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How can health hack into the Internet of Things?
12 February 2016

mHealth Hackathon: mHealth Superheroes”
21 January 2016

Tomi Ahonen: “if you’re in healthcare, read what David Doherty is writing”
1 January 2016

Mayo Clinic Centre for Innovation: 5 for today
28 December 2015

Irish Computer Society: IDF World Diabetes Congress
15 October 2015

FutureScience: Clinical Investigation Vol 5 No 8
29 September 2015

​Wareables: Your medical records belong to you, and it’s time to start sharing them
16 July 2015

Digital Health Festival: what have we learned?
3 June 2015

The Register: Jed Bush Apple Watch is better than ObamaCare
15 May 2015

TelecareAware: The Future of Medicine – Technology & the Role of the Doctor in 2025
10 May 2015

Dr Hilary Cass, President, Royal College Paediatrics and Child Health
27 April 2015

Smartphone Healthcare: Smartphones a Clinical Trial Platform
11 March 2015

mHealth Competence Centre: Mobile Health at MWC15
27 February 2015

TelecareAware: mHealth guide to the 2015 Mobile World Congress
4 February 2015

Looking back over Telehealth & Telecareaware’s predictions for 2014
1 Jan 2015

EyeforPharma’s 2014 Year in Review
30 December 2014

David Lee Scher MD: Five Ways TeleHealth Will Change Medicine
21 December 2014

Five Boomer Health Technologies from the 2014 mHealth Summit
16 December 2014

What are the best practices for a patient consultation via mobile phone; 3G Doctor co-founder David Doherty explains at Doctors 2.0 & You 2014
4 November 2014

Health Tech Insider: NIH Announces New Discipline: mHealth
29 October 2014

Wall Street Journal: Practical Applications for Connected Devices
27 October 2014

Wearable Ireland – Opportunities in the Wearable Market
19 October 2014

Opportunities for collaboration in the smart ageing industry discussed at the Life Sciences International Summit
15 October 2014

TeleHealth Alliance of Oklahoma: Telemedicine Conference 2014
20 September 2014

HIT Consultant: Cartoon: Why Big Pharma Can’t Innovate with mHealth
11 July 2014

TeleHealth and Telecare Aware: mHealth: too much to blog, too little time
30 June 2014

EyeforPharma: “mHealth to Transform Healthcare: Can Pharma Compete?”
30 June 2014

Institute for Healthcare Improvement: News
21 May 2014

Telecare Aware: Healthcare Apps 2014 – a few impressions
4 May 2014

Pete the Pill: Drs, patients and Skype, what is realistic?
24 April 2014

3G Doctor to feature in The Cell at Imagining the Future of Medicine
1 April 2014

Samsung Business Europe: Audience Reactions to Samsung Unpacked 5
4 March 2014

Smartphone Healthcare: Unthinkable 10 years ago
2 February 2014

Telecare Aware: The 10th National Health Summit (Ireland)
14 January 2013

The Healthcare Influencer List: 100 Twitter accounts to follow in 2014
28 December 2013

Telecare Aware: Around the mHealth Summit in 70 pictures
17 December 2013

Forbes: My 2013 Digital Health Entrepreneur, Investor, And Writing Of The Year
27 November 2013

Smartphone Healthcare/mHealthNews : Billionaires Investing in mHealth
18 November 2013

MedCityNews: Who are some of the billionaires investing in mobile health?
15 November 2013

mHealth for Health Care Professionals workshop at Health 2.0 Europe
20 October 2013

Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland: Presentation at the Irish Cardiac Society Annual Scientific Meeting
26 September 2013

HealthTech Wire: “Speaking up: Why digitisation means going beyond the keyboard”
19 September 2013

Turkish Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Professionals: Mobile health guru David Doherty to present at DHS 2013
4 September 2013

Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland: The world’s first certified course on mHealth for Healthcare Professionals
30 August 2013

Technology Strategy Board KTN August Newsletter Tech
25 August 2013

TelecareAware: Future GP consultation – boring but very important
19 August 2013

TelecareAware: Internet training for older people vs works-out-of-the-box mobiles
29 July 2013

EyeforPharma: ‘Beyond the Pill’ – in Practice
19 June 2013

mHealth tour of Europe by Denise Silber (Mobile health without borders at Stanford)
10 June 2013

Mobile Health Stanford: Postcards from Paris: Mobile Health outside the US, by Doctors 2.0’s Denise Silber
2 June 2013

TechHub: Health 2.0 Manchester: How can mHealth transform Healthcare?
11 April 2013

Telecare Aware: ‘To Read’ lists for the holiday weekend
28 March 2013

Telecare Aware: Samsung Galaxy S4′s S Health: fitness tracker disruptor?
15 March 2013

NHS Alliance: Too posh to prescribe too learned to listen
1 March 2013

Rx Informatics: Google Glass for pharmacy practice?
24 February 2013

eHealthNews: Join the mHealth Symposium at eHealth Week 2013
14 February 2013

HealthOn: Health Apps: Ask for couch potatoes! (German)
14 February 2013

Healthcare Social Media Monitor: Health 2.0 Dublin: “mHealth – Bridging the gap between patient and physician”
7 February 2013

FierceMobileHealthcare: mHealth got free advertising from NBCNews profile of Topol
5 February 2013

ICGP Event Calendar: Health 2.0 Dublin Meeting
3 Feb 2013

Internet Medicine: Teletrauma Services Allows for Trauma Surgeon to see Patients in Remote Hospitals
22 January 2013

INSIDE mHealth: Harvard Business Review doesn’t see Reachability, do you?.
10 January 2013

BNetTV talks to David Doherty of 3G Doctor at the mHealth Summit
19 December 2012

WIPJam @ mHealthSummit Report and Presentations
14 December 2012

HIMSS Online Buyers Guide
3 December 2012

HIMSS Online Buyers Guide
3 December 2012

WIPJam @ mHealth Summit
15 November 2012

Susannah Fox: Go Mobile/Pew Internet: Go Mobile
8 November 2012

Claudia Pagliari, University of Edinburgh Medical School, presentation at the Health Informatics New Zealand 2012
8 November 2012

TelecareAware: Kaiser Permanente’s video vision of the healthcare future
21 August 2012

Health2Measure: How to make sense of #mHealth?
12 August 2012

Telecare Aware: mHealth put in perspective. Firmly
3 August 2012

WebPT Blog: mHealth Strives for Mainstream
23 July 2012

eHealth Central: An app that makes patients more accountable
18 July 2012

NHS Change Model Forum: Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “The doctor will see you now”!
16 July 2012

Mashable: 5 Ways to Instantly Connect With Doctors
29 June 2012

Digital Health Technology: The Ultimate Patient Advocate, HIMSS 2012
1 June 2012

Touch Health Sciences: An Introduction to mHealth
8 May 2012

Denise Silber: Copenhagen eHealthWeek Mobile Health Symposium
2 May 2012

CNET News: “House calls go mobile via Online Care 6.0”
1 May 2012

MobiHealthNews: “3G Doctor in the UK has offered mobile-based video consultations with patients in that country for a number of years”
30 April 2012

TelecareAware: Award-winning smartphone screener for oral lesions an infection risk?
27 April 2012

Mobile Monday Athens: Agenda for mhealth meeting finalists for the app competition
23 April 2012

FierceMobileHealthcare: Infection control sidelined in rush to mobile?
23 April 2012

HealthCare SocialMedia Review #2: The Privacy and Security Edition
18 April 2012

Health Beat: Undermining the patient
16 April 2012

Health Care 3.0: Will augmented reality change the face of health care?
6 April 2012

Mobile Monday Athens: What’s up in Mobile Health?
5 April 2012

Modern Mobile Apps: “Mobile Healthcare is now a reality”
29 March 2012

eHealth Central: “We need a lot more ideas about positive action”
15 March 2012

MobiHealthNews: Mobile health’s stealthy Super Bowl cameos
9 February 2012

Practical Patient Care: Health on the Move
7 February 2012

Mobile Health Post: Could self-tracking lead to mobile hypochondria?
24 January 2012

FierceMobileHealthcare: Could self tracking lead to mobile hypochondria
23 January 2012

MobiHealthNews: Mobile Health Trends & Challenges in 2012
17 January 2012

Textually: Are we ready to give mobile operators our health information?
16 January 2012

Applied Clinical Infomatics: Industry News
11 January 2012

American RedCross: Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and Other Special Needs
10 January 2012

eHealth Central: Telehealth and mHealth: some pros and cons
10 January 2012

International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics Newspage
6 January 2012

Communities Dominate Brands: Amplification
5 January 2012

TelecareAware: mHealth Summit: videos, slideshows and other coverage
13 December 2011

Telecare Service Association publication: The Link (PDF), Winter/Spring
5 December 2011

Video of talk at mHealth Summit: “Examining the Clinical Value of mHealth: Clinican Perspectives on mHealth Technology”
5 December 2011

Michael Scharf: Apple’s mHealth testing in flagship Apple Stores
25 November 2011

Telecare Aware: Telecare Services Association Conference
16 November 2011

Engagement Strategy: Pharmaceutical mHealth 2011
30 October 2011

Unbound Spiral: Buying your Soft-Sim mobile. Who’s taking control? Who should get it?
14 September 2011

GSMA Mobile Health Live Deployment Tracker: 3G Doctor
9 September 2011

Medigi (Chinese): “iOS device users can enjoy video calls by FaceTime telemedicine services”
29 August 2011

mHealth Works: Your brain is like a refrigerator
24 August 2011

Dexigner: How Will Mobile Technology Help in Healthcare?
11 August 2011

Telecare Aware: Jitterbug markets an iPhone App
7 July 2011

eHealth Central: An App a day puts eHealth in play
5 July 2011

eHealth Central: Telehealth: some pertinent issues
5 July 2011

MobiHealthNews: Mobile Health Expo to launch Mobile Health Association
25 June 2011

MC mHealth Innovation Camp Agenda: Q&A David Doherty
28 May 2011

Meaningful Health IT News: Mobile Health Events for 2011
20 May 2011 “5 things I learned from a MD inventor and serial entrepreneur”
17 May 2011

FierceMobileHealthcare: “Work needed for Microsoft-Skype deal to fulfill its healthcare potential”
17 May 2011

Senior Market Mobile: “Seniors and the Mobile Health opportunity”
17 May 2011

MobiThinking: “M-health apps are exclusive. Health should not be a privilege”
3 May 2011

MobileCollective Think Camp: “The Inside’s guide to mobile health (mHealth)”
2 May 2011

MobiHealthNews: “Google to launch Android Video Chat”
29 April 2011

Mobi-thinking: The Insiders Guide to Mobile Health”
27 April 2011

TeleCareAware: “mHealth features heavily in Sunday supplement (UK)”
25 April 2011

Freshtrax “To be connected or to not be connected”
22 April 2011

Cambridge University/China Mobile: “Mobile Communications for Medical Care”
21 April 2011

GoMo News: “mHealth features heavily in Sunday supplement”
18 April 2011

The Sunday Telegraph: “The Doctor can see you now”
17 April 2011

The Independent: “In a life-saving situation, mobile video can come to the rescue”
13 April 2011

MobiHealthNews: “Smartphone video capability can help in emergency response
11 April 2011

FierceMobileHealthcare: Mobile Video can boost first aid situations
8 April 2011

Telecare Aware: Do we lose or gain in mobile medicine?
3 April 2011

Sony Ericsson Insider: Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg, mHealth is Huge
31 March 2011

TelecareAware: Review of the GE Medical V-Scan
22 March 2011

Mobile Ministry: “list of things that can be done on or around mobile devices/services that will help to manage (future) emergency situations”
22 March 2011

Carnival of the Mobilists #247: Essential read for this month Mobile in the Disaster Zone
21 March 2011

TelecareAware: Lessons from Richard Pope, Video Consulting Diabetes Consultant
14 March 2011

Ed Kloskowski: Pharma’s one big reason to get an iPad 2
14 March 2011

Scottish Healthcare: Lessons from Richard Hope, Video Consulting Diabetes Consultant
11 March 2011

Applied Clinical Informatics Journal: mHealth Features Strongly at Mobile World Congress
16 February 2011

TV2 News (Denmark) profiles 3G Doctor Video Consultations
10 February 2011

MobiHealthNews: “President Obama’s favorite mobile health use case”
26 January 2011

Telecare Aware: The mHealth Guide to Mobile World Congress 2011
24 January 2011

CareWare Blog: “The doctor can see you now” (Danish)
24 January 2011

FierceMobileHealthcare: Nokia stepping up health presence
18 January 2011

3G Doctor confirmed as marketing partners for the Guardian Mobile and Wireless Healthcare Conference
13 January 2011

Clinica: The Doctor Can See You Now
12 January 2011

Balkans Business: Albania plans to launch the worlds first ‘Mobile First’ Public Healthcare System
6 January 2011

Mobile Ministry Magazine: Call for participation for mobile first public healthcare system
6 January 2011

Medical Smartphones: The iPhone ECG is the newest in point-of-care mobile health technology
4 January 2011

DVICE: How Smartphones could lead the digital healthcare revolution
30 December 2010

Embedded Internet: “3GDoctor is an excellent example of how developers can create useful applications using all of a cell phone’s sensors in a novel new ways”
10 December 2010

TechWeb China: Interview with Dahui Feng CTO of (the largest Online Medical Community in China)
6 December 2010

Alternative Health Information Blog: Will Mobile operators be complementary health insurers of the future?
20 November 2010

MobiHealthNews: Slideshow: Faces at the mHealth Summit
11 November 2010

Talking Technology with Leroy Jones, Jr: Video Interview with David Doherty of 3G Doctor at the mHealth Summit, Washington DC
10 November 2010

John Casillas, HIMSS Blog; “It’s amazing to see the line up of sponsors here”
8 November 2010

MobiHealthNews: NHS now offer a mobile optimized website too
3 November 2010

eHealth Central: Planning for mHealth
29 October 2010

mHealth Summit: 3G Doctor to exhibit at the mHealth Summit Washington DC
26 October 2010

eHealth Central: “Mobile health … habit forming”
22 October 2010

Health Care 3.0: 3G Doctor vs. Family GP
8 October 2010

Clinica: Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit Review by Salina Christmas
8 October 2010

Creative Connectivity: “mHealth in the NHS – Everywhere and Nowhere”
8 October 2010

TeleCare Aware: Review of 2nd Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit
7 October 2010

E-Health Insider Comment: by Prof John Bachman, Prof of Primary Care Mayo Clinic
30 September 2010

FierceMobileHealthcare: “Mobile healthcare will be ‘widely accepted’ by 2015”
28 September 2010

SoJournPosse: “the first debut of Samsung Galaxy tablet at a public event”
27 September 2010

SoJournPosse: “The Doctor Can See You Now, with Samsung Galaxy Tablet”
27 September 2010

Psychology Today: Talya Miron-Shatz “What grumpy women can teach the mobile health industry”
24 September 2010

IdeaHealthWorks: New survey promises a bright future for mobile health
21 September 2010

Clinica: London Design Festival 2010 – Can we create objects that can heal a wounded society
17 September 2010

Open Mobile and Wireless Blog: “Results now in from our mHealth survey, 1500 replies – thanks to 3G Doctor!”
17 September 2010

Bart Collet: “mHealth swot-analysis: blame it on the speeding”
10 September 2010

Hospital Impact: “Skirmishes over how to define mobile healthcare”
9 September 2010

Stuart Henshall, Reading Links: “great FaceTime use cases for mobile screen sharing… ….it’s the use cases which make it more plausible”
9 September 2010

HiStalkMobile News: “The debate over mHealth vs. wireless continues on the 3G Doctor Blog”
8 September 2010

FierceMobileHealthcare: “Define m-health, but then let’s move on to the issues that actually affect care”
7 September 2010

3G Doctor’s David Doherty to present at London Design Festival talk on “Aesthetics as a means to heal”
6 September 2010

eHealth Central: Charles Wright “The future for mHealth?”
2 September 2010

eHealth Central: Charles Wright “eHealth vs mHealth”
31 August 2010

iFanr: Zhang Heng “Since June this year, iPhone 4 users in the United Kingdom and Ireland have been able to start enjoying video calling remote medical services using FaceTime”
30 August 2010

mHealth Update: “Are we forced to choose between privacy and mHealth?”
24 August 2010

Fierce Mobile Healthcare: Tammy Parker “New revenue streams envisioned for 3G medical call center”
24 August 2010

VSee Blog: “So, exactly why would one need to video call a doctor vs. just talking to them?”
22 August 2010

Ideaworks for Healthcare: Patients in Turkey use mobile video to consult doctors
19 August 2010

MobiHealthNews: mHealth News
18 August 2010

Electronics Engineering Times: “3GDoctor is an excellent example of how developers can create useful applications using all of a cell phone’s sensors in a novel new ways”
15 August 2010

MobiHealthNews: “Survey says: Some mobile phones carry 18 times the bacteria than a public toilet. Time for a washable device?”
9 August 2010

MedGadget: “Bluetooth Pen, Blackberry, Coded Paper Combine for Powerful Clinical Data Entry”
30 July 2010

Antoine RJ Wright, Mobile Ministry Magazine: “mHealth and Wellness”
30 July 2010

FierceMobileHealthcare: “The key to a good vendor blog is to be insightful without pushing your own products too hard”
20 July 2010

NZ Herald: Rhodri Marsden “Can FaceTime succeed where video calling has failed before?”
14 July 2010

Blog of Dr Arun Gangatkar, Global Product Manager Healthcare Services, Nokia: “Hippocratic Oath – mHealth; Hey it’s Free!!!”
8 July 2010

Tom fiddian: Senior Market Mobile 2010 quick review
7 July 2010

MobiHealthNews: 3G Doctor et al: Mobile video calling and mobile health
7 July 2010

The Independent: Rhodri Marsden: “The new iPhone is being marketed on its ability to make video calls. Will it finally succeed where its predecessors failed?”
7 July 2010

Senior Market Mobile 2010: David Doherty gives a talk on The Senior mHealth Opportunity
6 July 2010

MobiHealthNews: “European carrier launches mobile vital sign service”
29 June 2010

MobiHealthNews guest article by David Doherty: “Does mHealth really need to be free?”
23 June 2010

HIStalk Mobile: “3G Doctor – Physician Video Consultations on your Mobile”
21 June 2010

International Medical Information Site: “FaceTime to be used to offer medical attention in the United Kingdom and Ireland” (Text is in Japanese)
16 June 2010

MobiHealthNews: UK doctors offer consults via iPhone FaceTime
15 June 2010

mHealth Update: 3G Doctor to offer FaceTime consultations
11 June 2010

PC World: iPhone 4’s Video Chat Not the First: A Look Back”
10 June 2010

NI Tech Blog: Mobile Monday Belfast host a mHealth Talk + Q&A Session June 14
1 June 2010

Telecare Aware: Mobile Monday Belfast host a mHealth Talk + Q&A Session June 14
27 May 2010

Mobile Monday Belfast: David Doherty, coFounder of 3G Doctor to give keynote talk at forthcoming mHealth meeting
27 May 2010

Telecare Aware: Effective doctor consultations online (US Videos)
26 May 2010

Neil Versel, Fierce Mobile Healthcare: SmartPhone? Try HeartPhone
11 May 2010

Fierce Mobile Healthcare: Big firms disappoint with weak mobile health efforts at Health 2.0 Europe
20 April 2010 Health 2.0 Europe; A Moveable Feast
19 April 2010

“Sloan Work & Family Research Network, Boston College: Employers miffed at employees’ lack of health engagement? Get real”
19 April 2010

Telecare Aware: Steve Hards highlights David Doherty’s Health 2.0 Europe Review
16 April 2010

The World We’ll Inherit: “mobile health will provide tremendous economic activity and innovation over the course of the coming decade and beyond”
24 March 2010

The Health 2.0 Show: Video Webinar featuring David Doherty, 3G Doctor posted on Health 2.0 Website
15 March 2010

eHealthServer: Final Line-Up for the Inaugural Health 2.0 Conference in Europe
12 March 2010

mSearchgroove: “What are the key mobile healthcare companies, projects and takeaways from Mobile World Congress?”
11 March 2010

Telecare Aware: Mobile World Congress 2010 mHealth Review
11 March 2010

The Health 2.0 Show: Hour long webinar featuring David Doherty, 3G Doctor
10 March 2010

Carnival of the Mobilists: “If health is your thing, then the 3G Doctor, David Doherty, has provided an extensive clinic of everything mHealth related from Mobile World Congress”
8 March 2010

Creative Connectivity: Mobile Monday Amsterdam #14: 3G Doctor “It’s not just about technology”
1 February 2010

Mobile Cowboys: Live from MoMo #14 Part 2
25 January 2010

Christine Perey: Mobile AR Showcase: 3G Doctor’s Patient Assistant
21 January 2010

Better Health Network: Dr Bryan Vartabedian comments on 3G Doctor Blog post
20 January 2010

World Pharma News, PharmaNews.EU: Health 2.0 Europe – The Leading Showcase of Online and Mobile Technologies in Healthcare
18 January 2010

Carnival of the Mobilists #206: 3G Doctor’s blog on The Nokia Decade
13 January 2010

Dr Bryan Vartabedian: 33 Charts: Will Health Privacy Keep American Doctors Disconnected?
12 January 2010

McGuires Law: So is a mHealth Record just a “Mobile Optimised” Electronic Health Record
11 January 2010

7th Mass Media Blog: Great Medical Examples of Mobile Services at 3G Doctor
11 January 2010

3G Doctor’s David Doherty confirmed to present at Mobile Monday Amsterdam #14 mHealth Event, 25 Jan 2010
8 January 2010

TSG Blog: “Health information on mobile or m-health – Interesting Resources and trend analysis” (in Spainsh)
5 January 2010

Tomi Ahonen comments on 3G Doctor Blog’s illustrated version of the Nokia Decade
4 January 2010

3G Doctor Blog post featured on Carnival of the Mobilists #205
4 January 2010

Zorgbeheer Healthware: Overview of non-invasive mHealth solutions
16 December 2009

Wireless Life Sciences Alliance: Orange courts mHealth by David Doherty, 3G Doctor
10 December 2009

MobiHealthNews: Orange courts mHealth by David Doherty, 3G Doctor
10 December 2009 Health 2.0 Europe Conference – the Leading Showcase of Online and Mobile Technologies in Healthcare
17 November 2009

Wireless Life Sciences Alliance: The 3G Doctor reports on the GSMA’s vision for European wireless health
10 November 2009

MobiHealthNews: The 3G Doctor reports on the GSMA’s vision for European wireless health
10 November 2009

Mark Fowler of mHealth Update: “How mobile can healthcare become?”
6 November 2009

TelecareAware: Only limit in Connected Health is our Imagination
5 November 2009

TelecareAware: Final Call for mHealth Companies Seeking Investment
2 November 2009

Fabrice Epelboin: La téléphonie mobile au service de la santé
13 October 2009

Mobile Strategy: 3G Doctor Blog: “Mobilephone access will soon be universal. The next task is to do the same for the Internet
5 October 2009

Dr Ruchi Bhatt: Mobile Based Healthcare – Top Stories: Times of India “3G Handsets to cost less than Rs. 5000 in a year”
18 September 2009

David Doherty’ MobiHealthNews guest article republished on iAppHealth: Successful mHealth Applications Are Already Here
22 August 2009

David Doherty guest article on MobiHealthNews Journal: Successful mHealth Applications Are Already Here
21 August 2009

London Calling/Forum Nokia:3G Doctor wins Nokia N97 via twitter pitch
8 August 2009

Medical 2.0 Database lists 3G Doctor
20 July 2009

Vizitant Blog: Video health care innovations
17 June 2009

Yorkshire Centre for Health Infomatics lists 3G Doctor within list of Mobile Health Technologies currently on the market.
1 June 2009

SmartCube Blog: Review of DevDays Dublin – Apple iPhone Developer Conference
1 May 2009

Tapadoo Apple DevDays Roundup: “Next up was a talk on connected health, given by David Doherty of 3GDoctor”
27 April 2009

3G Doctor’s David Doherty presents at Irelands first Apple iPhone Developers workshops in Dublin & Belfast
DevDays 2009. View Slides on SlideShare.
23-24 April 2009

MobiHealthNews: “David Doherty over at the 3G Doctor blog suggested four ways that low energy Bluetooth could help us have a better mHealth experience”
23 April 2009

Alensa Blog: “David Doherty discusses telemedicine and mhealth” Alensa Blog
12 April 2009

Jonathan Marks Critical Distance Blog: “The 3G Doctor is ready to see you now…”
30 March 2009

The International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics​ ​: “The Doctor is ready to see you now”
30 March 2009

Blog of Howard J Luks MD, Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at New York Medical College: “The Doctor is ready to see you now”
30 March 2009

Video interview of David Doherty by media “insultant” Jonathan Marks
29 March 2009

MobiHealthNews: “David Doherty over at the 3G Doctor blog has an extensive round-up on mHealth news, launches and product demos from the Mobile World Congress show that took place in Barcelona last month”
4 March 2009

Global Voices Online; Global Health: Mobile Phones to Boost Healthcare
23 February 2009

Alensa Online: “3G Doctor pioneering mobile telemedicine in the UK”
23 January 2009

Martin Hulst comments on 3G Doctor: “with the basic principle of “anywhere, anytime” they eliminate the physical journey to the building”
17 January 2009

3G Doctor mentioned over at the MircoArray Blog <a href=”
16 January 2009

Predictions for mHealth from David Doherty: “David’s forecast gives me some comfort I’m on the right track” Healthcare Strategist
5 January 2009

Telecare Aware “a fitting end-of-the-year item to mark the rise of what may be the next trend in telehealth monitoring technology”
16 December 2008

Dr M Al-Ubaydi, Patients Know Best, interviews 3G Doctor’s David Doherty
5 December 2008

3G Doctor profiled in “The Mobile Society” report by Alan Moore
November 2008

Wellsphere: “Folks in the UK have a new way to access medical assistance…via a 3G cell phone”
10 November 2008

3G Doctor presents at American Conference Institute Conference: Leveraging Wireless Technology for Chronic Disease Management
21-22 October 2008
3G Doctor presents at eHealth 2008 Conference, City University
View Slide Show: “Connected Care: Adding Value to the Electronic Health Record”
8 September 2008

Microsoft NHS Resource Centre profiles 3G Doctor as an example of Web 2.0 Technologies in Healthcare:”If you thought the internet and email were amazing, you ain’t seen nothing yet”
29 July 2008

Electric News: “Consult with a Doctor over Videophone”
21 July 2008

Sunday Tribune: Now you can take a trip to the Doctors… on your Video Phone
20 July 2008

Irish Herald: 3G Doctor is set to revolutionise the way you look at your doctor forever…
08 July 2008

Gulf Times: iConnect Column by Vic Keegan. (Page 3 – PDF)
7 July 2008

Guardian: 3G Doctor is employing the until now redundant Video Camera on the front of 3G phones to provide remote medical consultations
3 July 2008

eHealth 2008, London: 3G Doctor to present at inaugral City University Conference
February 2008

California Healthcare Foundation: Healthcare Unplugged Report (1.5 MB PDF)
27 November 2007

Blognation Ireland: 3G Doctor Signals the Return of the House Call
7 November 2007

Conor’s Bandon Blog: 3G Doctor Signals the Return of House Visits
7 November 2007

The Cell Freak Website of the day:Feeling sick? Call 3G Doctor
24 October 2007

Wonen, Diensten en Techniek voor Mensen: 3G Doctor launches videophone consultations
22 October 2007

Health News Direct: 3G Doctor, the world’s first mobile videoconferencing service led by doctors, was re-launched recently, with a revamping of appearance and services
October 21, 2007

e-Health Insider: 3G Doctor launches videophone consultation
19 October 2007

International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics: 3G Doctor launches Videophone Consultations
19 October 2007

Communities Dominate Blog: Mobile & Health – “it does just what it says on the tin”
17 October 2007

Mobile Marketing Magazine: “Let Me Through, I’m a 3G Doctor
17 October 2007

eHealth Insider: Industry News Roundup
12 October 2007

The Medical Quack: The Doctor can see you now…
11 October 2007

Wireless Healthcare: The Mobile Doctor will see you at the Symbian Smartphone Show
11 October 2007

Red Herring: EU to Research Silver Surfers (PDF)
14 June 2007

Red Herring: Mobile Web 3.0 (PDF)
16 April 2007

OECD: Mobile Commerce Report (PDF)
16 January 2007

Royal Society of Medicine: 3G Doctor paper published in the Journal of Telemedicine & Telecare (PDF)
22 November 2006

Royal Society of Medicine: 3G Doctor launches at Annual Telemedicine Forum (PDF): COPY OF PRESENTATION SLIDES
20 N​ovember 2006
Richard Adler (IFTF) addresses the US Federal Trade Commission. (PDF)
8 November 2006

BNSL Portal: ‘3G Doctor’ to treat patients
7 November 2006

Institute for the Future: Anytime, Anyplace Healthcare Report (1.5MB PDF)
October 2006

David Woods Insight No.12: Unexpected Convergence
25 September 2006

Esato: “This new service promises to offer people video consultations with registered doctors via their 3G video phones
22 September 2006

Mobile Marketing Magazine: The Surprising Smartphone
12 September 2006

BBC NewsNight: 3G Doctor Consultation broadcast on BBC News (PDF)
30 August 2006

Smart Silvers Alliance: Richard Adler presents 3G Doctor (PDF)
9 August 2006

MEX Interview with David Woods, SVP Research, Symbian
28 July 2006

Mobile Monday London: Launch plans revealed at London Mobile community event (PDF)
5 June 2006