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mHealth Insight is a blog from the team at 3G Doctor, a private company that operates at the exciting forefront of the mHealth industry. We hope that it will help people who aren’t (yet) patients engage with us, and we hope it will help draw attention to important innovations and developments that we can see happening in the mHealth industry.

3G Doctor was the worlds first service to enable the public to video consult with General Medical Council registered Doctors at anytime and from anywhere using a 3G Video Mobile.  It also provides a free service to anyone (including those outside of the UK and Ireland) to enable them to create, store and manage their important Health Information. In the case of UK and Irish patients this information can be shared with our video consulting Doctors.

mHealth Experience Knowledge and Insights

IMPORTANT NOTICE: 3G Doctor does not seek to replace your family Doctor. We expect patients to be able to appreciate that only through a registered family Doctor can the best possible care be provided. 3G Doctor has been created to meet the new and emerging needs of patients – needs that have largely evolved through advances in consumer technology and patient interest in self care.

For more questions about 3G Doctor, your registration, and the services of our Doctors please visit this link. Should you require any further information or questions, please contact our practice manager using the Contact us page on our website.