If AI is supposed to be all about trust why has IBM Watson seemingly been programmed to generate hype & operate like a dodgy accountant?


“A University of Texas System audit has found irregularities involving more than $40 million paid for outside goods and services as part of MD Anderson Cancer Center’s now stalled effort to enlist IBM supercomputer Watson in the battle against cancer…   …The audit, posted at the system’s website, reported the cancer hospital didn’t follow established purchase rules for the project, which executives had ballyhooed would tap Watson’s encyclopedic memory and lightning information-processing speed to tailor optimal patient treatment…   …The irregularities included service agreements that didn’t undergo a competitive process, fees consistently set just below the amount that would have required board approval…  …The project, which has incurred costs of $62 million, was placed on hold prior to the initiation of the audit…   …it’s unclear if any of the project’s costs contributed to operating losses at the renowned cancer hospital that have exceeded $430 million the past 16 months and that in January led to the layoff of 778 employees. More than half of the project’s funding came from gifts donated or pledged specifically for the purpose…   …The project — known as the Expert Oncology Adviser, powered by Watson — was unveiled by MD Anderson more than three years ago. Officials said then that doctors and staffers had spent the last several months feeding Watson unique case histories about more than 1 million of its patients, past and present, as well as disease information and research about treatment options. They said the knowledge would guide the cancer hospital — and ultimately worldwide — care…   …Now, not only is the system not in clinical use, it has not been piloted outside of MD Anderson, according to the audit. It adds that the agreement currently in effect states that the system “is not ready for human investigational or clinical use, and its use in the treatment of patients is prohibited” except as needed to test and evaluate the system. In addition, the project’s drug protocols and clinical trial data are now outdated and must be updated before the project can be piloted again within MD Anderson and with a network partner. The $62 million paid through Aug. 31, 2016 reflects external entities only, not internal resources, according to the audit”

Touted IBM supercomputer project at MD Anderson on hold after audit finds spending issues by Todd Ackerman in the Houston Chronicle.

Guruduth Banavar, Chief Science Officer & Cognitive Computing Vice President at IBM Research, is very clear in the AI Ethics paper they’ve published on Learning to trust artificial intelligence systems (“To reap the societal benefits of AI systems, we will first need to trust it. The right level of trust will be earned through repeated experience, in the same way we learn to trust that an ATM will register a deposit, or that an automobile will stop when the brake is applied. Put simply, we trust things that behave as we expect them to“) so it baffles me that after all the hype of IBMWatson it seems to have materially done very little/anything beyond helping generate gift pledges (probably from tech firms and Digital Health investors associated with trying to make the Digital Health Clinic powered by IBM Watson experience happen).


To end on a positive at least those involved in this project feeding the data in probably at least know what Big Data actually is (unlike contemporaries in the NHS etc).


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Perhaps it’s time we stopped saying “Go and Get Help”?


This incredibly well written Irish Times article by Lauren-Shannon Jones outlines the difficulties facing a young person seeking help for anxiety today in Ireland.

mHealth Insights

“I was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt because I hadn’t been able to dress myself very well for the previous few weeks. Everything I wore made me feel ridiculous in the face of what I was going through. With mental illness there is often an impulse to bring the inside out, to show some physical evidence of the screaming turmoil within. In the past I would burn myself with cigarettes and bang my wrists on the corners of furniture. Now even that felt stupid and exhausting so instead, I didn’t wash my hair”

I think this highlights the various non-medical priorities that come into play when we force Patients to fit in with an office visit only model where there’s likely to be the prospect of some time in a waiting room (where they are likely to coincidentally meet with locals/friends/family who will invariably tell you what they’re in for before ask ‘what about you?’).

Perhaps GPs need to be aware that when you have an office visit only model you are also inadvertently enforcing a “Patient-Clinic/WaitingRoom experience” and it’s not always going to be conducive to openly sharing personal information.

“I thought afterwards that maybe that had been a mistake, that I should have dressed up a little. That maybe looking too much like a self-neglected crazy person had sold it too hard”

When we know you get 18 seconds before the Doctor interrupts you it’s hardly surprising that Patients will focus so intently on the image they project (how they appear and act) but imagine if we could utilise the time/energy we waste styling ourselves for our Doctors and invest it into sharing our medical history and concerns upfront?

“It was too hot in the waiting room and I couldn’t take my coat off, and I could feel the panic starting the moment that I sat down. My heart was punching out of my chest and I felt a sense of desperation. That’s always how it begins, with a desperate impulse to escape that comes from nowhere. It’s a fight or flight response that doesn’t make any sense…    …I went to the receptionist and asked if I could wait outside for a while. I told her it was because it was hot in the waiting room and I felt faint, but really I badly needed to get my heart back in order, because I felt if I didn’t, I was going to die”

To me it is obvious that in only a few years we will look back on this practice of medicine (where we had Patients making office visits to talk to stranger GPs about anxiety) as medieval.

“Rush of tears…  …I sat down and took my coat off, taking a moment through the panic to be ashamed of the dog hair. I felt it was horribly inevitable I was going to cry. I had come all this way, walked here with as much dignity as a girl wearing a gigantic coat over three-day-old tracksuit bottoms could muster, and now I was going to cry in front of the doctor. It all came out in a big rush. I needed to get as many words out as possible before having to swallow the cry down. “I’ve been having a lot of trouble with anxiety and now it’s at the point where I can’t do much anymore.” Swallow. “And I was wondering if there was something I could take for that.” She took a long moment to stare at me before asking if I’d tried therapy. I told her I had been in therapy fairly regularly since I was 11”

We constantly hear warnings about the urgent need for more GPs to be trained by the organisations that benefit from the training schemes and registration and revalidation fees but there’s so little talk about how we’ve got GPs in 2017 still working in this incredibly efficient way.

What hope is there of communicating anything to someone after such an emotional outpouring if we’re also expecting the GP within the time constraints of 10 min appointments to take the history and data input it into a computer before they even get the chance to begin helping the Patient?

Doctor Richard Carey Typing

“Personally I don’t know anyone who’d be willing to take medication as a first resort . “We don’t give out Valium and Xanax here because they’re habit-forming,” the doctor told me. I hadn’t asked for Valium and Xanax. “We don’t have any record of you at this office. Who is your GP?” I told her my GP was in Ballsbridge. “Then why did you come here?” she asked. She looked put out”

When we fail to listen it’s easy to jump to the wrong conclusions. In 2017 it should be obvious a GP consult should not start until a Patient (or their Carer) has already answered the question ‘why they want to talk to the GP’.

“I tried to explain to her it was because I couldn’t take the bus anymore. I couldn’t get on any public transport, and taxis weren’t an option either today because the panic was so bad. All of the things I couldn’t do anymore started piling up in my head, and I realised that this really was it. This was my last chance to solve this, because I was too sick to go to brunch, go for a drink, get in a car, or go to a friend’s birthday party, and nobody can live like that for very long. My options at that point were sitting in my house, shaking, or walking my dog, while shaking”

For me this paragraph brilliantly highlights the importance of providing Patients with clinically validated structured medical history questionnaires. I remember Adam Bosworth (a genius of consumer online retail who was at the time the executive leading Google Health) once telling me at a speakers dinner at an event in Denmark that with 3G Doctor we had designed ‘the perfect system for Doctors and the worst possible system for Patients‘. He couldn’t understand why we didn’t just let Patients text us what their problem was instead of requiring them to go through with what he saw as nothing more than the rigmarole  of completing an interactive medical history questionnaire and I think this paragraph brilliantly explains the challenge: Patients don’t always know what’s wrong with them even if it’s obvious once they say it and it’s not just helpful to the Doctor to be more informed eg. people are complex and when Patients/Carers can see written down the history they gave before seeing the Doctor it can not only help them but it can also help them gain an understanding of the reasons that underpin the advice that the Doctor has provided.

“Unsympathetic woman…   …I started crying. It just melted out of me in horrible, desperate sobs. I was alone in this room with this incredibly unsympathetic woman, and this was my last chance to get my old life back. My old self back. The doctor pushed a box of tissues across her desk and sat back in her chair with her arms crossed. She looked like somebody not enjoying a terrible play. I was trying to get myself together in all the best ways, by reassuring her over and over that I was okay (when I definitely wasn’t), pressing the heels of my hands onto my cheekbones and looking up at the ceiling while making insane gasping noises. This went on for ages. The doctor didn’t say anything. When I had finally exhausted myself, she asked me why I was crying. She sounded very bored. I realised then that if I left now, I would walk straight out into traffic, so I went very calm and asked her to please refer me to a hospital because I didn’t feel safe. She shrugged. “You can go to the emergency room but they won’t be able to do anything for you there,” she said. She was acting as though I was a normal person and not a trembling, covered-in-snot person. She was speaking to me breezily, as if me breaking down had been very awkward for both of us and she was now doing me a favour by pretending it hadn’t happened. “I’ll refer you to the unit in your area, but it will take a while to process,” she warned me….    …I was treated like a criminal for trying to climb out of the pit of depression and anxiety that was slowly destroying my life. In the moment I most needed to be understood, a doctor misread me so absolutely that they sent me back out onto the street in a far worse condition that I had been in when I arrived. It felt like a suckerpunch to the gut. It felt like complete hopelessness

The Born Mobile generation who think nothing of pressing a button on their phone and shopping or a taxi arriving at their door just don’t understand the office visit only model. Bring our imaginations to work and flip the clinic and even with the most basic joined up thinking this interaction would be completely different eg. without the need to make an appointment or travel anywhere Lauren-Shannon Jones’s Family Doctor would’ve been able to review her Electronic Medical Record (detailing the decade of therapy etc) and the Instant Medical History output on her concerns and could’ve got the Clinic’s counsellor to reach out with a call instead of ever requiring this terrible appointment experience.

“Last resort. In retrospect, I suppose the behaviour of someone deep in a mental health crisis does somewhat resemble the drug-seeking behaviour this doctor clearly suspected me of. The thing is, when somebody goes to seek help, that can often be a last resort rather than a first step. It needs to be treated with delicacy to stop it turning into a final straw. I stood on the street outside the surgery and managed to call the helpline at St Pat’s. I don’t know who the woman was who answered, but she saved my life. I made it home that day, and I’m slowly getting better.”

It’s incredible how quickly Patients will accept blame for the failure of how we’ve designed the healthcare system. Last night I watched Hospital on BBC2 and an 83 year old lady who had received an operation for bowel cancer labelled herself ‘greedy’ (no doubt because of the work politicians – aided by the media – are doing to peddle the ‘we can’t afford the NHS’ story) for taking up the resources of St Mary’s Hospital (the same hospital that is so flush with cash it can waste it building apps for bereaved children to make music that don’t even make sense to the designers).

Sometimes all we can hear are Doctors moaning and arguing with Patients because they don’t have enough information to know how to motivate them but it’s very often the case that we just need someone (like the lady who answered that phone at St Pat’s) to hear us.

I’ll leave the last words to this very brave Patient:

“The Irish mental health system is incredibly difficult to navigate. It needs to change. And it really does start with talking about it”

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Why isn’t there a Planet of the mHealth Apps?

Love what Apple is doing with Planet of the Apps but imagine the potential of a ‘Planet of the mHealth apps‘ in helping people think like the Born Mobile Generation and solve the huge healthcare challenges of our time with the tiny supercomputers we all now carry in our pockets.

For the judges look no further than my Fantasy mHealth Team or members of the Linkedin mHealth networking group.

If you would like to take this idea and run with it please do. If you’d like help making it happen (in addition to launching 3G Doctor 10 years ago I’ve worked together with both Informa and HIMSS to organise Europe’s first ever and biggest mHealth events) don’t waste anytime getting in touch.

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mHealth & Pregnancy: From SMS to Apps & Beyond what are the opportunities?


Inspired by hearing a designer building apps for one of Europe’s leading teaching Hospitals describe how he couldn’t imagine anyone using an app following a bereavement (suicide is now the leading cause of direct maternal deaths within a year after the end of pregnancy) today I submitted the following abstract to present at the International Stillbirth Alliance Annual Conference being held on the 22nd-24th September 2017 at University College Cork with Professor Sam Lingam (with whom I’m working to produce a Long Term Condition and Allergy Paediatric History Questionnaire service). Click here to submit your abstract (submission deadline: 21st April).

Abstract Title: mHealth & Pregnancy: From SMS to Apps & Beyond what are the opportunities?

Overview: In 2017 there are Billion citizens with Smartphones. There’s not a single mid-wife at CUMH who doesn’t have a Smartphone and most have probably already met the last expectant Mother who didn’t have one – especially here in Cork City where Apple HQ employs more than 5,000 staff. But what is the impact and the opportunities that this technology offers for medicine, pregnancy care and how we support Patients and Colleagues who have experienced bereavement?

The presenter (David Doherty) has travelled the world extensively researching the use of Mobile in Medicine and developed the world’s first training course for healthcare professionals on the topic that he has provided to medics and students in some of the world’s leading clinics and medical schools.

In this workshop he’d like to give an overview of the opportunity, share what’s out there, what’s coming and what’s needed to ensure Patients and Healthcare Professionals benefit.

Delegates attending this workshop will leave with an appreciation of how mobile technology can help them work more effectively, give them better connections with Patients and help Patients better manage their health.

Most healthcare professionals find it hard to believe that Parents have spent more than $20Million of their own money buying bluetooth connected pulse monitoring socks so they can try to monitor their babies with their mobile phones at home but this is just the tip of an iceberg and there is lots that we can learn from this behaviour. David will help explain what’s happening and use examples to encourage delegates to adopt mobile first designed services that can help them stay relevant to a generation that is always connected, never switches off and wants to see their data being collectively used to improve our understanding of medicine.

I’ll have to wait to see if the reviewers accept my application to present but I thought the abstract might provide a useful foundation for a blog post listing of global mHealth developments in this area that I find interesting and are having an impact and to get readers suggestions for things I could refer to if the abstract is selected and I present in Cork.

I’ve listed the conference themes together with a few of my own (labelled 1,2,3,etc) below as bold/red/underlined headers. Beneath each I will start by writing draft notes and will then try and build these out and provide links to relevant info etc. If you have any ideas/suggestions please send them over or add them in the comments below and I’ll update the listing:

Risk factors for stillbirth

The opportunity mobile devices offer to let Patients help with the collection of accurate Medical & Genetic Histories

Diabetes: the International Diabetes Federation calls for mHealth to become an embedded compulsory part of how we provide quality care for diabetics.

Family Planning.

Pregnancy after loss


Intrapartum death

How long before a Mobile phone can be used to safely provide continuous monitoring of a fetal heart rate? Notes on experiences using the Alivecor ECG in Veterinary Medicine.

Review of the 3G Maternal Health Kit deployment in Mexico (a collaboration between the Carlos Slim Health Institute, West Wireless Health Institute and Qualcomm Life).

Risk factors for stillbirth

Identification of risk factors and screening (age, blood type, diabetes, drug misuse, smoking, obesity, previous stillbirth, etc).

Perinatal audit

Investigation of stillbirth

Helping record and standardised reporting.

Anticipatory bereavement

Bereavement care

Impact of stillbirth on healthcare staff

Attach video recording of the CPD Resilience lecture hosted by Prof Lingam at the BMA House

Resilience and self-care

Patient Access to and Understanding of Medical Records: the opportunity to learn from Dr Amir Hannan (>90% of Pregnant Patients at his NHS GP practice have access to their Health Records).

Prevention of stillbirth

Stillbirth awareness

Support info to share with others.


Why did Pope Francis launch a smartphone App in 2013? What does he talk to his 10 million followers on Twitter about?

Perinatal pathology

Does the world need an Uber for Perinatal pathology and can mobile phones provide it?

1. Clinical Trials

Apple ResearchKit: There is an incredible motivational opportunity in pregnancy to help others and move our understanding of stillbirths forward through the collective sharing of data.

2. Social Media & Big Data

If you think a Patient has never talked about you online it’s probably because you don’t know how to find it…  What does a reputation/trust economy mean and why should you be interested?

Big Data may have given us Brexit & Trump but how is it letting Advertisers turn your Patients into their customers, why do you need to think about it and what can you do about it?

Would it be helpful to position Child Mortality as the New Green as an effective way of increasing the political interest in improving maternity care globally?

3. Communication

Giving your mobile number to a Patient can be an incredibly caring thing to do and while Neonatal units in Ireland are great at it many places don’t do it at all. How do we ensure training is given so common sense practices like this are maintained? How do ensure medics feel confident using the internet with Patients?

4. Mobile First Design

Professionalism: Young Patients are judging healthcare professionals by how they use technology. If you do everything with paper, have a 10 year old mobile and you don’t know how to use it whether you like it or not the thinking goes that perhaps you’re also not staying up to date with your medicine? How can we tackle this with training?

5. Some Apps you might like to check out

I’ve posted a poll on the Linkedin mHealth Group (I started this back in 2008 and it now has 8000 members) and I will post details/links here of the recommendations I’ll get back:

i) Build it and they will come: In 2011 the Turkish Mobile Operator Turkcell reported that 1 in 3 of the pregnant women in Turkey were subscribed to the mobile healthcare content. Pregnant women are an early adopter group.

ii) In 2012 John Hopkins Public Health researchers concluded that nearly 2 million rural births in Bangladesh were attended by a healthcare worker because of SMS.

iii) Low cost clinically validated mobile phone based cardiac screening technologies. European Society of Cardiology Management of Cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy Clinical Practice Guidelines.

iv) The ‘Smarter Pregnancy’ personal mHealth program designed to provide individual coaching and information to improve nutrition and lifestyle during the preconception periodThe use of the mHealth program Smarter Pregnancy in preconception care: rationale, study design and data collection of a randomized controlled trial.

v) The Safe Delivery App from the Maternity Foundation


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“I’ve just lost someone, i’m going to use an app” – never going to happen.


I saw this tweet from the organisers of the Mobile Health Meetup that was held tonight in London on the topic of “Exploring design around end of life care” quoting presenter Ivor Williams (Senior Design Associate at the Helix Centre) and it highlighted for me how important it is for us all to appreciate how our imagination is failing us and be more open to the unthinkable things that mHealth is making possible.

I’ve been lucky enough to get the opportunity to train Healthcare Professionals to better understand and deploy mHealth (eg. through the course that I developed for the Healthcare Informatics Society) and it’s clear to me that bereavement is actually one of the biggest opportunities we have to use mHealth applications with Patients but most Clinicians need to change the way they work first (something that I explained in this Doctors 2.0 event in Paris in 2014).

The BornMobile generation clearly do think “I’ve just lost someone, I’m going to use an app” (eg. they update their friends/networks via Facebook, whatsapp, etc) but surely it’s not too hard for us oldies to also appreciate the opportunities now that the vast majority of us use Google rather than the Yellow Pages (to look up the details of a funeral home perhaps)?

When Doctors let Patients communicate with them via their mobile they will find:

Patients will communicate with them more honestly and share more sensitive information.

Patients will feel encouraged to share concerns that they have about things that an office visit might not be well suited to help (bereavement concerns are a good example of this as clearly most of us don’t have the time to take off to sit in a waiting room with sick people when they’ve got families gathering, funeral arrangements to make, etc).

The consulting process can be flipped: you no longer need to wait until the Patient turns up in your consulting room to know what their concerns are (eg. in this example bereavement) and this provides you with the opportunity to send information to your Patient instead of an appointment or perhaps as part of a conversation that can leverage the fact that we can all now look things up eg. “from the information you’ve shared via the Instant Medical History questionnaire I think it would be helpful to schedule a video consult or office visit (whichever suits you best) with my colleague Jennifer (the clinics counsellor). In the meantime here’s a link to some TedTalks on coping with bereavement that Jennifer thinks you might find helpful”.

Of course you can always say ‘not going to happen’ but please don’t then be surprised or ask why Patients wait until they arrive five minutes late for their 10minute 9am Monday morning appointment (when your waiting room is standing room only) to tell you they’re suicidal… it’s simply time you were retrained as the world has left you behind.

Please be patient im still learning


Update Thursday 9 Feb 2017: A video has been shared from the meeting

Watching the video and it’s quite clear that the team at St Mary’s clearly have no imagination for the opportunity that mHealth offers (Ivor describes how they have his team in 2017 trying to polish paper based clinical records that are in clipboards on the end of beds in a trust that has an income of more than £900 million per year) and Ivor’s experience of medicine comes across to be like something he’s picked up from TV or anecdotes that have been shared with him by medics he’s met in his work at the Helix Centre (“you’d be surprised how many people turn up to A&E with the weirdest, vaguest symptoms that would be you know like chest pain and they’ve got like stage 4 lung cancer that they didn’t realise they had and at that point like you have days or some people just like arrest right there”).

“(51:40) it’s like a weird conflict. The app that we made ‘Cove’ is like a music maker, so you can make music and we built it for young people experiencing bereavement. So we found when we started the project we understood that a lot of young people going through a bereavement can find it very hard even when you’re a teenager to explain how you feel let alone something as devastating as losing your mum or dad or a brother or sister and our kind of hypothesis was that a lot of these social media platforms a lot of technology  that is currently available have not been designed for grief. They’re not designed for the reality of losing someone. It’s too binary or it’s not deep enough it doesn’t provide you with the sort of elbow room to kind of be expressive in that way so we were like what if we just provided that alternative and how would that fly? But there’s something funny about it like everyone on our team has lost someone in the last year and we’re like whenever like one of our guys was like I’m really sorry I haven’t been in touch my gran’s just died and I’m like yeah playing Cove is probably the last thing you’re ever going to do.I feel really bad but the whole point is like there is a time and place for the technology. so for us it’s not like ‘i;ve just lost someone i’m going to use an app, it’s just never going to happen”

I think the classic mistake being made here is we have designers starting with technology and trying to use it to fix problems that they imagine Patients might have. It’s incredible that NHS Trusts are wasting resources on pie in the sky stuff like this when ICU Consultant Simon Ashworth is having to decide on BBC2’s Hospital which Patients have to die due to the shortage of beds.

Even as a musician with direct experience  of tragic bereavement as a child I cannot imagine why a young person in such a position would ever want to use an app to make music that has been built by a designer working for a Hospital in the hope it would serve young people who have been recently bereaved.

I’m also completely stunned to learn that qualified Doctors at St Mary’s (a part of Imperial College London – the biggest medical school in Europe) are still using pagers and being taught to approach end of life discussions with Patients in a Paint-by-numbers approach with cues provided by an iPhone app that’s been built by tech designers who don’t have any real clinical experience:


To end positively Ivor proposed an interesting question needed answering: Technology is the answer but what was the question?

I think the question was: What do I need to understand better in order to make this quality documented healthcare affordable to more citizens?



Update Friday 10 Feb 2017: A response from @JimARosenberg to seeing this post shared on twitter: 


This reminds me of an old Samsung Galaxy Tablet I have kept in a drawer as a memento. I used it on the bed of a relative I adored who was dying of cancer to show her a slideshow of some photos I’d put together for her. I could never forget how with very little strength in her body she pushed herself up and kissed the screen when I flicked to the photo of a very special new baby in the family that she would never see. 100% agree: “Yes tech fits in Endoflife”…

Update Friday 10 Feb 2017: A response from Child Bereavement UK after I asked (via twitter) if they had any evidence that pointed to the value of their iPhone app:


Thanks for your interest in our mobile app which was created by a group of bereaved 11-25 year olds working with Child Bereavement UK for other young people who have been bereaved of someone important to them. It is also designed for use by their friends, parents, teachers and other professionals who would like to know how to help support bereaved young people.

The app was initiated and developed by the bereaved teenagers in response to the lack of accessible resources aimed at their age group.

To date, there have been 3,110 downloads in over 40 countries worldwide and it has won an award from the Patient Information Forum.

Feedback from users has indicated benefits around accessibility and reduce sense of isolation:

“The app enables you to get the support you want in your own space and your own time.” – Charlie, 15

“It would have helped me to feel I’m not alone and given me ideas of how to cope when my Dad died” – James, 17

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mHealth guide to the 2017 Mobile World Congress


On the 27 February 2017 the world’s biggest mobile industry gathering is held in Barcelona and quite incredibly throughout the 4 days of conference content there won’t be a single talk on medicine/health/mHealth on the event programme.

The European Connected Health Alliance’s Digital Health and Wellness meeting is also being substantially scaled back from a 3 day stand alone meeting that was part of Mobile World Congress to now being a one day track within the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) Startup Business Platform meeting (which while held during Mobile World Congress is separate distinct event that’s organised by ‘Mobile World Capital Barcelona’ and held at a location that can be 30 mins away from the Congress venue in the traffic).

I’ve been checking out the mHealth content at Mobile World Congress for years (check out my guides from 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016 and reviews from 2008/2009/2010/2011/2014) and to see healthcare content completely dropped just highlights how out of touch the GSMA trade association and it’s Mobile Operator members are with regard to the opportunities they have to stay relevant.

It’s interesting that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple – the mobile brand that takes home more than 100% of the profit from the smartphone industry – will be ignoring the meeting (Apple has grown in the mobile industry by establishing direct relationships with customers unlike other mobile brands that had been largely leaving the billing/sales/customer relationships to the telcos) but you would think the struggling mobile operator community would be interested in the area that he thinks the mobile industry is heading eg. mHealth revenues will dwarf the $Trillion smartphone market.

As with the last two years any mHealth content or exhibitors that can be found at the event are challenging to find so this comprehensive mHealth Guide will help ensure you don’t miss anything if you’re also going to be amongst the herd visiting the world’s biggest Mobile Industry meeting.

NOTE: If you know of anything I’ve missed please add it in the comments and I’ll update the guide.

SUNDAY 26 Feb 2017

Nokia Technologies Announcements Live

Press Conference (online livestream)
16:30 CET / 10:30 EST / 7:30 PST 26 February 2017

MONDAY 27 Feb 2017

Advancing Healthcare through Mobile Session

Auditorium A as part of the Ministerial Program’s Thematic Summit
Monday 27 February 2017

10am-11:15am: Advancing Healthcare through Mobile

With over 7.3 billion global connections, mobile technology continues to play a key role in addressing a wide range of socio-economic development challenges. Mobile enabled services such as e-government and e-health have delivered huge social impacts in remote communities where the roll out of mobile healthcare services have helped and supported those without access to essential healthcare and nutrition information.

Intragovernmental cooperation is urgently required for the benefits of digital health to be realised. What collaboration is required to make health services available for end users? This session will showcase successful implementations of digital health services and the impact collaborative governance played in advancing healthcare through mobile.

The meeting will also see the release of a report on Digital Health and the Role of Governments by the Working Group of the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development ().

Note: Although this is the opening keynote there are no confirmed speakers for this panel session (as of 9 February 2017) and it is actually part of the separate ‘invite only’ Ministerial Programme (hashtag is #mwc17MP but there’s unlikely to be anything shared there as press etc do not get access as that’s exclusively reserved for “senior government and industry representatives, National telecommunications, finance and health ministries; Telecommunications regulatory authorities and central banks; Senior representatives from selected international organisations and intergovernmental bodies; and C-level and senior regulatory representatives from the mobile industry, including network operators and vendors”).

From the speaker page it’s safe to presume the following speakers will be involved in this session:

Dr Ann Aerts, Head of Novartis Foundation, Novartis Foundation
Rajeev Suri, President & CEO, Nokia
Francois Rancy, Director of Radiocommunication Bureau, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

PS. in case you were wondering – while no press are allowed entry the FAQ is very clear delegates to this session can bring their own security personnel into the session (a first for a mHealth event anywhere in the world!):


Mobile for Development Networking Reception

Palau Requesens, Requesens Palace/Royal Academy of Fine Arts,
Calle Obispo, Cassador 3 (Plaça Sant Just) 08002, Barcelona
19:30-21:30 Monday 27 February 2017

The Mobile for Development networking reception offers the opportunity to meet and network with industry practitioners working to accelerate the socioeconomic impact of mobile.

Global Mobile Awards Ceremony

FIRA Montjuic, Plaça Espanya, Barcelona
Monday 27 February 2017

Shortlisted in the ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Health’ category are the following:

Livongo & Telit for Livongo for Diabetes Program






R/GA and Owlet Baby Care for Owlet


Vodafone and Ekso Bionics for Ekso GT™ Robotic Exoskeleton


Digital Health & Wellness Summit at 4YearsFromNow

Principe Room, FIRA Montjuic, Plaça Espanya, Barcelona
Monday 27 February 2017

10:20am Welcome, introduction
Bleddyn REES, Digital Health Consultant and Lawyer at Osborne Clarke, Board Director at ECHAlliance

10:30am Virtual Reality and Games
The main challenges that the healthcare systems are facing nowadays are related to peoples’ behaviour changes. Technologies and concepts coming from the video games industry, such as Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR), have powerful effects on their users. The engagement of individuals is key in prevention programmes, but patients’ engagement is still far from very efficient and healthcare sector would have a lot to learn from gamers’ engagement. It would have a huge impact in the number of conditions, such as mental health, addictions, phobias…

Children with cerebral palsy or other conditions affecting fine motor control in the upper limbs. Adam Shortland MD, Guy’s & St Thomas’ Foundation NHS Trust
Reducing postoperative delirium in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Sunil Bhudia, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Emily Tulloh, Service designer, Mindwave Ventures
Alan Dolhasz, Researcher, Digital Media Technology Lab, Birmingham City University
Arne Klingenberg, CEO, PatientZero Games
Xavier Palomer, CEO, Psious

11:30am The Digital Insurer
The revenues in the global market for private health insurance—already €1.3 trillion—are expected to double by 2025 (McKinsey, 2016). But, the traditional insurance model is currently questioned. Today, a high proportion of expenditures are for chronic conditions, not random, unpredictable, catastrophic events (for example, accidents and infectious diseases), which has made insurance in its traditional sense obsolete. At the age of data, insurers have to re-invent themselves, focus on their customers, their needs and personalise more and more their services. New models are appearing and the whole industry is transforming. The “Digital Insurer” has to invest in new business models, mobile and digital technologies will support this transformation.

Simon Nicholls, Global Digital health director, BUPA
Josep Carbó, Business development director, Mediktor
Peter Ohnemus, CEO and Founder, Dacadoo
Mitzi Laszlo, Founder, Innit
Frederic Llordachs-Marques, Business development manager, Doctoralia

13:30 Diabetes and Chronic Diseases Management
In 2015, the world counted 415 million people with Diabetes. It is expected to reach close to 650 million in 2040. Chronic diseases globally are the main burden on healthcare systems budget in all developed countries, counting for around 80% of costs. Prevention and self-care are key elements in the strategy to improve the current situation, in order to trigger new lifestyle habits, around nutrition or physical activity for instance, digital plays a central role.

Tim Juergens, VP and Global head of new business models, Roche Diabetes Care/Emminens
Karolina Korth, Digital health scout, ROCHE Diabetes Care
Louis Potel, European projects manager, RELIEF PCP project (Resah) 
César Velasco, MD, Hospital Vall d’Hebron
John Grumitt, CEO, Changing Health
Chris Edson, Director, Our Path
Alexis Normand, Healthcare Development Director, Withings
Felix Piazolo, CEO, 2PCS solutions

14:30 Corporate Wellness
Modern lifestyles engage people more and more in their professional environment. The company is a life place, just as the personal environment. Employers are more and more concerned by the wellbeing and the health status of their employees. Taking care of the health of its employees’ present obvious benefits in terms of productivity and performance, avoiding absenteeism for example, but also in terms of innovation and creativity, the wellbeing acting on motivation, openness of mindsets, mental balance, etc… Digital and mobile technologies can help the employers to understand better what their employees experience, feel and need in order to increase their wellbeing.

Mehdi Snene, Director of CasLab at the University of Geneva and co-founder of Genealth
Anna Sort, Founder, PlayBenefit
Rockwell Shah, Founder, Pzizz
Daniella Schiffer, COO and co-founder, Blacksquared
Roger Del Sol Maso, Co-founder, WeFitter
Jongtae Park,Professor, Daily Healthcare Demonstration Construction Agency
Anna Puig-Ribera, Lecturer and researcher, University of Vic (Walk@WorkApp)

16:00 The Future of Health is Digital
This plenary session will be the opportunity to present the latest trends and innovations within the health and wellness sectors. Part of the Digital health & wellness Summit, the ECHAlliance has invited key players in order to share their views. First, Amy Cueva will present her vision of Designer of the healthcare systems and share experiences around the definition of purpose-driven strategies.

Clara Leonard, Venture Capital, Digital Health Ventures
Amy Cueva, Chief Experience Officer and co-founder, MadPow
Vishal Gulati, Partner (UK), Drapier Esprit
Alexander Kempe, President & Founder, 37celsius Capital Partners

17:00 Invest in Digital health
Clara Leonard, Venture capital, Digital Health Ventures
Vishal Gulati, Partner, Drapier Esprit

18:00 Networking Reception

TUESDAY 28 Feb 2017

AI Assisted Society: Digital Health and Beyond

14:00 – 15:00
In the sustainable development conference, Hall 4 Auditorium 5, Mobile World Congress.
Description: The amount of data generated by our connected societies is already proving to be a challenge to traditional big data analytics methodologies and this trend will only be compounded as data volumes grow exponentially. AI will greatly enhance our ability to extract meaningful insights from these overwhelmingly large datasets and will provide the catalyst for radical changes in how we address some of the most important challenges facing the world today. From scientific research to solving important practical problems, our societies will increasingly be assisted and enhanced by AI. Today, some the most compelling examples of these changes to come can be seen in medicine and clinical research, but as we further develop AI technology, we can expect its critical assistance in tackling climate change, critical resource management and population movements to name just a few. What insights can existing efforts in this space provide and how can future research into AI be directed to better assist us in addressing our shared challenges?

Speakers Martin Garner, SVP, CCS Insight (Moderator),  Cedric Hutchings, VP Digital Health, Nokia Technologies,  Denis Gilhooly, Founder & Executive Director, Mobile Alliance on Pandemics Action 2030,  Elie Lobel, CEO, Orange Healthcare,  Rick Valencia, President, Qualcomm Life and  Ronan Wisdom MD, Connected Health, Accenture.

WEDNESDAY 1 Mar 2017

Distributed European Community Individual Patient Healthcare Electronic Record (DECIPHER) Pre-commercial Public Procurement (PCP) in mHealth and What We Learnt

Sala d’Actes (Auditorium), Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya, Career de Roc Boronat, 81-95, Barcelona, Spain (This is 9km/20mins drive away from the MWC venue – find it on the map)
Wednesday 1 March 2017

8:30 Coffee and registration

9:00 Opening by Catalonian Department of Health

9:10 DECIPHER PCP and Lessons Learnt

9:30 “Innovation in mHealth” round table discussion – experts in Innovation, Procurement and mHealth

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 DECIPHER PCP Finalists

11:15 DECIPHER PCP procurers

11:45 Q & A

12:00 End of the Event

Exhibition Hall 1

Tu Pediatra Online
Location: ACS50
Country: Spain
About: In Tu Pediatra Online we offer a mhealth solutions. We offer medical advice online using the technology of Phemium (one of the leaders in the sector of telemedicine), all the days the year round. From our website, we can attend via email, phone, chat or video call; saving the medical record in the cloud.
We offer our medical advice to parents as private customers or companies and collectives, health insurances and education centers.
After two years of experience and more than 650 consultations per month, we can say that we solve online more than 89% of them.


8Cups Inc
Location: 1A40
Country: USA
About: 8Cups Inc. develops smart cups and its technology. This company pursues to collect all of drinking/eating data and turn to be a platform business.
It’s first product is Eightcups that motivates users keep hydrated and tracks water intake. Second product is Prismcups that distinguish beverages and calculate sugar and calories. This company has a registered patent of leveling for water intake with the highest accuracy. It is also a partner of Samsung Electronics in mobile accessary.
Phone: +82 1052246265


Zero Founders
Location: 1A40
Country: Republic of Korea
About: ZERO FOUNDERS is a leading beauty tech company specializing in manufacturing IoT products and providing innovative solutions for beauty market by collaborating IT technology. Our customers can easily use hardware at home and have a customized skin and health care service like daily and weekly care. “INCO” is the first smart skinfold caliper in the world. It analyzes body fat with measuring thickness of fat on stomach. “ECLAIR” measures the amount of skin oil and moisture then gives a treatment right away with the nanoparticle mist.
Phone: +82 1087297235



Location: 1C19
Country: Republic of Korea
About: PiQuant aims to help people become healthier and safer by being their sight-beyond-sight. PiQuant’s core technology is spectroscopy, which uses light to measure materials’ unique spectrum in molecular level.
First, we wish to solve the ongoing food safety issue in China regarding baby formula. Babies are continuously getting sick from problematic formulas, and some even died from drinking melamine-tainted milk. Because melamine is odorless, tasteless, and undetectable with the naked eye, we have developed a device that detect melamine using spectroscopy to put the concerns about food safety to sleep and let parents feel safe when feeding their babies.
Phone: +82 1097580511


Pium Labs, Inc
Location: 1C19
Country: Republic of Korea
About: Pium Labs, Inc. has developed an innovated mobile technology especially using olfaction. We have researched advanced ways of interaction with mobile contents through scents, and developed intellectual properties in VR, AR, smart home, and healthcare. The company is composed of scented tech savvy founders from Cornell University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and KAIST. Smart diffuser is the first commercial device of Pium Labs providing scents automatically personalized based on users’ location and activity. Currently the company is closely collaborating with Samsung electronics, and looking for partners in the field of beauty, hospitality, and healthcare.


Location: 1C19
Country: Republic of Korea
About: Stratio, Inc. was founded in 2013 as the culmination of a decade of work done at Stanford University to make short wavelength infrared (SWIR) imaging available to the mass market for the first time in history. Stratio has two offices, one in San Jose, CA and the other office in Seoul, South Korea. LinkSquare is Stratio’s low-cost, handheld, smartphone-compatible spectrometer. LinkSquare analyzes an object’s response to light in order to determine the “spectral signature” of the object, and identify the object or reveal information about its composition that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
Phone: +82 1074677456



Heartisans Limited
Location: 1D42
Country: Hong Kong
About: Heartisans is developing a smartwatch to accurately measure blood pressure, a critical vital sign still missing from wearables today.
We want to make health and blood pressure management easy and accessible for all with Heartisans Watch. Heartisans measures Pulse Transit Time, through Optical Heart Rate and ECG sensors, Heartisans Watch can determine the speed of a pulse traveling from the heart to the wrist (Pulse Transit Time) to derive systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Unlike cuff-based monitors that squeeze the arm, Heartisans Watch will give users complete freedom and comfort to measure blood pressure on the spot, at any moment.
Phone: +852 68496395


Location: CS69
Country: Russia
About: Gero is a biotech company that uses sophisticated methods and frameworks of theoretical physics in biological data modeling. The company successfully launched its first product – “motion wellness calculator” that is beneficial for both software and hardware developers in digital health: wellness as a service providers and smartwatches and fitness trackers manufacturers. This solution allows users to watch how their wellness status changes in response to their lifestyle or habits. Users have the opportunity to quantitatively assess personal benefits or harm from different lifestyle choices and adjust their habits for longer and healthier life.


Location: CS81
Country: Republic of Korea
About: Nuguna Neckband was developed to make life a little more pleasant for the deaf and hard of hearing. Every day there are events that try to grab our attention through sound, whether it be an alarm clock, electronic devices or a car horn. However, hearing aids are often only used periodically when the user realizes that a sound is going off. Nuguna Neckband offers the deaf and hard of hearing an intuitive way to realize when something or someone is trying to grab their attention thereby helping to prevent accidents and offer peace of mind.
Phone: +82 1064040099


MotioNex Co.,Ltd.
Location: CS81
Country: Republic of Korea
About: MotioNex develops MN series, the World Best Motion Sensor. MN Series is driven by the special proprietary algorithm of MotioNex. MN Series is the world-best motion sensor that estimates the yaw value accurately in a strenuous activity and the world-first motion sensor that has no drift yaw value in a long of use. MotioNex develops the Motion Capture System and the Smart Glove using MN series and offers the solution optimized for the film and virtual reality games. Especially you can apply any application because MN series has the own private algorithm for static motion and dynamic motion.
Phone: +82 1099560119


Location: CS81
Country: Republic of Korea
About: “Fashionable innovation for healthcare.” Wearable Healthcare Inc. is a professional value-centered company. Our purpose is to bring innovative healthcare technologies into the world in the format of a commercialized product. We exist for contributing healthcare to the global society though a variety of wearable devices.
Executives and staff members of Wearable Healthcare Inc. are acutely aware of their role in our global society. The company culture reflects a level of social responsibility equal to the challenges faced when having a positive impact on both the environment and society.
Phone: +82 3180655632


AiQ Smart Clothing Inc
Location: CS125
Country: Taiwan
About: AiQ Smart Clothing Inc is where electronics merge with textiles to create fashionable, functional, comfortable solutions to meet your everyday needs; whether it’s in sports & fitness, outdoor & leisure, home & leisure, home care & health care. We have the drive and capability to make Smart Clothing concepts into reality.
Phone: +886 225210298


Exhibition Hall 2

InvenSense, Inc
Location: 2C50MR
Country: USA
About: InvenSense Inc. (NYSE: INVN) is the world’s leading provider of MEMS sensor platforms. InvenSense’s vision of Sensing Everything™ targets the consumer electronics and industrial markets with integrated Motion and Sound solutions. Our solutions combine MEMS (micro electrical mechanical systems) sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, and microphones with proprietary algorithms and firmware that intelligently process, synthesize, and calibrate the output of sensors. InvenSense’s motion tracking, audio and location platforms, and services can be found in the world’s largest and most iconic brands including smartphones, tablets, wearables, drones, gaming devices, internet of things, automotive products, and remote controls for smart TVs.
Phone: +1 4085012278


Exhibition Hall 5

Location: 5D81
Country: Israel
About: SleepRate is the only app-based solution to combine all 3 stages of sleep treatment – monitoring, assessment, and therapy – in a comprehensive, user-friendly package. SleepRate works alone or, for more detailed analysis, together with a wide range of motion and heart rate tracking devices. It monitors the person’s sleep over several nights, automatically diagnoses their situation, and, if a disorder is discovered, creates a personalized sleep therapy plan using clinically validated sleep protocols. The therapy – delivered via the app – employs step-by-step guidance to help the end-user improve their sleep and so feel more refreshed, energized, and productive.


Location: 5D81
Country: Israel
About: Neura’s artificial intelligence (AI) solution increases engagement for mobile apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Our SDK and machine learning algorithms transform sensor data from a user’s phone and devices into insights about their activities, habits, and real-world context. Apps that integrate Neura — and become “user aware” — are able to personalize their service like never before. While Neura can benefit any app or device, our technology performs especially well with mobile health solutions.


Location: 5E81
Country: Israel
About: Equatel digital kiosks are made to work in rural and urban areas. They are connected via Cellular, WIFI or Satellite; extending mobile internet connectivity up to 35km from any mobile antenna. Users access the kiosk by inserting a SIM or Smart card. These Digital kiosks are installed with Telemedicine and Education capabilities allowing a wide range of point of care diagnostic sensors to be attached via USB or Bluetooth; and all of these data’s both on the patient and doctor side are managed by Equatel’s secure EHR platform. These health digital kiosks enable live session and remote diagnostic with doctors.
Phone: +972 545501205



Location: 5E81
Country: United States
About: BreezoMeter, the world’s leading real-time air quality analytics provider, is helping more than 50 million people in 35 countries improve their health and quality of life by providing simple, intuitive and actionable air pollution data. Derived from governmental sensors, satellites, weather patterns, transportation dynamics and other sources, BreezoMeter provides users with accurate and precise air quality data, including pollutant concentrations and forecast, up to the city block. The company offers its data as a service via API to enterprises, from smart home, fitness, cosmetics, and automotive companies to health technology brands.
Phone: (323) 601-7772


VideoVisit Ltd
Location: 5F31
Country: Finland
About: VideoVisit Ltd, HQ in Helsinki Finland, is a global frontrunner in video-based Telecare market. VideoVisit utilizes the newest cutting edge video communication technology with in-house R&D expertise to offer virtual home care, online doctor appointment and consultation platform to healthcare service providers.
Phone: +358 931589800


Quuppa Oy
Location: 5F31
Country: Finland
About: Whatever you want to track, Quuppa brings you the dot on the map.Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful technology platform for novel Location Based Services and Applications. It enables real-time tracking of Bluetooth Smart Tags and devices, with superior accuracy. It’s a reliable, versatile, highly customizable, fully scalable, and cost efficient solution.A worldwide ecosystem has grown around Quuppa’s technology: from Application Developers and Solution providers to System integrators and Tag manufacturers. Hundreds of systems have been successfully applied across various industries – from Healthcare, Retail, and Security to Logistics, Manufacturing, and Sports.
Phone: +358 504084550


Sense Of Intelligence Oy
Location: 5F31
Country: Finland
About: We are Finnish Hi-Tech company, specialized in pet wellbeing. The Product brand is called Anaxeos. Product represents a new design and it contains sensors that measures the dog’s activity, heartbeat, temperature and the sounds it makes any time. Anaxeos also contains GPS and GSM devices so that the wellbeing of a dog can be monitored on an app no matter the distance. the wearable tech, gathers data from the dog using sensors, IoT and AI. So probably no words are exchanged, but the result is the same. Peace of mind. #IOT #AI #Sensors #GPS #GSM #wellbeing #anywhere
Phone: +358 503672445


Exhibition Hall 6

Vodafone IoT
Location: 6B30
Country: United Kingdom
About: The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving business towards an innovative hyper-connected world of increased profitability and sustainability. Join us at MWC 2017 to see how Vodafone IoT is harnessing this new information ecosystem to build a better tomorrow by transforming lives and businesses today. Vodafone IoT will be demonstrating how self-driving cars and connected scooters are moulding mobility into a service. From the field to the factory, we’ll show how IoT is helping farmers save their livestock and how connected robotics is revolutionising shop floor productivity. From telemedicine for the elderly and infirm to connected exoskeletons allowing stroke-victims to walk again, you’ll see how Vodafone IoT is helping to redefine healthcare. We’ll also be demonstrating how our NarrowBand-IoT connectivity is revolutionising the market, bringing millions more devices and objects online; broadening the commercial opportunities of every industry player and turning the smart city into a reality


Soundbridge Co., Ltd.
Location: 6G21
Country: Republic of Korea
About: Sound bridge is founded on business goal which is developing smart hearing device as aternative hearing aid based on voice compansation algorithm and new call UX since 2012. SF Alpha has the world’s first earbud-type Bluetooth headset that can selectively use both internal and external microphones depending on the level of surrounding noise and situation to talk in a noisy environment. (Reduce 25~40dB ambient noise) Also, SF Alpha Plus has been developed for smart hearing device, which is targeting to replace convensional hearing aids and help hearing impaired people who can not hear the sound less than 60dB.

Phone: +82 1043602121


Safe4 Security Group AS
Location: 6H20
Country: Norway
About: An international security company offering smart living solutions and services, facilitating the IoT industry’s desire to create new recurring revenues
Gateway: IoT gateway, combines and enforces leading wireless IoT technology standards
IoT platform: The IoT platform enables use of data from multiple sources for services, applications and Big data analytics.
SmartLiving Services: Security–Home services–Health
Full turn key solution: Whitelabel solutions with freedom to choose: Devices–Gateway–BigData cloud storage-IoT platform–Applications–Integrations
NEWS!/HYBRIDSENSOR: Smoke – Camera – Pressure – Motion – Humidity – MP3 player – Speaker – Led light – Oxygen – Temperature.

Phone: +47 99576303


Location: 6N10
Country: Russia
About: IT4You is an international developer of innovative technologies in the field of speech intelligibility and audio signal processing. Our team consists of mathematicians, developers, linguists and specialists in the field of speech intelligibility, designers and musicians, whose talent and high professionalism allows to carry out researches, develop and implement original technological innovations.
Phone: +7 9045968110


Exhibition Hall 7

Location: 7F67
Country: China
About: Maysun Info Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise company, Focus on integration technology research, manufacturing, sales, and service of smart phone, tablet PC, Smart Wearable, VR and the coming newest high- tech smart life+ chain production lines. Maysun was founded in 2008, as a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer, we have a team over 60 technicians, 350 skilled workers, with production capacity 250,000 units per month, main markets are Europe, Asia, middle east, South America, etc. Based on the philosophy of high quality assurance, mutual benefit, Maysun will bring you with joy, ease and convenience for both work and life forever.


Quectel Wireless Solutions Co. Ltd
Location: 7K3
Country: China
About: Quectel Wireless Solutions is a leading global supplier of GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA/(+), LTE and GNSS modules. Leveraging Quectel’s strong R&D capabilities, comprehensive expertise, wide variety of high quality products and consistent philosophy of putting the customer’s demands at the forefront, Quectel has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy provider of wireless modules since its establishment. Quectel modules can be ideally suitable for any M2M applications from Telematics to Smart Metering, to Wireless POS, to Security, to mHealth, to Networking and other application fields.
Phone: +86 +8602151086236


Exhibition Hall 8

Medi Plus Solutions Co. Ltd
Location: 8C2.1
Country: Republic of Korea
About: Medi Plus Solution is a leading solution provider of the personalized smart healthcare services. Second Wind, our healthcare solution for chronic patients, is a bi-directional medical support system designed to help the chronic patients make quick recovery by connecting the physicians, the patients and the caregivers with the health information and medical instructions. With our real-time activity monitoring system for the patient, we provide disease management services for the control over the patient’s blood pressure, blood glucose, heart beats and weight. We are pursuing the improvement of life quality beyond just healthcare by introducing our scope to AI assistant services.
Phone: +82 1063707382


Location: 8C2.2
Country: Republic of Korea
About: gredoo is created from a hope of eradicating diseases and poverty. Doobit, one of Gredoo’s creation, is particulary made for infectious diseases. Doobit is a wearable device, enabling us to prevent a disease any time, any where. This product contains cleaning fluid that can be used for about a week. spray settings can be set through smartphone. It is inspired from spider man’s silk bracelet. You can wash your hand immediately after cleaning fluid is sprayed, and cleaning fluid can be replaced with other liquids, such as perfume, facial mist, mosquito repellent).
Phone: +82 1099005069


F & D Partners Inc.
Location: 8C2.7
Country: Republic of Korea
About: Mission and Vision: Contributes to improving the quality of life through information on the shape of the human body We have the most human shape information DB on earth Pursue a healthy life, build informative information, and achieve technological innovation through convergence.
Item : 3D Facial Skin Scanner
How to : Scan the type and location of troubles on facial skin by non-contact & 3D method
Core Technology : 3D Optics, Image Processing, Machine Vision, Skin Analysis
2016.01 – Established F&D PARTNERS Inc.
2016.10 – Certified the Laboratory form KOITA
2017.01 – Acquire the Certification of Venture company


Location: 8D2.1
Country: Spain
About: Nutrapp is an online nutrition coaching service. A research study was developed to test if tailored text messages and coaching techniques would be useful to change eating habits among young adults. The outcomes were really impressive. Later, the online platform was created and currently Nutrapp offers online coaching education services on nutrition, health and exercise through text messages. A group of health professionals who are specialists in coaching provide nutrition and healthy tips, diets, recipes, school menus, etc. Our users are constantly in contact with their coaches by a messaging App. Periodically, Nutrapp team offers livestream or face-to-face workshops.
Phone: +34 620861313


Mind the Byte
Location: 8E48
Country: Spain
About: Mind the Byte is a bioinformatics company specialized in computational drug discovery. We develop software using Big Data and Machine Learning approaches. Our main goal is to help our clients make better, safer and more adequate drugs adjusted to the patient needs through our SaaS platform and services.
Our SaaS platform allows our clients to perform in silico Drug Development analysis on High Performing Computing infrastructure, in a very intuitive manner. We are one of the few companies in the sector offering a pay-per-use software, which is very helpful and convenient for small and medium size biotech companies.
Phone: +34 934020938


Location: 8.1E49 App Planet
Country: France
About: In order to reduce the risk of drink-driving and compensate for the lack of solutions of assisting drivers under the influence, GOOD ANGEL has developed a safety system to alert, secure and assist drivers. How? By developing a unique mobile breathalyzer connected to a smartphone application that can accurately measure the driver’s blood alcohol level via an electrochemical sensor. The other important detail: our device can be perfectly integrated in the dashboard.
Phone: +33 630365710


Location: 4YFN F1.5
Country: Spain
About: Many women, especially older, are reluctant to talk with their doctors about their sexual health problems, thus they suffer in silence. Also, different healthcare professionals have difficulty in initiating conversations about sexual health and thus cannot provide appropriate sexual and reproductive care. “Emily” is a digital platform that offers safe, reliable and integrative sexual and reproductive health care management for a) women (as primary consumers of preventive, self-care and community-based services), b) healthcare professionals (as secondary consumers of professional trainings) and c) other interested stakeholders in the industry (ONGs, digital health apps, feminine products companies). Join “Emily” today!

Awaiting website

Location: 4YFN F3
Country: Spain
About: We propose a system that consists of two parts: a personalized 3D splint that fits the treated limb and allows a better and comfortable restraint of the damaged muscle, and an electrostimulator that is activated before splint removal. Such system decreases muscle atrophy, alleviates pain and allows initiation of the rehabilitation process simultaneously.
Phone: +34 634666915


Location: 4YFN F3
Country: Spain
About: QUIBIM offers a service of virtual biopsy of organs and tissues of the human body by the application of advanced computational methods to medical images to improve diagnosis or to accurately evaluate the response to therapies. We are serving to worldwide customers from Hospitals to Pharma Companies through QUIBIM Precision cloud-based platform, a innovative image processing platform .Recently, QUIBIM announced the closing of its first round of funding worth 550,000 euros shared by differents tech investors.
Phone: +34 686784484


Location: 4YFN G1.6
Country: Republic of Korea
About: Relumino is a visual aid for blind, visually impaired people with the accent on image processing. It helps enhance sight using VR and smartphone. Processing images obtained by the camera of smartphone includes edge enhancement, contrast enhancement, text enhancement and blind spot remapping to improve viewing conditions. Clinical test that commenced in January, 2017, shows significant improvement of visual acuity and faster reading speed by using Relumino. It only costs up to $99 and provides improvement of vision equivalent to extant visual aids with stiff prices. Development of exclusive glasses is also planned in the near future. See for yourself!

Eodyne Systems 
Location: 4YFN G2.4
Country: Spain
About: Eodyne has created the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS) – a ground breaking platform for cognitive and motor neuro-rehabilitation in a range of neuropathologies such as stroke. RGS integrates a range of technologies including VR, AI and big data analytics, is science grounded, clinically validated and certified as a CE class I medical device. RGS individualizes each intervention to the needs of its users, deploying a range of diagnostic and training protocols. Furthermore, RGS allows patients to train without direct supervision of a therapist, increasing the impact of rehabilitation programs while drastically lowering costs and allowing patients to rehabilitate at home
Phone: 661687299


Adan Medical Innovation
Location: 4YFN H1.6
Country: Spain
About: Health care startup with the mission to improve the quality of life of patients that suffer severe allergic reactions requiring epinephrine/adrenaline. anAPPhylaxis is the first integrated solution for anaphylaxis management. It consists of two components: a smart case for epinephrine autoinjectors and a mobile app with multiple features(epinephrine status monitoring, automatic emergency protocol in case of anaphylaxis, distance alert…). Technology also applicable to epinephrine stored in public spaces making easier the access to epinephrine and saving lives.


Location: 4YFN H1.5
Country: Spain
About: Cuideo offers senior home care services. 2 services: – Care by hours: Marketplace where Care Pros are connected with Senior users. Cuideo intermediaries between freelance based Care Pros and families, monetising 25% of the total service value. – Care Pro recruiting: Cuideo recruits full time and part time Care Pros for families with heavy care needs. Cuideo filter candidates and match them with Senior users based on pathology, care needs and other 20 more variables. Cuideo started at the begging of 2016 and has closed the year with over 22.000 hours delivered and 250.000 euros invoiced in care services.
Phone: +34 672678052


Location: 4YFN H2.5
Country: Spain
About: MEDIKTOR develops Intelligent Solutions for the Healthcare Industry. Our solution helps Health Payors and Hospitals save provision costs. Using AI and Self Machine Learning techniques, MEDIKTOR assess patient symptoms and provide the most accurate advise on which is the real level of urgency of the case and which specialist should be consulted. At hospitals, MEDIKTOR helps clinicians make better decisions and hospitals save time and manage their resources more effectively.
Phone: +34 647307898


Location: 4YFN H4.10
Country: Spain
About: B-wom is a digital health startup that empowers women to take control of their intimate health. Women experience many changes in their bodies through their lives, and health systems have a lack of resources and prevention tools to deal with. We focus on prevention and selfcare. As of today, we have a mobile app that offers personalized care plans and coaching for pelvic health. We started with this because it has a big impact on the quality of life for women. It affects problems like urine leaks, sex, constipation and back pain. B-wom is changing selfcare for women.
Phone: +34 636727352

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 08.45.26.png

Neuron Cloud SAS
Location: 4YFN I4.2
Country: Colombia
About: We believe in a collaborative health system where patients are informed and involved in their treatments, with health models focused on prevention and early detection of diseases, integrating health institutions, doctors and patients. We have created a cloud services platform that covers the entire pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical operation of a clinical laboratory, connecting biomedical equipment, exchanging information among the software of health institutions, storing the results and analyzing the same to present the information to the patient in a useful and safe way for the management of their health, through mobile applications.
Phone: +57 3153998559


Location: 4YFN I49
Country: Greece
About: VIDAVO operates in the field of mhealth, linking citizens and healthcare providers over its intelligent mobile health suite Vida24®. The system is trusted by thousands of users across Europe in the field of health tourism, telehealth, integrated care. It is the tool for healthcare providers to build their digital presence.
Vida24 includes a bouquet of mobile health modules, ranging from chronic disease management, nutrition and activity online coaching, to doctor on demand, telepsychiatry, health assessment tools and more. Users can pick and activate the modules that serve their business scope and needs, in addition to the highly customizable user interface.
Phone: +30 2310474762

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 08.41.47.png

Location: 4YFN J1.4
Country: Spain
About: DyCare develops innovative solutions for the control and clinical assessment of diseases affecting the functionality of the musculoskeletal system. DyCare devices, integrate wearable sensors to be used in clinical practice. Our main goal is providing solutions which revolutionize the care process of patients with musculoskeletal, neurological disorders by optimizing the therapy, accelerating the clinical trials and improving the quality of life. DyCare motion analysis system provides clinicians a new measurement tool to support diagnosis and treatment phases, allowing the continuous assessment of patient improvements and effectiveness of the received treatment, providing greater efficiency in the management of movement diseases.


Location: 4YFN J2.1
Country: Spain
About: IOMED provides a new software tool for medical doctors. We aim to improve medicine by creating high quality medical data from the first moment, and bringing into medicine the latest technologies in computer science and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to integrate with existing software systems, providing an advanced machine learning tool which is able to understand the information introduced by doctors about their patients improving the way data is handled and providing value not only to doctors but also to other key players in the healthcare industry.
Phone: +34 637404271


MJN Neuroserveis
Location: 4YFN J2.2
Country: Spain
About: MJN Neuroserveis aims to improve the life quality of people with epilepsy. With a non-invasive, discrete and portable device that predicts an epileptic seizure before it happens. The device consists of an earpiece that reads the electroencephalogram, a wristband and a mobile application with an AI algorithm that warns the user and their environment, one-minute before the epileptic seizure occurs. In addition, the device monitors permanently the brain activity of the patient. Currently, there is no device on the market that offers these functions. And in the near future, MJN will be speaking about schizophrenia and other brain diseases.


Location: 4YFN J2.7
Country: Spain
About: Omnirooms.com is an online portal that offers accessible rooms with their characteristics and real pictures. Although other portals normally provide generic pictures, our website has real pictures of the adapted rooms available, as well as a description of their characteristics and of the establishment services. And it is possible to book directly. Thus, anyone with reduced mobility may decide if the room fits their personal needs or not, just by checking out the information without having to call to the hotel nor sending mails. So, the reservation process is simplified and the possibilities of finding what you really need increase.
Phone: +34 683600108


Intelligent System Vitale SL
Location: 4YFN K2.3
Country: Spain
About: MyVitale is a system that generates automatic workouts in a dynamic and intelligent way. It is a machine learning system, that evolves with the user endlessly. We offer different types of goals to our clients: Fitness, Performance and Health goals. For customizing workouts, we go through a detailed registration form, and get constant feed back from the user. MyVitale is fully dynamic, versus other static solutions. Its open architecture allows quick implementation of new goals (mainly new health evidence based treatments for pathology). MyVitale constantly adapts to the real needs and state of mind and shape of the user.
Phone: +34 948066966


Nothingbutnet, S.L.
Location: 4YFN L2.5
Country: Spain
About: We develop solutions to improve sport. We collect and analyze data in real time creating a better experience for players and fans. We have solutions for basketball and swimming. We are working with NBA to digitalize basketball grassroots, and with top european teams like Real Madrid to provide real time data to improve their performance. For swimming we have created an amazing platform to make a swimming pool a smart pool. We track the swimmers in real time and we can measure their performance, alert from drowning and provide relevant info to the pool owner in real time.


GSMA Women4Tech
Location: 4YFN N4
Country: Spain
About: Women4Tech is focused on successfully addressing the gender gap in the mobile industry. Gender equality in technology strengthens the industry and builds valuable professional communities and networks. Women4Tech supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 5 (Gender Equality). With the support from the public and private sector, globally, Women4Technology focuses on four key areas: Women Empowering Technology; Women Encouraging Technology; Women Transforming Technology; Women Innovating in Technology. Collectively, we’re driving the greater inclusion of women in the mobile ecosystem by improving gender equality in education and showcasing best practices and industry action for female
leadership in the digital age.


Mint Labs
Location: 4YFN O4.1
Country: Spain
About: Mint Labs provides a cloud-based neuroimaging platform (CloudN) with advanced data management and proprietary data analysis tools in addition to state-of-the-art 3D touchless visualization capabilities. Using big data algorithms, we analyze images to support research and collaboration within the medical community. By accelerating the R&D workflow, we aim to help doctors find cures for difficult-to-diagnose neurological diseases. CloudN is being used across Europe and US by top-notch hospitals and research institutions such as UCSF and pharmaceutical companies. We have more than 250,000 brain scans and are creating the biggest brain database in the world.


Congress Square

Location: CS50
Country: Spain
About: We created Familyar, a social platform for connecting elderly and families with social and care organisations. Our goal is helping families, City Councils and organisations to keep elderly in their community longer decreasing demand on the system and improving physical and social well-being. Familyar is based on videocall, messaging, tasks and medication management capabilities focused on mobile devices. We integrated Familyar with third-party sensor and wearable services providing flexible solutions for monitoring and following-up medical and ambient conditions. Familyar is available as white label service. Platform capabilities (as videocall) are available for integrations on third-party applications for Android and iOS.

Phone: +34 935481300


Biwel Salud Empresarial
Location: CS50
Country: Spain
About: Bihealth is the comprehensive wellbeing solution that promotes and manages corporate health programs for companies in a humanistic and interactive way. With very simple and useful tools, users are offered the chance to participate in personalized gamified experiences that involve a reduction of their health risk factors, creating a healthy corporate community. Through Bihealth insights and its engine, companies are able to analyze and manage habits improvement as well as predicting sustainable behavior changes, which lead to the reduction of healthcare costs and improve the commitment. You don’t have to adapt to Bihealth. Bihealth adapts to you. Make it simple.

Phone: +34 931414529


Chemical Transducers Group / GTQ IMB-CNM (CSIC)
Location: CS50
Country: Spain
About: GTQ presents at MWC a wearable sensor technology for monitoring physiological parameters in athletes (pH, ions, Glucose). The Chemical Transducers Group (GTQ) is a research group of Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona Microelectronics (IMB-CNM). The IMB-CNM belongs to Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the main Spanish research institution and one of the largest in the world. We also offer wireless chemical sensors for pH and ions that can be used in APPcesories for mobile devices. GTQ develops micro-analytical systems for liquids with microelectronics technology, exhibiting several advantages like small size, robustness, reliability, low cost and mass production.


B&B Trends
Location: CS50
Country: Spain
About: Diagnose, prevent, manage and monitor our vital signs. Store your data, check your history and statistics, share your information with your family and doctors. Follow the evolution of your measurements, detects possible changes or improvements to your health. Set alarms to warn if a value is out of the ordinary. Set yourself goals and visualize as you get to the goals you’ve set. All this connectivity focusing on a single platform: LifeVit. Unique web and app where you can view all your information where, when and wherever you want. Secure and confidential access to all your measu¬rements from LifeVit devices.

Phone: +34 935606705



FLIR Systems, Inc.
Location: CS77
Country: Belgium
About: FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. We bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through our thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locator systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems. Our products improve the way people interact with the world around them, enhance public safety and well-being, increase energy efficiency, and enable healthy and entertained communities.
Phone: +32 36655100


Location: CS180
Country: Hong Kong
About: IvyHealth is an innovative technology company involved in health care and aims at improving the welfare of people like you. We create electronic devices and develop applications to help you monitor your physical condition and reach the personal improvement goals you have set yourself. We connect your health with the world and offer you data, advice, recommendations and personalised diets to help you on your road to a better lifestyle and greater wellbeing. Join IvyHealth and start feeling better. With IvyHealth, your health is in your hands.



The following firms are attending/speaking but don’t have exhibition booths. You might like to check out their offerings and connect with them to arrange a meeting in Barcelona (if you are attending and would like to be featured here say Hi in the comments below and we’ll add your company/personal profile):

Benergy App by PlayBenefit
Location: Contact Patu Antunes – patu@playbenefit.com
Country: Spain
About: Benergy is a gamified health and wellness mobile app created and developed by PlayBenefit in Barcelona. It´ll be launched by the end of March in iOS and May in Android, both in English and Spanish. Its objective is to lead the user into a more energetic and optimistic lifestyle, by teaching about how food, exercise, sleep, bowels, mindset and physical environment affect his energy levels. Then it proposes daily challenges and an easy tracking of the user’s general state regarding mood, food, exercise and bowels. It’ll be marketed in both B2B and B2C channels.


Wireless Health (note: website under construction)
Location: Contact Agustina Clair Executive Vice President Business Development, Wireless Health. aclair@wirelesshealth.com.ar / +5491133870292
Country: Argentina
About: Wireless Health analyses telecommunications-linked health solutions and creates strategic courses of action for its kite mark and landing in the principal markets and segments of the world.


Details to be added


Withings mHealth devices on exhibition booth.

New 24MP Camera Snapdragon Android


QualcommLife & QualcommReach showcases

Location: TBC
Country: Switzerland
About: We develop solutions and wearable for seniors with cognitive impairment ranging from Age Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI), to Alzheimer and Dementia. Our solutions cover a wide range of targets spanning professional, care center or at home assistance. Our products are fully secure and build with a strong emphasis on privacy.
Phone: +41 763361009


2PCS Solutions GmbH
Location: TBC
Country: Austria
About: 2PCS: THE NEW WAY OF PROVIDING SAFETY AND MANAGING ALERTS. 2PCS is an alerting and locating system designed for the duties of professional care addressing the safety and independence of persons in care to handle challenges caused by dementia. Primary and secondary users benefit from a better safety feeling, independence and supported mobility by wearing a single device for indoor and outdoor usage. The 2PCS solution which is fully interoperable with existing care and ICT solutions, acts and reacts in an efficient and a relieving way to save time and costs as well as disburden care givers and relatives.
Phone: +43 6507429656


Location: TBC: Hall1  (OA1A.30) Hall 2 (2N62 & 2O60)
Country: Sweden
About: Ericsson is the driving force behind the Networked Society – a world leader in communications technology and services. Our partnerships with every major telecom operator in the world allow people, business and society to fulfill their potential and create a more sustainable future.

Our services, software and infrastructure – especially in mobility, broadband and cloud – are enabling industries to do better business, increase efficiency, improve user experiences, and capture opportunities.

With around 115,000 professionals and customers in 180 countries, we support networks that connect over 2.5bn subscribers. Forty percent of the world’s mobile traffic is carried over Ericsson networks

At MWC17 Ericsson will be demoing a 5G Robotic Surgery IoT haptic healthcare application to empower doctors with the sense of touch, complementing high definition video and audio connections to create an immersive environment. In this live demonstration, based on research collaboration between Ericsson and King’s College London, we experience the concept of a robotic finger able to detect hard tissue within a soft tissue sample. The demonstration leverages the 5G capabilities of very high throughput (current Ericsson 5G trials are hitting more than 25 Gbps), low latency and network slicing. 5G network slicing supports different flows of traffic – in this demo, for example, we have the close view camera, the wide angle view camera and tactile remote control — and enables different quality of service parameters to be applied to each.

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“When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers”


First we had the fall out over patents between Nokia and Apple that left the recently acquired Withings losing distribution with it’s biggest and most important channel to market and now we have the world’s biggest corporation (Apple) going to battle with Qualcomm – probably the world’s biggest corporate backer of mHealth startups through it’s QualcommLife venture (at one stage with Donald Jones at the helm they even tried to spin off LifeComm – a $100M mobile network exclusively focused on serving the healthcare industry). (Financial disclosure: Qualcomm have been generous financial supporters of practically every mHealth event we’ve ever run going back to 2009).

The jury is out on what this might mean for the relationship that QualcommLife companies have with Apple (although it’s probably not going to be anywhere near as drastic as was seen with Withings as Qualcomm is not the parent company but is typically investing in these firms as no more than an equal footing as other investors) but perhaps the lesson for mHealth firms considering investment from a mobile giant in these troubled times is to stay independent from any one in particular as your revenues are going to seem inconsequential in the battle for leadership in the newest Trillion dollar industry?

Learn everything you need to know about the Mobile Industry by ordering the $10 Tomi Ahonen Almanac.

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