mHealth Events for 2015

mHealth Events 2023

With the doors closing today at the world’s largest mHealth industry meeting (the mHealth Summit in Washington DC) it’s time to begin compiling the definitive listing of mHealth events that are being held in 2023 across the world as a resource for those planning to get involved (click here to view those that were held in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010).

If you know of any mHealth meetings that I’ve missed please share a link in the comments below and I’ll update this listing to include them:

Digital Health Summit (at CES)
Las Vegas, USA
7-8 January 2023

BUPA Be Healthy Be Mobile: mHypertension Innovation Showcase,
Oxford, UK
13-14 January 2023

Health 2.0 WinterTech
San Francisco, USA
15 January 2023

mHealth Trophies
Paris, France
26 January 2023

UCL mHealth Conference**
London, UK
27-28 January 2023

Canadian Mobile Health Summit,
Toronto, Canada
27-28 January 2023

The Future of Connected and Mobile Health
Massachusetts, USA
2 February 2023

NIH mHealth Distinguished Lecture
Washington DC, USA
12 February 2023

Spanish Healthcare IT Congress: mHealth Reality or Future?
Madrid, Spain
16-18 February 2023

m-Health Summit at UK e-Health Week,
London, UK
3-4 March 2023

Mobile World Congress**,
Barcelona, Spain
3-4 March 2023

The Clinical Innovation Conference**
London, UK
10-11 March 2023

mHealth@Duke Introduction to mHealth
North Carolina, USA
18 March 2023

Apple’s ResearchKit, Open mHealth and the future of clinical research
New York, USA
19 March 2023

Apple’s ResearchKit, Open mHealth and the future of clinical research
San Francisco, USA
23 March 2023

Mobile Clinical Trials Congress**
Edinburgh, Scotland
24-25 March 2023

Boston, USA
1-2 April 2023

Mainstreaming medical apps; reducing nhs costs; improving patient outcomes
London, UK
9 April 2023

HIMSS Conference**
Chicago, USA
12-16 April 2023

Mobile Health Meetup: Apple’s ResearchKit
London, UK
13 April 2023

Mobile Health Zone at conhIT
Berlin, Germany
14-16 April 2023

mHealth@Duke Annual Conference
North Carolina, USA
15 April 2023

mHealth & Wearable Tech Summit
16-17 April 2023

World Medical Association Council Meeting
Oslo, Norway
16-18 April 2023

Mobile Health (mHealth) Symposium for Mobile/Wireless Technology Professionals
Michigan, USA
23 April 2023

mHealth Chennai Summit
Chennai, India
26 April 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands
29-30 April 2023

Apps For Health
Ontario, Canada
30 April 2023

20th Annual Telemedicine Meeting & Trade Show**
Los Angeles, USA
2-5 May 2023

Digital Health Live
Dubai, UAE
5-7 May 2023

mHealth App Spring Showcase
Boston, USA
6 May 2023

mHealth Debate
European Parliament, Brussels
6 May 2023

Global Mobile Health Summit,
Shanghai, China
9-10 May 2023

mHealth Summit Europe**
Riga, Latvia
11-12 May 2023

mHealth Habitat: Digital Health & Wellbeing
Leeds, UK
13-14 May 2023

mHealth Israel: Meet Sanofi
Tel Aviv, Israel
14 May 2023

Health 2.0 Europe
Barcelona, Spain
18-20 May 2023

mHealth Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal
19 May 2023

The Mobile Health Technology Conference
London, UK
21 May 2023

WLSA Convergence Summit
San Diego, USA
26-28 May 2023

Wearables Europe**
London, UK
27-28 May 2023

mHealth Meetup
Brussels, Belgium
4 June 2023

Doctors 2.0 & You
Paris, France
4-5 June 2023

Open mHealth Chicago
Chicago, USA
10 June 2023

Apple World Wide Developer Conference**
San Francisco, USA
8-12 June 2023

mHealth Columbia
Cauca, Columbia
8-14 June 2023

mHealth Conference
Galway, Ireland
9 June 2023

Symposium on mHealth in Health Systems in an Era of Healthcare Transformation
George Washington University, USA
9 June 2023

Open mHealth Meetup
Chicago, USA
10 June 2023

Mobile Health Meetup: Health Outcomes
London, UK
11 June 2023

DIA 2023
Washington DC, USA
14-18 June 2023

KingsFund Digital Health and Care Congress**
16-17 June 2023

Open mHealth Summit
San Francisco, USA
17 June 2023

Internet of Things Summit**
Dublin, Ireland
17 June 2023

Commissioning 2023**
London, UK
24-25 June 2023

mHealth for GPs**
London, UK
24 June 2023

Wearables London Tech Meetup**
London, UK
25 June 2023

IEEE2015:Mobile Services in Healthcare Track
New York, USA
27 June – 2 July 2023

RCPsych International Congress**
Birmingham, UK
29 June – 2 July 2023

mHealth Israel: Investors Summit
Jerusalem, Israel
29 June 2023

eHealth Ireland Ecosystem
Dublin, Ireland
29 June 2023

Critical Wearables Research Lab*
London, UK
29 June 2023

London Technology Salon: Emerging Lessons in Using Technology in Emergency Response*
London, UK
30 June 2023

Wearables Monitoring Conference**
London, UK
30 June 2023

EU40: Chances of mHealth in a digitalised Europe
EU Parliament, Brussels
30 June 2023

mHealth Innovations & Start-up Series
New York, USA
9 July 2023

The Future of mHealth
Santa Clara CA, USA
14 July 2023

mHealth + Telehealth World 2023
Boston, USA
21-23 July 2023

Mobile & Personal Technologies in Precision Medicine Workshop
Santa Clara CA, USA
27-28 July 2023

WearablesLondon: Wearable Technology in the era of Mobile Health
London, UK
30 July 2023

Mobile Health Meetup: Sequencing Ebola in the Field
London, UK
1 September 2023

mHealth: Mobilizing the Community
Kentucky, USA
3 September 2023

China Health Innovation Convention mHealth
Shanghai, China
6-7 September 2023

mHealth Israel: meet the EU investors
Tel Aviv, Israel
8 September 2023

Connected Health Summit**
San Diego, USA
9-10 September 2023

Serious Games and mHealth Applications for Healthy Lives
Wageningenur University, Netherlands
14 September 2023

mHealth on Demand
Brussels, Belgium
16 September 2023

Cardiovascular Mobile Health Conference
Tabarz, Germany
24-25 September 2023

Digital Health Hack
Jersey, UK
25-27 September 2023

Scripps Health Transforming Medicine: Evidence-Driven mHealth**
San Diego, USA
30 September – 2 October 2023

Mobile Health: The Power of Wearables, Sensors, and Apps to Transform Clinical Trials
New York, USA
30 September – 1 October 2023

eHealth Summit**
Kildare, Ireland
30 September 2023

Health 2.0 Fall
Santa Clara, USA
4-7 October 2023

Clinical Trials & IoT Forum
Boston, USA
7-8 October 2023

Mobile Healthcare Congress & iZone
Utrecht, Netherlands
8 October 2023

Nordic Mobile Healthcare Technology Congress
Stockholm, Sweden
14-15 October 2023

Mobihealth Conference
14-16 October 2023
London, UK

22 October 2023
Barcelona, Spain

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
Chicago, USA
31 Oct – 4 November 2023

Healthcare Innovation Forum**
Seoul, Korea
3 November 2023

Web Summit**
Dublin, Ireland
3-5 November 2023

mHealth Summit**
Washington DC, USA
8-11 November 2023

Exponential Medicine**
San Diego, USA
9-12 November 2023

China Centre for mHealth Innovation (CCmHI) report launch event
Beijing, China
17 November 2023

American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting**
Las Vegas, USA
14-17 November 2023

Palm Springs, USA
18-20 November 2023

Silicon Valley China Wireless Annual Conference
Santa Clara, USA
21 November 2023

mHealth Workshop
Leusden, Netherlands
23 November 2023

HealthCare Informatics Society Annual Conference**
Dublin, Ireland
25-26 November 2023

Mobile Health Congress
Grimbergen, Belgium
26 November 2023

Maritime mHealth
Nova Scotia, Canada
26 November 2023

IDF World Diabetes Congress: mHealth Symposium**
Vancouver, Canada
30 November – 4 December 2023

Telecom Council Silicon Valley Deep Dive: Health/mHealth/eHealth
Santa Clara, USA
8 December 2023

Apple ResearchKit and Apple HealthKit Forum
Madison WI, USA
8 December 2023

Digital Health World Forum (featuring a mHealth & Apps track)
London, UK
9 December 2023

mHealth Israel @ ICI
Tel Aviv, Israel
14 December 2023

Digital Health Summit at CeBIT Eurasia,**
Istanbul, Turkey
17-19 December 2023

* We’ll be there ** We’re Chairing/Presenting/Exhibiting

Asides from the meetings you are also very welcome to join us online over in the mHealth networking group (check out some member introductions here if you’re not already a member). Set up on Linkedin in 2008 the group already has more than 7000 members – simply click here to join.

Wherever we can we try to host mHealth networking group meetings – check out the fun we had at the European eHealth Week in Dublin – so if you’d like to organise one of these alongside an event please get in touch via the comments and we’ll try and make it happen.

HatTip: BootStrapped

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13 thoughts on “mHealth Events for 2015

      1. Not sure about that.

        Check here and you’ll see that while MWC 2014 was held in the same week as the massive HIMSS event in Orlando the European mHealth Summit was held 6-8 May in Berlin during “European eHealth Week”.

  1. 1-2 December 2023
    Digital Healthcare Policy Event at the European Parliament, the United4Health Final Conference and the 7th Annual EHTEL eHealth Symposium

    8 December 2023 The internet of me

    20 January 2024
    Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Health in Europe: Removing Barriers to the Empowerment of Citizens

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