‘Summon’ button on the Tesla app on your smartphone

> Recharge itself (by driving to a charger station that has the automated solid metal snake charger)

mHealth Insights

When the Royal College of General Practitioners vision for General Practice in 2022 consists of merely of Patients using the internet to make office visit appointments with GPs it’s important we’re all paying attention to how rapidly the world around us is in changing as it’s likely autonomous tech like this will externally transform the need for housecalls, waiting rooms, etc.

Can you imagine a video consulting Doctor deciding that their Patient needs to be seen in person and summoning the clinics specially equipped vehicle to drive to their home to bring them into the clinic?


Can you imagine how quickly a Tesla vehicle could pay for itself if a video consulting Doctor could be productively working from the rear of an autonomous Tesla vehicle seeing Patients while enroute to visit others? The savings on avoided parking tickets would probably pay for the vehicle in a busy city like London!


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Kaiser Permanente expect to provide members with 240,000 Mobile Video Consults next year!

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 18.55.35.png

“30,000 secure emails a day between our physicians and our members and we’ve seen (the number) of face to face visits decline exponentially as we’re doing more emails. So we’re already seeing the shift from physical to digital and from digital to centralisation of care. What we’re doing now is we’re deep into creating a Video Dial Tone so that anybody who has a problem that can be better served, and more conveniently served with a Video Visit can do so. We have abou 2,000 video visits a month right now and by this time next year it’s our expectation that we’ll have 20,000 video visits a month. Again it’s providing people with much more accessible and convenient care and what we’re really looking forward to in the future is building the same kind of evidence based system for virtual care that we’ve had for traditional medical care. So in what circumstance is a video visit more effective, more appropriate than a text message? How do we know in what circumstances which type of visit makes the most sense?”

Interesting insights into incredible pace of adoption of Mobile Video Consults at Kaiser are being shared in the brilliant (free) #XMed LiveStream by John Mattison MD, CMIO and Assistant Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente USA (with an annual operating revenue of +$60Billion KP was the world’s first major Healthcare organisation to publicly announce it was going Mobile First).

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Kaiser Permanente CMO to keynote the mHealth Congress in Utrecht

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 18.03.59.png


“The largest Benelux conference on mHealth: Mobile Healthcare has become the largest Benelux conference on mHealth and the annual meeting point for 650 healthcare professionals! The congress offers an unmissable update, a dose of inspiration and encounters with like-minded. 50 international heavyweights at the Mobile Healthcare podium inspire you through presentations, workshops and TEDTalks. You will hear from these experts about the odds of mobile in healthcare and the numerous developments and solutions”

The event highlight is a keynote by John Mattison MD, CMIO and Assistant Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente USA (with an annual operating revenue of +$60Billion KP was the world’s first major Healthcare organisation to publicly announce it was going Mobile First). Topics covered will include:

“How do we choose mobile technology that will restore more personal ownership of each person’s health journey and achieve better outcomes?

With mHealth being all about healthcare everywhere, how do we integrate and leverage all sources of data to improve patient outcomes and experience?

Lessons learned from Kaiser Permanente’s ambitious mHealth efforts. What to avoid, where to focus, how to spread successes”

Full speakers list includes:

Jeroen van der Aa, PreSales Consultant, Chipsoft
Israa Ahmed, co-founder, VoiceOfMedicine
Sebastiaan Alves, Healthcare Specialist, Hewlett Packard
Jacqueline Baardman, adjunct directeur, GGD Hart voor Brabant
Martijn Bakkers, Commercial Director, Meddex
Edwin Bas, Industry Lead Health, GfK
Michel van den Bempt, Consultant, ManSystems
Dr Tobias Bonten, Researcher, Epidemioloog and GP
Dr Joost Bruggeman, founder, Siilo
Prof Niels Chavannes, Professor of Primary Care, Leiden University
Rik Chorus, Security Channel Manager, Cisco
Jeffrey van Dijk, Director, DTT Multimedia
Prof Dr Marjolein Drent, Pulmonologist at the ILD Center of Excellence, St. Antonius Hospital
Roelfien Erasmus, Senior beleidsadviseur, ZuidOostZorg
Shahriar Fazili, accountmanager GGZ, NEXUS Nederland
Hilda Folkerts, Executive Partner, Gartner
Dr Roland Friele, Adjunct-directeur, NIVEL
Dr Lies van Gennip, Directeur, Nictiz
Arthur Govaert, CIO, Radboudumc
Dr Nick Guldemond PhD Dsc (med), Ass Prof Integrated Care & Technology, UMC Utrecht
Jan Güse, Head of Data Analytjcs & Research Innovation, GfK
Dr Henk Herman Nap, Senior Research eHealth, Vilans
Willem Herter, co-founder, Pacmed
Dr Mariëtte Hertoghs-Maatjens, projectleider robot Rose, Stichting Thebe West-Brabant
Richard Hierberg, Fysiotherapeut, Evean
Richard van Hooijdonk, Trendwatcher
Erik Hoving, Group Chief Technical Officer, KPN
Dirk Van Hyfte MD PhD, Senior Advisorfor Biomedical Informatics, InterSystems
Jan Jacobs, founder, SmartHealth
Johan Joldersma, Manager Healthcare sector, Cisco
Peter de Jong, Business Development manager, De Vries Projekt Design
Kitty de Jong-Oudejans, projectleider Innovatie, Evean
Henno Kleijwegt, eHealth Practice Lead, VisionsConnected
Johan Krijgsman, Manager Monitoring & TrendITion, Nictiz
Wouter Kroese, co-founder, Pacmed
Peter Krol, Digital healthcare strategist, Medify
Pieter Krop, CEO, Brightfish
Kirsty Lankreijer, Portfolio Manager Medisch Service Center, Sensire
Dr Britt van Lettow, eHealth adviseur, Nictiz
Frederik Mennes, Senior Manager Market & Security Strategy, Vasco
Sofie van der Meulen, Attorney at law, Axon Lawyers
Bert Mooij, Commercial Director, Funatic
Annemiek Mulder, seniior belleiidsadviiseur, Actiz
Itte Overing, Juridisch adviseur, ICTRecht BV
Remco Ploeg, Senior Solution Architect, Winvision
Prof Dr Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Chair, The Big Data Alliance
Heleen Riper, Professor eMental-Health at the Department of Clinical Psychology VU University Amsterdam
Harmen the Rot, co-founder, BlueMed
Edith Schippers, Minister Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport
Mark Schuuring MD PhD, Cardiologist in training, AMC
Ulco Schuurmans, Arts Maatschappij & Gezondheid, GGD Hart voor Brabant
Marc Seelen, Nephrologist & CMIO, UMCG
Dr Allard Sieders, Cardiologist, Alrijne Ziekenhuis
Dr Ilse Swinkels, Senior eHealth Researcher, NIVEL
Dr Milan Tjioe, dermatoloog, dermaTeam/ Bravis Ziekenhuis, Internetspreekuur Doktr.nl
Dr Erica van de Veerdonk, coördinator Proeftuinen met zorgrobots, promovendus Universiteit Tilburg
Dr Oscar Vogels, Neurologist, St Antonius Ziekenhuis
Linda Willekens-Pegtel, ICT Project Leader, GGZ Oost Brabant
Prof Dr Leonard Witkamp, directeur KSYOS TeleMedisch Centrum, AMC Amsterdam

Register to attend:

The event is again free for directors, C-Level, directors, management, project managers of health institutions (cure, care or mental health), GPs and secondary care physicians.

For full details visit www.mobilehealthcare.nl. The events official hashtag is #mhealthcongres

Find a mHealth event to attend from this comprehensive listing of 2016 mHealth events.

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Now you don’t even need a developer to run a Mobile First Clinical Trial

Thanks to Medable and Apple ResearchKit you now don’t even need a developer to run a ResearchKit trial (pricing starts at $2,000/month).


Related Video: Imagine if we took a Mobile First approach to designing Clinical Trials? 

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Apple hires video MedEd superstar DocMikeEvans to work on worldwide health innovation

“In future, I’ll prescribe you an app. One of our whiteboards will drop in and explain what high blood pressure is. The phone will be bluetoothed to the cap of your pills. I’ll nudge you towards a low salt diet. All of these things will all happen in your phone. I see you two or three days a year. The phone sees you everyday.”

Dr Mike Evans

Related: Apple CEO thinks mHealth revenues will dwarf the $Trillion Smartphone market.

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