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In October 2008 we set up the mHealth networking group as a tribe for Linkedin members who are interested in the opportunity for mobile (the newest mass media) to advance health.

Back then I was the only member of LinkedIn that could be found using the term in their profile so it’s great to see that today (March 2015) things have moved on a lot and a keyword search reveals that 7,552 members feature the word in their profile and there are more than 7,800 members in the mHealth group (there are now also another 107 mHealth themed Linkedin groups although the original mHealth group remains the largest).

Another way of finding and following what mHealth group members are saying and doing is on Twitter and we’ve made that easy for you by compiling this List.

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I’ve cut and pasted the group member introductions (in the order they were submitted) below to give you a feel for the community before you sign up:

David Albert

David Albert

My name is David Albert and I am a physician, inventor and entrepreneur. I am co-founder of AliveCor which has developed the iPhone ECG (and Android ECG). I have started and sold several medical device companies and have several startups now. I sold a company I started, Data Critical (DCCA:NASDAQ) to GE in 2001 and left GE in 2004 as Chief Scientist of the Cardiology Business. I received both a patent and 510(k) for a PDA-based medical device in 1997 and I am not worried about FDA issues regarding mHealth. They are a concern to anyone who does not understand the concepts of a “Quality System” or “Software Design Controls”. That is a group which includes most App developers. Diagnostic tools are medical devices. Many informational Apps are not medical devices.

Robyn WhittakerRobyn Whittaker

I am a public health physician and researcher from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Our unit has developed and tested in large pragmatic RCTs cell phone-based interventions. This has included a text messaging smoking cessation intervention that has since been implemented in NZ as a free national programme funded by the Ministry of Health. It has also been the subject of an RCT in the UK. Since then we have developed a video messaging/role modelling cessation intervention for young adults, and a multimedia messaging depression prevention intervention for adolescents. We are now working on an exercise support and dietary module for people with cardiovascular disease. I am currently based in Washington DC on a Commonwealth Fund harkness fellowship. My harkness project will bring together learnings from NZ and the US, and includes interviews with key informants in mobile health in the US.

Laura BrownLaura Brown

I help busy professionals develop diet and lifestyle strategies for having more energy and increasing resilience for handling stress, without being overwhelmed by the complexity. I offer mobile health coaching, utilizing to allow clients to sign up to receive health-oriented SMS text messages on their mobile phone, and to set up their own behaviour-change reminders. My bio is here.

I am a certified holistic health coach, and I often pick up where physicians and dieticians leave off, helping clients to implement wellness strategies suggested after a check-up or diagnosis. My current mhealth project is (under development) which facilitates mobile health coaching for myself and other coaches by providing the tools and techniques required.

Richard PoseyRichard Posey

2010 brought a nascent interest in eldercare into a major personal focus. I helped both of my parents deal with recovery from a hip replacement in one case and an upper femur break from a fall in the other. At the same time, I was struggling trying to develop a business in mobile marketing … and, partly because of my parents’ trials, finding a waning personal commitment to it. I re-framed my ideas into the direction of mobile healthcare technologies, something that at least has a bit of synergy with other things I am trying to do in eldercare. I am now working to market some of the products shown at the Digital Health Summit, an event held as part of the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. I think we have reached a Perfect Storm of limitations in Medicare, rising healthcare costs, the Baby Boomer tsunami hitting its crest and the appearance of mHealth technologies that may well help mitigate the whole mess.

Angela StainthorpeAngela Stainthorpe

I work on the agendas for the GSMA’s various events – including Mobile World Congress and the upcoming Mobile Health Summit. The GSMA is a global alliance that represents the mobile industry and the interests of those ecosystems connected to mobile, including mHealth.

Call for papers is now open for the inaugural Mobile Health Summit, which we’re working on in partnership with the mHealth Alliance. The event will take place in Cape Town on 6-9 June 2011.

Please feel free to have a look at the website to formally submit an abstract or contact me if you have something interesting to say!

Frank IlleFrank Ille

My name is Frank Ille and I am the CEO and Co-founder of HealthSaaS.

HealthSaaS is a pioneer in creating connected health solutions and has created the first and only mobile chronic condition management app (Glucose Tracker +) that connects to our DiabetesPHR offering and Microsoft HealthVault.

Our patent pending Patient Outcomes Framework is the foundation for disease and condition specific Personal Health Records, white labeled offerings, telehealth support tools, and mobile applications. Connectivity to personal health platforms including Microsoft HealthVault and Dossia enable us to deliver solutions that improve results and lower costs for patients, employers, clinicians, provider networks and payors.

HealthSaaS is currently in discussions with several device and cloud based software vendors to integrate their solutions into our framework or license the framework for white labeled solutions.

I have a diverse background of IT management, sales and marketing experience that spans 20 years including employment with Microsoft and Oracle. My expertise includes solutions architecture, co-development, product integration, branding, Partner/Alliance management, marketing, joint sales campaigns, international account strategy, complex contract negotiation and onshore/offshore project management.

My background in technology, strategic alliances, health IT, and business are helping to define a new paradigm for managing personal health information.

At HealthSaaS we will continue to lead as we create new solutions designed to improve outcomes, efficiencies and lower costs for all.

Tony DavisTony Davis

Tony Davis, European executive search consultant supporting m-health recruitment requirements throughout EMEA.

Pete PaasivirtaPete Paasivirta

My name is Pete Paasivirta, I am a consultant working on regulatory, privacy, and security –related matters in Nokia’s Wellness Diary program ( The last 1.5 years I have concentrated on the gray area between wellness and medical in order to define feasible product offerings in the currently uncertain regulatory environment both in USA and Europe. I have a strong background in IT and management with over 15 years of experience, of which 11 in USA, in various management and consultant positions. I am currently located in Europe with professional network extending to India and USA. Please see my complete linkedin profile.

howard SteinbergHoward Steinberg

I come to healthcare via the world of Consumer Marketing which has given me an appreciation for the HUGE opportunity around engaging people with diabetes as consumers living a lifestyle vs patients suffering with disease and the accompanying opportunity to engage them in new and different ways. The agency I founded and later sold, Source Marketing, did the things that get consumers to take action – be it buy, subscribe, utilize, retain, etc – behaviors that at their core are translatable to Healthcare via optimization of technology and media, particularly in the mobile channel.

I’ve lived with Type 1 diabetes for most of my life and formed dLife in 2005 to engage this burgeoning population in better 24/7 self-care by taking a more consumerized and pragmatic approach. It seems to be working. dLife has rapidly become the dominant diabetes consumer source, with well over one million monthly visitors to, over one million registered members, and nearly half a million viewers tuning in each week to dLifeTV. We expanded our model from just direct to consumer to include Payor solutions and have recently completed a Randomized Clinical Trial with the Geisinger Health System that further validated the power of media channels in health outcome. Mobile is a very critical focus for us as we expand our reach and solutions.

We seek collaboration with other innovators in the space as well as great senior executives who may be interested in joining our team:

Larry SuarezLarry Suarez

I am the software architect of the mHealth group at UC San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine. I work with medical researchers at UCSF in addition to providing research in software frameworks for mHealth solutions. You can see our mHealth projects described in a powerpoint presentation on SlideShare. My primary area of research is dynamic patient care flows on mobile devices.

Marvin AL-KhafajiMarvin AL-Khafaji

I am the CEO of Allegiance Health Care which is a national home care group that specializes in Telhealth for rural and suburban patients with chronic illnesses. I am also the CEO of VIT Global which is focusing on delivering mhealth and Telehealth services to the middle east.. at the same time I am the founder and partner

Raghu MannamRaghu Mannam

Hi I’m Raghu Mannam from Atlanta. I am a firm believer in treatment at home (and work from home), and am launching a cardiology at home service in India very soon. (Early May). I very much welcome your suggestions, comments and collaboration to make this endeavor successful. If anyone is interested in knowing more or interested in joining me in this launch, they are welcome. You can reach me via linked In or at raghuramATruralhealthusaDOTcom

Michael ScharfMichael Scharf

Hi, I’m Michael Scharf. I’m a serial entrepreneur focused on the mobile space. A year ago, I sold my interest in a specialty SMS (text Messaging) firm. Since then I have been focused on how to use mobile devices to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. Feel free to check out my website, There are a couple of white papers linked from the downloads page that you might be interested in. Currently, my team is working on funding a new venture and doing some consulting in the mHealth space.

Chris CrockfordChris Crockford

Hi, I am Chris Crockford, UK entrepreneur and failed Astronaut. I am fascinated by the world of mHealth and have developed several cardio products I am working my way through the myriad of CE and FDA approvals for. I developed a cardio product that was very easy to use for home health, my aged mother came rushing in one day and demanded to use the product, she was suffering cardiac pause, she used the product, saw her sinus rhtyhm return and went about her normal daily life in under 2 minutes. I have that personal justification and drive to get products to market. The market has to change and we need to lead that drive!

Scott EllisScott Ellis

Hi, Scott Ellis with T-Mobile USA, I work with the M2M team and we are always looking for companies to partner with. We specialize in connecting devices to the internet via our cellular network. T-Mobile USA does not sell any mHealth services or devices directly, instead we choose to partner with the experts in the field to help them deliver a product to the market.

Let me know if you need help with getting your device connected or if you are in the early stages of development I would be happy to refer you to some of my contacts for support on hardware etc.

Jerry MillerJerry Miller

Accenture Health and Public Service – Currently working on Texas Medicaid with TMHP – Accenture plc (Accenture) is a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, which has offices and operations in more than 200 cities in 53 countries. Its business is organized in five operating groups and their 19 industry groups. Its five operating groups include communications & high tech, financial services, health & public service, products and resources.

jamie DriverJamie Driver

I am Jamie Driver of Medhand International. We produce mobile versions of traditional medical & drug text books. Please follow us on Twitter @medhand, and feel free to watch the exciting video that we recently produced with RIM.

I am hoping to engage with Healthcare workers (clinical, ICT and library) and also any partners that we can collaborate with.

Peter KuharPeter Kuhar

Hi, I’m Peter Kuhar, the developer of a popular heart rate monitor app for iPhone and Android called Instant Heart Rate. I’m a co-founder of a mobile health startup Azumio Inc.

Luis Fernandez LuqueLuis Fernandez Luque

I am a PhD canditate at the University of Tromsø (Norway). I have been involved in mHealth projects since 2006 and currently we focus on mHealth applications to promote physical activity. My main focus of research is health social media.

Denis ZhereschinDenis Zhereschin

I’m a Lead Software Developer at IBM Ireland. Have developed both mobile app and backend for (they own UI and analitycs). See more here

Peter JonesPeter Jones

Hi, Peter Jones here – another failed astronaut. I work in the Lancashire NW England, NHS my role is Nursing Home Liaison and trainer HoNOS / STORM. Also Independent Scholar & Informatics Specialist RMN, RGN, CPN(Cert.), PGCE, BA(Hons) Comp/Phil, PG(Dip)COPE.

I champion a conceptual framework the health care domains model. Presented recently in Paipa, Colombia and Kings College London. The model can help support socio-technical perspectives and approaches. There is a blog with a bibliography and growing archive of innovative and creative posts and a website. Blog – Welcome to the QUAD Hodges Health Domains Model [H2CM] h2cm: help2Cmore – help-2-listen –help-2-care Informatics resource listing Twitter: @h2cm I’d be pleased to network.

Barbara RapchakBarbara Rapchak

Nice to meet you all… My expertise is in technology development and behavioral informatics—helping people use technology to improve the healthcare experience. I’ve led R&D programs for the National Institutes of Health and corporate accounts, and am a member of the scientific review panel for NIH. Most recently, I have been involved in the use of telemonitoring in transition care — using cellphones to monitor and manage adherence and outcomes among heart failure patients to reduce hospital readmissions.

Jacqueline ThongJacqueline Thong

Hello, I’m Jacqueline Thong. I am co-founder and CEO of Ubiqi Health, a start-up that provides consumers with web and mobile-based disease management tools. Our first application is for migraine sufferers. You

can check out our website at Follow me on Twitter and follow my company via @ubiqi.

Ian McNicollIan McNicoll

Hi, I am Ian McNicoll, I am a UK-based health informatician working with Ocean Informatics and the openEHR Foundation on developing international clinical models for use in EHR and mHealth systems.

I am a former Scottish GP, have been working in the healthIT field for almost 30 years and am an active member of the UK British Computer Society Primary HealthCare Specialist Group (PHSCG)

One of the interesting challenges in mHealth is how to integrate with the traditional EHR and we are actively looking for mHealth developers to join the PHCSH, so that we can explore this area at Primary Care 2011 and at more informal workshops.

Sander BarakéSander Baraké

Hi, Sander Baraké, innovation manager for KPN (main telco in The Netherlands). I work for the Healthcare department and my focus areas are bringing healthcare services to the consumer’s home and mHealth. We develop services B2B, B2B2C and B2C. Would like to exchange best practice examples of mHealth. We work closely together with healthcare providers, insurance companiies and technolgy partners to contribute to a more efficient healthcare system in the Netherlands.

Tobias AlpstenTobias Alpsten

I am Tobias Alpsten,CEO of iPLATO Healthcare, an mHealth market leader in the UK. We are currently looking for partners to expand internationally – especially targeting the US.

Christian Assad-KottnerChristian Assad-Kottner

My name is Christian Assad-Kottner and I am a first year Cardiology Fellow at University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston/The Methodist DeBakey Heart Center. Several years ago I had to decide which career to do and I was between Medicine and Information Technology. I believed that if I chose IT as my first choice I would like it so much that changing careers in the future to Medicine was unlikely. On the other hand I thought If I got into medicine there was a reasonable chance to change to IT in the future. I never changed… Finishing medical school I went to The Methodist DeBakey Heart center where I worked as a Cardiology Research fellow for little over a year. In this short period of time I discovered an anti-cardiac antibody in the myocardial tissue of people with heart failure utilizing immunofluorescence. Recent results from our lab show that 70% of patients (n=100) with heart failure have positive anti-cardiac IgG while normal controls (n=40) was 0%. This has led to further research and evaluating treatment with plasmapheresis as a possible modality in patients with heart failure. During this time I was also the first in the Research Lab to incorporate a Heart Failure Mouse Model utilizing L-Name pumps which I surgically implanted in their backs (For those animal lovers I did the process painless as possible). This model is still being used several years later

After doing my Cardiology Research Fellowship I went on to do Internal Medicine in UTMB and 4 years later I am now finishing my first year as a Cardiology Fellow and waiting to initiate my 2nd and 3rd year where I will finally be exposed to the Cath Lab and EP Lab because of how our program is structured. Regarding other interests. I am a computer “geek” who loves to try out different technologies and incorporate them to my daily life. I am currently designing systems of Information that can change how medical students, residents, fellows and even faculty study by incorporating an innovative system into Patient Rounding. Several other Ideas are in storage but have to address them one at a time due to mu schedule.

Have a Blessed Day!

John AbrahamJohn Abraham

Hello, my area of interest (and work) is data security and HIPAA compliance. I am the security evangelist at Redspin and I blog here: As security auditors, we test networks and applications to ensure they are secure. While security might be a technical discipline on the surface (and our office which is full of hackers and network security engineers might imply that), security is really about practical enterprise risk management and operational discipline. As such, I enjoy learning from others to see how they are solving security problems and managing risk – which is what brings me to this group. I am happy to volunteer any insight I can provide for any threads pertaining to security.

Bart ColletBart Collet

Besides being an owner and manager of a home for the elderly since 1995, I’m also the initiator of (zorgbeheer = caremanagement), an internet-platform for “captains of care” which started in 2006. The reason why I’m commenting on this topic is that I have profound knowledge of developing software for carehomes (care registration + invoicing + management + intranet + workflow + domotics) and employee scheduling software. Furthermore I have vast experience with database design, programming, webservers, network infrastructure, software development, social media and collaboration-applications.

I’ve been evaluating wireless monitoring and communication solutions in healthcare intensely since 2005, as I see multiple (and pragmatic) ways this technology will improve health and healthcare.

Anil KhannaAnil Khanna

Combination of investment Professional & Strategic Consultant I am a Strategic Consultant focused on pharma / healthcare domain…right now focusing more on consulting assignments…have done assignments with companies like – J & J, Bayer, Fertin, Dr. Reddy’s, Axellus, Piramals and others. Consulting work has been largely in the area of india entry strategies, growth strategies and marketing strategies

Prior to doing this was in PE space and made investments in companies like Wockhardt Hospitals, Apollo Lifestyle & Diagnostics, Thyrocare, Lifecell, and others. mHealth is of immense interest to me…companies are open to explore it…I am keen to explore it seriously. Any queries or clarifications would be most welcome. Thank you so much

Mark BatesMark Bates

Hi Mark Bates from SeNd Technology. Background in SMS text messaging devices used in the industrial market and now designed product for use in health/care industry. SeNCit combines lack of movement detection with room temperature, power cut, night wandering, door wandering and security all from a small discrete device.

We are now in the phase of trying to get awareness of the product to the general public as it is aimed at families who wish to keep a check on elderly relatives so they can offer support when needed. This market awareness is our biggest challenge as well as finding good partners to work with around the world. SeNCit is just one product of a family of devices we are planning to develop in the near future.

Karl HoelperKarl Hoelper

My name Is Karl Hoelper, I work for Preventice. Who is a leader in mobile health with Partners like ST mIcro, Merck, and Mayo Clinic. We develop Apps, platforms, subscription plans, and cloud care. Preventice is always looking to reach out and help companies improve their mobile health strategy or partner up and develop a strategy as a team with new companies and industries.

I’m only a mouse click away if you have questions or want a free mobile health strategy evaluation.

Laurie LamberthLaurie Lamberth

Hello everyone! I’m Laurie Lamberth and am the Founder and VP, Business Development of Lamberth & Associates. We’re a strategic business development and marketing consultancy that helps companies launch connected wireless devices and the services that go with them — including mobile health products such as wireless vital signs monitors, near-field communication networks for patient care facilities, and more. I’m a bit of a guru on the “Internet of Things,” and author the column “Unplugged” in Connected World Magazine.

I blog here and you can follow me on Twitter I’m looking forward to our dialogue!

Raj SadhuRaj Sadhu

Hello I am Raj Sadhu CEO and founder of Vyzin Electronics, I am the inventor, patent holder of Remote Health Monitoring solution branded VESAG. We monitor 17 different health parameters remotely, We are rated 1 in top 10 best home health connected gadget by this month connected world magazine, we exhibited our product at mHealth Summit DC, Digital Health Summit, @CES 2011, currently we launched our product in India, We are about to launch in USA, but we are still looking for partners in many country’s. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Michael QuarshieMichael Quarshie

Hello, my name is Michael Quarshie. I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of Wellness Foundry. Our main product is MealLogger, a mobile and web service for health care and fitness professionals to provide interactive nutrition coaching to their patients and customers based on images they take with their mobile phones or digital cameras. MealLogger is currently being used by private and public hospitals, corporate wellness service providers, universities, fitness clubs as well as individual practitioners. If you are interested in hearing more about how the product works and how it can be integrated to existing services, please contact me directly.

Jerry GreenJerry Green

My name is Jerry Green and I have created an innovative mHealth solutions which combines the: Emerging functionality of mobile phones, the Growing acceptance of speech recognition and the Instant communication ability of SMS to create a social network that connects friends, families, to each other and the world of service available on the internet using any mobile or line telephone.

Our premier service: The Buddy Check Network, allows family and friends, from just about anywhere in the world, to create a personalized network that enables in-home monitoring of their loved ones using their existing telephone, in home sensors, and medica alerts devices.

The Buddy Check Network acts as a Social Safety Net that gives caregivers peace of mind from knowing that our network will check on their “Buddies” each day and notify them immediately by voice call, text message, and email, in the case of an emergency or if help is needed.

Roy WaltersRoy Walters

My name is Roy Walters, the solution is known as iBleep – short for ‘intelligent bleeping’, its an intelligent replacement for paging (locator) systems used throughout the world. Ward staff requiring assistance for a patient, raise the call from a PC screen that is in turn sent to a smartphone or PDA carried by a clinician.

In just a few seconds. a clinician has all the information required to assess the next action – wardID, bedID, nurseID (if he/she needs to call), PatientID, Call Reason (Acute Chest Pain, Drug Charting, etc) and the primary observation detail (Heart Rate, BP, etc) for the patient. All calls are prioritized with the most urgent call always at the top of the list on the clinicians mobile.

There are 3 clear and compelling cases for iBleep:

Clinical: iBleep provides rapid, intuitive comms without the need for additional calls to ward staff. It supports safer patient care, in particular to the potentially deteriorating patient.

Governance: All events for each call are tracked and escalated, if required, to other members of the team. This provides clear evidence to support the actions of clinical and nursing staff in the event of an alleged clinical incident. iBleep optimises clinical focus and efficiency and reduces work associated stress.

Financial: The absolute data trail provides a hospital organisation with clear evidence to streamline its working practices. This in turn, allows that orzanization to provide more effective care, improved patient safety, reduced length of stay, etc and considerable financial savings in the provision of frontline services, far in excess of the cost of the solution.

Thanks David – for the opportunity to describe a few of the benefits of the iBleep system. I’ve joined this group to network amongst mHealth specialists and to investigate considerable markets in the US and in Europe. Please add me to your LinkedIn network. I’m wishing everyone a great day, best regards, Roy

Erick Von Schweber

Erick Von Schweber of SURVEYOR Health. We’re into healthcare trade-off management, currently focused on the risk trade-offs of medication regimens as over 4,000 Americans die each week due to adverse drug events costing the healthcare system $359 Billion a year. We’re applying our DARPA-class innovations to the problem, supporting both mobile devices and the major non-mobile browsers.

Ellen Eide KislalEllen Eide Kislal

Hello everyone. I’m proud to introduce Skin Of Mine an online dermatology solution. Skin Of Mine allows patients to upload photos of their skin via web at or through our iPhone app (available in about 2 weeks) and quantify various concerns and/or submit the photo to an MD or NP licensed in their state for diagnosis & treatment.

Patrick MingeyPatrick Mingey

Hello Members of MHealth, my name is Patrick Mingey and I run a social networking website for anyone effected by depression. It is an innovate site which provides each member with there own blog, has the option to create groups which control their own membership and content and allows members to connect with each other and help each other with recovery issues. The site started in January and is free to all users. We have been creating specific online groups for support organizations that do not have a web presence. Please visit us at

Chris BullenChris Bullen

Hi, I’m Chris Bullen, Director of the Clinical Trials Research Unit at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Our multidisciplinary group has a strong interest in testing the effectiveness of mHealth interventions for behavior change using sound theoretical models of what works, user pre-testing of the intervention and rigorous research methods. You can find out more about our work in general and on past and current mHealth-based intervention studies here.

Shad WheelerShad Wheeler

We specilive in web based and mobile practice management, ehr and revenue cycle management software and services that getdoctors paid. We are also researching how to bring more access to care to the home (home being wherever a patient may be).

Miguel CabrerMiguel Cabrer

Hi all, I am Miguel Cabrer, founder of, a social collaboration platform.Formerly I was CIO of a Digital Hospital in Europe and have been working in eHealth for the last 15 years.

Chris PatonChris Paton

I’m Chris Paton, a medical doctor from the UK, now a Senior Reseach Fellow at the National Institute for Health Innovation. I’m the founder of the HIVE a non-profit website designed to help foster innovation in the health sector. I also run the Health Informatics Forum and chair the IMIA social media working group.

Marion SilverthorneMarion Silverthorne

I am an Information and Communication Technology Project Manager, have broad international experience, and have managed projects in health, education, government administration, and banking sectors. My focus is on system implementation, organizational development, performance accountability, and information and knowledge exchange. I have a special interest in the use of mobile phone technology to gather, monitor, evaluate, and disseminate data and information in the health sector.

Stephen ColemanStephen Coleman

I am with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, focusing on helping Military & Veterans who have bee Spinal Cord Injured or Paralyzed.

The Reeve Foundation is looking to help all persons living with paralysis. We fund Research for the cure…as well as efforts for Quality of Life as we care!

After a long and fulfilling military career…27 years and still counting on the Army Reserve side…I feel good passionate about helping Wounded/Ill/Injured service members and veterans.

Ben NorthropBen Northrop

Hi all, my name is Ben Northrop and I am the CEO and co-founder of Run The Red. Previous work in mHealth includes our role as mobile partner with the Clinical Trials Research Unit, University of Auckland on their text messaging smoking cessation intervention that has since been implemented in NZ as a free national programme funded by the Ministry of Health.

Run The Red has over 10 years experience in enabling mobile conversations between organisations and their customers and are very interested in working with partners and applying our experience to mHealth projects.

Run The Red’s mobile CRM (mCRM) platform incorporates messaging (SMS/MMS), mobile internet, apps and has a range of APIs for integration with email, IVR, web/social media.

Conversation data is viewable via the web based reporting dashboard, and can be analysed to gain a greater user understanding and to personalize future communications.

Mick ConstantinouMick Constantinou

Hello. My name is Mick Constantinou and I focus on implementing employee benefit programs. I enjoy spending time with my family, writing, coaching Pony League Baseball, teaching Junior Achievement,

and being a youth leader at Lighthouse Youth Ministries.

Stefan GalloroStefan Galloro

Hi, Stefan Galloro with Rogers Communications in Canada. I am the Healthcare Practice Lead (M2M) for Rogers Wireless.

The Rogers M2M & Partners group brings unique and innovative companies developing M2M solutions into Canada; establishing Rogers as the leading M2M service provider in Canada for connected healthcare applications and devices through core network capabilities, a robust multi-functional platform and unsurpassed client support.

Maclynn Brinton

I am President of InfoGard, an Approved Testing & Certification Body for EHR’s and a Federal Security Laboratory. If anyone is interested in more information on qualifying for the Safe Harbor from HHS breach penalties, more information can be found here our main web site is here.

Christian Kala-LobeChristian Kala-Lobe

Hi, I’m Christian Kala-Lobe, Sunutec’s Senior Vice President, we specialized in eHealth solutions for MEA(Middle East & Africa), South America, mostly for emerging countries: mHealth Solutions for emerging countries (MEA, South AMerica, Asia), to leverage eHealth solutions. Great sharing mHealth knowledge, as we have to think out of the box in

Colleen KennedyColleen Kennedy

I am Colleen Kennedy and I an RN with an MSW and a focus on organizational program development and evaluation. I have been in the managed care arena for nearly 20 years with the last 12 as a consultant. Most of my consulting work has been in starting up managed care plans and specialty utilization management companies, writing federal and state licensing applications, leading accreditation projects (mostly URAC) and other quality and compliance initiatives. I am convinced that mHealth can effectively link patients, providers and payers, as well as case management and disease management programs, thereby improving clinical outcomes.

Margaret GoldMargaret Gold

Hi, I’m Margaret from the Mobile Collective and I’m organising an event on the 3rd of June in London on mHealth which is free to attend – if you’re based in the UK I hope that you can join us! (David Doherty will be speaking in fact, sharing some the practicalities and realities of launching mHealth products and services to market)

The event will be bringing together the mobile technology community and healthcare community to take a collaborative approach to mHealth innovation – it’s all about cross-pollination and sharing know-how to get more ideas implemented. Hope to meet some of you there! mHealth Innovation Camp

Danica BalazovaDanica Balazova

Hi I am Danica, I work fo Hewlett Packard – Office of Global Social Inovation in health group. We are focusing on areas where we can show how innovative technolgy can crete social impact- see more here

I am located in Bratislava- Slovakia but as we are global team I do projects all over the world- currently I am focusing on India, where we are going to launch couple of pilot projects in mhealth area with focus on mathernal and child health in partnership with local NGO’s.

Mark BoyerMark Boyer

Hi, my name is Mark Boyer. I am currently exploring how to make a career transition into the mHealth space. Though I spent 18 of the past 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry it was never a great fit. That’s a long story, but as I look at the mHealth space it appears to be a great match for my skills, experience and general wiring. My specialty and passion is new product/service commercialization. I’ve done this successfuly in three industries, so I’m hoping there are transferrable skills into mHealth businesses. I’m very excited about being able to apply these skills in a healthcare space that has the potential to bend-the-curve and improve health and lower costs.

I appreciate being able to participate in groups like this one. I’m learning more each day from these discussions. At this time I’m looking for commercial work and/or a job in the commercial function for an mHealth firm. Check out my profile on Linked In and if you’re interested in discussing a project please send me an email.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this.

Laurent BOUSKELALaurent Bouskela

I am a product manager focusing on delivering SaaS solutions to the market eager to launch e-health services as soon as I have an opportunity!

Barry GreenBarry Green

My name is Barry Green I am the owner and innovator at Consultants at Large.I have created companies and programs in Pharma and Biotech.Specializing in compliance,adherence and persistency.Helping Branded Pharma as well as Managed care to keep patients on there Meds.New programs are using Mhealth in interesting and creative ways. Check out my Linkedin profile and we can talk

Sunil ParekhSunil Parekh

I am a Product Manager focused on bringing new e-Health/m-Health solutions to market.


Nicola BrinkNicola Brink

Hi – My name is Nicola Brink from Montana Healthcare Solutions, Johannesburg, South Africa. We are the sole distributor in Africa for Robertson Global Healthcare Solutions’ RHealth. We are currently rolling out RHealth in various versions in the consumer and healthcare space in South Africa and then into Africa. In addition Montana is strongly aligned to The Donald Woods Foundation (DWF) who have amazing rural projects running in The Transkei – one of the poorest areas in SA. For more insight please visit our website. My business partner Ian Puttergill and I look forward to meeting like-minded people in the MHealth space.

Mary Cain, MPHMary Cain, MPH

I’m interested in increasing activation (the connection one makes between their health behaviors and their health outcomes) in individuals across the health spectrum from well to chronically ill. My expertise ranges from forecasting/strategic planning as a consultant to product management and operations management in the trenches of disease management and wellness organizations.

I know technology will continue to play a role in facilitating activation but the current glut of apps and gamification trend isn’t where innovation is really needed. Instead, understanding and plumbing the depths of cognitive behavior change and motivation are where we need to go. Mobile devices have taken on new meaning as extensions of our bodies and their potential to support change is as yet unknown.

Laura BarnitzLaura Barnitz

I’m a health policy analyst and most of my experience is in advocacy and communications addressing the big 3 global health diseases and maternal and child health issues. Currently working on a USAID-funded project in India. I’m interested in mhealth from the perspective of patient-health care worker-specialist linkages and referral processes.

Dr Asutosh Parhi

Hi I am a doctor of Alternative medice and completed my MBA in Health. I have worked as a Research Oficer with FRHS, India and then as a Research Fellow in Maternal Health with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Now working as a Program Coordinator Urban Health in Rajkot, Gujrat, India

Richard MendozaRichard Mendoza

Hi, Richard Mendoza with Eli Lilly, Singapore. I evaluate e-Channels and Mobility based solutions and their impact on the business. I am always interested in understanding innovative mHealth based solutions that I can showcase internally and discuss/share with industry leaders on trends. I am looking at also partnering ( in some cases) to rollout new products/services. Both companies can share the Intellectual Property that could come out of co-innovating. I cover most of the globe with a particular focus on Emerging Markets.

Gabor KocsisGabor Kocsis

Hi, I am Gabor Kocsis, Hungary (EU) I an enterpeneur and my team is focusing on mobile and online business solution, mainly eHealth and mHealth. I’m comming from telecom sector (midle and enterprise) after 10y. So our key partners are T-mobile, Vodafone, Telenor, Telefonica (in EU). In the last 2 years we are connecting with HIS and GP IT providers (like Compugroup AG, Carestream), Medical Device factories (ECG, BPM, BCM, etc.) and working with universities in R&D mHealth projects. We have strategy partnership with Intel Co., to expand our mHealth modell in telco field.

Just we are focusing to introduce a new B2C service in mHealth market with a local mobile operator. And we are planning to make medical projects with international pharmatical companies in this our region.

So if you wants to step in CEE mHealth market, lets contact with me, because we are seeking new partnership and founds.

Ritch BlasiRitch Blasi

I am general manager, mobile and wireless, for a PR/Mktg/Biz strategy company called Comunicano, with several clients in the mHeath sector, including the Wireless Life Sciences Association, Diversinet, Independa and Integer Wireless. Our agency focuses on specific companies that innovate and deploy products and services that significantly change the way people work, live and play.

In 2010 I retired from AT&T (37 years, the last 13 in wireless) where I was responsible for media and industry analyst relations, as well as providing executive support, speechwriting and internal communications. I was responsible for handling announcements for AT&T Wireless’ IPO, several network launches (GSM/EDGE/3G) and hundreds of applications, services and devices (including the original iPhone). I often consult for AT&T in connection with network, innovation and healthcare initiatives.

Comunicano represents the next generation of communication services firms and is focused on a few key industries. Through strategic positioning, compelling brand development and aggressive reputation development, 21 Comunicano clients in the last eight years have either successfully IPO’d or been acquired for significant multiples surpassing $850 million dollars.

Tore H RismyhrTore H Rismyhr

Hi, I´m Tore, and my start-up company is Senior Tele. Aiming to introduce mHealth solutions to home-care users throughout the Nordics (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland). Please feel free to contact me with your products/solutions if you´re looking to enter these markets!

Tom LoveTom Love

Howdy, I’m a serial entrepreneur with deep experience in software management including 13 years of agile experience. For the past 6 years I have been very involved with a variety of projects related to electronic medical records in the Federal government (VA and DoD, specifically). Previously I held executive positions at ITT, IBM and Morgan Stanley.

I am also involved with — an energetic group encouraging the development of smart phone and tablet applications. I co-founded the company that built the programming language for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Macs — Objective-C.

Anmol Sood

Hi – Anmol Sood, CEO at Hidalgo Ltd in Cambridge, UK. Hidalgo is the world leader in mobile human monitoring systems, the ability to capture, view, transmit and analyse, in real time, physiological data from a human in a free living environment. Our brand is known as Equivital and we have a keen interest in the M-Health space. Our system is a multi-parameter monitoring system that is both FDA and CE approved. Please see our website. Being able to measure Heart rate, breathing rate/effort, skin and core temp, activity (speed, distance, calories burned etc), movement (internal tri-axis accelerometer) amongst other measures whilst seamlessly connecting to multiple external devices and then interpreting the data in a contextual way, all from a 37g sensor module and then creating the front end software to view and analyse this data (either in real time or play back mode) gives huge benefits to multiple applications. I would love to hear from anyone with interesting collaboration, partnership or commercial opportunities. Please contact on this site or anmols_AT_jaltek-group_DOT_com.

Thomas M. LoarieThomas M. Loarie

Hi, Tom Loarie who a career life science executive with 30 years of growing multi-national medical technology companies and successfully commercializing over twenty innovative medical devices including ehealth and drug/device combination products. I serve as Executive Chairman for LOF Technologies, Inc., Mercator MedSystems, Inc., Silicon BioDevices, Inc., and as a board member for Clarity Medical Systems, Inc., and the SinoMed Group, LLC (Hong Kong).

LOF is an ehealth company with a protected platform technology focused on medication management. Our platform achieved 98% compliance in a NIH funded controlled clinical trial and in numerous other studies. Our patent covers connectivity between any telecom device, any pill dispenser with active or passive identification (eg. RFID, or other electronic signal, bar codes), and a server.

Silicon BioDevices is a diagnostics company focused on point-of-care patient testing (a lab on a chip) with results provided within 5 minutes and results that can be wirelessly transmitted to a physician or payor.

Donna CusanoDonna Cusano

Hello, Donna Cusano, whom you may know as Editor North America for Telecare Aware, the international news digest of connected health, founded (and still edited) by Steve Hards in the UK 2005. I am also a versatile marketer and communicator who advises early-stage, mid-sized and established companies in the healthcare services and connected health fields. Please see my profile for what I’m up to lately, and feel free to contact me through LinkedIn.

Lawrence Wasserman PhDLawrence Wasserman PhD

Lawrence Wasserman PhD Served WHO Asia and The US Public Health Service. Working 3+ years in mobile learning and mobile health specifically. Worked in 25 countries mainly in the ASIA region. Focusing on patient and health care education and mobile health frame solutions. Reside Washington DC area the focal point for health policy, regulation and funding. Associate of several health related enterprise companies and consultant to variety of public and private sectors.

Duncan RoseDuncan Rose

Hello, I am Duncan Rose. My mission has been to sell solutions into medical service areas with untapped markets. I strive to anticipate and respond to market changes and customer service preferences, while identifying new business opportunities. I see Mobil Health as a new paradigm that can change the way healthcare interacts across the sectors of post acute care.

Michel Nadeau

Michel Nadeau, P.Eng, Founder and CEO of Tactio Software. We’re on a mission to provide the world with mobile health systems to guide users into lifestyle changes that will make them healthier, and happier. Tactio Software is entirely devoted to mobile health. Already with over 1,250,000 users, with Top 50 ranking in iPhone Apps in over 50 countries, Tactio’s TargetWeight System is making people worldwide with weight issues feel better by being driven to a healthier them with a new focus and energy. We partner with home health medical device manufacturers (scale, blood pressure, glucose, oxymeters, ECG, …) to integrate their data into our health auto-pilot trackers for the benefit of our users.

Kovid Sharma

Hi, Kovid Sharma with Hewlett Packared and work with CMS division, I have been instrumental in introducing two global health care giants to Indian Telcos and developed an interest in the Mobile Health care, Working on our efforts to build an mHealth eco system in India. While m-health creates a whole world of opportunities in healthcare delivery, the key question is whether it can be a sustainable business model and specifically India the biggest challenge would come in the form of language diversity.

Dale Mary Sandberg

Hello, I’m a South African researcher, writer and advocate for mHealth. I’ll be starting my MSc in International Health Policy at the London School of Economics in Sept ’11. I believe mHealth and mHealth education are critical in generating creative, sustainable health care solutions in developing countries.

I’d like to collaborate with existing mHealth projects in transitional economies to increase data around behaviour change and cost-effectiveness. I hope to contribute to an evidence base that focuses on scalability, socio-economic sustainability and innovative means of breaking out of health care silos.

If you have similar areas of interest, or data that you would like to make available for analysis, please do get in touch

Marcia NoyesMarcia Noyes

I am Healthagen’s Director of Public Relations for the iTriage mobile healthcare platform. We are focused on empowering consumers with information to answer two vital medical questions: What might I have? and Which is the best provider to treat this condition? For healthcare providers, we offer a mobile solution that targets those patients that have an immediate need that the provider can treat. I’m delighted to promote such a rich, intuitive application developed by two emergency physicians who saw this hole in the healthcare system and worked tirelessly to fill it.

On a personal level, I’ve spent the past year transforming my life and recapturing two goals I’d held close to my heart since 1978 — to finally become healthy and fit, as well as to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Here’s a recap of the changes, along with photos.

Christopher Seow

My Company Blog, Web.

Ephone International (EPI) is a healthcare technology company at the heart of providing technology driven mobile health monitoring solutions, health concierge services and virtual health monitoring systems. We have innovated medical lifestyle breakthroughs including integration of health monitoring functions with mobile lifestyle technology. Our three main areas of focus include our product EPI Life & EPI Mini, the world’s first ECG mobile phone supported by our 24-hours medical support centre, the EPI Health Concierge and our personal Virtual Health Folder which enables customers to access their medical information anytime and anywhere via the Internet.

We have won numerous awards:

World Summit Award (WSA) e-Health and Environment

Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2010 (APICTA 2010)

National Infocomm Awards, SIngapore 2010

We are actively looking for partners around the region

Penny de Luna

Hello, I’m Penny de Luna with RIM and I work within the Global Alliances group. My role is to work with system integrators and professional services companies and help them develop their mobile solutions, service offerings and mobile products on the BlackBerry (and PlayBook) platform. Recently, I’ve been focused on Healthcare and I believe that mobility can have dramatic changes to the way our health services are delivered and consumed, closing the gap between provider and patient. I’m eager to learn about the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in bringing this to reality

Jonathan Webb

HI, I’m Jonathan Webb. I’m responsible for the generation, communication and drive to implementation of Nokia’s smartphone strategy for device design and form factor as well as the connected ecosystem including mobile health, in-car and home use.

Philip Carroll

I am currently responsible for managing the recruitment and business development aspect for AT&T’s co-sell partners in Industry & Mobility Alliance Program (IMAP). Our area of IMAP manages a 3rd party mobility ecosystem that primarily focuses on selling Line of Business Solutions to Enterprise and Government customers. My responsibilities include relationship management, strategy, marketing and partner recruitment The Alliance Program supports over 400 Mobility partners, including Laptop Manufacturers, Rugged Handheld OEMs and a variety of Line-of-Business and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solution Providers. I attended The University of West Georgia and received a degree in Computer Science from Control Data Institute. I am a dedicated professional with extensive experience in marketing and technical sales. I have excellent communication and collaborative skills that enhance relationship building, solution sales, and business development. My experience spans knowledge in providing cellular devices to Fortune 1000 including BellSouth and extensive experience in SMB and Enterprise channel solutions as well as Federal/Public Sector channels. I am knowledgeable in market trends and I’m experienced in the unique requirements of SMB channel resellers. I serve on the Gerson Lehrman Technology Council and with over 20 years experience in solution sales and marketing I am uniquely qualified and considered a trusted adviser by my clients.


· Business Development and Recruiting, Mobility Applications Consultant,IBM Channel Sales. Fortune 1000 , Mid-Market and Federal.

· Marketed to various government contracts: ITES-II, WSCA, SEWP, and DHS First Source. Knowledgeable in High Performance Computing environments and Green Data Center initiatives

Luke Diorio

Hi, I’m Luke Diorio. Manager, Business Development at the Association of American Medical Colleges. I’m responsible for managing and supporting the Business Strategy and Development team at the AAMC. We’re currently working on developing our innovation and ventures model as we continue to work with and develop products that align with our mission and support our members. This includes some mHealth related technologies for medical education in and out of the clinic.

John Stubbington

Dear all, My name is John Stubbington I work for Medicover the largest private provider of integrated health services in central and eastern europe. I am exploring how we can use more tele and mobile medical solutions in our proposition and how specifically how this could work with aged care. I would be interested to hear of the solutions available but please ensure they work in Poland. I look forward to hearing from you all

Kimberly Schaefer RN, BSN

Hello, My name is Kimberly Schaefer and I am a critical care nurse with a background in medical device, pharmaceutical sales and nursing informatics. I am currently an Industry Solutions Practice Manager for the Healthcare vertical at AT&T. I am considered the organization’s line of business subject matter expert for Hospitals, clinics, physicians and device manufacturers. As the ISPM, I am expected to possess a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, including information technology, local and national policies and day-to-day operations. I am called upon by other groups within the organization to provide education, collaborate on new opportunity identification and sales closure. As the ISPM, I am frequently asked to speak at industry related events. I will be in attendance at the World Congress 3rd Annual Leadership Summit in Boston on July 28-29. If anyone from this group will be present, then I will see you there! Thank you for inviting me to join this group.

Randal Fitzhugh

Hi, I’m Randal Fitzhugh and I work as a consultant with a company that provides mobile medical devices for remote healthcare initiatives with a focus on chronic issues, many derived from obesity. These devices have connectivity through phone line, internet and cell phone. The focus is to provide affordable, interactive tools that remotely communicate biometrics to healthcare providers. These devices also allow realtime communication from the provider to the patient via the device. My goal is to learn as much as possible about mHealth and find opportunities to network with industry professional.

Markela Psymarnou

Hi all, I’m Markela Psymarnou, working as the managing director of Vidavo, a specialized e-service company, targeting the health sector. We are established in Greece, but are also interested in other European markets and Africa. We mainly focus on m-health solutions, for patients on the move, ranging from vital signs monitoring to telepsychiatry and more. I’m particularly interested in viable m-health business modeling as well as assessment of novel applications, targeting user satisfaction.

Francisco Martinez Rilo

Hi, I´m Francisco Martínez, Sales Director at Imaxdi Real Innovation. We are Spanish company focused on R&D for Health. Our objective is developing new products and solutions to extend mHealth culture. Experts in sensor systems, mobile apps (blackberry, android), telecare, telehealth, etc. We already have some products in the market and some others in beta testing. Actively participating in European projects FP7 and looking for good partners to collaborate, provide or distribute mHealth technologies

Arden Bennett

Greetings to the mHealth Group, I currently serve as VICE PRESIDENT BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT with MEDIGLOBE USA a Healthcare Business Development Organization, committed to facilitating affordable healthcare services for ALL Americans. Based in the US with offices and affiliated organizations in United Kingdom and India.

Previously, I served as Chief Executive Officer (Director General) of the CIMA Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America. A Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited acute care hospital operated by International Hospital Corporation (IHC). IHC operates high quality accredited hospitals in Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil, providing world class patient care and healthcare technology.

Dirk Mueller PhD

My life has been blessed with three successful adult children, a great wife Muriel, and a solid education from The University of Michigan, Harvard and Colombia. My experience includes being a University Director, CEO of an $84M enterprise, owner of several small businesses and currently an active supporter of telehealth and telemedicine in the USA. HealthNationInfo

Bob Silverstein, HIRE ME!, rcsilversteinATaolDOTcom

AAA, results-oriented, broad experience in Healthcare Sales with expertise in Homecare / Hospice, clinical Point-of-Care, Mobile Physician Desktops, Telehealth, Telemedicine, Document Management Workflow Solutions, Transcription Outsourcing Services, Speech Recognition solutions, Coding solutions, Revenue Cycle, RAC audit, and hosted EHR / PM / EMR solutions to University Health Centers. Document Management & Workflows, Med Device Sales. RELO no prob

Joanne Wong

Hi everyone: My name is Joanne Wong. I will be soon joining the University of Toronto in their Masters of Health Informatics program (expected graduation in 2012). I am very excited to be learning more about this field! I have previously worked at the University Health Network in Toronto in the Shared Information Management Services with the Medical Informatics and the Family Health Team. Here, I gained a lot of knowledge in requirements analysis, and quality assurance in software development. My interest lies in information communication technologies and mHealth. The use of mHealth for self-management and allowing for patients to have more personal responsibility perks my interest. I am very interested in working in the San Francisco Bay Area on up and coming mHealth technologies. I will be searching for a 4 month placement from May 2012 to June 2012 for my practicum. If you are interested in having an eager person to join your company – feel free to contact me!

Peter Leijdekkers

Hi, I am Peter Leijdekkers. We developed an Android application for remote health monitoring using one or more Bluetooth enabled sensors such as weight, blood pressure, heartrate etc. For details see We are looking for companies that deal with remote health monitoring and want to extend their remote health monitoring with a highly flexible, mobile application for their customers. We are also looking for a partner that has gone through the CE/FDA process and is able to assist us.

Suzanne Gunter

Hi, I am Suzanne Gunter, senior manager of Medical Affairs for a large global medical manufacturer. My primary role is to provide medical and clinical customer-focused expertise and perspective to the organization in relation to health economics and reimbursement. I support business development using my expertise and perspective in relation to product performance, safety, and efficacy in its intended markets. I also work with the various departments to identify and analyze key successes and risks factors for new initiatives; short and long term opportunities for new technology, as well as key features that will enable future products to be viable and competitive in our target markets.

While we have several connected products to our platform, we continue to identify and evaluate many opportunities to compliment our family of products. I continue my research to identify the right product/service that will fill the patient’s/physicians unmet need, improve outcomes, is easier to use ( & perform better than existing products), can be done more efficiently, and at a lower price point. If you know of that product, feel free to send me an email.

Tom Caswell

Hi, I’m Tom Caswell with Creative Mobile LLC. Creative Mobile develops mobile websites for the healthcare industry with a focus on allowing anytime, anywhere communication between the provider and the patient. Our mobile platform improves upon current standard practices related to patient reminders, appointment scheduling, bill pay and patient communication by leveraging smartphones and tablets. For more information, go to or send along an e-mail.



Martin Binks

Hi everyone. Glad to be part of the group. I am an Obesity researcher and clinician and clinical psychologist. Among several of areas of focus I do considerable work in web and other technology-based clinical intervention and research. My bio is located here I look forward to hearing from this list.



Raza Chevel

Hello Everyone, I am a Healthcare Conference Producer with Informa in Dubai. Under the umbrella of the world’s 2nd largest B2B in Healthcare, Arab Health, I am launching an mHealth conference from a clinician’s perspective. 24th January 2012 will see a room full of regional medical professionals keen to understand practical solutions which they could implement at their practice right away. I would be pleased to hear from both speakers and sponsors with an interest in the region.

Kind regards, raza.chevelATinformaDOTcom, Senior Producer, Informa, Dubai

Cassandra Sinclair

Hi, Cassandra Sinclair with Sudler & Hennessey. We specialize in education, marketing and communication to health care providers, patients and health focused consumers. We have been consulting with a number of mhealth and ehealth focused companies as well as pharmaceutical clients who want to use digital and mobile tools to improve compliance and interact with patients.

As a global agency, Sudler & Hennessey has a wealth of healthcare experience and expertise. We focus on adding and leveraging value for our clients through strategic and impactful communication campaigns ranging from initial investigator research and advisory boards/KOL adoption to strategic and creative marketing campaigns that are results focused. Our offices have significant in-house expertise ranging from client service teams with experience in most therapeutic categories, creative and medical writing teams and strategic and medical advisors. We are focused on offering the best local and global business value to our clients, their brands and their business.

Ian Philip

Hello Group. Anvil is a UK based MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) specialising in 3G technologies ideal for Telemedicine, Telecare & M2M applications. We have both voice and data services and are keen to collaborate with vendors of products and services where security, privacy, consistency and reliability are required. Our professional grade of mobile broadband uses fixed IP addresses and private internet connections so that traffic does not traverse the public internet at any point. For those who want to know the details go to and click on download our data sheet. This service is perfect for video and high bandwidth applications. Our voice service features land line numbers on a 3G SIM that fits any 3G unlocked phone and can have call recording activated either as “always on” or “on demand” (where the whole call is recorded by pressing *5 at any point in a call). Ideal for out of hours doctors using mobiles to be contacted. We also have anti-bullying/grooming services and location tracking with alerts for emergency situations. for more information.

Tom Richards

Hi. I’m Tom Richards. I’m an emergency department physician in Wyoming and also have a background in computer science – a Master’s Degree from the University of Utah in Medical Informatics. I’m the principal investigator for a two year, state funded Wyoming Telepsychiatry Pilot Project. I’ve also started a company that develops health care focused apps for mobile devices – currently we’re focused on the iPad with 5 apps in the pipeline… oh, and I still work full time in the emergency department at our community hospital. I’m trying to find time to get a photo taken… it’ll probably be an action shot since I’m usually in motion.

Christina Baggott

Greetings – I am on the faculty of the School of Nursing at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). I have been working on an eDiary for pediatric oncology patients. The app has been tested among 10 adolescents with cancer and we will soon conduct psychometric testing (validity and reliability assessment). I’m waiting to hear back on a federal grant to use the app in an intervention study aimed at reducing nausea and vomiting during chemo treatment.

I look forward to seeing the creativity and energy in this group.

Michael J. Kelley

As an academic experimental psychologist, my travels into eHealth started 40-years ago as a consultant to a NIH project using computer generated behavioral profiles linked to behavioral-contracting strategies to treat chronic delinquents. After decades of teaching psychopharmacology, I more recently took an unexpected little side trip (a few published papers) to study using mobile phones to enhance relapse prevention. This then turned into a full new adventure about a year ago, when we developed an innovative video-modeling app to treat autism, Ther-Ad (i.e. therapeutic advertising).

Having dipped my intellectual toe into the more recent exciting world of eHealth, and see the long development cycle for generating quality (evidence-based) applications, I am looking for full-time employment to devise solutions that will be proven to be actually efficacious, effective, and efficient. My impression is that the most funding is unfortunately for software that is largely not even close to being up to speed. I am optimistically hoping to make contact here with entities with adequate resources who understand the realistic timeline to develop the cognitive/behavioral side of eHealth.

Robbin Hunter

Hi, I am Robbin Hunter. I am designing the GoPatient mHealth app. The ability for the patient to chart their fastest access to the physician, when and where, they choose. The GoPatient PaaS Platform is designed to work within & without a healthcare physician network.

Robert Houtenbos

Hi, I’m Robert Houtenbos from Dutch health insurance combination Univé-VGZ-IZA-Trias. We have around 4.2M members in The Netherlands (approx. 25% of the population). It is our goal to empower and facilitate. We have released a number of mobile applications for patients (see (Dutch)) and will continue to do so. We believe in cooperation and standardization and are therefore always looking for new business partnerships. Feel free to contact me!

John Brownlee

I’m John Brownlee, President of Q2 Health, Inc in Minneapolis, MN. We’re developing telemedicine and mHealth applications for consumers, payers, and providers. I developed a telemedicine service specifically for corporate emergency preparedness which was used widely by large employers during the H1N1 Pandemic. I’m very interested in making connections globally with others who are developing mHealth business models.

Jeff Gaus

Hello all, I am Jeff Gaus, CEO Prolifiq Software. Prolifiq equips Life Sciences reps with mobile applications. With Prolifiq, salespeople easily find, share, discuss and measure managed, compliant content during customer interactions. Prolifiq manages and enforces Good Promotional Practices throughout mobile sales and marketing workflows making customer interactions auditable and discoverable in order to mitigate government, regulatory and compliance risk.

With Prolifiq, reps respond immediately during customer interactions, accelerate sales processes and use controlled selling messages. Prolifiq reduces marketing spend by eliminating physical collateral and shipping expenses, and marketing can measure which materials are the most effective. Prolifiq’s electronic Communication History Record (eCHR) provides management, measurement and reporting to ensure regulatory compliance.

David Lee Scher, MD

I am a physician who recently left practicing cardiology after 30 years in Medicine. I have extensive experience as a pioneer in the utilization of remote monitoring of cardiac rhythm devices. I am an mHealth consultant specializing in business development of mHealth for larger medical device companies and establishing clinical study protocols for mHealth technology. As a cardiac electrohysiologist, i was a clinical investigator, IRB Chairperson, and Medicare Advisory Committee member.

David Balshaw

Hello, I am a Program Director at the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences at NIH. I oversee our portfolio in emerging technologies including an effort to develop mobile technologies to characterize the personal environment including chemical exposures, physical activity, dietary intake and psychosocial stress.

Rick W Hogan

My passion to introduce technology to healthcare that reduces clinician stress, improves the quality of care, reduces serious mistakes and increases efficiencies that reduce costs and serves a broader point of care.

Rick’s expertise lies in sales leadership; business development; sales force development; distribution strategy; reseller / VAR / broker strategy; partner / strategic alliance facilitation; national account negotiation and contracting; marketing strategy, meeting facilitation, customer retention and acquisition.

Howard Rosen, MBA

Hi, I am Howard Rosen (CEO/Founder of LifeWIRE Corp) and have the typical healthcare story. I graduated with an MBA (International Finance & Marketing) and spent 25 years producing over $100 million of feature films and television programs. It was while working on an interactive DVD on Type II Diabetes that led to my interest in developing/inventing Life:WIRE®, a patent pending technology designed to foster patient engagement pairing interactive mobile technology with content. I guess I have become a knowledge leader in the mobile health industry playing a pioneering role in the use of mobile technology and patient engagement. He has spoken at numerous conferences on innovation and patient engagement. My perspective in the area of engagement having previously been a prominent figure in the North American entertainment industry, having played a leadership role in the strategic, development and management aspects of the sector in both the traditional and digital media environments.

Nathan Winkelman

Hi, I am Nathan Winkelman, from Salt Lake City. I am currently working with mHealth start up Orca MD. I currently head up our Marketing and am also involved with Business Development. We have and are continuing to develop medical iPad, iPhone, and Mac Apps. Our apps are beautifully rendered 3D sections of the anatomy. The anatomy is interactive, offering 360 degree views and a range of mobility that the anatomy can perform with touch of your finger, as well as conditions that afflict that region of the anatomy. We are involved in mHealth because we want to provide personalized, mobile tools to improve patient education and bring greater efficient to the interaction between the health professional and the patient. Our website is Please contact with me with any questions if you are interested in Orca MD or any of our products.

Richard Strobridge

I am based in San Diego and the CEO and co-founder of an mHealth company named Entra Health Systems. We are an online chronic disease management company with mobile apps on a variety of platforms. Our wireless Bluetooth glucose meter for diabetics is the first CE and FDA cleared meter with wireless capability. More info at The meter and platform is currently in use in 35+ countries and links patients with their careteam through automated messaging and alerts.

Chris Isaacs

Hi, I am Chris Isaacs from London, UK. I have a background in mobile communications and application/service creation. I am currently using this experience to create a global M2M network for Alere with the aim to connect various diagnostic products and meters wirelessly and to create compelling solutions and services.

Stefano Picozzi

I am conducting research in the field of neuroleadership (neuroscience applied to management). My specific interest is how emerging mobile wearable sensor technologies can be applied to the organizational change management, coaching and wellness segments such as to help manage and monitor the effectiveness of intervention programs.

Petr Molacek

Petr Molacek, Ness Technologies in Prague (Czech Republic), we develope and implement mobile messaging services and internet applications for mobile carriers and companies. mHealt is a big opportunity for us. Therefore we are looking for partners and solution we could offer and implement in our conditions. Now we are looking for mHealth monitoring solution with GPRS/3G connectivity to the cloud application.

Homero Rivas, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S.

Hi, I am Homero Rivas. I am a digestive surgeon at Stanford University School of Medicine. While I am mainly a clinician with expertise in Minimal Access Surgery and Digestive/Bariatric Surgery, I am at heart an entrepreneur. I have a passion for new technologies inside and outside the operating theatre, and those technologies include mobile health. I look forward to meeting very interesting people in this online community with the same passion for mHealth.

John Scheel TeleMental Health in Texas. John Scheel, TeleMental Health Consultant

Telemedicine (TM) is a passion of mine; and specifically to bring TeleMental Health (TMH) to the San Antonio and surrounding areas. This would make MH services available to many more people who need, but do not receive, services. Working in the Mental Health field for over 35 years, my experience has enabled me to become very familiar with the needs of persons with mental issues. I am amazed at how groups of Prosumers, NAMI, Mental Health Association, and a wide variety of providers and consumer families all have the same basic concerns and issues. When I talk with any one familiar with mental health or medical access, I see that Telemedicine, or specifically TeleMental Health, could benefit the consumer, the family provider and their organizations. In speaking to people in San Antonio about TeleMental Health, most do not know what TMH is. With a little information, people quickly see the benefits, think it is a great idea and most would like to have access to doctors, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselors, etc. thru teleconferencing. There are many companies that do provide online TMH services across the country to video-conference with the psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor with insurance or thru private pay. However, there are not many Mental Health service agencies that provide TeleMental Health locally. An effort is being made to find out who is using TeleMental Health or Telemedicine services in San Antonio, to network and support one another. Much can be learned from the many agencies who are experienced with TeleMental Health. A tailored system design will lead to the best practical solution to meet an agency’s service needs, to extend the area served, and to increase the number of persons assisted. TeleMental Health provides an opportunity to reach out and help more people in need.

Dan Rhon

Hi, I’m Dan Rhon and have many interests related to technology, mobile devices, and medical care. I think we are often drowned with information and vetting information, guidelines, and sources of that information is very important in medical practice. We’ve just started up a peer-review process for medical apps by relevant subject-matter experts called the “Medical App Journal”. It will always be a free service. We are looking for qualified reviewers that might want to be involved in the process. You can learn more about it here. I think this is something very much needed in mhealth. We have peer-review process for medical journals and all the trials, studies, research that gets published in them, but anyone can publish a medical app and we have very little to go off other then user reviews on iTunes. The utility of apps is ever expanding and now as the FDA is beginning to step in to regulate these, I think a peer-review process should be even more imminent. Visit our site or send me a message if you are interested in learning more. Thanks, Dan

Tom Elliott

Hello, all. I’m Tom Elliott. I follow mobile communications in the developing world for Strategy Analytics, a market information and consulting firm with offices in Boston (where I am), Milton Keynes in the UK, and a few other locations around the globe. mHealth is of great interest to our mobile operator and mobile device clients.

Denis Khitrov

Hello Collegues! I’m a Product Manager with a technical background in SW development, math and Telecom. We’ve developed mobile products since 2001. Now we are working on a multi-platform Mobile Health Monitoring solution for our client. I’m highly interested in partnership with portable medical device manufactures, remote medical consultation service providers and enterprise mHealth consumers.

Brandi March

Hello everyone, my name is Brandi March, I have worked in the IT field for the past ten years at various companies. The reason why I am interested in mHealth and the health care industry overall is because I recently lost my mother in May of this year to mestatic breast cancer. She was first diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer 19 years prior and was only given a 3% chance of living. She continued to beat the odds as the cancer returned numerous times. A few years ago, they found a massive inoperable tumor in her intestines. She went through an ileostomy and then a reversal a year later. She was unable to eat so she lived on TPN for a year and a half. The cancer spread to her bones and eventually she got to the point where she felt she could no longer fight the terrible battle any longer. Throughout this process of being shifted from various hospitals to LTACs, to SNF then eventually down to hospice I was extremely frustrated with our current system, the disconnects and fighting to get medical records in a timely manner. However, I came across many passionate people in the industry that were willing to do anything help. Others, not so much. I was glued to my laptop collecting research from New England Journal of Medicine, searching case studies, spending hours searching through information online to find the best doctors, learning the terminology to be able to speak with 7 different specialists at a time and managing communication between them all. I promised my mother that I would find a way to make a difference. And so here I am.

John Daniel

I am a strategy, operations and healthcare finance executive focused on HIT and mobility for improved health outcomes. I am an advisor to a large medical association and currently interim CEO Hospital Vision Network, a CDN for patient education. I am co-founder nXt Mobile Solutions, a turn-key managed mobile data services new media company that “wrangles technology” addressing the need for a simple, cost-effective, end-to-end mobile solution for Medical Professionals who have extremely limited time to devote to these endeavors. nXt is creating partnerships with mhealth technology leaders, and will integrate and manage a host of data and content services that meets the needs of our customers via an affordable, easy to use, integrated technology platform for creation, management, publication, distribution and monetization of “any health media” content for the web and other devices and destinations.

I am looking for an offshore mobile web-site developer organization.

John Scheel

Update…Telemedicine (TM) is a passion of mine; and specifically to bring TeleMental Health (TMH) to the San Antonio and surrounding areas. This would make MH services available to many more people who need, but do not receive, services. TeleMental Health in Texas (TMHinTX) is being developed to assist organizations, clinics, and individuals who need to set up telemedicine services thru videoconferencing to provide services at a distance and provide consultation to establish or expand services to fit into the routine flow of services. Currently, we are looking to expand the network of providers and those who would like to utilize speciality medical services in the San Antonio area and throughout the South Texas area. Let’s work together to build a strong, flexible, and cost effective telemedicine network.

Jim Connor

Hi, Jim Connor with Infectious Diseases R&D at GlaxoSmithKline. In addition to my responsibilities in ID, I serve on a team investigating Mobility issues that are relevant to the progression of drug discovery and drug development. To this end, I hope to participate in discussions where Mobility issues are explored relative to highly regulated work environments. There are so many areas where the information needs of our highly mobile scientists and clinicians will drive us to innovate the way information flows into our organization for research purposes and out of our organization in meeting the data needs required by the Pharmaceutical Industry Regulatory Agencies. I look forward to learning from this highly connected and informed community.

Rick Doerr

I have a background in business development in the technology sector with experience in emerging market technology consulting, and I recently completed my Masters’ at the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS) at UC-San Diego. I recently completed my Master’s in International Development from UC-San Diego with an interest in using technology as a tool to improve health and economic statuses in developing nations. I have worked on a few projects focused on eHealth/mHealth in Africa through Vital Wave Consulting. I am currently looking for a position in the ICT4D/mHealth sector which I can combine the business acumen from my previous private sector employment with my research and knowledge of leveraging technology innovation for development purposes in developing countries..

Livia Bellina

I’m livia bellina, medical, pathologist..In 2008 in Lampedusa Island(where I was woking) a migrant come to me with malaria, and necessity to have a diagnostic confirmation…….. So I created Mobilediagnosis (a way for take and use diagnostic image from microscopic field, using a simple cheap mobile with camera….) and Itook my decision , to share with all poor and isolated health workers my method. Since 2009, I went for share my method(Mobilediagnosis) to rural and isolated communities where I taught on the job I have been in Uganda, Gulu, Bangladesh(Comilla, Tangail , after Muhammad Yunus invitation) and Dinajpur(PIME Mission) I created my link, and my Association Mobilediagnosis, and my mission is permit access to care and education to all WHO published Mobilediagnosis on compendium of innovative technologies and Now I’ partnership with AISPO(Italian Cooperation) Bocconi Cergas(Coordinator is Eduardo Missoni, my best friend and co-hautor and co-founder of Mobilediagnosis) and I have accept from Global Health Workforce Alliance (see WHO Mobilediagnosis) and m-health alliance My next goal is creation of global solidarity network Hope you like it and hope to hear your suggestion and proposals

Joseph Shavit

My name is Joseph Shavit and I am VP Product for We are a leading communication services provider and provide HIPAA compliant mobile and secure app communication solutions to the many of the leading healthcare payers and providers in the US.

Hina Mushtaq

Hi, I am Hina. I am Software Engineer by profession and working in the development sector. I utilize ICT (Information Communication Technology) to address global health. Recently I have been selected for Atlas Corps Fellowship to work with Public Health Institute in the USA where my research domain is ehealth and mhealth. I am working for the projects that support approaches to managing the health of populations, preventing disease and enhancing health interventions.I ahve also worked with ITU – UN Headquarters in Geneva where I conducted research on the national ICT strategies and e-health policies for a number of countries.

Steven Greene

Hi, Steve Greene with mHeathcon Conferences. We organize one day regional conferences dedicated to top innovators in the sector. Our next event is 12/1 at Rutgers NJ featuring exhibits, and speakers including: Mayor Corey Booker, City of Newark, Tom Wheeler, Chairman, mHealth Alliance Partnership, Jayant Parthasarathy, SVP, Mobile United Healthcare Group, Serge Loncar, CEO, CareSpeak, Richy Glassberg, COO, MedHelp, Ryan Sysko, CEO, WellDoc, Gopal Chopra, CEO, pingmd, Al Shar, VP, Technology, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Let me know if you have an interest in attending, exhibiting, sponsoring or just want to connect.

Nari Kannan

My name is Nari Kannan. I am the Founder and CEO of appsparq.Inc. We specialize in mobile applications and are developing a series of mobile apps that can build a bridge from Medical Devices and their measurements to the cloud and then onwards to Fitness and Health Portals, Insurance Wellness Portals and Disease Management systems. We believe that wireless technologies can liberate data from medical devices at home or remote locations and send them where they are neede, significantly reducing the costs of remote health and patient monitoring. You can find the company here. You can find our blog here. Look forward to learning, listening and discussing interesting developments with mobiles and health!

Lorien Abroms

I am a professor at GWU. My research is on mobile technology and smoking cessation. I am the author/designer of Text2Quit, a text messaging for smoking cessation program

Dr Gerhard Lingg MSc


“The inventor Dr. Dr. Lingg MD came up with the idea of a prescreening and remote monitoring tool while managing a hospital in Sunderbaans, India. Giving people the power to know more about their health and wellness status means empowerment and emancipation for all people – independent from borders, race, gender or age. It will also bring those people to the MD who really need help. And last but not least we want to keep people healthy and aware of their health instead of supporting the treatment once they become sick.”

Data capturing through a mobile device integrated in a smartphone

The measurements are effected and the data is collected by using sensors on the back of a mobile phone. The process is non-invasive and requires the user to place his/her fingers on the sensors for two minutes twenty seconds which is all the time needed to determine the state of vital signs at that moment. Twelve key questions are required, on the first occasion only, as a benchmark and these include: gender, weight, height, age, etc.

The measured and calculated vital signs include 3 basic measurements:

One channel ECG, Pulse, Blood oxygen

Based on that and through calculations and algorithms the following information can be provided:

Blood pressure, Pulse wave transit time, Arterial stiffness, Heart Rate Variability, Stress level, Metabolic state, Nutrition advise (based on Schole and Lutz), Bodywave application (trigger information for ANS), Fitness observer (optimal training path)

The collected data is uploaded to a secure server where it is analyzed and a short text message as well as detailed report (on the internet platform) provided. The data can be stored or, with permission, sent to GP or hospital to be used to assist in assessments of the users. After the aspired FDA approval it will even be a medical diagnosis tool.

Sande Olson

Hi Sande Olson, healthcare executive back working in behavioral health for-profit with 200 hospital system; waiting to see opportunities in technology. Successfully executed development of telemedicine network (providing admission pre-certs and first 24-hr medical consults… in some facilities follow-up H&Ps… to 20 hospitals across Texas using primary care physicians). PCPs seeing more than 1,000 patients each month using telemedicine…plus consults; both on and off-site. Product, systems, and delivery development; also sold services, trained staff, and remained as first point-of-contact for three months at each facility; plus HIPPA/HITECH/security issues. Worked remotely with multi-cultural team in distributed office environment (operations in three countries). If you read my Twits you will see my primary focus is telemedicine…. smile. Still waiting for tipping point; believe that Skype and everyday use of technology (plus MUA/P need) will drive growth; doctors do not wait for permission.

Philip DuPont

My name is Philip DuPont, with Dice Corporation. We develop enterprise-level telehealth, PERS monitoring, and alarm monitoring software, hardware and infrastructure. We specialize in the PERS industry, with hardware and software solutions for businesses looking to monitor patient health and provide remote emergency response services.

Peter Vicars

VGo replicates a person in a distant location. See, hear, talk and move around as if you were there. For remote experts, workers and visitors in healthcare, business, development, manufacturing and education. The story that speaks for itself can be found at

Philippe Paul Verstraete

Hello everyone, I’m particularly interested in mHealth initiatives for malaria control. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile for a full description, but in a nut-shell: my career started in ICT for education then jumped into malaria control, and mHealth has been a convergence point of both paths, a way to reconcile both passions.

I’ve been following one particular mHealth initiative in malaria control: SMS for Life ( that some of you might know.

Why is mHealth pertinent to malaria control? Most malaria-endemic countries world wide are quickly developing their mobile networks and services. Africa is the fastest growing mobile consumer market and is also the region of the world where the burden of malaria is the greatest. Many malaria-endemic countries have already embraced the potential of information and communication technology (take mobile banking in Kenya for example),

From lessons learned in the past, a silo approach for each disease, or public health issue, is short-sighted, so before developing malaria-mHealth initiatives, let’s see where we can build on what’s already being done ;) – and let’s discuss how others can build upon malaria-related mHealth initiatives!

Looking forward to exchanging with this group

Hal Myers

Hi I’m Dr. Hal Myers, President and co-founder in 1975 of Thought Technology Ltd. I conceived of and designed the original Thought Technology products, including the world’s best selling (over 600,000) GSR2 biofeedback home trainer. Since then, I have defined and directed all new product development at what is currently a 60 person company, with an annual R&D budget of approximately 1.25 million dollars.

I earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University & Northeastern University respectively, and a Doctorate in Experimental Medicine (a combination of Behavioral medicine, Cardiology, and Biomedical Engineering) from McGill University.

The vast majority of our products are in the medical field and are used by psychologists, physical therapists, nurse practitioners to treat a wide variety of disorders. We also continue to develop portable devices, which can be used in the consumer/wellness market.

We private label our products for a growing number of companies and market in over 40 countries.

I am most interested to talk to anyone who can use our expertise or product lines to understand psychophysiological responses and to create or joint venture in the development of unique products.

Ray Bugg

Hi Ray Bugg working for Holyrood Communications in Edinburgh. I organise Scotland’s Telehealth & Telecare Conference (May 2012), with M-Health now a major part of our proposed agenda. Additionally I organise Scotland’s Annual E-Health Conference with the Scottish Government.

Any companies wanting to conduct business in this geographical area, please drop me a line.

Sunny Sharma

Hi, Sunny Sharma here, Market Researcher with Synovate who will become Ipsos Mori in the new year.

I have an academic interest in Telehealth. Whilst studying for my MSc in International Healthcare Management at Imperial College I was published in the British journal of Healthcare Management with an article which explore barriers to adoption of telehealth in the NHS.

I took my academic interest into my career and am working for Synovate who are strong in healthcare/pharma research and international studies.

I am an aspiring mhealth entrepreneur with hundreds of ideas, I am here for inspiration

Lysa Morrison

Hi. I currently work part time for Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) looking at quality across all of the support and care services from homeless young people through to the elderly and those with long term health conditions. I am currently leading on ‘Lifestlyes’ for the YHN Dallas (delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale) bid, of which YHNs ‘The Wellness Partnership’ is one of the final 17 community seeds in the process. We have a really innovative vision on how we can transform traditional telecare and telehealth services across the North East so we are always interested in new innovative products and services to help make our vision a reality and transform the quality of lives of our fabulous older adults, their families and carers, those with long term health conditions and the wider community at large to help people be connected, well and happy.

For anyone who saw the presentation made by our community lead Alyson Bell, around a use case scenario focussing on a customer called Rita, Rita was my Gran who I loved very much who died over 10 years ago. She lived in a council house, was severely disabled and was a carer for her mother who was bed-ridden with Dementia. She was a telecare client and had various pieces of kit – none of which made her life any easier or improved the quality of her life. It was there as a safety net but nothing else. Throughout the Dallas process my own Mum who was also called Rita was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. She became very ill and we installed various bits of kit in her house but still once again, over 10 years after my Gran had kit, it didnt help. It didnt improve the quality of her life. It didnt give her choice, control, connectedness or more importantly to her, it didnt help her die with dignity. She died on the 25th of October this year and it was her 59th birthday on the 10th of November the day when Alyson delivered our pitch at the Manchester Dallas event. The YHN Wellness Partnership wants to change this. We want to make things different and I can honestly say that myself and the rest of the team who are involved in changing the way we deliver services in the North East have never been more passionate about wanting to help people to live their lives in the most fulfilling way possible, regardless of their circumstances.

I also own Lysa Morrison Associates which is a training and consultancy organisation specialising in coaching, change management, achieving outcomes, well-being and much more. You can find my website at and you can also find me on twitter @lysam8.

Ralph Passarella

I’m a second year MD/PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University. I’m interested in the intersection of technology, patient empowerment and chronic disease prevention/management. My team and I have developed smartphone and text message based interventions for cancer risk reduction and weight management, and we’re developing a social network that makes it easy to engage in physical activity.

Williams KwarahWilliams Kwarah

Hi, Williams Kwarah is with Grameen Foundation, USA, working on the MOTECH project in Ghana where I reside. We are constantly looking for potential collaborators to help mobilize the potential of mhealth to reach out to the poorest poor, empowering them with useful health information which will improve health outcomes and promote development.

I am happy to provide more details if requested and also refer you to my colleagues for any assistance. Thanks

I would love to touch base with anyone from academia or industry interested in these areas. I’m also open to attempting to forge strategic collaborations between Johns Hopkins and others in the space.

Hilde Eugelink

I am currently working for the Community Relations team of IICD. In my position I focus mainly on linking up with actors active in the field of health, both in developing countries and in Western-Europe, US, Canada.

IICD is a Dutch NGO, specialised in the use of ICT to solve development issues in sectors health, education and for entrepreneurs, mainly within the agricultural sector. We are active in Africa and Latin America where we support schools, hospitals, local governments, farmers’ organisation with training, consultancy, coaching and funding to help them integrate ICTs within their own organisation to ultimately improve the livelihoods and quality life of less privileged people in developing countries.

With regard to applying mobile to health: we have just started implementing 7 new projects in Mali, Malawi, Uganda and Ghana. Tanzania will hopefully follow soon.

We are quite keen on sharing our experiences to help build evidence and are of course open to opportunities to share and market our experience and learn from others.

Syed Naqvi, MB,CCRP

My qualifications bring a perfect blend of business and scientific acumen as an accomplished and innovative clinical research consultant. Skilled in project management, research development and business services. Highly skilled in new research protocols and site development and company operations nationally. Proven leadership and communication skills that exceed client and sponsor expectations.

Management of institutional IRB department and regulatory affairs committee. Oversight of clinical research operations, compliance of clinical research protocols, informed consenting, Conducting medical statistics, expedited chart review and QA & QC reviews and case reports including FDA and FWA compliance. Working closely with Quality Improvement and Senior Analysts to ensure accuracy of research data and quality assurance procedures of the Institutional Review Board and the Institution as a whole.

Final Note: I’ve greatly enjoy my work, and working with top noted clinicians, physicians and companies. I greatly enjoy training new and interested individuals in the field of clinical research. I admire those who see great potential in me to extend my contracts.

Specialties: Areas of expertise are Clinical Consultant, Project Management & (R&D), Clinical Operations/Design, Strategic planning, Clinical trials/Regulatory, Revenues/Growth potential, Site Development, Data Management and Communication, Compliancy/QA/QC and Finally Training and Development.

Skip Fleshman

A Partner at Asset Management Ventures in Silicon Valley who is interested in investing in companies developing mobile health products. Current related investments include Lark, HealthTap and Proteus Biomedical.

Patty Wash

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Festivus! I am an Executive Recruiter specializing in HIT, and working with top players in mobile health technologies. I am always open to clients looking to hire top talent, and I invite top talent to connect with me. I am currently sourcing top Sales talent. I work with Software, middleware, clinical systems, services and solutions. If we haven’t met- we should. My email is visible on my LI profile status update. All the best in 2012!

Murad Sayfuddin

Hello, I am Murad Sayfuddin, MD at mCure Ltd – R&D company of a new medical wireless devices. Method of electromagnetic therapy (EMT) was already acknowledged by the international medical community in the middle of the past century. This discipline is taught in all medical universities. The greatest progress in this area of focus is made in Russia. We have created portable individual devices of non-contact (cordless) impact. These devices can be associated as a pharmacy in the pocket. The usage of the device allows avoiding such consequences of the conventional medical therapy as allergies, tight restriction of dosage, contraindications for pregnancy and other functional statuses. Today it is the only way of direct impact on virus infections, helminth eggs in human body. Method of electromagnetic therapy allows to impact directly on the cause of disease (worms, protozoa, fungi, bacteria, viruses), without affecting the structure of the body, in contrast to chemotherapeutic drugs. At the same time, our devices are able to tune the organs and tissues of the body to a normal rhythm, bringing out of a pathological condition by exposure to normal harmonic frequencies, according to the principle of similarity, using the phenomenon of vegetative resonance. The introduction of the method of EMT into clinical practice yielded positive results in the treatment of such diseases as atherosclerosis, hepatitis, diabetes, infertility, ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, benign and malignant tumors, tuberculosis, epilepsy, asthma and other intractable and incurable diseases. For the first time ever we have obtained positive results in the treatment of infantile cerebral paralysis. Application of the EMT allowed to avoid such surgery as stenting vessels of the heart, coronary bypass surgery, cardiac pacemaker installation, kidney removal in case of polycystic, prostate removal in case of prostatitis, epididymis removal in case of orchiepididymitis, veins removal in case of varicose. Treatment of these categories of patients was carried out by using portable devices therapy only. The devices have unique capabilities of detoxification (allopathic medicine is lacking such medications). At present, scientists of the world are trying to use nanotechnology in order to solve the problem of targeted delivery of drugs to the affected organs. The application of our devices erases this problem. Taking into account the possibility of integration of our devise with mobile devices, we declare a new trend in modern medicine, namely the appearance of a convenient low-cost therapeutic device for treatment without side effects, for which it is possible to download the necessary electronic medication though the network of mobile operators. Given the fact that a most of global brands is involved to mHealth industry and wireless healthcare we would consider it an honor to discuss with any interested sides a possible cooperation.

Dr NN Raju

I am a senior researcher having worked for many multinationals and other research organizations and doing CNS clinical trials. So far I conducted about forty trials in the last ten years. I am active in clinical research. I also work as Vice Dean in a medical college and head a unit of psychiatric education, research and training young basic doctors into a specialist in neurological and psychiatric specialties. I am an honorary adviser to a foundation with goals of imparting education and health. I am a trainer of organization which is involved in clinical research training.

I am planning to launch centers for acute psychiatric care with on-call ambulance services and a chronic care center for long standing neurologically and mentally ill.

Dana McDonald

Howdy! I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician (CNSC) in Houston, Texas and the founder of WiredRD, LLC. The mission of WiredRD is to increase access to evidence-based nutrition and physical activity education and information via wireless health technologies.

Nutrition Matters, @WiredRD

Dezso Csajagi

Hi, Dezso Csajagi from Hungary. Acting IS application manager I am looking for mobile applications and solutions, while there is a big mobile OS race. I am supporting (earlier also developed) on-line ordering system and med reps’ system. There are excellent solutions – dedicated/optimized for one tool. I have think global, taking into account all the functions must be covered by the reps.

Baya Kishore

I have a MBBS degree supported by MD in Community Health Administration (including Hospital administration) from Delhi University and a MSc in Epidemiology and Health Planning from the University of Swansea, Wales, UK.

I am presently working as a Deputy Commissioner in the Training Division of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and is involved in the capacity building and training of health personnel under the National Rural Health Programme (NRHM).

Prior to that, I worked as an Assistant Commissioner in the Research Studies and Standards Division in the Ministry and was mainly responsible for handling Reproductive Health issues including establishment of Standards for male and female sterilizations, quality assurances and male reproductive health proposals and projects.

I later moved to the Child Health Division as an Assistant Commissioner (Child Health) and handled the national child health programme including essential New born care, anaemia control, prevention of Vitamin A deficiency, control of diarrhoeal diseases, implementation of Hepatitis B project and the child survival IMNCI strategy under Reproductive Child Health programme II / National Rural Health Mission in the country.

I have also served as United Nations (UNICEF) staff and worked as their Health and Nutrition Officer for the State of Maharashtra, India.

Shiva shrestha

Hi all, I am Shiva Shrestha from India. I work with PATH under the USAID funded TB project. We support the NTP in India in laboratory strengthening, Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilization, Air Borne Infection control and MDR TB. I am very keen in learning more about use of mobile technologies in improving health and particularly fighting TB.

Sande Olson

I am a seasoned business development executive (20-year healthcare career spanning both med surg and behavioral health). I recently built a behavioral health telemedicine network in Texas contracting with 20 facilities; system handles more than 1,000 calls each month plus back-end services. I am experienced in developing successful distributed office teams. My skill set supports business development from design to delivery and technical training. I am passionate about the use of technology in health care delivery.

William Niu

Hello, I’m an eHealth Development Technical Lead in Sonic Healthcare, Australia. We eHealth team helps our doctors/specialists to review and react on patients’ pathology and radiology results effectively, securely and ubiquitously. Our recent projects aim to add mobility to current applications, strengthen security and robustness of existing systems, and streamline the procedures to order pathology tests.

My passion and experience on mobility, Web development and user experience greatly influence the eHealth development in our organisation.

D Mark Robertson

Greetings. I have more than 30-years’ experience in STM and health/wellness publishing, and I’ve dedicated the past decade to working on how to get needed information to practitioners via electronic delivery. The company I am with now has spent two years digitizing its video and book content, and we are aggressively working to create outreach and distribution channels for all user groups. We have more than 2,500 DVDs and 300 books; plus, we work with some of the finest nonprofits in health/wellness, sports medicine and exercise science.

Vera Rulon

Hello All, I’m Vera Rulon currently at Pfizer, Inc. in Manhattan. I am a strategic communicator for External Medical Communications in Pfizer Medical. I’ve also served on the Board of Directors of the American Health Information Management Association as president elect, president, and past president-director (2008-2010) and as a director for 3 years (2002-2004). I’m greatly interested in improving healthcare through access to important and accurate health information and mobile enabled devices, in my view, are an important part of the HIT equation.

I also blog for Pfizer’s Think Science Now. My most recent blog was around mHealth and an excellent keynote speaker from the recent mHealth Summit. Here’s a link.

Outside the healthcare front, I also have a great passion for the arts and am currently president of a local 501C3 organization called Arts Angels.

Prior to my role as communicator for Pfizer, I’ve also served in a chief of staff role for external medical affairs in the US and as lead for the global trial master file process for Pfizer. I’ve also worked for a managed care company as a manager of clinical informatics and at various hospitals in health information management departments.

Marcia Noyes

Hi all, I’m Marcia Noyes with the free, consumer-based healthcare technology platform iTriage. As the Director of Public Relations, I work on National PR initiatives and media outreach for iTriage. As one of the first few employees working with the iTriage application, I took on various roles within the company, including social media outreach, blogging at, B2B and B2C marketing.

I have a strong passion for what mHealth can ultimately do for those struggling with health issues. As a marathoner, I have an increasing interest in watching the dramatic rise of health & fitness apps and how these can empower individuals to fight obesity.

Yes, I was an obese person, which is well documented online. Here are a couple of articles that highlight that journey: iTriage Blog; NPR; Innovation for Endurance

Tom Caldwell

Hi, Tom Caldwell, President of new Cloud startup named LonoCloud. After 10+ years at Cisco focused on telecom, I teamed up with a UC San Diego computer scientist to develop new cloud technology. We are very focused on enabling future mHealth cloud services with security, reliability, and performance. Our software algorithm creates a highly intelligent and distributed cloud fabric that is well suited for a geographically distributed set of users with highly variable usage patterns.

Tom Northey

Hi, Tom Northey with CORHIO (Colorado’s HIE). I’m responsible for convening communities and key healthcare stakeholders including hospitals, MH, BH, LTC, PCPs, Specialists, radiology and imaging centers, Medicaid RCCOs, and health plans in Colorado to drive community adoption for HIE. Additionally, for innovative business development strategies, creating business models that drive revenue to CORHIO (lab and imaging center participation models, referral networks, and large IPA/MSO/Medical Center/LTC participation models), Coordination of Care/Transitions of Care/Hospital Re-admissions clinical workflow and data analysis. EHR Interoperability Steering Committee member HITRC ROI Taskforce Member (EHR).

I’m interested in how we can leverage “mobile health” applications for ehrs/remote monitoring equipment and for the “last mile” re: HIT. Strategic Alliances as well. Thanks, Tom

William Morin

I’m an end user of some of the new health and fitness tracking devices. Admirer of technology, science, history, personal finance, my health and fitness. I also enjoy keeping up to date with the latest electronic consumer products.

Saverio M. Rinaldi

From eHealth to mHealth. Since 2002, I’m been working to create patient focused software products.

Clarity Healthcare Solutions is our web accessible inPatient assessment tools used by clinicians to gather data to improve quality of care.

Since 2008, we have worked to create a family consumer health application, Clarity Health Journal allows families to take charge of the health by collecting, monitoring and sharing health info.

Our inpatient products for rehabilitation, mental health, long-term-care and home care are deployed in Ontario, Canada.

Our plan is to extend the web app to mobile platforms in 2012. You can use the web version with smartphone and tables using browsers. Future products will allow for local functionality to incorporate mobile features to enhance the user experience and also facilitate sharing and interoperability.

Keith S. White

I have been a results-oriented branding and marketing entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. Have led many fortune 1000 companies through corporate marketing, product management, strategic planning, sales, and business development within the highly competitive medical device and healthy lifestyle industries.

Charles Jaffe

I’m Chuck Jaffe, the CEO of Health Level 7 (HL7). I have been involved in healthcare informatics for over three decades, both in academia and in the corporate world.

Prior to my role at HL7, I was responsible for strategy at the Digital Health Group of Intel. In addition, I have served as the global head of Medical Informatics at AstraZeneca and the VP of Life Sciences at SAIC. During my career, I have done bench research (at NIH), clincial research (at several universities), and patient care (at the Lombardi Cancer Center and Scripps). Currently, I am Professor of Medicine at UCSD.

HL7 provides the interoperability specifications for virtually all healthcare systems in the US and Canada, as well as in over 40 countries worldwide. In addition, HL7’s Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) provides the framework for “meaningful use” in the US, and serves as the transport technology for clinical summaries and electronic prescriptions in 27 countries within the EU (epSOS Project).

At HL7, we have an overarching commitment to clinical decision support, services aware architecture and functional modeling for electronic health records. Moreover, we have an increasing interest in enabling mobile healthcare architecture and transport specifications. Most importantly, we collaborate closely with IHE and with other standards development organizations, including ISO, CDISC, NCPDP and X12.

I am eager to help support the mHealth group at LinkedIn

Richard McTague

Hi, Rich McTague with AT&T here. My background has been very mixed, with Sales, Marketing, Management and Consulting, but the one thing that has always remained consistent in the past 28 years is Healthcare. I have always worked in the Healthcare Market, even working in a 500 bed hospital prior to my graduation from Temple University with a BBA in Marketing and a Minor in Healthcare Economics.

Currently, I am a Mobility Applications Consultant in Healthcare with AT&T’s Enterprise Solutions Team. It is my role to bring solutions to my customers that will help them change with the Healthcare Market, reduce costs and drive revenue. mHealth is one of the areas that my Healthcare customers must prepare for, whether they receive insurance / government compensation, they will be able to reduce their overall costs and drive revenue, since they will be able to reach their patients anytime and anywhere, through the use of mobile technology (Smartphones, tablets, etc.). I am very excited about this upcoming market segment of mHealth and all the benefits that it will provide patients and Healthcare Providers – feel free to contact me anytime.

Donna Speckhard, CHEP, ABCP, PCP

I am an emergency manager that specializes in health preparedness. I have done everything from building courseware, outreach campaigns, sustainable development in third world countries, vulerabillity/risk assessments, phyical security, exercise planning, continuity plans (including Anthrax, Pandemic, Devolution, COOP), I have worked with county health departments, CERT, MRC, and special needs populations. I have worked with and developed plans for crisis communication and the use of social media. I am always looking for a good opportunity for my skillset.

Dean Gifford

Hi there, I’m Dean Gifford a freelance User Experience (UX) designer and creative technologist currently based in London. I’ve had over 12 years of experience with interaction design and currently am focussing my efforts on mobile and tablet. I’m interested in the mHealth space as I’ve just spent some time with a very good friend of mine who’s a psychologist looking critically at the current app offerings in the mental health space and how they could be made better through applied UX best practices and applied psychologial principles. Lots of room for improvement and lots more benefit for users and clinicians alike. Ask me any questions about user interfaces, app planning, prototyping and development and mobile hardware, sensors and capabilities.

Chris Reid

Hi, I’m Chris Reid and I’ve spent the last 23 years helping Internet start-ups navigate the new business markets of EMEA and SE Asia.

I’m working for Sycamore/IQstream in the 3/4G mobile networking space, identifying new business opportunities within the EMEA mobile operator market for specific bandwidth reduction technology.

In those discussion any ‘video/rich content’ related services that mobile operators provide/support is of great interest, and hence my desire to better understand the implications of mHealth technology and how and where such services are being deployed.

I first got involved with the network/bandwidth implications of mHealth on the Dubai Marina project some 10 years ago, and now see a potential conflict between the roll-out of critical mobile(Smart phone or Tablet) mHealth and the underlying networks ability to cope, especially in rural areas. I’d be fascinated to get feedback from your members on this topic.

Andrew Wyborn

Hello, my name is Andrew Wyborn. I am managing director of greenmash a software and services company focused on delivering mobile health solutions in to the developing world. We own, deploy and manage a software platform known as mango. Typical projects include supporting the strengthening of health related supply chain systems using standard mobile phones and sms messages combined with Web technology to deliver real time reporting in maps, graphs and reports. We work with a range of partners including the local health ministries, local network providers, large NGO’s, large donor’s and private companies such as Novartis. Recent projects include the SMS for Life program in Kenya, Ghana and The DRC where we enable the ministry of health to have real time visibility of their malaria related drug stocks and treatment levels in health facilities across the country.

Annette Ghee

I am Senior Adviser for Research for Global Health working at World Vision International. I coordinate our internal interest group focused on e/mHealth with an internal mailing list of 40+ professionals and growing!

Scott Beale

Hi everyone, I’m the CEO of Atlas Corps, an international exchange program for rising nonprofit leaders. I’m amazed at the great work in mHealth you all are doing, and we are recruiting international eHealth and mHealth professionals for a June 2012 Fellowship with a global public health organization in the U.S. Please check out our discussion on the Jobs page of this group to see if it is something that might interest you, or if you know anyone who might be a good fit!

Bruce Diamond

Hello, I have worked in healthcare my entire career and have been involved in building markets, products and programs for both small and large companies. I believe that ‘Meaningful Mobility’ has the promise of helping to address many of the challenges we face in healthcare today. I work for Airstrip Technologies, a pioneer in the development of a reusable scaleable platform for mobilizing data across the continuum of care.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding collaboration or discussion on how as mHealth professionals we can work together to advance this space.

Steve Bazinet

Hi All! My name is Steve Bazinet and I’m the founder of Creative Mobile – a mobile communications services firm focused on architecting, developing and deploying user centric mobile communications solutions for the healthcare marketplace.

As part of The Creative Companies, our expertise in healthcare has been forged over the years by providing print & mail (paper) and traditional web presentment solutions to some of the largest hospitals in the country (7 of the top 14 in fact). About a year ago, we realized we didn’t offer our customers a mobile communications platform and decided to focus our expertise in maximizing the value of data, to bring mobile views of information critical to patient engagement that are functional, contextual, and easy to use to a world that is increasingly demanding their information on an anytime, anywhere basis.

For every mobile engagement, we start by working with the institution to understand the goals of their patients; how they communicate with them today; what critical information they need access to; and where, when, how they prefer to be communicated with. Understanding that mobile users are generally task-driven, we bring this information together to design a solution with a ‘user-first’ mentality by ensuring that the most common operations are immediately visible and predictable — giving users what they expect, when and how they want it. Creative Mobile enables our clients to connect with, engage, motivate and activate their patients. Take a look at our blog page for a sampling of some of the solutions we are providing today.

Sande Olson

I am a med surg and behavioral health business development, marcom, and operations professional. My first excursion into healthcare IT was an automated physician appointment scheduling project many years ago. I just knew doctors could be more accessible; from home and from work. Then an online surgery scheduling project caught my attention at Houston Northwest Hospital when I was with Tenet Healthcare Corporation; I was hooked.

Most recently I completed a 20-hospital behaviroal health telemedicine network across Texas providing a complete telemedicine solution from application and equipment to physician providers. I was involved from design to delivery; it was great fun and educational in terms of changing regulations and state interpretation of federal law.

The network is handling more than 1,200 calls each month and is set to go mobile. On-site, I recently used my personal iPad to help a physician conduct a face-to-face consult when hospital systems were down; it was a moving experience for me.

Now post acute care environments (long/short term care, skilled nursing, assisted living, home health, and hospice) have caught my attention, smile. I firmly believe that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in telemedicine applications.

I am passionate about telemedicine because I love the challenge of making something few believe in happen. Most importantly, I enjoy creating solutions to help providers deliver compassionate care more timely… and creating efficiencies. If you want to retain physicians today, help them save time; help make it easier for them to take care of their patients.

Ed Dodds

I’m working with the HIMSS World Bank Task Force research effort looking at which of their eHealth projects might evolve into mHealth ones. 3) Booster of the (now HIMSS) Medical Banking Project with a special emphasis on mPayments, XBRL,, etc. and how this may all “moosh” together. Greetings, All!

Loretta Schlachta-Fairchild

Greetings! Cut my teeth on mHealth in the US Military in the 1990’s when it was called telemedicine ……..I’m a nurse, researcher, healthcare administrator and CEO of iTelehealth Inc. For 11+ years iTelehealth has helped organizations (vendors, providers, payors) develop, test and implement advanced technologies in healthcare. The devices change, but our experience is that provider acceptance, overcoming resistance to change, workflow impacts, a sustaining business case and usability continue to be the critical themes for telemedicine/telehealth/eHealth/mHealth acceptance and usage. Find us at

Andrew Ebling

Hi everyone, I’m Andrew Ebling an iOS developer working at Shazam. Prior to joining Shazam I ran my own business for 2.5 years offering bespoke mobile development services as well as selling a mindmapping application called iBlueSky in the iTunes App Store. In a previous life I also worked on the original pilot of the now famous M-Pesa microfinance initiative in Kenya. mHealth has been on my radar for a while now, but I found a Mobile Monday event on the subject particularly inspiring and thought provoking, hence I decided to join this group and network with like minded individuals.

John Odden

Hello all of mHealth! I’m John Odden, consulting on health IT under my own flag and with friends.

My angst: Is HIE at least partially “my fault?”

When I was at First Consulting Group (now largely forgotten), we put up an HIE pilot in 2000, before there was even an acronym. It worked. But everyone who claimed the pilot as “their brainchild” (clear sign that *something* was successful there) wanted to use the HIE thing as a “Patient Data Vacuum Cleaner.” Tsk, tsk. I always thought the point was to help Patients connect with all of their Physicians – not to “hoover up patient eyeballs for research purposes…” Silly me!

So I build Health IT Strat Plans and advise on gnarly integrations. And it is fun to do in a world where Health IT is quite a bit more “cool” than back when FCG was a trusted name in provider / payer / life sciences Health IT consulting.

I’m still amazed at how little the provider-side wants to touch HIE. And even MORE amazed that folks doing HIE think they’re running some kind of “Hoovering Of Patient Data” – and telling me how many millions of eyeballs they’ve captured.

Captured? THEM vacuuming up MY health data to sell (de-identifed) for “research” and “marketing?”

I still think of healthcare as very personal. Me. Physician. Nurse. Pharmacist. Therapist. And I take pride in knowing how to marshall complex software to keep it that way…

= = = = = =

Right now I’m busy helping re-start an inner city community hospital.

And working to create a kind of personal, private “mobile velcro for my health data” so that I can catch and hold “my health data” and take it with me “anywhere, anytime I need care.” It looks to me like mHealth (the industry sub-segment) may be Just Barely Mature Enough that we will make a start, and FAST. Will this be a Meteor Shower or will we Go Orbital? I think the answer is seen in all of those who’ve joined this group.

Color Me AMBITIOUS and HOPEFUL for 2012!

Elizabeth Kulin, M.S.

Marketing consulting team for startups (Kulin Marketing) with experience in the healthcare and mhealth space. We help health startups find ways to be unique, reach their target audience, and startup the right way.

We only work with startups that we believe in, and only take on projects that we believe we can truly add value to.

Learn more at (full website coming soon), or email me at lizATkulinmarketingDOTcom. Would love to hear your startup ideas.

Dr Shirani Rajapaksa

Hi. I am an acute physician and management consultant in healthcare. Currently clinical lead for Serco Health Advisory Services and leading our company’s thinking around mHealth. We have health contracts across the sector globally and are spreading the application of technology in our models of care. Our approach stands on the principle of bespoke development of health technology to enable healthcare delivery systems and thereby not limited by historic systems. We are a forward thinking company with strong reputation and credibility in transformation and integration of new systems into existing and new delivery systems.

Currently we are looking to investigate the potentials of mHealth and how we can being to embed it into our approach. I’m interested in connecting with suppliers and innovative models of care.

Eve Kupferman, PhD

Hi, I’m Eve Kupferman, a research and clinical psychologist at University of California San Francisco. In my previous career, I was a producer at National Public Radio and Executive Producer and VP of Programming at an Internet Media company back in the dot com days. I am interested in mHealth for behavior change. I’m currently leading the development of an app at UCSF for a study on psychological stress and cell aging (measured by telomeres). The app will have tracking, social, continuous breathing rate monitoring and feedback all along with brief mindfulness activity exercises.

Great to meet you all be in this group!

Williams Kwarah

Hi, I am Williams Kwarah, working with Grameen Foundation on the Mobile Technology for Community Health (MOTECH) project in Ghana.

MOTECH is a mobile-phone-based health information technology intervention, with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes by building a local client database on which the system runs. In addition, we provide a service called Mobile Midwife where clients registered into MOTECH have the option of enrolling into the service to receive weekly educative health information in local languages in voice format on their mobile phones. Also, the system send out alerts and reminders to clients and nurses, informing nurses about defaulters and reminding clients to go to the health facilities care.

We started as a pilot in the Kassena-Nankana District and now moving on to the Central and other regions in Ghana. Let me know if you need more information. Many thanks

Bruce Laidlaw

I have been involved in healthcare systems work for about a dozen years. Most of that work has been on projects implementing components of the Canada Health Infoway electronic health record Blueprint. Through my membership within HL7 I have been privileged to be a contributing author of the now international standard for a health services directory which supports eReferral and wait list management.

I have worked on teams implementing at the provincial and regional levels especially concerning: client registry, provider registry, lab results, and medication profiles. I have also provided designs for the guts of an ehr : namely consent management, application and message registry, terminology registry and audit systems.

I am available for consulting engagements anywhere the need arises.

Jack Bowman

Hi, Jack Bowman, CEO of pHresh Technologies, currently focusing on mobile systems to enhance authentication and security processes for the end user, whilst exploring new ways of data compression to ensure large volumes of data are available offline on smartphone applications.

Michael Engler

Hi, I am Michael Engler and I work as consultant in the space of software as medical device. I am specializing on usability according to IEC 62366 and requirements analysis according to IEC 60601-1 and IEC 62304. I’ve been a usability and requirements engineer for a medical product on a iOS devices. I’ve also helped clients to introduce Scrum to their regulated software development according to FDA and IEC 62304. I’ve done gap-analysis for medical device software development process to ensure regulatory compliance.

Let me know if you need help in the space of medical device software and regulatory compliance.

Paul Bromberg

Hi, I am Paul Bromberg. Until recently I was general manager of Philips Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in the Boston area, USA. Philips RPM offers telehealth solutions in North America and Europe as well as remote cardiac services in the US.

I am a dutch citizen and have returned to The Netherlands after spending five years with the Home Monitoring businesses in the US. I am currently looking for opportunities to apply my knowledge and experience in Europe (out of Holland).

John Guyatt

Morning all. As suggested – I’m Director of Telehealth/mHealth & Service Development at Solutions4Health. We’re a provider of wellbeing and health improvement healthcare services including stop smoking & chronic disease self management.

We’ve built our success on accessing hard to reach groups including BME & deprived communities and have been a leading light in the growing popularity of Tariff or Payment by Results (PbR) contracts. We also have a telehealth/mhealth division and feel this gives us an edge as we develop our services along with strong feedback from our service delivery arm.

I find working in Solutions4Health a lot of fun which really helps to drive a culture of innovation and ‘let’s get to it’. Please see as an example of what we’re doing in the telehealth/mHealth sector – this is a mass market online stop smoking service reaching out to 1.2 million smokers in a range of NHS PCT regions.

Bob Letzeisen

Hello, Bob Letzeisen, EVP at Rover Technology Fusions, Product = RoverINK. We develop mHealth forms driven data capture applications which are user input device agnostic. Users may write with a Digital Pen, Type from a hard or soft keyboard, use a stylus from Tablet PC, or even speak into the form. We manage all input to a rules engine for QA checking (meaningful use, best practice, etc) and the results are an XML output file from voice, handwriting, digital writing or typing. The XML file can provide updates to back office systems such as EHR’s or PM’s. We also have the ability to alert from the XML so in mHealth, my Mother can record if she took her medications and record other vitals. When input data is analyzed alerts are triggered to physicians, mobile health workers or care planners. We also provide an integration to NLP technology and produce a fully coded XML document from structured and unstructured inputs. We code all standards including ICD-10. As users can chose whatever input device works best for them – iPad, Motion C-5, or even a digital pen – we are rapidly deploy able to the mHealth user community – we can even be real time with a digital pen as we have our own mobile communicator (runs over AT&T network) to move ink files real-time.

Simon Sikorski MD

My company helps medical device and mHealth companies with their marketing and advocacy campaigns, especially online. If you need thought leaders, market movers, and market shakers I’m your guy.

Remember, don’t just push your device or app and think it will be a hit. Give something more that doesn’t require adoption or hesitation… and package it together!

If you need to consult on developing a market call us at (646) 648- 1355 for a complimentary 30 min consultation. Ask us anything… seriously. Just don’t ask me to join your company :) … well, let’s talk first.

We’re just finishing our latest White Paper: Why Medical Companies Should Support Health Care Providers’ Online Presence – send me an email to linkedAThmcoeDOTcom to receive a complimentary copy Twitter @SimonSikorskiMD.

Rob Procter

Hi, I’m Rob Procter, director of the Manchester eResearch Centre, Manchester University.

My main research interest is social informatics and healthcare is a major focus of my work. I’m actively involved in telecare and mheatth research. I’m also editor of the Health Informatics Journal.


Hi, I am a Biotechnology engineer with an MBA in Technology Management. Currently employed at Infoobjects Inc as Business Manager. I have the primary responsibility to analyse the competitive market and develop business accordingly. I also do the sales & marketing for our products.

Currently I am more interested in Mobile Healthcare business, with scores of applications allowing you to get diagnosed without ever physically visiting your doctor, kind of virtual clinics.

We are currently working on something in this space for one of our client. We even have our own product iphone app

But I am more interested in projects with the ability to expand beyond the clinics and patients only involvement. Multiple party involvement.

We have extremely talented location based services development experts, if you have anything on the lines of above mentioned idea please do not hesitate to communicate at anuragATinfoobjectsDOTcom.

Dick Wallis

Hi, I’m Dick Wallis, ex-Naval Officer with an interest in all aspects of new technology, especially those related to healthcare. Working closely with US associates in micro-electronics and wireless-engineering based in Irvine, Cal. and Christchurch NZ. Will depart shortly for MTANZ conference in Auckland NZ where several v. interesting developments are taking place. My company details are on: and links to US.

Chris Sanders

Hi my name is Chris Sanders – I am an executive (based in Atlanta) with a passion for operationalizing new businesses and improving existing ones. I am very interested in the increasing use of consumer electronic devices such as tablet computers and smart phones in the workplace, particularly in the Health Care delivery space (home health monitoring, chronic illness, etc).

Please contact me if you are interested in networking, discussing this topic, and/or exchanging ideas christopher_c_sandersATyahooDOTcom

Tony Fry

Hi, Tony Fry, telecom background exploring how smart mobile devices and applications can improve health outcomes, reduce or re-direct UK health spend and make money in the process.

Bruce Diamond

Hello, my name is Bruce Diamond and I work for Airstrip Technologies. We are focused on an enterprise mobility platform which delivers critical and actionable patient data to a smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. We have built FDA-cleared, native applications which are currently are used by hundreds of hospitals in labor and delivery, cardiology, critical care and telemetry. Like other companies in the space we believe our solution can help address some of the greatest challenges in healthcare today. I come from the medical device space (Medtronic, Boston Sci) and believe the future will bring more and more convergence in mobile and device technology. I am happy to speak with anyone wishing to discuss how we can collaborate as an industry focused on similar goals.

Deborah Van Dyke

I’m a family practice clinician, humanitarian aide worker with MSF/Doctors Without Borders and am now the founder and director of Global Health Media Project. We are producing clinical videos for front-line health workers in developing countries. They are brief vignettes, shot and formatted for mobile devices, voiced over to enable narration in different languages. Our first project is a series of 35 vignettes on newborn care that follow international guidelines. We filmed in Nigeria and the DR last year and have 10 ready for review and field-testing. We also produced The Story of Cholera, an animated narrative that makes the invisible cholera germs visible, bringing to life the teaching points of cholera prevention.

Santiago Troncar

Hi there! I am Santiago Troncar, from SaludMOVIL. Our company started just months ago, and we develop SMS health educational programs and apps for Spanish Speaking Latin American audiences. Cheers! Santiago

Josef Hapli

Hello all! Josef Hapli here, Founder and CEO of EtherStudios, a creative studio focusing in branding, interactive, marketing, and strategy. We are branching out into mobile apps and web, and are currently developing a patient care mobile app for clinicians.

I would love to connect with physicians, healthcare decision makers, healthcare IT managers, and revenue cycle folks.

Steve Bonney

Hi everyone, I’m Steve Bonney with BayScribe, which develops mHealth applications for clinicians and patients.

Clinicians use our tools to document patient encounters, either via dictation or handwriting, and our system converts the unstructured text into structured codified data for use in EHR & HIE for Collaborative Care, ACO, Meaningful Use, Research, etc…

Patients in both low-tech/no-tech areas can use our tools in a home health environment to report their health information to their care managers via digital ink technology.

Tamizan Nathoo

Hi there. My name is Tamizan Nathoo and I am currently based in Nairobi, Kenya. I am interested in mobile health care delivery system projects / careers within Africa. My background is in Information and communication technologies with a focus on culture and its impact to successfully disseminate information about HIV / AIDS via mobile technologies in Kenya. I would appreciate any information or discussions.


Geoff Kaile

Hi, I’m Geoff, a freelance RIA developer and owner of a UX R&D company called Seagull Labs. I have 12 years experience in web application development, specialising in javascript. I left Razorfish after 4 years to balance freelance work with developing products using microcontrollers and emerging ux devices such as Kinect to communicate with the internet in ways that may benefit people unable to use traditional methods.

John Montague

Hi, I’m John. I work for an investment banking and ventures firm that is focused on healthcare technology and services. Our interest in mHealth includes the annual TripleTree iAwards to recognize outstanding mHealth companies at the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) Convergence Summit. We continuously conduct research on this space to gain knowledge and identify business opportunities. Much of my career has been dedicated to solving healthcare problems with innovative technology solutions.

Mark Semsel

Hi, I am Mark Semsel. I’m a developer with technical backgrounds in a variety of coding languages, and after spending many years as a professional in the Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing arena, am now involved in developing mobile apps.

In addition to my interest in developing mHealth apps, I have an interest in transforming existing propriety legacy systems into tools that use a standardized platform for accessing and updating data. Specifically, I’m interested in applying REST techniques and ODATA protocols to systems, to facilitate the communication to mobile apps.

Igor Davidenko

Good afternoon. My name is Igor. I’m working on Israeli-Ukrainian project beecardia, which would allow to remotely Holter-study without the software. Everything will be done through the Web.

Anna Sort

My name is Anna and I’m a nurse practitioner. A while ago I understood there was a need for healthcare professionals to turn into technology experts to change the future of healthcare, so I went for a master’s degree in communication technologies.

After that I started to look for a job in the healthcare&ICT but realised there were no openings because such a job didn’t exist. Then I decided I still wanted to let people know my point of view on things so I created a blog.

I’m working on two projects of my own: an exergaming platform with a projected video game and a health app based on mobile web. I’m currently looking funding for both projects and with Spain in the big economical crisis is quite challenging, so if you know any European institution that is looking for inncuvator projects let me know :)

Dennis Lottero

Hello. I am Dennis Lottero, a strategic business development executive with over 25 years of experience working with and for small start-ups and Fortune 100 companies to bringing to market wireless and healthcare solutions. I started a M2M clinical information systems company and sold that a few years back. I have significant experience in alliance and channel develoment, software licensing, contracts, sales and bringing to market new products. My business background has provided me with extensive business connections with most of the US wireless carriers, which could be leveraged in bring mhealth products to market.

I believe that a well-designed mHealth/home health care system which includes patient monitoring capabilities (accept data from glucometers, blood pressure readers, etc.) and links to appropriate healthcare providers, coupled with delivery of web based patient education (diagnostic specific dietary recommendation, exercise suggestions, etc.), and social networking will have a significant impact on reducing healthcare costs, patient outcomes as well as provide for the delivery of healthcare to areas not well served by traditional healthcare infrastructure. I am very interested in connecting with individuals and companies that share that vision.

My LinkedIn profile, I can be reached at dlotteroATgmailDOTcom

Patrick Hankey, Ph.D.

VP of Marketing & Business Development for Vivonoetics Inc. a dynamic San Diego based company providing mHealth sensors and software solutions to researchers, healthcare providers, and governmental agencies. We are particularly excited about the recently FDA approved (February 2012) Equivital EQ-02 cardio-respiratory sensor platform which provides the first “sensor to website” solution for mHealth monitoring. Vivonoetics is the exclusive US distributor for EQ-02 platform which has just been delivered to three elite US university/healthcare institutions and a major US governmental agency for use in mHealth projects. Vivonoetics continues to seek delivery and development partners for its mHealth solutions business. Vivonoetics also provides VivoSense best-in-class visualization and analysis software for processing of physiological signals

Napoleon Monroe

This is the group I hoped someone would start. After years in senior management in a public healthcare distribution company, I wanted to go back to inventing new approaches to healthcare. The emergence of the smart phone has enabled mobile electronic medication management (MeMM).

Why MeMM? Without knowing medication history, it is difficult to fully understand the meaning of physioliogic measures and the status of the patient. Mobility is key to patient mental health, physical health and productivity.

All issues related to MeMM are of interest. For context click here. I can be reached at nap.monroeATnewdirectionsconsultingDOTnet

Barbara Rapchak

Nice to meet you all… My expertise is in behavioral informatics—helping people use mHealth and eHealth technologies to improve the healthcare experience. Most recently, I have been involved in the use of mHealth in oncology and transition care — using cellphones to monitor and manage adherence and outcomes among cancer and CHF patients in the outpatient setting. I’ve also led R&D programs for the National Institutes of Health and corporate partners, and am a member of the scientific review panel for NIH.

Dr. Miroslaw Manicki

Hi,I am Miroslaw Manicki, I am trained as a physician healthcare executive focused on translating health care policy into knowledge based health services purchasing decisions. In my opinion design and implementation of the innovative health care provider payment models combining disease prevention and acute care is the key-factor for sustainable development of mHealth

Dr. NN Raju

Hi, I am a psychiatrist based in India having a clinical research expreience of over ten years and more than forty multinational trials. Now I am focusssing on rater assessments and rater training in CNS trials. I am looking at contract consultant for study design, protocol writing and medical auditing in addition to the above needs.

Denise P

Hello, I am Denise living in Toronto, Canada. I have a background in biotech and public health. I am fascinated with mHealth and the possibilities it brings for patients and their families, pharmacists, and physicians. Also interested in IP protection, privacy issues and Regulatory Affairs surrounding apps

Batanayi Matuku

Hi, I’m Batanayi Matuku, an entrepreneur and a systems developer. I’ve recently founded DocPlus healthcare services here in South Africa to function as a Health 2.0 platform. Indeed, it’s a unique service to emerge in an African context and the response we’re getting from the community is just overwhelming. As an enthusiast, I’ve always been interested in healthcare technologies, and currently am pursuing a research titled “The adoption and impact of Health 2.0 in South Africa” at the University of Cape Town. And it’s findings will, in one form or the other, pave the way for subsequent steps for a widespread use of technology in our struggling healthcare system.I’ve worked as a software developer for more than six years and now we’re in the pursuit of nurturing a culture of Health 2.0 within the borders of RSA. Also we’re working towards setting up a Health2.0 governing board to oversee all the the activities and process around healthcare system in South Africa.

From a initiative feasibility point of view we’re indeed looking forward to any form of partnership from those already established global partners to enable us to fully realize a successful Health 2.0 adoption here in a developing world.

Marco Flavio Marinucci

I founded a mobile development studio in San Francisco, and am currently working on an UC San Francisco Medical Group project a new diabetes platform.

Mary Hodorowski

Hi, I’m president of Healthcare Communications Network, a small NYC-based consulting company I founded in 1986. Services include strategic consulting and development of integrated marketing communications programs: professional and consumer education and promotion; training; health management/behavioral interventions; value-added education and resources for managed care organizations. We’ve gained expertise in these areas working with companies like Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnson & Johnson, and Medco. Please see LinkedIn profile for details.

One of the most gratifying aspects of my work has been learning about, and applying, behavior change models and tools—e.g., stages of change, motivational interviewing, plain language, and teach back method—that engage and inspire people to think differently about their health. Please see my blog.

I’m exploring how I can use my knowledge and skills to achieve similar goals with the mHealth and gaming platforms.

Martin Nabor

I am Rev. Dr. Martin Bugri Nabor. A Marriage councilor, peace builder, and a motivational Preacher. I work among the Northern People of Ghana. If any one needs help in these areas, let me know. If on the other hand you have any help of any kind that will enhance my skills, I will welcome it.

Marius de Waard

At the moment I am involved in 2 companies offering different types of telehealth / telemedicine services (diabetes, anticoagulation, heart failure etc..) using Medical Service Centers occupied with nurses and doctors.

I also distribute Mobile PERS and am involved in a software company which builds Mobile Apps (Android). Focus The Netherlands, Belguim and Germany.

Sally Abrahms

I am a writer who specializes in aging and boomers. I write regularly for the AARP Bulletin and blog weekly about caregiving for My second “hat” is corporate writing (online content, marketing materials. ..) for companies that sell products and services to the boomers and aging sector.

Todd Donnelly

Hello, I’m Todd Donnelly. Nutrition, Public Health, and psychology/ behaviour change are my health related areas of expertise, but I also have a commercial perspective. I was Founder/Managing Director of two eHealth companies related to weight loss and population health /productivity management, both of which have been acquired by a corporate which I now work for.

I am privately working on a number Ecological Momentary Interventions related to eating, sleep and stress management. I have interests in the social aspects of mHealth and mTech in general. My future aim is to develop a research agenda in the field of mHealth in low and middle income countries.

I’m Looking forward to the discussions and making some connections with others in the field.

Bryan Fuhr

I am Co-Founder, VP Business Development at Healthsense Inc.

Healthsense, based in Mendota Heights, MN, is a market leader in providing technology solutions for the future of aging services. Healthsense offers completely integrated systems based on a standard Wi-Fi platform for Personal Emergency Response Systems, Wi-Fi wireless nurse call and remote safety and wellness monitoring. These systems are scalable, flexible and are proven across a broad base of installations. The flagship Healthsense product is the eNeighbor® system, which was developed under the direction of the National Institute of Aging (NIA) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The system monitors individuals in their homes and automatically calls for help if it detects a possible problem. The eNeighbor® system utilizes a series of wireless sensors placed throughout the residence that capture the occupant’s activities of daily living.

Omari Starks

Hello and good day. My name is Omari Starks and I’m heading Practice Fusion‘s API initiatives.

Harriet TurnerHarriet Turner

Hi, I’m Harriet Turner and am Marketing Executive at the company Crimson Tide. We develop business apps (mpro) for Smartphone, Tablets & PDAs, all on a monthly subscription basis. We also specialise in developing cost-effective medical applications (nursing and patient care) to enhance the level of care received by patients and to remove the burden of paperwork from healthcare professionals so that they have more time to care.

In Ireland, individuals with haemophilia are using our mpro haemophilia smartphone application to safely medicate in their own homes. Through the incorporation of industry standard GS1 track-and-trace bar code system, patients barcode scan their medication vial box to ensure it matches their prescription, it’s in date and their batch hasn’t been subject to a recall. The app further encourages patients to enter reason for the bleed and specific area of the body. All information securely synchronises with the Hospital server – alerting healthcare professionals immediately with results, which has led to better clinical management of a patient’s haemophilia.

This application has huge beneficial implications for the management of other chronic disease groups who require frequent medication in their own home.

Our mpro haemophilia application has recently hit the 100 users mark – for anyone who is interested, you can find the press release here.

Joan Justice

Hello, I am Joan Justice, principal at Joan Justice Consulting and Curator of the healthcare website HealthWorks Collective part of the Social Media Today network. I have a nursing and business background and have worked in international marketing for several large healthcare organizations. See my profile on LinkedIn. At HWC, we are very interested in mHealth. Currently, we are doing a series Mobile Health Around the Globe, featuring a new post each week about mHealth around the world. Take a look at this series and if you have a story about mHealth around the Globe to tell, please email me at joanATsocialmediatodayDOTcom Thanks, and hope to hear from you!

Mark Needham

I’m Mark Needham, and my company Widget UK Ltd is the lead UK distributor for Fitbit, and for TomTom which now has its GPS fitness watch in this market.

Deanna Pogorelc

Hi everyone. I’m a writer for MedCity News, an online trade publication covering innovation in healthcare for an audience of insiders. Right now we’re getting ready for the inaugural CONVERGE summit for healthcare innovation, taking place July 10 in Philadelphia. It’s a one-day executive summit to debate and discuss the leading trends, showcase the hottest startups and share best practices among some of the industry’s most innovative hospital systems and leading medical device, digital health, pharmaceutical and information technology companies. There will be lots of talk about how mHealth is shaping the new healthcare landscape and some great speakers.

Pete Celano

Hello, I’m with Maryland-based NovaSom; we have a Home Sleep Test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and the test data moves via the Verizon Network. I’m fascinated by Screening/Diagnosis/Therapy offerings that were hospital- or physician office-based, but are NOW moving to the home, representing radically lower costs & far greater convenience. Am especially intrigued when these offerings have smart rigging through to Payers & Healthcare Providers.

Dr Yinka Ayankogbe

Hi everyone. I am a family physician academic working at the College of Medicine University of Lagos as Senior Lecturer and Head of Family Medicine Unit, at the Department of Community health & Primary care. My involvement in rural health and primary health care makes me highly interested in mhealth both as service provider and researcher.We look for collaboration in international mhealth research

Gatri Koshy

Hi I’m Gayatri Koshy and I work for a health editorial agency called Content Consultants based in the UK. We provide health content for various publications with a focus on digital media. For the past number of years we have been working in the field of mhealth, creating content for mobile health programmes for mothers and expectant women in low resource settings. Mhealth is an upcoming field with the focus being more on the technology aspect of it. There’s now a growing interest in content specifically suited for this new medium. We at Content Consultants specialize in creating the right content for the right medium.

Sandra Hoyer

Hello, my name is Sandra Hoyer, I’m working at T-Systems (sub of Deutsche Telekom AG, telco incumbent in Germany) and I’m leading a team for consumer health solutions and pharma industrie. We are focused on mHealth and telemedicine in terms of prevention, lifestyle and fitness/health. Another focus is the consumer approach for chronical diseases like diabets, cardiac issues, hypertension, overweigt, COP etc. This could mean solutions for selfmanagement but also for adherence issues and telecoaching. As a telco operator with fix and mobile (m2m) but also a huge IT competence we can offer integrated solutions. We have our own telemedicin platfom for patient data management for both professional and comsumer approaches.

We always looking partners with dedicated know how in hardeware and software topics for clinical and home care e.g. we are working closely with the VitaDock solutions of Medisana, in the professional environment e.g. with GeteMed, Lavandoo, SAP, Agfa, Tiani Spirit, etc. If you are interessted to take part don’t hesitate to contact me!

Neri Cohen

Neri M. Cohen, MD, PhD is Medical Director of Greater Baltimore Medical Associates (GBMA), President of GBMC Physicians, LLC – specialty, Chief of the Division of Thoracic surgery at GBMC Healthcare Inc. and the President of HealthTeK Consulting, a Healthcare consulting firm in Baltimore, MD. In those capacities he maintains an active and busy clinical surgical practice, oversees the practice administration of the largest non-university multispecialty medical group in Baltimore, MD and he serves several life sciences and information technology companies, large and small, as well as regional and national healthcare systems, on matters of strategic growth and development.

Prior to his current appointments, Dr Cohen was the Head of the Section of General Thoracic Surgery, Surgical Director of Lung Transplantation, Director of the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Residency Training Program and Chief of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Research at the Medical College of Virginia of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. He was concurrently Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee of the LifeNet Organ Procurement Organization.

Dr Cohen completed the Honors Masters program with a BA in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and an MS in Neurobiology & Physiology from Northwestern University. From there he went to the University of Maryland at Baltimore where he completed the Medical Scholars (combined MD/PhD) program with a PhD in Physiology & Biophysics, as well as postdoctoral fellowship research as an American Heart Association Research Fellow.

Dr Cohen completed a General Surgery internship and residency, additional NIH funded post-doctoral research fellowship training, and a Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery fellowship at the Medical College of Virginia. His research in cardiac electrophysiology led to the discovery of novel electrical protection strategies for cardiac surgery and thoracic organ transplantation for which he was awarded a US Patent. Choosing to subspecialize in General Thoracic Surgery, Dr Cohen then completed an advanced fellowship in minimally invasive thoracic surgery and lung transplantation at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Dr Cohen is a board certified in both General Surgery and Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and the American College of Chest Physicians and is a member of most major General Surgery, Surgical Research, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Chest Medicine associations. He was awarded the Joel J Roslyn Faculty Research Award from the Association for Academic Surgery and continued a basic science research programs on the molecular biology and biophysics of transplant organ failure and protection, and carcinogenesis and mechanisms of cancer metastasis, concurrent with his attending surgeon and fellowship director appointment at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr Cohen completed the Leadership Program in Healthcare Policy & Management at the Heller School of Public Policy at Brandeis University under an Alley-Sheridan scholarship from the Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Research & Education. While maintaining an active thoracic surgery practice, he remains actively involved in both clinical trials research as an investigator for the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group (ACOSOG) and in clinical outcomes research formulating algorithms to validate mathematical models using computer simulations to define ‘best clinical practices’ and outcome and performance metrics.

Dr Cohen was appointed to the leadership of the employed provider practice plan at GBMC in 2008. In that capacity he has worked to grow the provider base (physician and allied health practitioner), and create a fully integrated delivery system (IDS) including human resources, information technology, contracting and quality assurance as part of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) framework.

We are interested to hear from anyone selling technology in the fitness and heath market in the UK, and from other products in this market which are seeking distribution in the UK

Remberto Martinez

Hi, I am Remberto Martinez, representing Extensive Life Inc. We are working on preventive medicine using mHealth. Previous background in Biomedical Engineering, SW and Telecom for M2M at Nokia Siemens Networks. We are introducing the concept of Health-e-Living, a personal health coach to tackle chronic CVD and MDD diseases. We are looking for new customers form Health and Care Providers and possible new applications of our concept.

Bob Pyke

In real life I am a RN and a NP and a a e-health/telehealth mensch… Blog, Twitter.


Iain Mcdougall

Hey Everyone. Great joining you folks. I’m an entrepreneur at the intersection of tech and medicine. 20 years ago I came up with the first wireless pulse oximeter to assess the effectiveness of surgery in cerebral palsy children. Last week I downloaded an app which can do the same and mere for $0.69. Amazing – just surprised it took so long..!

Having just raised a VC round for a biotech, I’m heading off for a great big entrepreneurial explore in and around mHealth in the UK, USA and beyond. Really exciting space and a great place for us entrepreneurs to go play with passion and purpose.

Felasfa Wodajo

Hi Everybody, I am Senior & mHealth Editor and member of the founding team at, the leading on-line publication on mobile health and medical apps for health professionals. I lead creation of content related to mobile health technology, mHealth research, wireless health devices and mobile software for patient care. Click here for the website.

In my day job, I am a bone and soft tissue tumor surgeon (orthopedic oncologist) in the Washington, DC metro region and serve as Medical Director of Musculoskeletal Oncology at Virginia Hospital Center in Northern Virginia. My practice is limited to benign & malignant bone and soft tissue tumors in adults and children. I recently completed a textbook on bone & soft tissue tumors titled Visual Guide to Musculoskeletal Tumors.

You can also find me on Twitter at @OrthoOnc

Tarun R

Hello m-health entrepreneurs, explorers, evaluators & enthusiasts. I am Tarun R, leading MObq (Mobility services of BioQuest) that is committed to patient-centered healthcare services, especially in resource limited settings. We are running projects focused on maternal & child care, cardiac care, diabetes care besides numerous preventive health services across India, SEA & Africa.

Our current portfolio of services/ products are based on SMS, IVR & USSD platforms. We are also in process of launching tablet based solutions that integrate Doctors, Hospitals & patient services.

My experiences as a Clinician and Phrama Marketer have helped us devise innovative & commercially viable solutions that cut across multiple stakeholders. I look forward to networking & interacting with you.

Jordi Solé-Casals

Hi, my name is Jordi Solé-Casals, from the University of Vic (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain), involved in the Spotmole App and interested in all this field.

Gil Plotnizky

My name is Gil Plotnizky, consultant and entrepreneur focusing in the Healthcare arena. My scope of work cover mainly medical services from upgrading and establishment of medical centers e.g. Hemodialysis, Oncology and Radiology through medical devices and software e.g. diagnostics, clinical support decision systems and EMR to Telemedicine e.g. devices, services centers applications etc.

I’m currently exploring a new project intended for the purpose of developing monitoring medical systems to cater to the needs of the elderly, disabled and chronically ill patients, who require long term care. The scope of the technology will include passive and active patient monitoring. The design system will focus on continuous monitoring medical systems and patient data management solutions for the home care arena.

It will be great to explore mutual collaboration and exchange some ideas in particularly in contactless sensor for monitoring bio-physiological signals, service models in the US, Europe and Japan.

Miguel Quintana

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself to the group. I am Miguel Quintana, mHealth entrepreneur and researcher in Mindfulness-based interventions for stress reduction. I have received training at CFM-UMass in mindfulness. I am the founder of Mindfulnets to help people to train mindfulness online for stress reduction. I have launched Mindfulness TS mobile app to train mindfulness via mobile phone. You can download this for free here on the Apple App Store. You can watch the video here on YouTube.

I am here with the intention of learning from you all and sharing my experience in web and mobile apps development for mental health, stress reduction and well-being enhancement. I would like to offer collaboration for research in stress reduction online and business partnership in mHealth projects. I am based in Madrid. Warm regards, Miguel Quintana

Vanessa Leigh McLaughlin

I’m a serial entrepremeur with a very strong Telemedicine and integrated health delivery implementation background (18 years). Currently my company, Edithforge consults to support large organizational implementation of Telemedicine and integrated health delivery infrastructure. We are getting ready to launch our sister company, Welcome Home Health. This health care service provides patients who are discharging from the hospital 30 days of post-discharge support services to ensure their return to health. It includes med reconcilliation, health coaching and telemedicine follow up visits with primary care providers. We are implementing cellular one button push for patients to reach our call center video health advocates. Early sales and testing efforts are producing great results.

I love this space

Ana Burman

Hi there, I am Ana Burman, trying to finish my PhD with Brunel University in the area of e-Health. My research is exploring how breastfeeing women are using internet and mobile tools to obtain support while breastfeeding their babies. I am very interested in the potential m-health has to support women with their health care, social and emotional needs. I am hoping to start a business after I finish my doctorate and get some of my ideas off the ground. I have a extense background in the IT industry, particurlary network, security and auditing and would love to network with people doing interesting stuff.

John Faltys

Hello, I’m John Faltys from Med-RT, LLC. We provide a managed service for realtime tele health visits. More and more of these services are being provided using mobile technologies. We are beginning to build applications to facilitate mobile tele health.

Valérie Itey

Hi , I am Valerie Itey, an mobile expert since 1998. I have a huge experience in mobile solutions (from content, to payment and advertising or solution development as well as carriers relation). I have done several project in mobile health in African countries where payment solution was request. and also the first mobile diabet solution by mobile in 2006.

I can give informations from the site of mobile solutions , real pricing and developments. I am on the side of mobile but i am very close from the world of medicine. Please feel free to request me whatever you need in the mobile site. Best

Scott Turner

My name is Scott Turner, from Daugherty Business Solutions, a management and technology consulting firm. We are positioned as a highly attractive alternative to the global and national firms, delivering exceptional solutions at best value. I’m responsible for growing our healthcare practice. With a background in telemedicine start-ups, integration with inpatient care systems and real-time data collection, I understand the challenges providers and payers alike experience with effectively utilizing, managing, and deploying clinical decision support. Our firm possesses a depth and wealth of mobile computing solutions, with over 25,000 users on one managed service platform. Feel free to reach out. Scott

Dr Diego Castaneda

Hello fellow mHealth investigators, explorers, entrepreneurs and provocateurs, Thanks to David for providing this space. It is really cool to see so many people actively using and creating diverse applications of health technology. My name is Diego Castaneda and I’m a recent doctor of public health graduate interested in exploring this fascinating interface between the new media technology and our society, specifically how we can leverage these new digital tools to produce the best health outcomes for individuals and communities. Currently, I am working as a consultant on a community intervention that will be using touch based PC’s to guide participants through an interactive and avatar guided health assessment. Exciting stuff! As this project is coming to a close in the next few months I am actively searching for new career opportunities in the world of mHealth, digital health, and/or health information technology. I love the rigors of research but I am most interested in applying this research in real world ways. My dream job is with a company or organization that values interdisciplinary thinking and research to produce practical solutions. I welcome getting to know more of your interesting projects.


Hello all, I am with World Health Organization Tobacco Free Initiative Geneva. I manage Projects. My colleagues (Gini Arnold and Sameer Pujari) and I are working on a new initiative to mainstream NCD risk prevention strategies/early diagnosis and screening of NCDs tools using mhealth solutions. We plan to develop manuals and Standard Operating Procedures to help governments incorporate mhealth into health systems in low and low middle countries. We are seeking to partner with a number of stake holder/expert groups. If there are more questions, we are happy to reply. You can send email: prasadviATwhoDOTint with copy to pujarisATwhoDOTint, arnoldvATwhoDOTint and one of us will get back to you.

Maureen Connolly

Hi, I’m Maureen Connolly – a Canadian living in Sydney, Australia. I have spent the past 6 years working in investment banking in London. I completed a MSc in Public Health (Health Economics) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2010. Post-Masters, I completed a project for the Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation looking at how the European private sector can build the business case to scale up their activities targeting undernutrition in lower and middle income countries.

I have recently moved to Sydney and am interested in getting involved with mHealth technologies for the Australian marketplace. Australia has the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world (Source: Google), and it seems to be a growing market for mHealth technologies. I am interested in becoming involved with a strategy/business development team focused on commercialising mHealth technologies. If you are involved in mHealth in Australia, please get in touch for a chat!

Tammy Lewis

Hi. I am Tammy Lewis. I have been in healthcare marketing for 20 years. My interest in mHealth started before the term mHealth was coined, back when I was the founding CMO for Surescripts (which operates the nation’s largest health information network). My current post as CMO of Skanz, is outside of the healthcare world, but holds some unique opportunities for mHealth, which I am very interested in pursing.

Steven Makepeace

Spec Systems South Africa – coming from the Auto ID Space (Bar code) we provide Managed services for the deployment of Mobile Devices to the Enterprise. This entails device selection and deployment, Simm connection/Data useage Management, Mobile app deployment and support for the user in the field using Mobile Device Management and security Tools. Taking the pain away from the Enterprise for deploying a mobile solution .. :) We have traditionally worked in the FMCG space with deployments to field marketing guys with Sales Force Automation and Direct Store Delivery type applications along with Demand Planning using BI Data, essentially the tools required to get the product to the Shelf!

Healthcare has long been a strong Vertical market for our traditional Bar Code products (Scanners and Printers) and we see this as a key veritcal for Mobility Services.

Rob Ashley

Hi, Iam Rob Ashley, working for Digital Solutions Group (DSG). We partner with solution vendors and clients mainly in the Telecommunications sector to bring affordable m-Health, m-Learning, m-Advertising, solutions to Africa. We provide Mobile Application platforms and devices for the Best Mobile Experience while also monetizing such solutions that remain relevant, local, affordable and adding value to the end user. We are all about end-2-end mobile experience!

Lava Kafle

I am Solutions Architect in Deerwalk Inc. I am working for US Healthcare Industry since last 8 years.I am blessed to be here because the future is solely guided by #mhealth

Irith Williams

I’m really looking forward to exploring this group. I am enrolling for my Masters in Interaction Design for Health and Wellness. I will be working on a service for improving the risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses for people living with HIV, in particular the aging population. There are many issues that contribute to risk of disease, including: depression, social isolation, smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise. While these disease areas are currently addressed in mHealth the psychological, social and behavioural factors make this a particularly challenging user group. I would love to hear others’ experiences with these challenges :-)

Batanayi Matuku

Hi all, I’m Batanayi Matuku, a researcher currently conducting a Masters research at UCT focusing on the doctor-patient relationship in the realm of social networking tools. The main aim of this study is to explore the impact of an online virtual medical practice on this complicated relationship of the doctors and their patients and will also be experimenting with so many varied ideas within the doctors virtual practices for the next 6 to 8 months here in South Africa. Indeed, social media is yet to be bring unprecedented benefits to the healthcare industry one way or the other and that’s exactly what this study is posed to uncover.

Jignesh (Jiggy) Kakkad

Hi Guys, I am Jiggy from Sydney doing Masters by Research in Mobile Application / Health domain.


Allison Hermann, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Allison Hermann and I am a research analyst of assistive technology for older adults and people with cognitive disabilities. The assistive technology industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift as smartphones, handheld devices, and apps can be used as assistive devices. As a cognitive psychologist I am particularly interested in the variables that affect how the elderly and cognitively impaired adopt these technologies.

Nitin Verma

Hi, I am Dr. Nitin Verma currently working as Vice President-mhealth with Religare Technologies. I am responsible for mhealth initiatives from conceptualization to realization. Previously I was CIO with Health Management & Research Institute (A not for profit organization in AP, India). we pioneered in low cost healthcare solution and innovative healthcare delivery models. Currently I have launched Mediphone tele triage service in partnership with largest telecom provider in India catering to 180 million subscribers. We are also in a pilot phase of remote patient monitoring for diabetes patients.

Peter Weinstein

Hi. I am an information scientist, software architect and developer, expert in artificial intelligence and user interface design. I invented Personal Video Guidance, a patent-pending web service that uses two-way recorded video to help patients do health routines correctly and consistently. Model videos have metadata for every segment of video, opening endless possibilities for personalization and feedback that supports patients while being super-efficient for providers.

To bring Personal Video Guidance to mobile devices I need partners and investment. I am also currently available to contribute my computer skills to any organization passionate about continual improvement and empowering doctors, nurses, and patients!

Kelly O’Rear

Hi, I am Kelly O’Rear and I am the product manager of AccelaMOBILE from White Plume Technologies. AccelaMOBILE is a web-based application for physicians who capture charges out of the office (hospital, surgery center, nusring home, home visits, etc.). Physicians and staff can use their choice of device (or PC or Mac) to access a rounding list, an appointment schedule or historical patient encounters and to complete new patient encounters. Best of all – we offer this app for free – no contract, no charges. More can be found here.

I am interested in all things mHealth, particularly physician adoption (and barriers to adoption) and telemedicine.

Frances Geoghegan

Hi All! I am Fran and I work for Sero Solutions who are focused on Solutions related to Wireless technologies around RFID, including Near Field Comminication (NFC). NFC technologies are easy to use through the simple touch of two electronic devices. Sero Solutions has a focus on using NFC technologies in Healthcare and is engaged with the NHS, Unversities and public sector organisations to promote the benefits of using NFC technology. We can show in real time carers/ community workers/ security staff etc getting to a patient or service users house with a mobile device and if someone hasn’t arrived at the time they need to be there it alerts whoever you want by email and text so you can make sure people get to patients when they need and if not someone knows about it. This also produces timesheets electronically as people can clock in and clock out with the device which saves a lot of admin time. You then use the app on the device to dispense medication and to see medication schedules so that you have medication compliance and less errors occur due to having all medication and MAR sheets on the device and if a carer changes then they will know whats been given already etc. It also alerts if medication should have been given but hasn’t so again head office can identify why its not been given. Notes are uploaded in real time so there’s always evidence of everything that happens with a patient or service user. For PROMS, there is also a questionnaire that can be adapted with any questions to get patient feedback to see patients are happy with service and medication etc.

It can do lots more but I’m blabbing on so i thought I’d leave it there. I’d love to connect with people that may see a benefit of this technology in their organisation and to discuss risks that can be reduced with technology such as this. Thank you and have a great day!

John Rouser

Greetings, I am a HIT Sales and Marketing professional. Like most of my peer group, I am a man in the middle, with both children that have not left home and aging parents that are now in need of full time care.

After reading through some of the discussions in this group, I am disappointed that my parent’s primary care givers were not informed about potential solutions that would have extended their time at home.

I joined this group to research solutions with a professional goal in mind to find solutions to bring to the Southeast US marketplace. I am open to receiving information about your company’s products and services to enhance my current company’s product line or job opportunities.

Ashutosh (Ashu) Pande

Hi, I am Ashu Pande engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. I’ve spent 25 years working in wireless industry and the past 14 in removing barriers to enabling GPS technology in mobile devices including successfully representing to FCC the case for using GPS as a positioning for E911. With ‘Location’ being ubiquitously enabled in mobile devices, it is now time to focus on the next challenge.

I am starting my new venture in the mobile health space and seeking to use advances in health devices and mobile telephony to solve the ‘last mile’ health problem in emerging markets with a goal to have a village health kit for sub-500 USD. Seeking access to medical devices that can connect using the new BT Smart interface.

Gregory Freitag

Hi mHealth Linkedin Group, I’m a clinical and health technology professional searching for employment in the Baltimore Metro area. I have a wide range of teaching, coaching, writing skills as well as recent experience in mobile and web health related software analysis, development and testing. I am looking to make connections wherever possible and look forward to contributing to your team. Please feel free to contact me, link, or connect me with your colleagues. Thanks!

Andrew Haring

Hi, I’m Andrew Haring from Seattle. I’m a lawyer and most recently served as General Counsel at SonoSite, the world’s leading developer of portable ultrasound systems. We were recently acquired by FujiFilm, and I’ve taken this opportunity to immerse myself in mHealth — the potential is enormous for imaging, and so many other applicatons.

I’m starting a blog that focuses on (1) mHealth legal issues, and (2) providing basic legal information to mHealth entrepreneurs. I would welcome your suggestions for topics.

David Mulcaster

Hi, I work with The Collins Group. We are a small corporate financing advisory group with offices in Canada, Brazil and Sweden with associates in the USA and several European countries. In the last year, we have had discussions with several small and start-up companies in mHealth market segments. I have joined this group to educate myself, network, improve my service to my clients and strengthen our company`s ability to contribute to the success of its clients.

Anthony Pisani

Hello, I am an assistant professor at the University of Rochester Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide. I am interested in mHealth in school-based suicide prevention.

Wayne Hodges, RN, PMD

Stroke Outreach Educator, Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, Jacksonville, Fl.

I work with the Stroke Program to bring current education to EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, and Physicians in the counties of Florida and Georgia which feed patients into our system. I also coordinate standardized patient simulation for Neurology Residency Program. Duties include lay education.

Currently involved in telemedicine project for department.

Hildy DeFrisco

Hello, I am a digital strategy executive and I worked over the last six years with Kaiser Permanente on their web, social and mobile delivery of care with a focus on the customer experience journey. I am currently advising a mobile house call service call WhiteGlove Health and I am a mentor for the Rock Health incubator in San Francisco Of Health 2.0 start-ups. I believe in the power of transformative analytics that show people their health stats in context of their peers and I am fascinated with new self monitoring mobile tools for behavioral change. I see mHeath as a means for an even better human centered design option for care delivery. I am interested in connecting with thought leaders in the mobile care delivery space.

Nick Veldwijk

Hi future colleagues! I am Nick Veldwijk from the Netherlands and will post a small introduction of my interest in mhealth. I believe that health interventions using Information-communication-technology (ICT) seems to be a promising social sustainable way to provide e.g. appropriate health care in deprived areas in developing countries. For my MSc thesis, I stayed for 3 months in Bangladesh, comparing several mhealth programs from Brac, Grameen-Intel and DNET aimed at maternal care and their sustainability/scalability in another context. My scientific results will be published soon!

In August I hope to graduate, so anybody who could recommend me a job/vacancy in this same area in the Netherlands: please do let me know:) For more bio, please visit my LinkedIn Page. Regards, Nick

Arjunvasan Ambigapathy

I represent the Technical Insights group of Frost & Sullivan. Our group specializes in tracking emerging and disruptive technologies developed by companies and research institutes globally. mHealth is an area where our team of experts have a wealth of industry knowledge, which also includes benchmarking exemplary industry best practices and in performing exceptional due diligence on mhealth technologies worldwide. As part of this group, I will ensure to keep you periodically updated on latest research our team performs in the mhealth sector.

Jarret Cassaniti MPH

Hi All! I support K4Health eLearning initiatives including the Nigeria Web-based Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for Medical Laboratory Scientists. I designs courses in collaboration with subject matter experts, researches technical topics, synthesizes key messages, and develops course content. My public health background includes US-based HIV capacity building and continuing medical education in community health centers as well as community development as a health extension agent in the Peace Corps Zambia. Visit my blog here.

I am interested in hearing about how practitioners are applying mHealth and how it is being integrated with other sectors. Thanks David for organizing the group!

Cory McCullough

My name is Cory and I am excited to be a part of this group with leaders in mHealth! I consider myself a driven professional that utilizes innovative marketing and communication mediums such as social media platforms and mobile technology to expand messaging reach and efficacy. I’m currently based in Trinidad and Tobago with the global health non-profit Population Services International where I’ve lead a small team of both internal and external persons to develop our social media program into a robust and integral project that is intimately linked with our marketing and interpersonal communication activities. My leadership in social media has made me a thought partner within PSI global on innovative uses for social media. As such, I’m working with PSI HQ to bring Social Media to PSI’s 65 platforms. I am looking for other opportunities to develop in mHealth in the near future.

Aidin Parnia

Hello everyone. I’m Aidin, and that’s a great pleasure to be a here with you all. I’m the director of a very small independent group called “Iran mHealth” and it’s about 2-3 years working on mHealth in Iran. Of course what we did previously was mostly about introducing mHealth to our health system, and we achieved some good results but because of some circumstances we still have some problems to get into mHealth interventions. I hope that I can use your experiences to solve these problems.

Although, we are going to start a population-based survey to assess Iran health system capabilities and limits for mHealth intervention, which is a big project for our small group. I really hope that this project and its results can help to bring new players and be good motivating guide for mHealth initiatives. That’s it for now. Thanks David for invitation and that’s a great pleasure.

Aastha Agarwal

Hello All, I am a student of management from SP Jain Center of management Dubai .I am conducting research on mHealth Initiatives taken in UAE ,what is the maturity level of these initiatives , what are the mhealth apps being used ,what are factors that are influencing the consumer adoption of mHealth in UAE . I would request some of you who hold a good knowledge in this field to kindly give 10-15 min time fro an expert intervoew which i can have over skype or gtalk . I can also post the question on email id if required. Please help us in our research !!! Thanks

Kat Houghton

I am the co-founder of ilumivu a software company dedicated to illuminating the role of behavior in health. We create platforms, mobile apps and wearable devices for tracking and changing behavior. Our systems are used by researchers to gain a deeper understanding of the role of behavior in health and how to use mobile devices to deliver interventions.

My background is in psychology and family-centered therapies for kids with autism. We are currently developing a wearable device for kids with autism that alerts caregivers to impending changes in the child’s emotional state that are associated with challenging behaviors.

Cassie Arnold

I’m Cassie Arnold from the Silicon Valley. I am a consultant and editor of an on-line news service for mHealth issues called Mobile Health Market News. We focus on the part of the market that will be subject to regulation and potentially reimbursement.

Ed Siemens

Hello. I’m Ed Siemens… You can see a quick summary on my background here… – I am a real believer in the mHealth model as key to improving healthcare and wellness globally… It is a good thing!

Michael Muldoon

Hi, I am Mike Muldoon, US entrepreneur and physical therapist. I have currently launched 2 applications to help quantify movement in an quick and understandable way. Ustabilize® is our balance game launched in 2011. Ustabilize® 2.0 is coming in 2013 and will be a HUGE overhaul from our 1.00. GetMyROM 1.0 is our Range of Motion application which essentially turns your iPhone/Touch into a digital inclinometer. We love feedback and encourage you to download our apps and let us know what you think. Best wishes to everyone engaged in improving people’s health through technology.

Rachel Bratton

Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m a specialist telco recruiter in the UK with a particular interest in the M2M, eHealth and mHealth sectors. I am keen to speak to those of you who would share some time with me to broaden my knowledge and understanding, and also to discuss career paths and possibilities. I look forward to hearing from you!

Dominic Orsler, PhD, PMP

Having worked at Alberta Health Services for six years as director of provincial systems integration, I now work as a consultant in Health IM/IT with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. I am passionate about using IM/IT to improve healthcare, focussing on Social Media, Cloud and SOA-based integration. I am also excited about the evolution of new care models such as people-centred care and individualised wellness plans.

I also like to stay current in biomedical technologies, having attended medical school at the University of Birmingham, UK, culminating in a PhD in Medical Biochemistry and Toxicology.

Chris Wasden

I am PwC’s Global Healthcare Innovation leader and have lead and written over a dozen articles and reports on the impact that mHealth is having around the world among patients, providers and payers. I have led much of our client work with large medical device, pharmaceutical, handset, telecom, provider, payer, and technology companies. I am a named inventor on 20 issues patents, have led 9 separate start ups, and run a technology incubator. I also frequently consult clients and author articles on innovation with a focus on how to overcome the negative impact of mindless Six Sigma Lean process, structures, and practices on breakthrough, disruptive and radical innovation.

Elizabeth Torres-Russell

Hi, I work in the Public Health sector in Australia. I come from a Television production background and for the past 15 years I have been developing information, education resources for both staff and consumers of the health system.

For the past 18 months my focus has been developing solutions for projects that will help develop the Indigenous cultural capability of our 80,000 staff workforce. This will enable us to provide culturally appropriate and culturally safe health services that will assist to close the health gap in indigenous health outcomes.

I am always searching for new tools to add to my kit that I can integrate when developing solutions for clients that will be efficient and effective. mobile technology and social media are a natural progression in this day and age.

Michael Reilly

I am Michael Reilly and have over 22 years experience in UK and global telecommunications with BT, O2, Worldcom, Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom – specifically strategy development, B2B data product development and business growth – including being Director for Orange Healthcare in the UK, with a remit to develop a strategy and set of wireless and application services that improve patient experience and the working lives of health professionals. I worked on the development and commercial launch of two specific services into the NHS (Orange Smart Numbers and Orange Health Gateway contributed to Orange winning the Frost and Sullivan Award for Product Excellence in Healthcare 2010). I am a frequent speaker at conferences including SIMPosium (Berlin), Telco 2.0, Mobile Pharma Summit, NHS Expo, Patient Adherence Summit and Mobile World Health Congress as well as a commentator in various media on issues relating to mobilising healthcare.

I am a Consultant Director of mHealth for DORO AB positioning their device and application portfolio (which targets the senior sector) as an open platform for mobilised health and disease management applications. I also represents Doro as a member of the Continua EU Task Force on regulatory issues affecting medical applications on mobile devices.

Suzanne Bayliff

Hi, I am Suzanne Bayliff, a Learning Systems Developer with a background in Resp. Therapy. I currently develop anytime/anywhere mLearning for physicians. I am interested in providing mobile bsased patient education and disease management tools to our surrounding population.

Jesse Dijkman

Hi everyone, I am Jesse Dijkman, consultant for a Dutch mid-sized company called Vellekoop & Meesters. V&M is an independent consultancy firm, specialized in realizing comprehensive business and information architectures, business cases and expert implementation management. We are also active in the healthcare domain, which I find extremely interesting. Currently we are working on an eHealth product we designed to support people with a bipolar disorder and their families. Also we are in contact with the Dutch army to discus the possibilities of an eHealth application for people with PTSS.

I’m always interested in discussing any idea or possibility. You can always contact me using LinkedIn!

Kevin Groff

Kevin Groff with Dell. We have evolved from a hardware company to a complete end-to-end solutions company. I’m currently a solutions executive for our Mobile Clinical Computing solution targeted at healthcare customers. I believe home health, data sharing, and ACO’s are all key to driving down costs and better outcomes in the U.S. If you have a compelling product or business AND an idea for how Dell could monetize it, I can help get you a healthcare strategy audience at Dell.

I am living the lifestyle using Healthvault as my PHR and take daily BP readings with my Omron. I am passionate about home health care and enabling clinicians to be more productive but with the right balance of security

Willie Kwok

Hi, I’m Willie Kwok with Vodafone xone, a R&D and incubation center in Silicon Valley. I’m currently working as a mHealth entrepreneur intern on mHealth solutions. Our incubation center is focused on finding innovative startups and solutions (including mHealth related ones), offering NRE funding, strategic venture investments, and intense engagement/mentorship to help accelerate solutions to market.

Please let me know if you have any interesting solutions or potential partnerships you may want to explore with Vodafone!

Michael McMullan

Hi, I’m Michael McMullan, currently studying a Masters MSc Business Development & Innovation at UUJ, N.Ireland. During my studies I have developed a strong interest in the innovations within the Healthcare and in particular mHealth.

I am keen to work within this market in the near future and should there be anything I can do for you or refer any of my contacts, I would be more than happy to do so.

Pierre Desmarais

Hi all, I’m Pierre Desmarais, founder of Desmarais Avocats, a French law firm specialized in Health and data protection law. We predominantly assist our clients with their ehealth projects. And currently, we’re lobbying to ensure that the french Parliament will pass a law which provides a specific regulatory framework for mhealth.

This is our website, there’s only a French version now, but we will quickly upload an english one. Hope to discuss mhealth issues with you.

Charlie Young

Digital management consultant leading a healthcare practice based in London UK. Recent work for DH developing their Digital First report to drive adoption of digital practices in the NHS has led us to look at the mHealth agenda for the NHS, where the route to market and the quality of product evaluation is seen as a problem that needs solving.

Stephen Griffiths

Multi-channel transformation consultant providing strategy, innovation and change to C’level execs in digital business units, in healthcare / insurance, mobile / telco, web / technology, and media.

Recently completed interim management for a global healthcare organisation, where I developed and implemented their Mobile strategy (to drive B2C and B2B sales, customer service and engagement), developed their eHealth / mHealth strategy, and led other digital / mobile strategy and innovation projects.

Catherine LeDuke

Hello, I am Catherine LeDuke and I am the Market Development Manager at iTriage, LLC. iTriage is a free consumer app for your smartphone as well as your desktop, designed to help you make better, more informed decisions about healthcare and ease your path to healthcare delivery. Armed with clear, actionable and portable information on iTriage, you can find answers to your medical questions anytime, anywhere; as well as where to go for treatment. I work on ways to engage consumers with healthcare through iTriage as well as improving the patient experience for providers. Visit our amazing web app at, our corporate site at and download the app to your phone today.

Gordon Jones, DHA

My mobile business is currently in mHealth and m911. In mHealth, we are enabling the EMS and medics in the field to start the EMR at patient side as they triage and before transport. The destination ED gets access to the data as it is being entered to include video of the scene. If the patient is diverted, the former ED no longer has access to the data as the privilege is provided to the new destination. We do this on a statewide basis in two states, the National Capital Region and many health districts across the US. With m911 we are enabling citizens to use their smartphones and other mobile devices to make reports of emergency incidents, including streaming live video from the scene so that first responders will have access to Visual information prior to arriving. We provide value back to the citizen through our Vicinity Based Alert Notification system that alerts members in the vicinity of a reported incident allowing them to make a decision to avoid the area, evacuate the scene, or even respond if they have relevant skills to help. Additionally, we are educating citizens to prepare for emergencies and disasters, both at home with their families and at work with their employers. We also allow for the creation of social networks around affiliated groups such as school PTAs, college student organizations, and neighborhood watch.

Stefan Baggström

Hi, I’m Stefan Baggström from Tampere, Finland. I’m working with a very experienced team preparing an effective health coaching solution. The goal of the solution is to support health behavioral changes, coach to customer communications and more. We believe in baby steps and the need for professional support when it comes to changing individuals health behavior for good.

Courtney Roberts

I am an international development consultant working on mHealth and ICT-enabled investment climate reform for the International Finance Corporation. I am working on a mobile data gathering project in the Middle East and a crowdsourcing project in East Africa.

Emmanuel Fuchs

I’m CEO of Bio2imaging. My company edits the web site and the mobile application HeartBeat Rate. Have a nice day

Dave Collins

Hello! I’m Dave Collins. I’ve been involved in software development in the mobile space since the early days of the AT&T “PocketNet”. Currently I am partnered up with Ashfaq Khan, a cardiologist, in the launch of MDEfficiency – a system that allows doctors and specialists to see their patient locations in real-time. I’m very interested in the intersection of mobile technology and healthcare – especially technologies that bring properly summarized information directly to patients and caregivers.

Remberto Martinez

Hi Remberto Martinez from Extensive Life. I am interested in preventive mobile and crowd health. Have a background in Clinical Engineering, Electrical Safety for Medical Devices, SW, Telecoms and now PhD student in Biomedical Engineering for Mobile Health impact in society.

Silvanus Ilomo

I am Silvanus Ilomo, working with Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Tanzania as Computer Systems Analyst and have good participation in development of mHealth in our country,you are welcome for any comment or advice as we very junior to the project.

Peter Morgan

Hi I am an MBA candidate working in the health industry. I work with innovation management and am seriously intrigued by the opportunity potential within mHealth. As Big Pharma look for new innovation models potential growth in preventative systems or ways to increase compliance is of great interest. I am considering starting up a company here in Stockholm , Sweden that can bring new products to patients. There is a new science cluster that is opening in my home town of Södertälje as a result of AstraZenecas decision to exit R&D here so the potential to tap into local talent is huge.

Johann Krocza

If you start talking about primary prevention as the main measure for reducing health costs everybody nods enthusiastically and smiles agreeably. So why is it that public health spendings for prevention still are negligible?

I’ve been in involved in medical technology since 1991, mostly in rehabilitation and cardiovascular monitoring. My intent is to use the converging technologies of sensorics and smartphones and low power wireless to provide a personalized service for people to control their life-style. In Black Tusk we started with endurance sports to show that monitoring hrv and giving direct feedback to the athlete and to the trainer results in better performance at a competition. The same principle applies to every other type of physical activity: Monitoring and feedback give motivation and boost performance. Regardless if the users are diabetes patients, stressed out managers or just people caring about their health.

Andrew Green

Hi, I’m Andrew Green, Director of International Development for Orange Healthcare, based in Paris. Responsible for promoting Orange’s role as a telecoms operator within the health sector in Europe, including creating strategic e-health partnerships. France Telecom-Orange Group’s Healthcare Division, created in 2007, aims to develop ehealth activities in France and internationally, leveraging the Group’s expertise in information and communication technologies.

Elizabeth Torres-Russell

Hi, work for Queensland Health in Australia developing strategic product solutions to build cultural capability of our workforce with the aim of closing the gap in Indigenous health outcomes.

Committed to developing solutions that connect the organisation to its workforce and consumers or client with the aim of providing better outcomes. Passionate about providing equity of access to information, education and training to rural and remote communities, Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities through distance education and mobile technologies.

David Lee Scher, MD

Greetings, all. I am a physician who was a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist for over 20 years. I was a pioneer adopter or remote patient monitoring, which at the time (2000) involved implantable cardiac rhythm devices. I was using electronic health records in 1997 with mobility to my Palm Pilot at the time and have been for years working to connect remote monitoring technology with EHRs. I have extensive experience in the digital health space as a consultant to traditional medical device and mobile health companies. I am Sr. Medical Advisor at Happtique and Chair of its Blue Ribbon Panel which has developed standards for certification of health, fitness, and medical apps. Our mRx app prescribing technology, I feel, will change the way healthcare is thought about by providers. I am excited about the prospects for digital health technologies and specifically medical apps as the needs for them continue to grow, and the quality and proof of efficacy are shown.

Rajesh Dhote

I am based in India and looking for enhancing Mhealth services through telecom operator bringing physicians, patients, chemists for betterment of rural patients.

Shadrach Amoako

I’m young mhealth entrepreneur who by God’s grace will soon pioneer and launch a Medical Call Center as the first of a series of other mhealth services to help my country Ghana and some other African countries.

I’m green quite green in this field and such will need all the coaching, mentoring and or help I can get. Thanks.

Debra Gordon, MS

Hi. I’m Debra Gordon, MS, a medical communications consultant with GordonSquared, Inc. I’m currently writing a book about global mHealth and would love to hear from you about what you consider “must have” components/information for the book. You can learn more about me at debraATdebragordonDOTcom.

Paul Thomas

Hi, I’m Paul Thomas a UK based entrepreneur and co founder of Cupris, a medical device and service start up which is supported by a business incubator located in London.

We’re currently developing several products which interface with mobile devices as well as complimentary apps and services which will hopefully drastically improve the medical fields we’re looking into.

Currently, we’re setting up trials, developing our software/apps and updating our hardware which is about to go through the European Class 1 Medical Device CE marking process (if any of you have advice on what’s needed here, it would be very appreciated as its new for us).

I look forward to sharing our product/service development story with you as it grows.

Divya Sethia

Hi, I am Divya Sethia, Assistant Professor (Software Engineering) in DTU (Delhi Technological University formerly Delhi College of Engineering), India. I am interested in robust, secure and scalable telehealth for disconnected networks in developing countries.

Godfrey Nyomby

Hey, Godfrey here, I been working with health care in Southern Tanzania since 2008 and currently am doing my Masters degree in Health Informatics at Karolinska Institutet. Interested in mHealth given its proven potential for saving lives . Looking out for doing my thesis project in the field. Would be happy to get to know and learn from the field all around.

Mirko Oblak

My name is Mirko Oblak, and my position is Business development at the Mobili company. Our SW solution is enabling mobile monitoring of biosensoric data for patients by using Smartphone. We are searching for partners who are interested in integrating our expertise (biosensors connecton to Smart phones) into own monitoring platforms inside AAL, Medical or any other type of projects. Our core expertize is in the area of connecting different sensor types to a mobile platform (SMartPhone, Mobile PC) trough different wireless protocols. You can contact me on mirkoDOToblakATmobiliDOTsi

Alex Tam

Hello, I’m a user experience designer at frog design in San Francisco. I have over a decade of experience bringing products to life that people enjoy using, with half of that focused on design for healthcare. I’ve designed medical devices, wellness systems, and mobile applications for patients and doctors. I’ve won a few health codathons with diverse teams and I’ve recently written a chapter on health and games for an upcoming book.research, I design, I write, and I speak regularly on health technology. I’ve worked on new products with hundreds of patients and providers so have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t with users in this space. I research, I design, I write, and I speak regularly on health technology.

Yue Liu

I am Yue Liu, the CEO and founder of a China mHealth startup – Mandian Ltd Co. We are building a mobile community in promoting public health and supporting chronicle illness patients in Chinese language. China society is in its mega transformation period 1) lack of human cares due to tremendous social pressure under fast pace growth and 2) new riches asking for a better health solutions. We are IT workers and part of this mega shift thus would like to use our technical expertise (mobile, cloud computing and internet) to improve the life quality of Chinese people.

Aaron Wolfson

I am Aaron Wolfson, rehabilitation psychologist and CEO of mHealth Technologies. I have struggled for years to find the most effective and least intrusive way to measure activity, sleep, and pain ratings for my patients suffering with chronic pain. The ‘gold standard’ in pain management is the multidisciplinary team approach to encourage reactivation and healthy behavioral changes. I am developing an mHealth solution to measure activity, sleep, and pain to document patient baselines to provide pain management physicians, physical therapists, and patients with real-time documentation of their progress.

Tony Edwards

Hello fellow group members. I am Tony Edwards, an independent consultant in the Healthcare IT space which provides business analysis to major health plans. My longer term goal is to continue my career growth my merging my business and software engineering knowledge as an executive into the mobile health industry. With the amount of smartphones available to the general population and cellular/radio penetration into rural or third world countries, we can adopt open standards to easily share secure medical information and diagnostic data to remote locations. Everyone should have access to the best health possible regardless of condition, age, income or location. Through innovation and early adoption of remote monitoring by our healthcare professionals we can improve the quality of life to those in need and continue healthy choices to those that are proactive.

Steve Ward, FACHE

I am Steve Ward, a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE). I have worked in healthcare senior management in the specific areas of hospital and clinic network development for the past 29 years. Recently I successfully completed the deployment of the largest state-wide telehealth network in the country, the Colorado Telehealth Network, with over 200 direct socket connections and more than 400 hospitals and clinics connecting in Colorado. My current company, Virtual Care Works (VCW) will launch its public profile and a new website and product stack the week of November 5, 2012. VCW has completed infrastructure for a national and global health information network that has advanced security (256 bit encryption), unified video communications and other Value Added Products and Services (VAPS) that will increase healthcare access, improve quality and reduce the cost of healthcare. This virtual private network is managed by VCW and Level 3 Communications, the world’s largest fiber carrier. Virtual Care Network is contracted to follow the Level 3 footprint. Security and large bandwidth data transport is core to this next level of care communications.

Jossie Paguntalan

Hi my name is Jossie Paguntalan. I am a Registered Nurse that made the transition from patient care to the world of healthcare IT years ago. I am now interested in making the transition into the area of mHealth as it has always been my first interest. I am looking forward to connecting with those in the field for more insight.

Abubakr Ghanem

Hi I am Abubakr Ahmed, CEO and co-founder of Interactive messaging company, based in Saudi Arabia. My business summarized in the following:

1- Searching about innovating ideas to facilitate physician work and patients needs, so we executed some great ideas and it is up and running now, but all our ideas based on how to manage health through mobile devices starting from manual services ended by recent and advanced applications for all hand set available in mobile market.

our vision to cover total solution for mobile health which should serve doctors through good and effective platforms and facilitate patient inquires through recent apps.

2- try to create new mobile health concept under umbrella of mhealth cloudy, which I dream it include (internet, mobile apps, medical libraries, medical online consultation, and search engine like Google engine search but only for health not for any thing else……..etc)

Adrian Dore

My name is Adrian Dore. I am a mechanical engineer who has specialised in information engineering/technology for the last 25+ years. I own and manage a couple of software businesses which focus on business solutions in various sectors ( and We have recently extended our CABIS business application framework to all major Smartphone platforms enabling the rapid development of rich closed-loop applications utilising the fuller capabilities of the Smartphone in particular accelerometer, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC. We have partnered with medical experts in the USA to develop compression only cardiopulmonary resuscitation using Smart Phones with built-in accelerometer ( as well as a system for the global location and management of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). I am interested in hearing from and working with like-minded individuals and organisations seeking to develop mHealth applications where the Smartphone plays an integral part.

Santiago Hors Fraile

Hello. My name is Santiago Hors. I’m a computer engineer. I have experience integrating medical-specific sensors (pulsioximeters, blood pressure monitors + Continua Alliance compliance) as well as non-medical devices such as the Nintendo Wii controllers and the Microsoft Kinect into other platforms. I worked as a research assistant in The Northern Research Institute (Tromsø, Norway) for 6 months in a EU project: an on-line game for elderly people which helps them to exercise by performing different doctor-recommended movements. I currently work for Salumedia in Spain. My main interest is to learn about videogames for health and the so popular gamification techniques. You can find more information about my background here.

Karen Kenny

Bula as we say here in Fiji! I am a health care professional turned Program Manager who has spent the majority of the last 12 years managing health projects and programs in the developing world. I am particularly interested in the role of mobile technology as a tool to reduce disease burden – especially diabetes. The settings I work in are very diverse encompassing every thing from those almost devoid of all contemporary technology (village settings) thanks to power, connectivity and capacity issues to urban centres with all the modern conveniences. I am trying to push for innovation in the way our program is implemented therefore I am reading posts with great interest. thanks

Amit Lubovsky

Hello, I am an entrepreneur, health enthusiast and Co-Founder/VP Business Development & Marketing at tawkon. My background is in business development, sales and product management, generally in the cellular and semiconductor industry. I have Co-Founded multiple startups as well as worked at large corporations, such as Texas Instruments.

tawkon, a company I helped co-found in 2009, makes an application that measures radiation that is being emitted from a cellular phone and alerts users when they are higher than normal. Our blog.

Sherri Dorfman

Hello! My name is Sherri Dorfman, CEO & Consumer eHealth Engagement Specialist at Stepping Stone Partners. I am interested in how information engages consumers, Blog. For more than a decade, I have been consulting for health information technology companies and health plans on their product roadmap to develop and leverage consumer engagement tools. While working on client assignments, I have been watching the mhealth market landscape evolve. I have lead conference panels and run mhealth workshops to innovate mobile health solutions that are truly engaging, leveraging the collective wisdom of the audience.

I am particularly interested in mobile applications that connect into the consumer’s healthcare, either to help them self manage or to empower them to participate in shared decision process with their care team. I believe that mobile is a tremendous tool to capture observations of daily living, deliver personalized education, provide needed social support and engage consumers in better health behaviors.

Julia Amann

Dear all, My name is Julia Amann, and I am a master student and research assistant at the Institute of Communication and Health based in Lugano, Switzerland. I am currently in the process of developing the theoretical framework for my thesis which will be focusing on electronic medical health care records, with regard to its introduction in Switzerland.

mHealth has already started to revolutionize the doctor-patient-relationship, prevention and disease management, as well as various other areas, and much more research is needed in order to fully understand the implications of these changes. After my graduation in July 2013 I would like to continue my research in the field within the scope of PhD program. I am also interested in collaborating with existing mHealth projects.

Areas of interest in relation to mHealth: health literacy, patient empowerment, information seeking/sharing behavior, behavior change

For my thesis I am looking for physicians treating patients with lower back pain that would we willing to participate in a study. For further information please contact me via linkedin or [email protected] I know how valuable your time is and I highly appreciate any kind of help! Thank you in advance.

Esther Sharma

Hi everyone! I am a midwife and public health specialist (MPH) working on various health projects in Afghanistan, and am interested in the role that mHealth has to play in increasing access to healthcare in the country. I look forward to learning from, and sharing ideas with this group.

Wayne Kelly

After being in the US corporate structure for over half of my adult life, I left my job started my own company and developed a SaaS for Patient Satisfaction/Experience data collection and reporting. HCXP is an entirely green solution that offers real time reporting of all HC experience data.

Now healthcare organizations can use tablet pcs/iPads to collect patient, doctor, nurse employee, family, etc satisfaction/experience data and retrieve immediate feedback and comparison reports.

At HCXperience Inc we believe we have designed a game changer for our industry and we are ready to build the first real time global experience comparison database. We are ready to network and get this party started. Looking for pilot sites for Dec, contracted CSM positions and will be ready for launch 2013.

This is a very exciting time for me as HCXP has been a vision of mine for years.

Wayne Kelly, CEO/President, HCXperience Inc &

Shadab Farooqui

I’m the CEO and partner at CrystalMD; son of two compassionate doctors who have been early adopters of health technology. I believe that the #1 Health app now, and in the years to come will be the doctors mobile website.

Our vision is for every doctor to have a practice (and personal) mobile site that facilitates doc-patient interaction, and makes doctors aware of the top stats/metrics about their patients and practice.

I blog & tweet @shadab. Reach out if you have any questions about responsive design for healthcare, APIs, and healthcare marketing.

Perry VenemaPerry Venema

I’m a Project Manager/Controller at MEDvision360. The current system of healthcare, with its ever-increasing costs in a society that is aging, is not futureproof. That’s why we have been providing eHealthcare and mHealthcare solutions for years now, trying to improve the quality of the healthcare and increasing the efficiency. Our homebase is Leiden, in the heart of the Dutch technological and medical industry.

Right now we are in a pilot with an mHealthcare solution for cancer patients form a dutch Hospital to help them to get fitter and/or looses weight by doing exercises at home in preparation for surgery.

Raana ChatterjeeRaana (Ron) Chatterjee

Hi All..I am from Damco Solutions. We are a global IT company operating out of New Jersey focusing on providing IT solutions for Healthcare sector (hospitals, medical professionals and other healthcare agencies). We have a strong Center of Excellence developed around Healthcare domain and mHealth.

We would be glad to work as a technology partner to setup/enhance various IT initiatives including mHealth services for your organization. In case you have any query, please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] or call me at +1 609 – 423 – 0882. Thanks and regards, Raana (Ron).

Peter KovatsPeter Kovats

I’m focusing my knowledge on the mHealth territory as an international business development professional. My team’s mission is to act as a bridge between the various players within a specific market and help them find optimal ways for starting new businesses and generating growth.

The main areas of advisory services: • Developing, supporting and executing go-to-market strategies • Sales scoping & enablement services • Product/services development advisory services in order to turn products into solutions • Support in creating use cases, case studies, pilot projects • Linking different entities in order to maximize the market possibilities • Help in defining the target customers/markets • Help in identifying the best sales channel (direct/indirect) • Finding the right partners to work with

Industry/market focuses: • eHealth/Telemedicine • IT/Cloud • Telecommunication/M2M

Janet MauriceJanet Maurice

I’m the Web Marketing Specialist here at St. Vincent’s Health Services of Bridgeport CT – We’re a member of Ascension Health. In addition to managing our website and online communities, I’m working closely with our physicians, senior VPs and marketing team to bring mTechnologies and eCommunication strategies to life throughout the health system. Looking forward to learning from your experiences and sharing ideas with the group.

Kay HubbardKay Hubbard

I currently work in medical device sales. Improving patient outcomes and making healthcare processes more efficient are my core goals. mHealth and the business opportunity it presents is fascinating to me.

Leila BelmahiLeila Belmahi

I am a webinar producer at World Congress and love my job because I get to learn about fascinating innovations in the space and invite leaders in the industry to present on our online educational web series. I invite anyone who is interested in sharing lessons learned or best practices in the space to reach out to see if we might be able to set up a webinar presentation to our delegates.

I am very interested in learning about innovative partnerships, creative strategies that scale impact and new insights in the space from which the rest of the industry could benefit. My goal is to provide content that adds value to the space and moves conversation toward tangible outcomes. Please send an email to [email protected] if you would like to learn more.

Please visit this link to see some of our upcoming webinars to get an idea for the type of presentations we have. Please note that these presentations do cost a fee to attend.

Linda GebaroffLinda Gebaroff

I’m a former nurse who changed careers and earned a degree in computer information system. My experience and education landed me right in EMR and HIT technology as a QA Analyst. I eventually worked up to a senior lead on a high visibility project for the UK who were implementing EMR. My role was based in Seattle at IDX which was acquired by GE. The sad story is that GE laid us all off four years ago. I went back to school and earned a certificate in Healthcare Information Technology. So here I have a combined 20 years in healthcare, EMR, HIT and where do I end up? AT&T and T-Mobile testing mobile devices. This sparked my interest in mHealth. With all my experience, pursuing a career in mobile health is the perfect next step! I’m hoping to connect with people here who can show me how to do that.

Roy LaiRoy lai

I’m a telecom professional with 20+ years experience in mobile network solutions, we just set up a new company in China to develop mHealthcare solutions together with China Mobile,China Telecom and China Unicom, hope to work closely with you all to introduce excellent products/solutions into Chinese market.

DIederike GeelhoedDiederike Geelhoed

I am a public health physician working to improve SRHR in Tete Province, Mozambique, and looking for opportunities to introduce new technologies possibly for health promotion and education (for example, exclusive breastfeeding, sex education). Mozambique appears to be just starting with all this, there are several pilot programs (being) set up, for data collection, clinical files, social marketing, though apparently not yet as a linked and connected system. For me this is all new too, so I am hoping to learn from all your experience!

Peter Mas-MollinedoPeter Mas-Mollinedo

I am a Pharmacist and a digital publisher for the health care sector, we publish 19 E-journals and send them to our opt in EU db of 360k HCP in 29 EU countries. We are launching a patient site in 2013. You can learn more about me and my company here, follow us on Twitter here.

I have regularly presented at conferences on digital marketing for the pharmaceutical sector. We recently won a US healthcare award for a project selling without a sales force. Very interested in collaborations on mHealth and patient apps.

International Medical Information (IMI) is a medical publishing and medical information company with the distinct advantage of drawing upon the varied experience of its staff who have analytical, strategic, medical marketing, project management, digital marketing, multimedia and creative skills.

IMI publishes a wide variety of journals in Ireland, UK and Europe covering the major medical specialties in addition to a growing number of online products for doctors, and medical information tools for patients. Continuous product development ensures that our products and services are of constant relevance to the medical profession and non-medical community.

Our core expertise lies in producing outstanding medical content, typically from the latest International medical conferences. Our network and team of medical journalists around the world enables us to gather the very best information in clinical research and development. This content is distilled to provide tailored editorial to suit the target audience.

In January 2012 we published our last print journal and introduced three new digital platforms. Almost four thousand doctors in Ireland now regularly read one of our E-Journals, spending on average 21 minutes engaging with the titles. We are now a fully loaded digital agency providing Content, Access and Platforms (CAP) that our readers want to use and clients want to be part of.

We provide true digital solutions for our clients that not only engage the healthcare professional but add value to the experience. To satisfy the European Market we have recently launched European Doctor News to over 360,000 Health Care Professionals across 29 different countries in the EU.

In 2011 we were the first non-US agency to win an award at the prestigious E-Healthcare awards in the USA. If you want infinite innovation and superior solutions for your next campaign, contact us +353 87 2464977.

Paschalis AnatsisPaschalis Anatsis

Hi everyone. I run a family company called ANATS SA based in Greece. We mainly operate in manufacturing and distributing medical disposables and devices in hospitals and pharmacies. Recently we have started a new project in telemedicine along with the help of a Greek software company, trying to focus more on this sector that we believe will have an enormous business expansion in the near future, the product is called MedCare + vida24.

MedCare is a wireless easy-to use, portable, diagnostic device with Bluetooth transmission capabilities which enables the recording of blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. After performing a test the results are transmitted via Bluetooth technology, displayed and saved on a wireless handheld device (smartphone, tablet-PC) and by the use of the vida24 service the results can be transmitted via GPRS/WiFi to a web-center for analysis by a health professional.

MedCare + vida24 now offer everyone the possibility to measure cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose anytime/ anywhere via a mobile device and: send the measurements wirelessly to the web database vida24 , where they are available 24/7, receive feedback from healthcare professionals, keep medical history and view graphs and statistics, send alerts if results are out of limits.

Thereby, you and your doctor are able to monitor your health anywhere and anytime. Specifications: Simple to operate – no special knowledge required, Small (105 x 53 x 26 mm) and lightweight (58,5 gr), Strips with capillary aspiration, Calibration data acquisition by RFID.

Benefits: Provides the ability for interaction between physician and patient anywhere, anytime, Patient’s enhanced feeling of safety and bonding with the doctor, Improved patient and data management for the physician, Timely access to medical information.

I would be grateful if we could share experience and/or business applications for such a system. My email is paATanatsDOTgr

Michael Brown PMPMichael Brown, PMP

My name is Michael Brown, Senior Consultant with I work closely with Electronic Health Record vendors to ensure interoperability among various systems. We are new to the Mobile Healthcare market and are always interested in learning about the standards developed to ensure interoperability among multiple mobile health and traditional EHR systems.

Art Papier MDArt Papier MD

I’m the co-founder of Logical Images, developer of VisualDx, and CEO. I’m a dermatologist and informaticist with a particular interest in designing clinical decision support systems to reduce cognitive bias. I believe in excellence in design. In addition I am passionate about transforming medical education to include training in cognitive error and the use of information technology. I also am interested in consumer health, and developing tools to educate and empower patients.

Please see and

Education: Wesleyan University BA in Fine Arts, premed studies at Columbia University, MD from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, completed graduate medical training at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Associate Professor of Dermatology and Medical Informatics at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Jason AmrichJason Amrich

My name is Jason Amrich and I am a physiotherapist and past director of a multi-specialty sports medicine clinic in Boulder, CO. I’ve made the leap over to mHealth and digital health and now work in sales and business development for Perfect Fit Health. Our mobile and web based applications are designed to revolutionize and reinvent the patient recovery process. Users can prescribe 3D animated, media-rich, and fully-editable Treatment Plans for their patients, providing a whole new level of care through superior patient education and engagement as well as track adherence to recovery protocols. We intend to promote the best practice of a hybrid model of care delivery which includes robust and engaging mobile content with meaningful, specific, and targeted onsite care.

Joerg von BrandisJoerg von Brandis

Hello to all! I am Jörg von Brandis – for non-Germans: George. Well, I come from the wireless network-side. One of our statements is: Connect anyone and anything anywhere you want!

Basically we deliver global GSM and enable businesses to do the same. Right! Any business can insource and run GSM now. The network with best coverage for indoor, nationwide and worldwide applications. Four advanced features – that can perfect or even replace RFID, GPS, Bluetooth and much more are

> positioning (international and indoors)

> real-real-time data (1 sec bi-directional, worldwide)

> multi-net-roaming guarantees naturally best possible availability

> seamless roaming across borders and networks is the emperor class of connectivity.

The SIM cards and applications fit in any device or can be built in as SIM chip.

It seems that this is pretty interesting for services that usually have to depend on 3rd party to have their services working. This is the opportunity to add “the net” directly, becoming interactive with the mentioned features and to increase revenues.

If you think: “Why leave the money to an external network provider, if we can do the same better and cheaper?” – this is the right application:

Linda GebaroffLinda Gebaroff

I’m a Senior QA Analyst with a background in nursing, a CIS degree, an HIT certificate and many years in QA at EMR and healthcare IT vendors such as Medtronic Physio-Control and IDX Systems testing EMR/EHR GE Centricity. I also have 2 years recent experience telecomm testing mobile device applications, ipads and tablets. I’m interested in testing mHealth applications.

Dina TitkovaDina Titkova

I’m currently a Master’s student at Bioentrepreneurship course in Karolinska Medical University in Sweden. Previously I studied Electronic Engineering of Biomedical systems (bachelor+master) in Russia and had five years of working experience in the field of medical devices.

I came to Karolinska to get inspiration for my future career and I got what I want thanks to seminars and workshops organized by Health Informatics master students, lectures by Hans Rosling and courses at the University. I’ve become inspired by the idea of mobile technologies that can transform the way healthcare works today by reducing costs, providing healthcare services over distance and empowering patients.

I have strong desire to contribute to development of mHealth projects both in developed and developing countries.

Yifei SunYifei Sun

Hey, I am a master student from Northeastern Univ. Boston. I have been working in the mhealth group in the university for about two years as Android programmer. I am graduating this semester and looking for a full-time job after May. If there is any local or around east coast opportunity in this area, please contact me. Thanks

Meghan GenoveseMeghan Genovese

Hello group. I am the Associate Director of the University of Michigan graduate program in health informatics. The program is a joint effort of the University of Michigan School of Information and School of Public Health. Leveraging the strengths of the sponsoring schools and a growing, talented faculty with relevant interests, the program prepares students to address emerging needs in this field. We are preparing the next generation of leaders, innovators, and disrupters through emphases on information technology and policy to support consumer empowerment and population health.

U-M Master of Health Informatics students are now seeking internships for summer of 2013. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn how to connect with these leading edge students.

Dexter WilliamsDexter Williams

I’m looking to transition to the mHealth space after a successful 15+ year as a scientist in the Personal Care industry. I’m a few months away from obtaining an MBA in wireless Technology with the goal of getting into the wireless devices space. The biggest challenge is establishing networking links to get guidance on how best to navigate career transition. I have reached out to a few in this group but no nibbles thus far…. A little frustrating but trying not to get discouraged…. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dex.

Mel Dittrich MartinMel Dittrich-Martin

Good Day Everyone! I am in charge of Business Development for Advanced AV. We’re a design build system integrator fofr AV. Headquartered outside Philadelphia, we’re on 5 continents with our clients. I am presenting to officials in state govt. [as well as various depts] regarding the convergence of technology in healthcare [teleheath / telemedicine]. As mHealth is a large part of the future of healthcare, I’ve been trying to stay abreast of what’s happening in your industry and how it’s impacting mine. I look forward to future conversations. Have a great day!

Craig StorerCraig Storer

My name is Craig Storer, I lead sales & business development efforts for PocketRx, a value-adding smartphone application for the retail pharmacy industry. We work with pharmacies of all sizes, from single location independents to chains, to provide them with an individually branded, customized smartphone app, to offer to their patients. PocketRx is changing the way the modern pharmacist interacts with patients, leveraging mobile technology to streamline the ordering of Rx refills and dialogue between patients and health experts. We offer all pharmacies the chance to economically access the kind of mobile technology which was once only offered by the largest chain pharmacies. PocketRx increases revenues for pharmacies, encourages medication adherence among patients, and enhances the relationship between patients and their pharmacists.

Click here for the user demonstration video

Thanks for the chance to tell you about PocketRx!

Pauline (Duvall) BevierPauline (Duvall) Bevier

Hi, I’m Pauline Bevier and am the Talent Manager at iTriage LLC, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. iTriage is a global health care technology company founded in 2008 by two emergency medicine physicians. The company’s market-leading platform and mobile/Web applications offer a proprietary Symptom-to-Provider™ pathway that empowers consumers to make better health care decisions.The iTriage app has been downloaded over 7 million times and is consistently in the Top 5 healthcare and fitness apps downloaded by iPhone and Android users. For more information visit iTriage Health.

David RichardsDavid Richards

I am David Richards, I practice law in Austin, Texas, with the Texas Department of State Health Services. With the Department, I represent 10 healthcare occupational licensing boards, whose members are appointed for six year terms by the Texas Governor. I have practiced in both the state and federal government arena for almost 25 years, including with the FDIC in Dallas, Texas. For the majority of my legal career, I have in the healthcare regulatory and compliance area. I look forward to interacting with the group and thank you for accepting my request for membership.

Joseph NardoneJoseph P Nardone

I founded an pharmaceutical app development agency, AdMedicus, that specializes in converting pharmaceutical presentation iPad apps into iPad apps that can be distributed to doctors through the Apple iTunes App Store.

Dror Ben ZeevDror Ben-Zeev

I am a faculty member at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center and clinical investigator at Dartmouth’s Center for Technology and Behavioral Health. I am especially interested in using smartphones, sensors, and other mobile technologies for the study, assessment, and treatment of individuals with Schizophrenia.

Mikki NaschMikki Nasch

Hi, I am Mikki with AchieveMint. We are dedicated group of people who care deeply about health. We think recent technology changes will have a disruptive impact on healthcare that will ultimately improve people’s lives. We are passionate about using our technology skills to help lead that movement. We let people earn real life rewards for healthy activities they track on the mobile applications they already know and use. .

You can also follow us on Twitter @achievemints

Brian MackBrian Mack

My name is Brian Mack, and I’m an Account Manager and Business Development Specialist with Ideomed in Grand Rapids MI. My background is in healthcare marketing strategy with extensive experience in senior living, long-term care, and geriatrics, as well as primary and managed care.

Ideomed is changing the game in healthcare solutions. Abriiz (Ah-Breeze), our award-winning digital health management platform, transforms common challenges associated with chronic illness into opportunities for greater engagement, improved outcomes, reduced utilization (lower costs), and most importantly happier healthier patients!

Our initial entry into the market, targeted at Pediatric Asthma, has been well received by both payers and providers around the country. New solutions targeted at Heart Failure, Diabetes, and Prenatal Health among others, are in the pipeline, working toward our goal of offering a comprehensive suite of tools for managing chronic conditions.

Akarshita SrivastavaAkarshita Srivastava

Hello, I am Akarshita Srivastava. I am working as a Business Manager at M2M Wire, which is a media services company in the domain of Machine 2 Machine technology. We are running our news portal which covers global information about M2M Technology like market researches, technology developments and valuable view points of the Industry Leaders. We send out electronic newsletters to all the subscribers twice a week. We also carry out national and international level conferences cum exhibitions for this domain for both service providers and user segment of this industry. We mainly focus on M2M applications in the domain of Health, Power, Telecom and Logistics. For more information. Thanks, Akarshita.

Paivi SaarinenPäivi Saarinen

Hi, My name is Päivi Saarinen. I started my studies on Master of Healthcare (health promotion) at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences in September 2012 and – if everything goes as planned – will finish them by December 2013. Our studies focus on eHealth services.

I’m currently in the process on choosing a topic for my thesis as well as trying to find internship possibilities (truly the best way to learn) just about anywhere in the world! Any suggestions and advice on both matters will be appreciated.

A bit about Laurea: Laurea University of Applied Sciences focuses on producing new competences in the field of service innovations and carries out professionally orientated education, regional development and R&D activities by following the Learning by Developing (LbD) operational model. Laurea’s focus areas: Service Business. Expertise in nursing and coping at home, in the form of general nursing education. Security and Social responsibility. Student entrepreneurship.

Alistair Rumball SmithAlistair Rumball-Smith

Hi there, I’m Alistair Rumball-Smith, Radiologist and Co-Founder of Sense Medical Ltd.

We’re a New Zealand based company developing mobile health apps on the iOS platform. Our first major application is ActiveHub, which allows hospital Allied Health staff to collect patient and non patient related activity in real time. We’ve partnered with the Canterbury District Health Board on this and a further much larger project which we’re piloting this quarter.

Our goal is to build solutions that equip health workers with tools to improve efficiency, accuracy, and the timeliness of information, ultimately increasing the quality of care for patients.

Allison Grainger (Licciardi)Allison Grainger (Licciardi)

I am Allison Grainger and work in the Technology Group for Smith Seckman Reid, an engineering firm, in Nashville Tennessee. Along with infrastructure and low voltage planning for the Healthcare industry, we provide educational events with current topics of interest, (BYOD, Medical Grade Wireless, pharmacy at bedside, OR integration, etc.) Healthcare is being forced to move into the age of technology feet first and we want to be a life-vest of sorts, helping to sort through possible options and even discover new solutions for futurizing their HC system/facility.

Alexandros BinopoulosAlexandros Binopoulos

I am the founder of TopCreations a company that develops mobile apps and interactive experiences for the healthcare/pharma industry (among others). In the last 1 1/2 year we have developed e-detailing apps, apps for medical advisors, doctors and for exhibitions. Unfortunately only a fraction of what we have developed – like “IGEasy” and “cGFR Toolbox” – is on app stores (most are used internally).

Our goal is to excel in innovative and meaningful applications/services that help patients, doctors or pharmaceuticals make their life easier.

Russ ColeRuss Cole

My name is Russ Cole and I am CTO and co-founder of mHealthWRx LLC. We are a startup that is bringing an holistic solution to the market for mHealth, first to the US and then rolling out globally. We have offices in LA and the UK, with a Singapore office opening late 2013. We have had an incredible response to our launch at the mHealth Summit in DC last December and at CES in Las Vegas last week. There are 4 pillars to our offering :

1. A Continua-compliant cellular hub supporting Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE

2. Airtime provided by key service providers

3. Application layer for data capture, user interfaces and data interfaces for integration with EMR solutions etc

4. Hosting services

Our B2B clients can choose the items that they wish to buy and do not have to take any elements they don’t want from us. We can help with product integration and will be making a number of toolkits available. A key differentiator from other players is that we do not on-sell or use your data. We will be shipping in volume at the end of 2013 but welcome discussions with pilot application / device integration partners now.

Philip CurryPhilip Curry

Hi, I am new to mHealth group; my name is Phil Curry; I am a manager and occasional consultant in greater health sector. My main focus is home based care to Aged and Disability clients living in the community; but I also have passion and systemic interests in Deferred Admission and Managed Discharge programs from Hospitals; for all types of patient clients.

I am keen to learn and explore mHealth, and gain insights into Best Practice, and why some mHealth solutions work better in some locations & contexts than elsewhere. I look forward to all interaction.

Patricia SalberPatricia Salber

I am CEO of Health Tech Hatch a platform that supports emerging and young health companies via crowdfunding, end-user feedback, and mentoring. We are currently hosting the testing site for developers competing in HHS’ mobile app challenge. We would love to have mHealth members come to the site and provide feedback/comments to these developers to help them produce better apps that are more likely to be used. Here is a link to our testing site.

Shannon MartinShannon Martin

Hi everyone! Wow, it is great to read all the intros (a bit overwhelming!). I am Director of Communications for two eldercare companies: Aging Wisely Geriatric Care Management and EasyLiving Home Health. My role is education and outreach, and we have pretty active presences online. We do a series about “aging tech” on EasyLiving’s blog and would really love to connect with many of you about possibly featuring your products, ideas, tips etc. We accept guest posts in the right circumstances or we can do an “interview” style. We really like to keep our readers up to date on tools to help them age safely or make caregiving easier (if you visit our blog you can click on “aging in place technology” for some of the past posts).

Kathleen McQuone ElliottKathleen McQuone-Elliott

Hello, I work with International Medical Information (IMI) and we specialise in medical publishing and digital media for healthcare professionals (HCPs). We provide medical education, medical e-Journals and an International Drug Reference.

Our latest project is a new website, that provides updated medical content, medical information, product information, press releases and clinical evidence to healthcare professionals. We have many e-Journals that focus on therapeutic areas and are sent to our opt-in database of HCPs. We have over 360,000 doctors on our EU list. We also have UK and Irish HCPs if you are interested.

I mainly focus on business development and working with my clients to get their information out to the right target areas to maximise their message reach as well as provide measurable solutions to reach and educate HCPs.

Our e-platforms are ideal for the Medical Device industry as we can show animations, multimedia and provide interactive links to content. We cover all therapeutic areas so we have an established list of HCPs who receive our content on a regular basis.

I’d be delighted to talk with you if you have any questions or are interested in using our e-platforms to communicate your product or procedure to a targeted HCP audience. [email protected]

Rachel PalmenRachel Palmen

Hi, I’m Rachel Palmen and I am currently a researcher at I am researching innovative solutions for various city challenges. We are currently looking for mhealth solutions for Rio de Janeiro, (to create more accessible healthcare) Mexico City, (digital technologies for elderly well-being) York,U.K. (reduce health inequalities), L’Hospitalet, Spain, (nutritional monitoring for the elderly).

Click here for more information and to submit your showcase. You have until the 31st of this month to submit your showcase! You can submit your solution free of charge to gain access to major new markets. Do not miss the opportunity to pilot your solution on the world stage, get marketing opportunities and international exposure, gain critical insight and build your track record. If you submit this week I will be able to give you some feedback. Thanks

Kathrin Cresswell

Hello, I’m Kathrin Cresswell and work as a Research Fellow at The University of Edinburgh, UK. I’m a health psychologist with an interest in safety and a background in qualitative health services research. I have been involved in several studies funded by the English Patient Safety Research Programme, the NHS Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme, and the National Institute for Health Research investigating information technology-based approaches to improve patient safety.

Fran McintyreFran Mcintyre

Hi! I’m an Events Professional who – in a previous life – produced events in the ‘pharmaceutical technology’ market. An ex-colleague recently brought to my attention the fast-moving and dynamic changes being made in what you’re calling ‘m-health’ and bluntly, the whole thing fascinates me. I’m here to observe, comment, ask and learn! Thanks for having me. Fran

Noah CraftNoah Craft

I’m the Chief Medical Officer for Logical Images, the creators of VisualDX and SkinSight. VisualDx is the only diagnostic clinical decision support tool to be in widespread use by clinicians. We help clinicians answer the question, “what is wrong with my patient?” when they are unsure of a diagnosis. VisualDx is widely used on all mobile platforms.

We work from the premise that the unaided human mind is not capable of knowing all of the relevant patient data and all of the medical literature simultaneously. We try to help clinicians overcome this limitation to avoid diagnostic errors.

Using structured knowledge and a user-friendly visually based representation of knowledge, clinicians can easily sort through complex medical thought and search the way they intuitively think. Unlike Google, we allow search around complex sets of symptoms and medical history. Also unlike Google, our content is created and updated only by experts.

VisualDx is now licensed by more than 1500 hospitals and almost half of the U.S. medical schools. Our patient-facing tool, called skinsight, is freely available on the web and is used by millions of patients to try to help themselves when they have skin or eye problems.

I live in Los Angeles. I see patients and teach at UCLA.

Andy MaloyAndy Maloy

Hello all, Integron is a specialized service provider that manages, deploys and sustains Medical products and many of industries. For MHealth companies we partner direct with Medical and telehealth companies, Insurance companies and others to manage their complete lifecycle requirements for telehealth and remote patient monitoring programs. Integron is also a premium cellular service provider with 6 carriers to support global M2M deployments.

From hardware acquisition, testing and configuration to image load, equipment returns and end of life disposition, we simplify the process of technology management so our client can focus on their core expertise, capturing vital and important data.

Few companies match our experience, knowledge and credentials in telehealth logistics: FDA Registered, FDA CRF Part 21 compliant, ISO 13485/9001, Prescriptive Device deployment

Telehealth Support Services;

Deploying and managing technical devices directly to hospital, clinics or patients

Both North America and Outside the United States

Direct to patient fulfillment and returns programs

Manage the lifecycle of technical equipment (PDA’s, Tablets, Smart devices, proprietary devices)

Configuration, returns, test, triage, repair, overnight support

Procurement wireless products

Kitting / Bundling

Preparing and kitting technical, clinical trial or Telehealth kits

Kit peripherals for medical indication and deploy to medical facilities or direct to patients.

Bundling-Complex bundling services including capture of patient ID, MAC address capture, pair peripherals, build kits per medical indication.

An efficient pick up and returns program for telehealth products.

Direct to patient deployment for RX prescriptive deployment

ISO 13485/9001

FDA and HIPPA compliance

M2M wireless management services

6 MVNO’s for global deployment

GSM and CDMA deployments

One platform, one API for visibility to all 6 MVNO’s

Provide Transactional, Aggregated and Session data for multiple carriers/MVNO’s

Activate, deactivate, suspend

Let me know if I can help,

Fonny SchenckFonny Schenck

I am Fonny Schenck, and I used to manage the international digital strategy & execution at Janssen (the pharma division of J&J) until I left to start Across Health, a “fusion marketing” consultancy focused on helping innovative Life Sciences companies move to the New Normal. I am particularly interested in how mhealth can create additional revenue streams for pharma “beyond the pill”.

Daniel Couchman KendallDaniel Couchman Kendall

Hi everyone – I work with clients to improve their digital and commercial strategies and help them achieve their goals. Former paperboy turned technology professional with a successful track record in software, mobile and healthcare sectors. My experience is in both the US and Europe, and I’ve worked at large, small and startup companies.

You can find me here on Twitter where I post about things that interest me.

I’m open to networking. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to be of service. Best regards, Dan

Michael SeresMichael Seres

Hi I’m Michael. I have a background in consumer product licensing but have been a patient for 30 yrs recently becoming the 11th person to undergo a bowel transplant in the UK at hospital in Oxford. I blog about patient experiences and the patient journey in healthcare and from there I have now developed a role advising NHS trusts and Healthcare Professionals on engaging with patients via social media. That obviously embraces Mhealth and I use a number of technologies to assist in building patient communities. I am a published author and professional speaker and have developed a health tech start up. You can also reach me on twitter

David MulcasterDavid Mulcaster

I am an Executive Director with The Collins Group Inc. a Canadian advisory group in the areas of private financing and M&A. We are a mid market shop – $5 million to $100million specializing in cross border, trans ocean transactions with offices in Montreal, Sao Paulo and Stockholm. We also have a number of associates in the UK and several European countries. Our group has worked with health IT companies and we see this technology field as a growing and dynamic sector where many new companies will be emerging over the next 5 to 10 years.

Tony Lewis

I am the Project Director of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Information Center. We support HRSA’s mission to increase access to health care and we provide public health information and referrals to the medically underserved. We are interested in using mhealth as a new vehicle to reach our constituents.

Umesh ShethUnmesh Sheth

My name is Unmesh Sheth. In 2010 I left Successful Corporate career and became President of 43 year old Silicon Valley non-profit focused on India’s Development. Most developing country social organizations do not have efficient way of collecting data about their members, and the lack of real time, accurate and authentic data hinders their ability to adequately serve their communities. Ektta seeks to fill this gap.

Our innovative platform is designed to rapidly integrate community members, digitize personal data such as healthcare and microfinance. Using this platform we would like to provide to ground breaking services.

* people familiar with “spreadsheet” based approach to action oriented simple mobile apps, and

* them using “voice” based cloud services.

Our result is unique social enterprise Ektta

Phil JohnsenPhil Johnsen

Hello. My name is Phil Johnsen. I am the CEO of a Utah-based provider of video remote interpreting services (VRI) and TTY alternative solutions. We help our customers (hospitals, clinics, emergency services, legal offices, call centers) meet the needs of their deaf, hard-of-hearing, and limited language-proficient patients and customers. Our patented technologies help people connect seamlessly, confidentially, and securely in compliance with ADA requirements for equal access. Our simple applications load onto any PC or Mac devise, and soon will be ubiquitously availablle through mobile patforms (iOS and Android). You can learn more about us here or for a quick demo of our VRI capabilities check out this brief video. I look forward to the association of the mHealth group and welcome your questions and comments.

Monica Parejo BellidoMónica Parejo Bellido

I am a Telemedicine Master student at Catalonia University (Spain). I have been working in mHealth projects since 2006 with my company, Thotalmed, and collaborating with other companies in health and tech areas.

Sara BuzadzhiSara Buzadzhi

Hi, my name is Sara Buzadzhi, and I work as a consultant for the Health and Development Foundation, a Russian NGO active in public health communication programs. In recent years, we’ve launched several national mHealth projects in Russia, including: Text4baby Russia (based on the U.S.’ text4baby) and a new infertility support mHealth program, IVF/ART School. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Joanna Asia BelcikJoanna(Asia) Belcik

Hi name is Joanna Belcik. I provide the Charge Capture software support for the group of 400+ Physicians in a Hospital and a private practice environment. Although our software is a small part of the whole workflow, data security and mobility could be a big challenge. Currently we support software application on iOS devices, and I’m still learning Pro and Cons. I joined this group some time ago and I appreciate all the great posts and discussions which are a fantastic source of information for me. Thanks.

Andy FlacksAndy Flacks

My name is Andy Flacks and I am pleased to be part of this group. I have 35 years of US Federal Service and currently am involved in Continuity of Operations Planning for the US Dep’t of Health and Human Services. Feel free to connect with me here or on twitter @flacks I look forward to interacting with all of you.

David RichardsDavid Richards

My name is David Richards and I am an Assistant General Counsel with the Texas Department of State Health Services, in Austin, Texas. I have practiced law for almost 30 years with my primary practice areas being Governmental Regulatory law [federal and state] pertaining to healthcare and healthcare licensing, as well as banking law and regulation with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. I represent professional healthcare licensing boards whose members are appointed by the Texas Governor. I serve them in a General Counsel type capacity in enforcement and administrative rulemaking matters which are dictated by the respective governing Texas statutes. I am very excited about joing this group. Thank you. David

Andriy TranskyyAndriy Transkyy

Hi I’m Andriy Transkyy from Ukraine. WEB developer since 2000 year. Also my interest is healthcare. One year ago we made a service for people spending much time in front of the computer. More details

We are actively looking for partners in USA and Europe

Sandra Bempong MPH CHESSandra Bempong, MPH, CHES

Hi! I’m Sandra Bempong. I’m a public health professional / health educator. I’ve been in the field for about 15 years and I have experience experience in population health, health and wellness, patient education and disease management. I am currently a student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health pursuing a Certificate in Public Health Informatics.

Courtney WallaceCourtney Wallace

Hello! My name is Courtney Wallace. I am currently the IT Support Specialist for the Global Health Fellows Program in Washington, DC. I through interactions with our fellows and their work I have grown deeply interested mHealth solutions and getting involved. I am currently in school at Penn State for information sciences and technology. I hope my education, as well as some insight from this group, will lead me down a mHealth career path.

Peter Haigh FHIMSSPeter Haigh, FHIMSS

TMHS is a Consultancy dedicated to planning, developing and implementing new and innovative applications of telecommunications technology. What drives TMHS is a burning desire to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of disease and injury, dedicated to reducing suffering, saving lives and $ at the same time. Peter J. Haigh, FHIMSS, founder and Principal of TMHS has been involved with literally dozens of applications that fall into this category. For almost a decade Peter has been leading the development of “Mobility” applications in Healthcare, taking advantage of the increasing availability of WiFi and cellular network based data services, Peter has focused heavily on conceiving applications for “mobility” solutions which enable new models for diagnosis and treatment.

Philippe Van HeckePhilippe Van Hecke

We create and provide Health guide in audio and TextSMS alerts. We also offer turnkey IVR health guide system to offload triage/nurse line. For more info connect with me at [email protected]

Our partial client list include: Fonemed, Ceridian, AETNA.

Richie BowdenRichie Bowden

I’m Richie Bowden – an IT Professional (Agile and Cloud Computing) who has worked on a number of assignments in different hospitals. Currently in (lean) startup mode on a mobile patient dependency score and care app for use in acute and community medical environments.

Looking forward to some interesting discussions in the group. Cheers, Richie

Jerry O BrienJerry O Brien

Hi Everyone, I develop Sales Channels for Software Companies. One of my clients is GeoPal, Cloud Software, for managing field based workers, including allocation of jobs and data gathering. GeoPal can be used for Home Healthcare workers. Let me know if you would like to know more.

Claire PriceClaire Price

Hello! My name is Claire and I am an editorial assistant for a health editorial agency. I have been working on the MAMA project (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action). This project aims to bring accurate, timely advice to mothers and expectant mothers in developing countries using SMS and audio messages. I research and write the messages for this programme. So far we have a set of generic messages, as well as a separate HIV programme. We are also developing a breastfeeding and infant feeding programme. Click here for more information!

Paul KapuPaul Kapu

Hello, I am Paul M Kapu the Co-Founder of R3DSTAR (pronounced redstar) a Nashville based medical device company with software development and manufacturing facilities in Taipei. We have developed a comprehensive cloud based EHR that extends to an Android tablet that we provide to facilities to capture and collect patient information for the secondary professional markets (Long Term Care, Clinics, Prisons) as one complete package. It’s based off a professional system that’s currently used in hospitals, but at a price point that makes it practical for our target market. Our system has been in development for over 5 years and will begin trials here in the US within the next 60 days with a July 2013 target release date and a cross over into the personal market in 2014. Our experience in Asia also allows us to work with numerous manufactures to provide our system as THE unifying platform for all medical devices, thereby eliminating the need for manufacturers to develop their own software reporting tools. I hope you’ll take the time to review what we have developed once it’s released. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email. Thanks!

Ben MeiselBen Meisel

Introducing Myself to the Group – GREETINGS mHealth COMPATRIOTS! Greetings fellow mHealth-ers! It has been my fortune to work with some of you in the past, either as Medical Director at one of actor, Paul Newman’s camps for children with serious illnesses or as CoFounder and Chief Creative Medical Officer of MedAdvo Inc. My work has primarily been in MEDertainment, “Building Play Into Health” by bringing together members of the Medicine, Entertainment, and Technology communities to create engaging solutions to health challenges. After recently dissolving MedAdvo for the purpose of focusing my efforts on Pediatric Gamification of Health, I am establishing a new company and have been working with gaming programmers to develop apps & tech-related entertainment projects that improve personal & public health in the realms of exercise, wellness, and nutrition. Oh, and Yes, I am keeping my clinical feet dirty by working as an urgent care Pediatrician at 2 practices in Valencia, California. My primary professional interest is to improve the lives and wellbeing of children with chronic illnesses and their families. So, “hats off to you all” as we strive to improve the health of others one disruptive technology at a time. Onward! Dr. Ben

Mike ArrigoMike Arrigo

Hello I’m Mike Arrigo. One of my areas of expertise is advising healthcare providers on use of mHealth and indoor location for realizing cost efficiencies. I work with clients and lead a team that engages with hospitals, health plans and self-insured employers.

I work on multi-channel mobile in this context – iPad, iOS, Android, HTML5, Blackberry 10, Windows …. patients and clinicians live in a cross mobile world.

I’ve served as an expert witness for a Federal Trade Commission case relating to Healthcare IT, ICD-10 access to clinical data and am a contributing writer for Gov Health IT News.

I look forward to interacting with the group. – Mike

Pradeep Kumar SreenivasaiahPradeep Kumar Sreenivasaiah

Hi, I am, Pradeep Kumar, working as postdoctoral research associate at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea. I have multidisciplinary interests and background in healthcare, systems/computational biology, IT, life sciences and healthcare. I am fascinated about mHealth and see it as a next logical step in my career that will allow me to find a niche to consolidate and apply my expertise to innovate better devices in healthcare space.

I am excited to be part of this group and hope to learn and benefit from the leader of this domain.

David BrooksDavid Brooks

Hi! What an amazing group, and a testimony to the power of social networking – such an incredibly diverse, established and engaging group of individuals from around the world all dedicated to mHealth! My name is David Brooks. I’ve worked in mHealth since 2000, beginning with a company called MercuryMD, which was eventually acquired by Thomson Financial (now Thomson Reuters) back in 2006. Since then, I have worked with a handful of other companies in the mHealth space, ranging from start-ups to a major wireless carrier. Like most people in this group, I am passionate about disrupting healthcare using superior technologies. I look forward to hearing from everyone about what they’re doing to change the world!

John FarrellJohn Farrell

Hi, I’m John Farrell. As a B2B journalist, copywriter, and marketer, I have been covering healthcare, IT, and finance since 1997. In 2008, I helped launch, a MedTech Media publication. As Editor of MobileHealthWatch, I provided daily insights into the mHealth space, as well as commentary, podcasts, and other content produced for health IT professionals and health care providers.

Currently, I serve as lead correspondent for Intel’s online healthcare community, which is assisting providers and health IT professionals with the industry’s digital transformation.

Over the years, I’ve written hundreds of feature articles, white papers, case studies, news stories, opinion pieces, and a broad range of marketing materials. My work has appeared in numerous consumer and trade publications, as well as in the collateral materials of several Fortune 1000 companies.

On a personal note, I’m also an award-winning playwright and filmmaker. So far, though, no plans for mHealth: The Musical…Looking forward to hearing from you!

Andy TsaiAndy Tsai

Andy Tsai, president of ReFleX Wireless. We make wireless sensors and management software for TeleHealth applications.

Samantha FeldSamantha Feld

Hello! My name is Samantha and I am working on my MPH degree from Boston University School of Public Health. My area of interest is in assessing how we can more effectively use mobile technology to help individuals change behaviors to better manage and prevent chronic disease. It’s exciting to hear about all of the great work among this group!

For anyone in the Boston/Cambridge area – please feel free to reach out should your organization or company be seeking a graduate student intern or research assistant.

Maurice Preter MDMaurice Preter MD

Hello to all –

I am in essence, an old-style medical doctor of neurology and psychiatry, based in Manhattan, with an international background and perspective, and a fascination with technology. The text below is pasted from:

The medical director, Maurice Preter, MD is an experienced neurologist, psychodynamic psychiatrist, psychopharmacologist, and medical-legal expert in private practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. He also has an active international clinical consulting practice with affiliate offices in Beijing and Shanghai, PRChina, and Paris and is the founder and principal of Global Medical Advisors, an internationally operating “medical concierge” and health advisory service.

Educated at the Universities of Munich, Germany and of Paris, France, he received his postgraduate specialty training in neurology and psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, and is dually board certified in both specialties. He has researched and written about a wide range of neuropsychiatric topics, including stroke, sleep disorders, epilepsy, panic disorder, psychological trauma, and the history of neurology in China.

Dr. Preter is a member of the psychiatry faculty of Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, an associate professor of neurology at Downstate Medical Center, and internationally active as lecturer, medical educator and as clinical and medical-legal consultant. His particular interest is in the diagnosis and integrated treatment of conditions that overlap between neurology, psychological health and general medicine (e.g., chronic pain, dementia). Dr. Preter holds physician licenses in New York, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, and Germany, and is fluent in English, French, and German.

Best to all, Maurice Preter, MD.

Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, Neurology, Global Medical Advisors, 1. Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10029. Phone +1(212)713-5336 环球医疗咨询

Alex Riolexus ArioAlex Riolexus Ario

Alex Ario Riolexus is a public health physician with training in management and telemedicine. He has a keen interest in eHealth

Charlie Hugh JonesCharlie Hugh-Jones

Hi All, I’m Charlie Hugh-Jones, Commercial Director of mHealth for McCann Health – we are a global strategic marketing and communications agency that engages with Governments and NGOs across the planet in public health and leads direct to patient and consumer communications for our clients in the health and wellness space. We are very excited about demand creation in the consumer space that will shape the adoption of mHealth solutions to radically improve access, affordability and the effectiveness of healthcare systems and deliver better health and wellness outcomes. Cheers, Charlie

Allan Brandon Jones

My name is Brandon Jones, and I am the VP of Channel Development for iTriage. My role is to develop and execute sales strategy, process and messaging for patient engagement solutions related to ACO’s and Clinically Integrated Networks, in support of Aetna’s Emerging Businesses Unit.

David BennettDavid Bennett

Process improvement, Simplest, Accurate, Secure for attaching Photo images to EMR’s. Need help: – Looking for Resellers US, Canada and Latin America.

Please review 3 short Healthcare video links below:-

Overview of the workflow – walk through.

Question and answer secession explaining the components in Q & A format.

Overview over all of this solution with healthcare.

Please let me know how I may help anyone in the group, David Bennett, Chanel Manager, Dynamic Capture Camera. RicohDC ([email protected]).

Paul BuchananPaul Buchanan

Hi all, Paul Buchanan – recently diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic and founder of & #gbdoc – a weekly tweet chat for people with diabetes (PWD) to meet, connect, share stories and provide peer support. As a model for both patient education and peer support I have demonstrated that the use of tech & social media can make significant, immediate and positive differences to the lives and management of life long chronic conditions.

As a template the model is now being rolled out globally with 14 other countries setting up local language tweet chats – in the first three months #gbdoc made over 14m impressions and had contributors from 10 countries.

Also founder of Team Blood Glucose – newly launched not-for-profit social enterprise designed to raise funds/sponsorship/grants to encourage the active participation in sports and exercise for all PWD and those at risk of developing diabetes. TeamBG is the official patient team taking part in the inaugural mHealth Grand Tour, some 2100km from Brussels to Barcelona this September.

Actively looking for event/team/rider & equipment sponsors – don’t be shy!

Also consult on social media use and outreach/community engagement.

Beverly CormierBeverly Cormier

Hi. Beverly Cormier, Managing Partner of BioScience Biz. We specialize in assisting companies with all aspects of business commercialisation. Our business model is to “plug into” an organization on a part-time or full time basis – not only writing plans and strategies, but working with the team to execute them. I have been in healthcare for over 22 years; key areas of focus are diagnostics and devices.

Pedro OliveiraPedro Oliveira

Hello everyone, I’m Pedro Oliveira, fisician and CMO at ePharma, a brazilian PBM, right now just dealing to introduce mobile features into our Continuum Health Care platform.

Dana SchumacherDana Schumacher

Hi everyone, My name is Dana Schumacher and I am the Director of Sales & Marketing for HealthStyle Press, a health education company focusing on print and video tools. I’m working on our digital marketing strategy, as we’re exploring ways to convert our current health content into an mhealth platform.

Christopher DriggsChristopher Driggs

mHealth Global Applications (mHGA) is a pioneering developer of mHealth Software as a Service (SaaS) applications hosted in the cloud. Innovative, patient-friendly mHGA applications incorporate retail gift cards and game point systems (gamification/rewards) to help patients adhere to their prescribed medical instructions. The mHGA platform supports short message service (SMS) messaging, which allows inexpensive non-smartphones and smartphones to receive notification and tracking information for better compliance, making our platform agnostic (will work with any type of cell phone). In addition, mHGA is one of the few mHealth applications available in a multi-lingual format. Our 1st product to market is a diabetes tracking and management system written in English and Spanish. Once we are able perfect the platform for diabetes, we will then apply the platform to other chronic illnesses that require daily tracking and management.

Manuel Cuenca VelezManuel Cuenca Vélez

mHealthAlert is a mobile health platform open cloud-based secure architecture, that interconnects telemedicine and communication devices to tele-monitor, collect and sent data from the elderly and chronic patients at home, providing real time alert notification and historical information to doctors and caregivers. This information is easily accessible by any mobile phone and other mobile devices.

Krishna PatelKrishna Patel

Hello! I’m Krishna Patel, a Legal Analyst & Conference Producer at the American Conference Institute.

I created our first event on mHealth and Wireless Medical Technology event and am so excited to see it grow along with this industry! It will take place this April 29-May 1 in Washington, DC and features a slew of notable government officials, in-house counsel, and outside counsel that are dealing with the collision of health law, communications law, security questions, privacy regulations, and business concerns. This was a mind blowing topic to work on and I’m really looking forward to what people have to say about where the industry is going.

You can see the agenda and our fantastic faculty at – contact me at [email protected] to take advantage of a special discount for group members when you register.

Richard BradyRichard Brady

Been a member of mHealth for a while, so its time to join the list. I’m a NHS surgical registrar in South East Scotland. I’m a researcher who has published on mHealth and mobile phones. I’m an app development company owner. I’m deeply concerned that mHealth finds its proper place amongst quality tools for patients and medical professionals

All relevant links on my profile. Best Wishes R

Nick KurljyNick Kurkjy

I’m a technology scout at Lux Research currently launching a service focused on Bioelectronics, including consumer health devices. Always looking to speak with innovative companies in the space to get some primary insight for my work

I formerly conducted auditory neuroscience research at BU/MGH and have a degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Excited to see what the group is all about and interact with others!

Susan MackeSusan Macke

It is nice to find this group focused on mHealth. I am a global marketing leader in mobiles, tablets, PCs and applications. I have brought other experiences to the app world and am interested in how I can be part of making this happen in mHealth. My focus is on the user experience – in this case both the patient and the caregiver – and how that connects to an IT backend for a scaleable application that is easy to use and feels like it is completely customized to the individual patient and caregiver. It is an exciting time to be able to use technology to deliver something that improves people’s lives.

Tafadzwa MusanjeyaTafadzwa Musanjeya

I am a public health practitioner, an HIV specialist and a Consultant in HIV projects capacity development in Zimbabwe. I have a passion for ICT, and believe that although much ground has been covered in public health, so much more can be achieved if ICT tools are incorporated into health strategies through mHealth, moreso in developing countries. My current career focus is on promoting and pioneering mHealth strategies in health interventions in my country. I am currently beginning with HIV programs, with a goal of spreading it to other fields.

Udayan MandaviaUdayan Mandavia

I am CEO @ iPatientCare, Inc. I am very passionate, restless, technologist who understands the business needs of the healthcare in the US and globally. My objectives are to evolve innovative and disruptive technology solutions that helps improve health of patient population, enhance patient care, and reduce per capita costs. We believe in Better outcomes, Lower costs, meaningfully

Greg BrooksGreg Brooks

Hello, I’m Greg Brooks and I’m an Account Manager with Verizon Business in the Washington DC/Baltimore area. My company is working on lots of exciting developements and technologies within healtcare and mhealth and I joined the group to network and help me keep up with the latest discussions and trends. I work with Hospitals in an effort to help them to utilize technology to improve healthcare offerings, security, and regulatory compliance. For more information click here.

Dr Alex GrahamDr Alex Graham

Hi all, I’m Alex Graham and a Founding Partner of Abed Graham Healthcare Strategies Ltd, a healthcare consultancy company founded by doctors looking at all types of medical innovations and startups in the mhealth and digitalhealth area. We provide a clinical and management due diligence service for people with mhealth products and also we can introduce people to our network of investors and VCs for funding purposes. A critical element of our work is commercial awareness and integration of inventions into healthcare systems. If you want to find out any more about the work we do, I would delighted to talk to anyone interested. Our website is, connect with me on LinkedIn and on twitter.

This is a great group, looking forward to discussing any areas with you guys. Thanks David!

Victor Wilson

Victor Wilson

Hello my name is Victor Wilson, I am a specialist leader at Deloitte Consulting and have been with the firm for 16 years. My focus is on technology for Health Plans and Health Providers. Specifically my focus has been to help health providers implement the Epic Care EHR software. This has involved designing the HL7 interfaces from ancillaries to Epic and testing all functional applications of the Epic software. We have been successful in implementing Epic at the most prestigious health plan/providers in the U.S. I am also a developer and I am working on mobile apps to better connect providers to their health care data.

Wayne CaswellWayne Caswell

After 40+ years of experience at IBM, Dell, Siemens and CAZITech, my digital home consulting firm, I’ve become a consumer advocate & social entrepreneur. Now as founder and Senior Editor of Modern Health Talk, I evangelize around Big Broadband, wireless networks, healthcare reform, and technologies for home healthcare as an alternative to institutional care in nursing homes. That’s because keeping people safe, healthy and independent in their own homes as they age-in-place can save the U.S. healthcare system about $1 trillion per year, according to numerous estimates. I’m always looking for interesting mHealth story ideas to write about on my blog from a consumer perspective and for appropriate affiliate partners

Jan OldenburgJan Oldenburg

Hi, I am interested in how tools (web, mobile, other) can be used for patient engagement. I’m the chief editor for a book just published by HIMSS, Engage! Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Patient Engagement. I work as the VP for Patient and Provider Engagement in Aetna’s Accountable Care Solutions organization, and focus on applications/capabilities and on change management (patients, provider, staff) to move patients to the center of the healthcare system.

Shupe MwanzaShupe Mwanza

Hi, my name is Shupe and i am ICT project Manager for mHealth projects with World Vision International and based in Zambia. Am currently working on implementing 2 referral systems in Zambia. Implementation will be taking place in April and am pretty excited to the impact the automated system will have in the local communities. As am new to mHealth i was excited to see this group and thought it will be a good place to see what others are doing and learn from them too. Looking forward to chatting more with you all,

Alan SternAlan Stern

I’m pleased to make everyone’s acquaintance. I’m Alan Stern, VP of Gold Mobile’s Healthcare unit, GoMo Health. I’ve been in Mobile since my days at BellSouth Wireless Data in the mid-nineties. Today, we offer an innovative platform to engage patients via SMS, email & audio including; broadcast, 1-way and 2-way HIPAA compliant text chat that can include PHI. GoMo Health has many unique and innovative engagement tools that are used by Pharma, Healthcare systems and Health Plans nationwide. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like more information…or just to say Hi. Thanks!

Matt WantlandMatt Wantland

Thank you for welcoming me to the Group! I’m Matt Wantland of Heart To Heart Network Inc. I am working with a talented software developer; Abhi Ray, who has created a unique and intuitive remote patient monitoring system. My capacity is Sales & Marketing of this new product.

Heart To Heart focuses on the patient as the center of the delivery model. The goal is to encourage individuals to actively participate in their care. Collaboration between family, providers and the individual is key to success. We are up and running in our market and ready to demonstrate the enhanced capability of our system to anyone interested. Here’s a link to our Introduction video.

Yoon Loong Andrew WongYoon Loong (Andrew) Wong

I’m Andrew Wong and I work as an Analyst for a boutique strategy consulting firm called CSMG Global based in Boston, MA. We specialize in serving clients within the telecommunications, media and technology industries. In my capacity as a consultant, I’ve taken a keen interest in the realm of mHealth and I’m constantly looking for opportunities to keep abreast of the latest within this field as well as connect with individuals and organizations undertaking innovative work. In particular, I’m interested in how remote patient monitoring can be deployed to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce readmission.

Kevin FowlerKevin Fowler

Hello, My name is Kevin Fowler. My entire career has been spent in the Pharma industry. In my last role, I was a Senior Product Manager in CRM/patient marketing. I have a passion for patient engagement based upon my professional experiences, and my own personal experience as a transplant recipient. I joined this group for the following reasons:

1) I am in career transition, and I want to identify the business opportunities/ roles in this growing field.

2) Learn about mheath.

3) Identify consulting and project opportunities.

4) Expand my Linkedin network.

Feel free to send me a Linkedin request.

Suzie MitchellSuzie Mitchell

I am a strategic communications consultant who helps mhealth companies target Boomers, Seniors & Caregivers. My company, Clear Writing Solutions, speaks in plain talk that these cohorts understand. I’m a journalist, author of two books and regular blogger for AARP. My mission is to teach the 50+ audience how health care apps can enrich their lives.

Chanda KramerChanda Kramer

Hello, my name is Chanda. I am the Sr. Director of Marketing and Bus Dev for a Singaporean based company specializing in mHealth solutions for remote patient monitoring. Our flagship product is the E100, an agnostic cardiac event monitor that utilizes cloud technology to connect the patient and physician. We just opened our US office based in San Diego, CA in October 2012.

Wahby WassefWahby Wassef

I am a psychiatrist. i am interested in m-health

Hoda BadrHoda Badr

Hi everyone! My name is Hoda Badr. I do research on patient and family adjustment to cancer. I am very interested in applying mhealth technology to improve patient symptom management and to network patients, healthcare providers, and family caregivers together to improve the coordination of care and support.

Albert SharAlbert Shar

I’m managing principal at QERT a technology consultancy that works with businesses providing expert advice in the strategies necessary for success in today’s rapidly changing and competitive business environment.

Prior to QERT I was VP at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation where I helped develop innovative approaches to the uses of technology in transforming healthcare. Involved with mHealth since before the first mHealth Summit. I was director for IT Research and Architecture at the R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Institute, a Johnson & Johnson company. Before that, I was director of technology services at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, and CIO of its Medical School. I have held a number of faculty positions and hold a patent in medical imaging and am the author of more than 50 articles in healthcare, computer science, and pure and applied mathematics.

Alison BullockAlison Bullock

Hi. I’m at Cardiff University, interested in how technology can support learning in the workplace, esp transition from UG to new doctor.

Hubert Zajicek MD MBAHubert Zajicek, MD, MBA

Hi, I just started a healthcare seed accelerator in Dallas called Health Wildcatters. I’ve been into all things mobile for a couple of years now and finally made the plunge – My background spans, medicine, science, medical devices, angel investments, business, startups, mhealth.

Health Wildcatters runs 90days, 15 startups, $35K investment each by us – mostly expect the startups to be #digitalhealth #mhealth – applications open now. Program starts end of August –

Great group, looking forward to lots of innovation coming from here.


Hubert – @Hubertzajicek

PS: here’s a recent story about Health Wildcatters.

Geoff HalsteadGeoff Halstead

I am Chief Product Officer of Connexient™. We are dedicated to creating innovative eHealth and mHealth Patient Engagement Solutions that enable and support an ongoing relationship between healthcare providers and their patients to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce costs and improve health outcomes.

Connexient’s first product, MediNav™ is a Digital Patient Engagement Solution that combines compelling mapping and wayfinding features – including step-by-step directions or even navigation with indoor positioning technologies – with communication and content features such as staff directories with click-to-call appointment requests, health information, patient surveys, hospital news and announcements.

Our first commercial launch has been announced, with St. Mary’s Healthcare Network in Waterbury, CT. We are about to announce our second client, Norwalk Hospital, also in CT, and have two other clients at contract and a very active sales pipeline. Our parent company, GDS, Inc. has over 350 Major Hospital and Healthcare Network clients in the North East.

We are currently doing a private convertible note placement to accelerate our product development, sales and client implementations on our way to a Series. A. We are located in New York City and interested primarily in Angel investors or VCs based in the Boston, NY, DC corridor. Any qualified investors interested to learn more can contact myself or our CEO, Mark Green.

Sally AbrahmsSally Abrahms

I am a writer on caregiving, housing and work who specializes in aging and boomers for national newspaper, magazine and online venues. I also do corporate communications work (web content, brochures, media kits, newsletters, etc.) for companies and organizations who have products and services in the aging space.

Mohammad Mustafa KhanMohammad Mustafa Khan

I work as Project Officer for The Fred Hollows Foundation in Pakistan. The organization works in blindness prevention in many countries of the world. I am responsible for managing, coordinating and monitoring the Foundation’s projects at Tertiary, District and Primary level health facilities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Other key responsibilities include building and managing strategic partnerships with National and local NGOs in order to support their programs/ projects under the goals set by V2020-International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). I am involved in extensive Advocacy with the key policy and decision makers at various levels in the Government, with Ophthalmologists and creating awareness among the general public about eye health. Key focus of my work is on Strengthening Eye Care service delivery from a Health Systems Approach (HSA) .This involves working with various health facilities in improving Governance, Eye care service delivery, managing and coordination of the HR and technology components. In Health Information Systems, I am managing the first pilot HMIS-OEMR (Ophthalmic Electronic Medical Record) at the Center of Excellence level in a public sector hospital in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Introducing ICT in health sector is aimed to improve quality, efficiency and accountability in health care service delivery. I work closely with the Health system at three tiers- at the Departmental level (by continuous coordination and extensive advocacy with the Provincial Health Department and the Provincial Blindness Control Committee); at the Hospital level (Tertiary and District Govt. hospitals across Khyber Pakhtukhwa) and at the Community level (through projects like School Eye Health Program, Community Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy Screening). I have gained unique insights and exposure in multi tier Program management with a wide range of stakeholders involved.

Sergio PillonSergio Pillon

My Bio… just click here! Biefly I am Director of Telemedicine department in a big Hospital in Rome. Our activities are mostly related to “hard to heal” wounds, COPD and Heart Disease. Mobile is the key, mobile patients (early discharge, home self wound management, remote monitoring).

Lot of lesson learned, from science (extreme environment telemedicine, Antarctica, Mt. Everest, Space) to everyday’s life in a Public Healthcare system.

Ravi AdaRavi Ada

Hi, I am a co-founder and CTO of Medlio, a virtual health insurance card application that provides cost transparency to both providers and patients. Previously, I spent the last two years working on a startup creating a HIPAA-compliant secure messaging platform.

Here’s a recent story about Medlio in GigaOm.

Medlio is currently in alpha testing on the provider version and in development on the patient application. Though we’ve recently gotten broad attention on the challenge we are solving, we are extremely interested in working with industry professionals to understand the implications to these issues. If you are interested in participating in the private beta, please sign up at

This is a very knowledgeable group. I’m looking forward to lots of interaction and engagement.

Cheers, Ravi


Here is a great interview with the CEO of Medlio.

Moussa IsmailMoussa Ismail RDCS

Hi everyone. My name is Moussa Ismail and I am a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer and a healthcare innovation enthusiast. As a recent college grad and an aspiring healthcare entrepreneur I’ve taken a particular interest in mHealth and telemedicine.

John BJohn B.

Hello All You Fellow Net Nuts. Fantastic healthcare stuff out there, glad to see it, before I start pushing up daisies. I curate a few websites:

Designed to be sort of a “Homesite” to show the great things that are happening in Digital Health in all areas and specialities; we need and welcome collaborators, or I will be pushing up those daisies sooner than the big guy upstairs has planned!

Medical Video Education website, trying to organize the fantastic medical videos out there by Medical Speciality, Body System, etc. Will be working with noted Radiologist Web educator, Roland Talanow MD of on this baby. Trying to make it an interactive community, and am in the beta stage on this one….Roland is also a great programmer, a rare characteristic amongst doctors……

Christopher SeniorChristopher Senior

Hi, my name is Christopher Senior and I live in Perth Western Australia. I am the head of Christopher Senior and Associates a design firm who (amongst other things) specialises in building and internal fit out design for the medical professions.

Our expertise provides services for small and large medical groups in Perth and around Western Australia. We are not limited to GP groups having worked successfully with Radiologists, Physiotherapists, Dentists, Occupational Health and other allied health organisations.

We were pleased to be involved with the design of the first GP Superclinic in Western Australia which opened last year in Midland.

Details of our work can be seen on

Please contact me direct or via LinkedIn.

Andy CachaldoraCachaldora Andy

I’m Andy Cachaldora sales national sales manager and lead for Tele Health at Telefonica O2 UK. I’m currently working with a number of CCG to build a tangible ROI with demographic forecast of long term conditions and the benefit financial and social return on investment. Currently providing phase 1 consultancy for free. Have worked on many project from child protection solutions funded by DOH to business efficiency. I currently sit on the board of a social enterprise and have provided consultancy services around payment by result solutions. Had a considerable amount of success with customers winning global innovations award.

Neil JainNeil Jain

I’m a big believer in the data driven approach to ignite change in a persons life (health is the biggest concern to all of us) With the abundance of wearable devices (Fitbit, Fuelband, Lark etc) i’m excited to see startups emerge that provide actionable insights and recommendations for people to better their lives.

mHealth is definitely an area of interest to me, so am happy to discuss about whats out there, what can/should be done to better our lives.

Kulle TarnovKülle Tärnov

Hi, I’m Külle Tärnov, facilitating Estonian Life Science Community, including in google+. I am also leading the elite cross-border accelerator initiative in Scandinavia and Baltics. I am looking for interesting health startups as possible partners for the ones in Scandinavia and the Baltics. I am also searching for some additional possible coaches for the accelerator and of course possible corporate partners and investors. We have developed a new evergreen fund model for health technologies. Happy to provide many contacts from our region.

Maher KhouryMaher Khoury

My Name is Maher Khoury and I am the CEO and Founder of the HMM Group. The HMM Group was founded in 2004 and encloses HMM Holding AG, HMM Diagnostic GmbH and HMM Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH. Our main field of activity is the development, production and distribution of healthcare, wellness and fitness products, telemonitoring systems and services.

As CEO of the HMM Group it is important for me to keep on track and develop innovative products and systems before others do.

We offer different systems including our smartLAB® product family and the hFon series. The smartLAB® products include Blood Glucose Meters, Blood Pressure Meters, Weight Scales and a 3-D Pedometer. The hFon® collect, a mobile data transmission device in form of a key chain and the hFon® plus, the world’s first Tele-Health Touchscreen smartphone are part of the hFon® series and can be used as gateways for the different systems.

The is a novel Tele-Monitoring concept, which will improve the situation of patients doctors and other services sustainably. With a number of smartLAB® measurement devices for different areas of interest, the different gateway solutions and a conclusive plan for a wireless data transfer this Tele-Monitoring system will not only support the self management of patients and customers it also allows a distance support by doctors or other services. With the help of most gateways the data transfer can not only be enabled stationary. Vital data can be measured anywhere and will be transferred to the portal, where they can be viewed and administered.

The hLine Tele-Monitoring System allows services to implement our products and know-how into their own systems. This way services do not have to develop their own hardware. is an online community with the focus of including more movement into the lives of people without actually doing sports. More movement improves the own fitness and additionally the quality of life.

We have made it our duty to improve our products and services to not only satisfy our customers and partners. We also want to compete with others on the market successfully.

Jay Winburn

Hi, my name is Jay Winburn, I live and work in Canada. My mHealth interest is in point of care decision support for health care providers. The technology for this exists and if applied could save hundreds of billion dollars that is spent in unneeded diagnostics and ineffective therapies. Point of care decision support can also be used in countries where there is an inadequate number of top level health care providers to leverage the effectiveness of lesser trained healthcare workers. The work our team has done has been largely supported by Canada’s National Research Council.

Christian GeisselmannChristian Geisselmann

I’m Christian Geisselmann and I work freelance as a Consultant in Health and Social Care. I specialise in Project / Programme Management and service re design and strategic development. Currently and for the last two years I have been supporting clients with increased use and implementation of Assistive Technology Solutions in Health and Social Care. More recently I have helped developed AT Programmes that aim to develop existing AT services within Local Authorities and the NHS but also introduce new and emerging mHealth type technology.

Charles AnthonyCharles Anthony

Hola, I am a sales and marketing professional with an interest in new technologies and how they can benefit citizens of rural communities in countries such as Costa Rica.

Richard FeliceldaRichard Felicelda

Hi, I’m Richard Felicelda. Im the owner/administrator of Starlab, Corp. It’s a full service clinical laboratory operating in the chicagoland area.


Mark StratfordMark Stratford

Hi I’m Mark Stratford. For the past 9 years I have worked in Telecare and Telehealth in the UK and to a lesser extent in the US. My background is with the monitoring platforms for triage and Telecare monitoring. More recently I have moved to work in the M2M marketplace with a company which is focusing on healthcare as one of it’s verticals. The secure transmission of clinical data is key in the Telehealth world. Telecare and Telehealth should not stop at the front door, I hope that the new world of M2M will improve the Telehealth experience for patients and clinicians alike.

Barrie RaikBarrie Raik

Hi I’m a geriatrician in New York, interested in aging and technology. Devices to keep the frail safe at home, communication systems to keep older adults connected with families, healthcare teams and the world.

Robert BurkeRobert Burke

Hi, I’m Bob Burke and I’m a computer scientist interested in transitioning my focus to mobile healthcare technological solutions.

Cheer, Bob

Vanessa Leigh McLaughlinVanessa Leigh McLaughlin

I have not communicated for a while. Welcome Home Health based in the US provides patients post discharge support via video health advocates. Our patients and families love the service. We connect with them for 30 days post discharge, providing them health coaching, medicine reconciliation and provider follow up visits to ensure their return to health. Visit our website

Lauren SpigelLauren Spigel

Hello all. My name is Lauren Spigel and I co-founded an mHealth initiative called ChatSalud during my Peace Corps service in Nicaragua. ChatSalud is a text-based sexual and reproductive health hotline that aims to connect the more than 4.2 million cell phone users in Nicaragua with vital health information and local resources. I recently finished my service but the project is on-going.

I hope to work on the M&E aspect of ChatSalud’s Phase I while I complete my MPH from Johns Hopkins this year. I would love to connect with mHealth experts in the Maryland/DC area as well as those with significant experience in M&E.

For more information about our project, check out our guest blog entry on Frontline SMS and our article that appeared in Nicaragua’s English-language newspaper, The Nicaraguan Dispatch.

Or contact me directly through LinkedIn or through the ChatSalud e-mail account: [email protected]

Kind regards, Lauren

Olubukola OguntuaseOlubukola Oguntuase

Hi, I’m Olubukola Oguntuase. I am a researcher at the University of Sheffield, UK.I belong to the rehabilitation and assistive technology group at the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Health based at the University . I have a pharmacy and public health background.My focus of research is around the role of assistive technologies in supporting self management, self efficacy, independence and well-being, especially in people with long term conditions. I have great interest in mHealth.

Vicky TiegelkampVicky Tiegelkamp

Hi, I am writing my Master Thesis about the usage of mHealth digital apps and the relevance of Branding. I think that in health there is at the moment a very interesting innovative development – there are so many interesting technical developments.

Katie KellyKatie Kelly

I’m a User Experience Architect; with a background in mobile and application development. I am interested in working with mobile apps and startups to bridge the gap between humans, technology, and healthcare. I enjoy making things that make people’s lives better, and hope to one day find ways to make and enhance technology to address mental health and chronic pain.

Ogbonnaya IgbokweOgbonnaya Igbokwe

My name is Igbokwe Ogbonnaya. My company is Heartwells Limited. We are currently organizing an mHealth stakeholders forum in Lagos Nigeria on the 28th May 2013. The title is: The future of mHealth in emerging economies prospects and opportunities a focus on Nigeria. We also want to use this event to assist the Nigerian government to accelerate the realization of the MDGs especially 1,4 and 5. Realizable commitments would be made by both the government and the private sector that would be measured. We have also developed a mobile payment solution that would enable rural people to access healthcare. We are presently creating health and nutrition materials which are deployed to consumers via their mobile phones. We also have other initiatives and interventions that we are currently deploying.

Sean YoungSean Young

I’m a professor in Family Medicine with a background in behavior change/behavioral decision-making psychology and a focus on designing and evaluating products that get people engaged in improving health. I write grants to get funding for health research and also work with start-ups to develop technologies that can be integrated into our UCLA health system to improve patient care. I specialize in creating social networks – here’s a link to some of my peer reviewed research on pubmed.

I’m open to meeting and potentially collaborating with people who are hard-working and passionate about their work.

Kevin PereauKevin Pereau

Hi everyone, its nice to (virtually) meet you. I am a technology veteran with strong intersect to health care. I am mostly focused on helping firms develop their digital assets in the mHealth space. I have delivered keynotes and participated in countless panel discussions. I love this space because its an opportunity to make a difference at both the micro and macro level. While most firms are focusing on using mHealth to improve the health care delivery system (your hospital visit), I believe there is greater payback in using mHealth to keep us out of the hospital and lead healthier lives. Here’s a link to a video from CES’s Silver Summit (I come on at the 7:00 minute mark). Enjoy and be well!


Hi, I am Shady Saeed, VP M2M in Etisalat Group, a mobile operator group operating in 15 countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa with around 139 million mobile subscribers, we are interested in exploring the Mhealth domain to see how we as a mobile operator group can help in the deployment of Mhealth solutions in our footprint countries.

Nick VeldwijkNick Veldwijk

Hi everyone. I am Nick Veldwijk, a program officer health promotion who is interested in innovative models with a strong focus on international public health. My experience is aimed at the use of mobile health solutions as sustainable business models in developing countries. For example, in cooperation with Grameen-Intel and Cordaid, I conducted research in Bangladesh about sustainability of mhealth solutions to improve maternal health (if interested in the report, you can contact me).

I think that local acceptance/awareness within a world of prevaling structures and stakeholders is sustainable to reach sustainable goals. Now, I am working as a program manager at a social entreprise where I am responsible for development of a health promotion strategy and corporate strategy of local academies in 5 developing countries. Also, I encourage social entrepreneurship and bring people together in the borrel of the pyramid in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The BoP is a network organization for informal brainstorm sessions aimed at social entrepreneurship and “social business organizations” aiming at the base of the pyramid. You are all welcome to join!

However, I am looking for new dynamic, interactive, and out-of-the-box opportunities in mobile health and I am sure you can help me connecting with something interesting!

Clinton PhillipsClinton Phillips

I am CEO of 2nd.MD where we connect people across the world to the best US medical specialists for advice and second opinions via video and phone. We serve visionary companies who buy access for their people to our service.

Cristian G MunteanuCristian G. Munteanu

Hello everyone, my name is Cristian Munteanu, and I have an extensive experience in biomedical engineering. In 2011 I have created the first mobile app to analyze moles using mobile devices and automatic image processing and pattern recognition algorithms. The app is called Spotmole and it introduced a new generation of health apps (nowadays there are more than 20 similar apps on all major mobile platforms). I currently work on OB/GYN medical apps. You can get more information at:

Jamal P Le BlancJamal P. Le Blanc

Hello, I’m Jamal Peter Le Blanc, a information and communications technologies (ICTs) analyst. I am interested in mHealth as both an international development question and a domestic digital divide/business model topic. I would be interested in joining any such discussions.

Grainne LynchGrainne Lynch

Hi, I’m Grainne and my company is Healthevents Ltd. I organise conferences, seminars and meetings for the healthcare sector. I have a background in nursing and that provides my interest in any innovation which can improve the health and/or independence of the patient. Having joined Health2.0Dublin I have had what you could call a ‘crash course’ in mHealth thanks to the great group of people involved. Looking forward to learning more from this group and happy to share any information (or expertise) that I can.

Chandrashan PereraChandrashan Perera

Hey everyone, I’m Chandrashan Perera. I’m a doctor in Australia with an interest in mHealth, and am the Founder and one of the Chief Editors of the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine.

We’ve noticed theres been increasing adoption of mHealth as part of mainstream medicine, but the evidence is only starting to build now. Our journal is a forum to publish research regarding mHealth. If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to contact me or check out the website.

Corinne SegalenCorinne Segalen

I am Corinne Segalen, co-founder, with Alexis Hernot, of Calmedica. Calmedica supplies interactive tools for management and follow-up of health-related issues. We have developed a unique multi-canal platform (internet, Smartphone App , email, sms, vocal). The products and services cover reminders of deadlines related to health such as immunization boosters, medical appointments, prescriptions renewals… and development of ad hoc services to help health professionals and organizations, hospitals and clinics to better manage and follow-up patients in ambulatory medicine or surgery or after hospital discharge (transitional care)

Richard MendozaRichard Mendoza

Hi everyone.. I’m based in Singapore and work very closely with IT Innovations in the healthcare domain. I have a focus on developing external partnerships with Innovative companies providing services in the pharmaceutical space. For more information please visit

Adriana HamacherAdriana Hamacher

I edit the webpages for the ICT KTN, an industry-led initiative funded by the UK’s Technology Strategy Board. It aims to bring competitive advantage to the UK by promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing between the users and providers of Information and Communications Technologies, and helping to drive innovation in the sector. There’s an increasing focus on m-health on the site, so I’m looking for new stories and aiming to share news and views.

Harold NeighborsHarold Neighbors

I am Woody Neighbors. I teach in the University of Michigan School of Public Health and am relatively new to mHealth. I have one mHealth research study that focuses on developing a behavioral intervention to address the comorbidity of periodontitis (gingivitis) and Type 2 diabetes. My Co-investigators are Gretchen Piatt (U of M) and Samir Chatterjee (Claremont Graduate University). Dr. Chatterjee introduced me to the field. My interests are in leveraging cell/smartphone use to reduce U.S. racial/ethnic disparities in chronic disease burden by motivating patients to improve upon self-care between doctor visits.

Linda Gebaroff

Although I introduced myself to this group months ago, much has changed. Basically, I was a nurse in patient care many years, changed careers and earned a degree in computer information systems which launched a career in quality assurance testing electronic medical records and healthcare information systems for 14 years, was laid off, went back to school and completed the Healthcare Information Technology Program (HIT) at Bellevue College and ended up at AT&T testing mobile devices of all things then worked at T-Mobile. HOWEVER…… this gave me the experience for the job I now have. I am working at the National Center for Telehealth and Technology at JBLM testing mobile health apps.

J C AdamsJ.C. Adams

Hello, I’m founder and CEO of MyCounsel, Inc. We are developing mHealth technology with specific focus on mental health and counseling services. Our focus is on open mHealth architecture, effective behavioral change tools, and quality measures based on client progress. We believe that greater access to these technologies not only serves latent need in the marketplace, it can help improve many broader societal issues in time. We actively invite participation / partnerships to deliver the best practices from the transforming mental health industry, while achieving true product / market fit.

Lochlann ScottLochlann Scott

Hi all I am Lochlann Scott MD of Helplink Support Services Ltd. We provide affordable or free mental health, health and support services online or by phone nationwide in Ireland and also beyond. We are Ireland’s first online conflict resolution (mediation) service and we also have Ireland’s first Health Directory app for Android and iPhone. I am looking forward to being part of the group and learning about my fellow group members.

Ivonne SchmidtIvonne Schmidt

Hello, my name is Ivonne Schmidt and I am a partner with imagitive in Germany. After studying image processing in medicine and working in the industry with big players, I felt that especially the big players are not the place to innovate.

My mission at imagitive is to bring innovation to healthcare IT in the field of imaging. I believe that with the increasing size of images and very small devices with limited possibilities, the traditional technologies are faced with challenges that cannot be solved. We show that by leveraging new technology especially in mobile much more is possible for physicians.

The results of our software implementations show that a microscope can be digitized and brought to mobile devices, CT’s or MRI’s with a few hundred or even thousand slices can be viewed within seconds on e.g. iPad and iPhone.

In my position I enjoy on a daily basis to show the big players what is really possible in PACS and medical imaging as a whole and see customers and patients benefit from that.

I hope to find more people in this group who go a bit against the tide.

Eszter ErdelyiEszter Erdélyi

Hi, I am Eszter Erdelyi a behavior change expert, most interested in how to help people change complex behavior patterns using persuasive technologies.

I have worked as a management consultant on four continents, co-authored a book on what factors influence the health of an organization and the joy (flow) members of the organization experience from working there.

At present I am CEO of the Feeding Your Kids Foundation where I developed and run an internet/smart phone based behavior change program for parents to feed their children healthier (Website: Users come from 85 countries and we are developing insight into childhood obesity and what it takes for parents to change their feeding behavior. We are on the brink of introducing interactivity and self assessment (game-like aspects) to the program.

Darren Spevick

Hi, I am Darren Spevick an outcomes focused Executive Recruiter, and founder of Eventum Partners. We specialise in recruiting senior appointments for Healthcare technology companies, and have a particular interest in mhealth.

To find out more about our outcomes focused approach, please see

Alison VorsterAlison Vorster

I am Alison Vorster and work for Vodacom, a Vodafone OpCo in South Africa. I am a vertical specialist that focuses on M2M & Enterprise Mobility Solutions for the health and financial sectors. We use a combination of a comprehensive communications, trading and Mhealth platform to deliver solutions in South Africa and Africa.

Dr Chris HendryDr Chris Hendry

I am Chris Hendry, and have a clinical background in nursing and midwifery. For the past 15 years I have been working in the areas of health research and service development for NGOs, District Health Boards and related health provider organisations. I am now Director of the New Zealand Institute of Community Heath Care, based in Christchurch, NZ. We focus our research activities on innovations within the community/home care sector. I have been involved in a number of projects evaluating the application of technology within this environment, with a particular interest in electronic health records and monitoring devices. I am keen to explore the use of this technology to provide feedback to clinicians and service designers on the impact of their activities have on client outcomes. I would also like to see this technology enable patients to take a far more active role in their care.

I am also a member of the NZ National Health IT Board, which provides me with a valuable overview the progress the New Zealand Health Sector is making in harnessing the value of electronic technology.

Xuemei Wang

Hi,I am xuemei wang. I am very interested in mHealth. With economy developing, chronic disease increased rapidly in China. People need a good method to help them to prevent and control chronic disease, including change behavior and how to do best for healthy. I need someone help me to do this work.

Robert CairnduffRobert Cairnduff

Hi there, I am Robert Cairnduff, I have been working in the mHealth arena for over 15 years having been co-founder of an e-learning company that trained pharmaceutical sales reps back in 1998. I am currently COO of 3D4Medical which produces medical reference apps (Essential Anatomy being our most successful) as well as patient education apps and Health & Fitness apps (iMuscle, iYoga Premium).

Cathy SheaCathy Shea

Hi – My name is Cathy Shea. I am Director of Business Development for QuantiaMD. With the ACA’s tremendous focus on Accountable Care, physician engagement is critical to the success of any value based contracting and quality improvement effort. QuantiaMD is a digital communication community, available via web and mobile, that facilitates peer-to-peer education and collaboration between physicians. Think of it as a virtual faculty lounge, with over 170,000 physicians, many who spend 30-45 minutes per week engaged with QuantiaMD.

Our Physician Relationship Management (PRM) application is specifically designed for health care organizations to better engage physicians for their quality improvement and cost-containment efforts. PRM uses a combination of engagement science, social media and game mechanics to deliver critical information to network physicians on behalf of health plans. We have seen engagement rates with physicians grow from 4% to between 80% and 95% after implementing QuantiaMD’s PRM application. Please take a look at this case study presented by Dr. Jerry Levine.

Rachael FrostRachael Frost

Hi. I’m Rachael Frost, I’m a PhD candidate at Glasgow Caledonian University, and I’m studying methods to measure adherence to home-based therapeutic regimens in allied health profession clinical trials. I’m looking at how apps can be used to record this data, as this is becoming more popular in medication adherence and self-management, but allied health research is way behind on this! Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Ana Solange LealAna Solange Leal

Hello everyone, I am a consultant in international projects and I am interested in knowing more about strategies to bringing new e-Health/m-Health solutions to market. Currently, I am also managing the AgeingWell Network.

Kind regards


Ryan McInnesRyan McInnes

Hi, I’m Ryan, E-Learning Director for SHRC Limited. I work with the Health Management Institute of Ireland (HMI) developing e-learning and blended learning programmes for health managers in Ireland. I have also worked with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) on a number of training interventions, one of which is a Manual Handling training App for iPhone and iPad available on the app store. I am interested in mobile learning within the health sector.

For more information you can visit

Thanks, r

Natalie HoggNatalie Hogg

I’m Natalie Hogg and I work in Marketing and Client Development with Ltd. We help clients in both the private and NHS sectors deliver high quality innovative technology products to educate and engage. Products range from logo design, mHealth consultancy, websites and intelligent operating apps.

Websites and apps are specifically tailored to be user friendly, highly functional and utilise cutting edge design and programming to translate our client’s vision into an appealing, high impact product available on any platform or device.

Monojit BanerjeeMonojit Banerjee

Hello, I am Monojit Banerjee, the Managing Director and Co-founder of 3 Vidha Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India. I am an entrepreneur and IT enabler for software systems and solutions with delivery experience in multiple domains globally for 24 years.

At 3 Vidha we are coming up with a Healthcare Informatics Product Suite called V-medsys that will cater to Out Patient Care for the Indian market. Our’s is a Web based solution, that will eventually be interfaced with Mobile applications and has the potential to be evolved for other global markets. We are also exploring opportunities of extending our product for telemedicine solutions by interfacing devices.

Benjamin SchluterBenjamin Schluter

Good morning, I manage all the marketing efforts for Achieve Internet. We are working on solutions to mitigate the pains and inefficiencies felt by the Healthcare IT market. We blog about our solutions, technology development and innovations at

We currently work with numerous medical clients including, Medical Device Company Dexcom Inc and Insurance provider WellPoint (formerly AmeriGroup). Our solutions are built using an Open Source foundation, mainly Drupal, that integrate numerous complex third party systems to deliver an optimized and seamless online platform.

Clement UdediClement Udedi

Hi every one, am Clement Udedi, working with D-Tree International, in Malawi as Field implementer. Our organization develop mobile application tools aimed at helping health workers make decisions. My work involve training health workers in using such tools and providing technical support.So glad to be in this group, an am looking forward to more learning and interaction!

Maria Joana ResurreccionMaria Joana Resurreccion, RN

Hi, I’m Maria based in the DFW area. I’m an RN and most of my work is focused on Clinical Informatics. I have implemented several care management systems both in the payer and provider side. I am interested in learning more about mHealth and how they can integrate with other IT systems to promote patient adherence to prescribed treatments or as a way to promote wellness. Looking forward to hearing from this group.

Sandra Maliszewski

Hello everyone.I am currently at Happtique as the director of the health app certification program. The program is voluntary and meant to assist healthcare organizations, providers, and consumers easily identify mhealth apps that deliver credible conent, contain safeguards for users, and function as intended. By way of background, I have 25+ years of healthcare experience having worked as a registered nurse, family nurse practitioner, and licensed midwife in hospitals and private practice. I am also a healthcare attorney with expertise in the areas of corporate, clinical research, compliance, GME, medical staff issues, clinical integration, meaningful use, and patient care matters, among others. I also have extensive experience in corporate compliance, research compliance, voluntary disclosures to federal/state agencies, professional disciplinary matters, ethics, and HIPAA program development and management, as well as policy management, risk management, and quality initiatives. Happy to be part of this community.

Herman van der VegtHerman van der Vegt

Hello everyone, my name is Herman van der Vegt, partner and co-owner of npk design in the Netherlands.

With 35 years of international development experience npk design translates your brand potential into new services, creative ideas and award winning products for the bio-science, (remote) care and medical industry.

Our best ideas are the realized ones (for more pls visit

Design-thinking and user involvement opens up fresh insights and user experiences and our solution driven approach results in approved and patented products embedded in the most effcient and appropriate service context. Looking forward to get involved.

Shona DArcyShona D’Arcy

Hello, I am a post-doctoral Fellow/commercialisation manager in the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering. I am very much interested in applying the research we carry out here in Neural Engineering to real world applications.

Specifically, I am interested in longitudinal monitoring of neurological disorders. I see mHealth as a way of supplementing the ‘snap-shot of a patient’s health’ the clinician’s see with more detailed information of a patient’s symptoms and quality of life in between clinical appointments.

Natalia BaharNatalia Bahar

Hello, I am Natalia Bakhar, a COO and Co-founder of Red Rock Apps. Red Rock Apps is a startup app developer focused on providing the best quality fitness and health apps for users. The company was founded by several fitness and health industry experts, and plans to release a total of 50 new apps before the end of the year, which will be available on all platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Francisco Larrea SanhuezaFrancisco Larrea Sanhueza

Hi all, I am Francisco Larrea. I have more than 15 years of experience with ICT. I have worked in designing, implementing and management of ICT solutions, in technical and educational organizations. Because of my Master, since more than five years I started to work with artificial intelligence, mobile technologies and cloud computing. So, these stuff allowed me create and lead an excellent start up.

Our solution tackles the problem of prevention, thus vitalizing the population’s health through a Smart Health Care App that detects the disease before it develops into its human form. Thus, we reduce loss of productivity of both individuals and businesses as well as the costs for institutions in charge of the population’s health.

Best regards, Francisco

Tatu PrykariTatu Prykäri

I am partner and co-owner of Finnish start-up called iSTOC. In addition to that I’m teaching and studying in University of Oulu. In iSTOC we are creating a solution for point-of-care measurements utilizing smart phones, machine vision and cloud computing.

My background is in User Experience and I have over 15 years of experience on usability and user centered design. I’m currently in the process of starting my PhD work in University of Oulu at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Previously I have worked for Nokia (10 years) in several different positions including specialist and managerial responsibilities. Before my career in Nokia I worked in several different social and healthcare sector projects building products, defining IT systems and improving processes.

Latest assignment in Nokia was in an organization seeking new business opportunities. That is where I dug deeper into mobile wellness, healthcare and also quantified self movement. I’m still on that path through my job in industry and incipient PhD studies. I’m truly excited about the possibilities modern smartphones, wearable technology and cloud computing are bringing to health care.

Best regards, Tatu

Freddy MunyaburangaFreddy Munyaburanga

Hi, I’m Freddy Munyaburanga, member of the Drug Access Team of Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) as a Regional Country Support Associate for West and Central Africa. We help our government partners to accelerate the uptake of quality drugs and technologies to treat HIV, Malaria and other infectious diseases by facilitating access to better and sustainable pricing. We strive to achieve this goal by helping these governments strengthen their health commodities’ supply chain systems.

Looking forward to having great discussions on this forum. Cheers, Freddy

Eduardo LopezEduardo López

Good morning, I’m Eduardo López, CEO and owner of hIMAC (Innovation and mobility advanced consulting focused on health) in Barcelona, Spain. My goals are to design, to develope and to promote mobile solutions focused on health. Now I’m developing a mobile app to achieve these goals.

My best wishes to all.

#mHealth #mSalud #appsalud


Marcelo Aller CSCSMarcelo Aller CSCS

Hello MHealth Group, Over past 15 years I have worked as a trainer, coach and sales manager with various groups that teach, research or apply technology to improve performance, lifestyles and health. Personally I am big believer that quantifying activity is important to further understanding our goals and problems. Currently I work for Great Lakes Nuerotechnologies which is committed to pioneering innovative biomedical technologies to serve research, education and medical communities, improving access to medical technology for diverse populations, and positively impacting quality of life for people around the world.

Kristina Martinez MSOT OTR LKristina Martinez, MSOT, OTR/L

I am an occupational therapist working with the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center. I have worked in telerehabilitation, assisting to develop telehealth programs as well as web and mobile applications for our service members and veterans with brain injuries. I have developed a passion through this collaboration of healthcare and advanced technology. I believe mHealth has a promising future and would like to be involved further, however, the government has their limitations. Any opportunities out there would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

Omer MoghrabyOmer Moghraby

Hi I’m Omer from South East London where I work as a Child Psychiatrist in a large teaching hospital. I am always looking for ways of making my life and that of my patients easier through easier access to information (e.g. electronic records, sharing records, ebooks) and developing tools to help improve their experience of our service – they are more likely to take on board the important health messages. Would love to connect more with more active mHealth ‘practitioners’. I also am a member of our Royal College Informatics committee.

Steve Schofield

Hello all, I am Steve Schofield country manager UK and Ireland for Vitaphone nl. We are a large European telehealth organisation specialising in utilising blue tooth mobile phone communication technology to automatically record and transmit ECGs with an automatic programmable loop recorder. Our technology provides specifically triggered ECGs in pdf data format, any time any place, to nominated email addresses to cardiac departments and physicians. Our aim is to help physicians immediately identify arrhymias for immediate patient treatment. For remote areas patients can easily be monitored without need to visit the clinician. We increase the turnaround diagnosis in hours, rather than days and weeks with conventional 24, 7 day or implantable recorders. Furthermore, being automatic, patients do not have to rely upon manually recording and sending data. But of course they can also do a manual recording, automatic transmission should they have symptoms concerning them. Please visit

Dillan YogendraDillan Yogendra

I am Managing Editor for HIMSS Insights, the new pan-European publication from HIMSS. I am very interested in the latest developments in mHealth, as we are keen to include coverage of this rapidly growing field. Please feel free to get in touch with any developments you feel should be considered for coverage. Thanks

John RodleyJohn Rodley

I am the founder of Farlo, a Cambridge MA startup dedicated to improving outcomes using Google Glass. Our AngelHack project, aRRTGlass is featured in this Boston Globe article.

If you’re interested in healthcare innovations enabled by Glass, we should talk.

Viktoria JoynesViktoria Joynes

I work in the School of Medicine at the University of Leeds. We have been running a mobile programme in various forms since 2007 and we currently loan all our 4th and 5th year students iPhones in order for them to be able to access learning resources and lead the research and evaluation programme exploring both the usefulness of this programme, as well as looking at the extent to which mobile resources are changing the way which our medical students are learning. We are vey interested in making contact with anyone who is running a similar programme for their students or anyone who is evaluating or researching this area.

Stephen McCrudden

Stephen McCrudden

Wireless technology pioneer and mobile solution architect, interesting in moving into Mobile Health area. Broad experience across industry-leading carriers, equipment vendors, content providers and application developers. Successful track record in product design, development and delivery of wireless services. Strategic and visionary business development, project and product management expertise. Strong negotiation skills with principle investors, partners, clients and vendors. Analytical mindset and detailed understanding of business models. Start-up development experience across an extensive mobile application portfolio.

Experience in leveraging networks and technology in new and exciting ways across the telehealth arena.

Daria BlackwellDaria Blackwell

Hi everyone, I have had a longstanding career in marketing of pharmaceutical, biological, device, and diagnostics products in the US and globally. I have experience in communications with virtually all stakeholders including professionals, patients, and consumers.

We have started a company based in Ireland to teach people who are diagnosed with chronic disease to manage their health in its optimal state while improving compliance and adherence. We expect to take it into Europe and the US after a pilot in Ireland.

I am former President of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and co-founder of the Europe chapter. We’re working on bringing HBA to Ireland next.

W Shawn ConwayW. Shawn Conway

I am an accomplished corporate strategy, business development and alliance management executive with well-rounded industry experience primarily in healthcare-life sciences. I am known as a dynamic, energetic and creative professional with expertise, relationships, aptitudes, and passion centered on bringing progressive products, services and ideas to the marketplace, and inspiring associates to do the same.

Currently working with VoCare to lead the roll-out of their platform in the Clinical Trials space.

The Dose: IT revolution coming to local health care

Elie GakubaElie Gakuba

I am a passionate researcher in E-Health. I hold a Masters of Medical sciences in medical informatics from the University of Kwazulu natal and Bsc in computer science from the National university of Rwanda.

Currently i am working with with the school of computing, engineering and mathematics ath the university of western sydney as a visiting fellow and E-health researcher.

I have over 8 years of experience in software development with special focus on healthcare delivery through IT and i have been involved in different e-health projects involving EMRs, Pharmacy management, Health insurance, Health data reporting ,…

I have a treamendous experience in mobile development (Native applications).

For those who might be interested , I am working on one of big impact projects that aims to provide a solution to professional isolation of healthcare workers in resource-constrained areas through the use of mobile devices (case of East Africa). can tell more if interested

Mateusz KierepkaMateusz Kierepka

Hello, I’m the CEO of the startup MultiMedicPoint Ltd., which is working on the OpenEMR system and adapting it to the requirements openEHR. In addition, we are working on porting all the OpenEMR code to the CMS platform for better and faster development. In addition, we create solutions for cardiology – based on openEMR and openEHR solutions. Our system will be available for private testing at the beginning of September 2013.

In FunApp sp o.o. I’m working on medical projects using mobile solutions, including cross-platform software development (native apps for Apple systems, Google, Microsoft). Currently, our work focuses on innovative solutions for the connection of medical devices with mobile devices (tablets, mobile phones).

As a board member of BoneVitae SA I was part of team which is working on worldwide patented technologically advanced device that uses electricity to the examination of the bones (for osteoporosis test). Currently, the device goes recent series of clinical trials.

In the Igloo / MilooElectronics company we created technologically advanced electrocardiographs, that wirelessly connecting to any device with Bluetooth. Currently undergoing final testing and starting the procedure for placing it on the market.

Best regards, Mateusz

Miguel AntunesMiguel Antunes

Hi, I’m the COO of RedLight Software, a Portuguese based IT startup focused on mHealth software development. We provide process centric software development services for companies around the world and we have started the development of our own Chronic Diseases Self Management product line.

The main focus of our products is the personal empowerment of patients, with automatic metrics collecting for business intelligence and personalized treatment, enabling remote monitoring and service providing from care givers via mobile channels.

We plan on opening offices in the UK further along this year. :)

Kind regards, Miguel

Belen Perez OvandoBelen Perez-Ovando

Hi! My name is Belen Perez-Ovando, and I’m very exited about the opportunity to be part of this group. I really appreciate what all of you are doing in the mHealth field.

My background is in IT, and I work for Voxiva. We develop mobile health programs to engage people and help them take better control of their health. All of our patient engagement services incorporate evidenced-based content and best practices to deliver highly effective and engaging solutions. Our programs support a broad range of health topics such as maternal & child health, adult health & wellness, smoking cessation, and diabetes self-management.

John GarryJohn Garry

Hi, my name is John Garry and I am a recent graduate of BSc Medical Device Innovation from Dublin Institute of Technology. During this course I learned a lot about the medical device industry and the one area of the industry that really excites me is the mHealth sector, as I see it as a fast growing sector on the cutting edge of technology. And I truly believe it is the future of the healthcare system.

Mitchell PosadaMitchell Posada

Hello mHealth Group. I enjoy advising tech startups, I am into Growth Hacking, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, the Internet of Things …and other things completely non-digital for my sanity and sleep.

I head up marketing at Pathfinder Software and we help companies build compelling mHealth experiences that solve big enough problems by applying Lean Startup, UX, and Agile in an FDA regulated environment. Most of our work is with very large enterprises but, we also work with a select few promising start-ups (likely one or more of them are on this thread somewhere).

If you’re into any of the above and or are visiting Chicago drop me a note.


Mitch | @mposada | @PathSoft

Elie AadElie Aad

Hello to all the members of mHealth Group! My Name is Elie Aad and I work for Etisalat Group one of the largest telecommunication Groups is the world with operations in 16 countries.

I handle the M2M (Machine 2 Machine) product development across our group footprint. mHealth in one of the key verticals we are focusing on especially in the African continent.

Heidrun KirschHeidrun Kirsch

Hi! I’m a marketing consultant with a driving passion for technology, innovation, and startups. My background is in science, business, and mobile technology.

I began my professional life in cancer research. I then developed and launched new drugs for a global pharmaceutical company for ten years. Since 2005, I have had my own business ( helping corporations as well as startups to put their ideas into practice.

I´m always looking for collaboration with other innovators in the mHealth space. You can find me on Twitter @mcy_de or via LinkedIn

Laxmikant PathakLaxmikant Pathak (LP)

I am a New Business Development Manager at Qualcomm Inc in India. I am figuring out what we can do in mHealth or Connected Health sector.

Andy DAmoreAndy D’Amore

Hello to all of the mHealth group! My name is Andy D’Amore, regional manager at SoftServe where we focus on the healthcare industry (enterprise, device and embedded).

I’ve joined this group to stay up to speed with the pulse of mobility and healthcare as it transforms itself over the technology hype curve into reality. It’s of great personal (due to family and relatives who benefit from it) and professional interest to me and I hope to be fortunate enough to contribute to the discussions as well.

Warmest Regards,


Osama Elhassan

Osama Elhassan

My name is Osama Elhassan, I hold a PhD in Software Architecture from University of Licester, UK and I lead the eHealth initiative in the emirate of Dubai. Currently, we are aiming to establish a Health information Backbone project which allows sharing health data across public and private healthcare providers.

David SnyderDavid Snyder

I provide leadership for new product development and implementation in healthcare technology. Located in Silicon Valley, I organize meetings for the SVForum Healthcare IT SIG and am organizing a Mobile Health Track for a large mobile conference in October 2013 in San Francisco.

Member of the winning team at the Stanford Medical Center StartX Medical Innovation Challenge in February 2013.

Worked as a Respiratory Therapist in Intensive Care Units, trained as a Civil Engineer and MBA. Experience at Kaiser Permanente, Apple, PayPal, and others.

Angelica KhachaturovaAngelica Khachaturova

Hello everyone, My name is Angelica Khachaturov and I am BD and Account manager of LabStyle Innovations. Our company developed Dario – a diabetes management system including mobile app, web app, smartphone driven glucose meter and strong cloud computing. This youtube video shows how it works.

We are right about launching Dario in Europe and are open to discuss potential cooperation.

Alexander RosadoAlexander Rosado

I am a new doctoral student who is interested in mHealth and its possibilities in developing markets and my local region of Puerto Rico and Latin America. Since 1994 I have worked in telecommunications and from 1999 owned Ready To Talk; a retailer of mobile phones and accessories. Since i will be dedicating all my effort full time for this studies; I will be closing the retail location and in a few years re-open the company offering solutions in mobile health in my local market of Puerto Rico and for Latin America. Interested in building alliances for collaboration in research and future business ventures. Interests in development, implementation,audits, risk assessments, fraud and compliance with regulations.

My background is in accounting, finance and my graduate studies will follow International Trade and Business.

You can contact me thru Linkedin or at [email protected], [email protected] or at the university at [email protected]

Dr Cameron SepahDr. Cameron Sepah

Hi there, I’m Cameron Sepah. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialty in behavioral medicine, and now apply my expertise to developing and consulting on behavior change technology.

I work as the Medical Director of Omada Health. We’re a Silicon Valley digital health startup that designs evidence-based programs to prevent disease. Our flagship product is Prevent, an online version of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) clinical trial, that helps people with prediabetes reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Prevent matches participants into small groups in a private online social network, where they receive social support from each other and a professional health coach who provides personalized feedback. Participants are provided digital tools such as a wireless weight scale and pedometer, and complete an initial 16-week evidence-based curriculum to improve their diet and exercise and lose 7% of their body weight (shown to reduce diabetes risk). Participants then graduate into the 12-month follow-up program to maintain their healthy behaviors and weight loss. Our preliminary results show that Prevent is able to achieve and maintain clinically-significant weight loss, and we are continually improving our program and plan to develop more behavioral health products.

Shivani PatelShivani Patel

Hi, I’m Shivani Patel. I am doing mobile strategy and development for an insurance company as it relates to the various consistuents in healthcare.

Amir H GhapanchiAmir H. Ghapanchi

I am a faculty member at the School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, Australia. I obtained his PhD in Information Systems and Health Informatics from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Currently, I am a section editor for Australasian Journal of Information Systems. I have served in several national information system projects. My main research interests includes medical informatics, and currently I am editing a book titled “Healthcare Informatics and Analytics: Emerging Issues and Trends”. I have published in several prestigious management and information system journals such as Information & Organization, International Journal of Project Management, Journal of Systems and Software, International Journal of Information Management, and Electronic Markets.

Rajeswari Mandava

Hi I am an University academic working in medical imaging. My group’s interest in mobile medical imaging has lead to Endeavor – an android based medical image viewer. Our interest in mHealth is in the research and development of image related mHealth solutions.

Olivier KoechlinOlivier Koechlin

I am a managing director of Fraser Finance, a London based investment bank firm specialised in cross borders mergers and acquisitions. We have a strong experience in working wiht companies on transactions between $20m and $200m in both digital media and healthcare. As the partner in charge of healthcare, I look to keep an close eye on the mHealth sector as we see it as a very strong growth sector and spot both trends and promising companies.

Andres Felipe ValenciaAndrés Felipe Valencia Gómez

Hi, i’m a entrepreneur in Latin America (Colombia), since 7 year have created various technologies, now (in my third start up) i’m dedicated to Patient Relationship Management and teleheath apps. There are a lot of opportunities in my country (Health care reform, very big market space)

I’m looking to share experiences, investors and partners in South America.

Simon Sikorski MDSimon Sikorski, M.D.

Physician Entrepreneur developing a network for LIVE networking events for Healthcare IT, mHealth, eHealth, medical devices, payors, pharma, hospitals, clinicians, investors, and millions of other professionals interested in healthcare innovation. It’s not a venue for companies developing “apps” just for the public but rather those working on reducing cost of care, making health care accessible, and changing the way medicine is practiced.

Our website:

Healthcare Pioneer LinkedIN Groups:

1) Digital Healthcare Network

2) m-Health, e-Health & Medical Devices Alliance

3) Healthcare Pioneers

4) Healthcare Marketing Center

5) U.S. Medical Device Startups

Sanjay SharmaSanjay Sharma

Hi. Dr. Sanjay Sharma, a surgeon, with focus on diabetes / care management apart form my routine surgeries. my company web link –

Martin WulfeMartin Wulfe

My name is Martin Wulfe, and I work at Westat, currently on the FEEDBACK project, the monitoring and evaluation component of the Feed the Future program. I was previously with Macro International working as a data processing specialist with the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) project.

My interest in this group is the collection of health-related data in comprehensive surveys in the developing world using mobile devices

Emmanuel OwobuEmmanuel Owobu

I am Emmanuel Owobu. I am excited to be here. I am currently the mhealth consultant and rep to Charles-Loto Healthcare Development and Research Organisation. I have written a lot of mhealth articles too.

Christina BrownChristina Brown

Hi, I am Chris Brown with Apollidon Learning. We develop successful online programs by utilizing a market research focus, industry knowledge and an understanding of key trends affecting higher education. We promote S.T.E.M graduate programs in the areas of medicine, and engineering. Our company identifies potential learners and reaches them through strategic, ethical marketing. Feel free to contact me and for more information go to

Michael LarinMichael Larin

Hello all! My name is Michael Larin and I am a recent computer science graduate looking to enter the digital health field, focusing on emerging technology. My research focus in school was primarily on bioinformatics and databases, but I also focused greatly on the ethical and privacy issues concerning biomedicine and ICT, as well as, studying the causes of technological failures. Canada still lags behind other OECD members when it comes to the applications of digital health, but the momentum is there.

Norman LillyNorman Lilly

Hi all, I am a consultant AT specialising in VI, however I have recently been working on a project that has taken me into the Tele-Care/Tele-health arena’s, a very interesting area indeed.

The company that I have researched this project for are about to launch a non technical App on a Tablet that will allow simplified communication between families and carers, such as SMS/Video calling with one touch of the screen, this borders on the dementia area of health and care. They will be adding Tele-care functionality and looking to add tele-health in the future, so I am looking into what we can add and of NHS N3 networks.

Not sure I will let myself in for saying this, but if anyone has a new heath type App that they are looking to move into the market give me a heads up!

Kanjani ShuklaKanjani Shukla

Hello! I’m the project coordinator of a collaborative research study called ISHKonnect. One of our aims is to do online interviews with professionals who have experience working on mHealth technologies in India.

During the interview our goal is to learn more about the mHealth landscape in India and to learn from your experience. Here is our study website. Click here if you’re interested in participating in an interview.

Ashutish PrasadAshutosh Prasad

Conscientious consultant here to learn from and share with the mHealth community.


Jonathan PayneJonathan Payne

Hi all, I work primarily in low-resource settings on the effective integration and adoption of information and communications technologies (ICT) for health system strengthening. I’ve designed and implemented mobile health interventions for community health workers providing maternal-child health, infectious disease, chronic disease, and mental health follow up with D-tree International in India, Malawi and Tanzania and Partners In Health in Haiti, Rwanda and Mexico. I founded the Maternal Concept Lab (MCL) to lower barriers to effective use of electronic health information to enable interoperability and continuity of care. MCL is developing the first cloud-based, community-supported health terminology service targeting low- and middle-income country use cases. I’m a contributing member of the Health Level 7 LMIC mHealth Workgroup and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 215 on Health Informatics. I’m also Co-Chair of the USAID initiative mPowering Frontline Workers Content Task Force.

Currently, I lead a grant from the mHealth Alliance to develop a core dataset for community-based maternal-child mHealth projects in partnership with the Government of Rwanda, Grameen Foundation in Ghana, and Dimagi in India. I am also leading the mHealth Alliance’s partnership with the Government of Nigeria to strengthen the enabling environment to support the scale up of ICTs within the Saving One Million Lives initiative.

I look forward to meeting folks in the group…



Gordon CressmanGordon Cressman

Hi. My name is Gordon Cressman, and I am the Senior Director of the International ICT Program at RTI International. I lead and experienced team of professionals applying information and communication technology (ICT) to international development challenges. Much of our work is in mHealth, including national eHealth strategy and capacity building, disease surveillance and response, electronic medical records and case management, pharmaceutical supply management, and behavior change communication. Visit and to learn more about our work.

Jovanna Bost

Hello. My name is Jovanna Bost and I am the Vice President of Market Development and Business Relations for the The Domann Organization.

The Domann Organization, Leadership for the Life Sciences, founded in 1988, has built our practice on knowledge, cultivation, and leadership development. Since inception Domann has focused exclusively on building executive teams for Life Sciences including mHealth. We primarily work with start-ups and the venture community in recruiting key leadership to drive their companies to the next phase of success.

We are committed to partnering with our clients to guarantee delivery of the greatest asset: human capital. Domann provides retained search services at the Board, Advisor, C-level and select VP assignments and works internationally from our four US based offices; San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, Columbia, MD and Madison WI.

I look forward to our continued communications and learning more about you. Thank you.

Scott Barrows

Hi! My name is Scott Barrows, and I have been the Vice-President of a digital medical education company and the head of a graduate program in biomedical visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center. Working with a number of Fortune 500 companies in health care, professional medical societies and some of the top medical schools in the US and Canada, my interest is in visual learning, telemedicine, interactive learning, medical simulation, advanced medical visualization/imaging and professional/patient education. While health education has come a long way in the last 10 years, it still is missing a majority of the population because of poor information delivery. Most people are visual learners and the technology is available, but few businesses and industries are using it to the potential. Happy to discuss more, and I look forward to exchanges with others!

Justin KahnJustin Kahn

Hi. My name is Justin Kahn. I have a background in business development and strategic consulting. I am the CEO of TruClinic, llc.

TruClinic is a cloud based telehealth portal that enables healthcare networks, provider groups and specialty practices to offer cost-effective software solutions through which providers can deliver a confidential, easy to use, high quality interactive patient experience and make healthcare accessible to anyone, anywhere.

The company has successfully engaged in several pilots, has received grants for needs assessments and feasibility studies, and has clients in both the public and private sectors.

If you have questions or would like a demonstration, please let me know. Thanks!

Abed El Hafiz El Masri

My name is Abed am based in Abu Dhabi work for Tawam Hospital in affiliation with johns hopkins medicine as multimedia specialist one of my tasks is to facilitate and coordinate from UAE all Knowledge transfer sessions between Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and Tawam Hospital UAE and also between Tawam and other SEHA facilities such as CME, CNE etc.

Meaghan EarlyMeaghan Early

My name is Meaghan, I am the Director of Accounts for Validic. We have created a solution to help companies aggregate all of the data from mhealth apps and devices directly into their systems with one simple connection to us. Would love to connect with others in the space!

Chris VissmanChris Vissman

Greetings, I’m Christopher Vissman from Nashville, TN. My background is in medical diagnostic and health information technology. I’m a captivated by the technologies that empower patients and bring actionable data to providers to further enhance the quality of life and care of patients.

My company is downsizing and I am seeking new opportunities in business development. If your are seeking to expand or want to bring your product/service to market please reach out to me.

Gene VayngribGene Vayngrib

I am a founder of Urbien where we help apps become plug compatible with others apps and mHealth devices. Health tracking devices and apps collect amazing data, but they are hard to put together, as is well explained in this ReadWriteWeb article.

I think we can make sense of all our data without a central database, using a smart peer-to-peer (P2P) network. This is what we are building in the open, join us at

Annika OsterdahlAnnika Österdahl

I work at a small Swedish IVD company developing point of care solutions, foremost for blood samples. Analyzes can be made with app. Looking forward to follow the group and discussions.

Paul WilliamsPaul Williams

I work for an company that specialises in social and organisational behaviour change and my current focus is which is a platform designed to help individuals and groups to take greater control of their health and well being, improve health outcomes and reduce demand on services. It is an ongoing development, so your views and comments about Puffell would be very much appreciated.

Tim SissonsTim Sissons

I am Tim Sissons, originally from Christchurch New Zealand and now based in Baltimore, MD. I have recently completed an MBA at Hopkins and currently work for Walgreens developing healthcare solutions for their clinic business. With the underlying theme to this business unit (and may of the comments above) being access to healthcare, I’m very interested in seeing the mHealth solutions people are creating as a means of improving health outcomes at both the individual and population level. I am very interested in following this discussion.

Michelle HolsmanMichelle Holsman

Hi! I’m Michelle Holsman. I’m the education co-ordinator at the Wellbeing Institute of Australia. I’m very much interested in how technology is transforming the healthcare industry to promote personalised medicine and become more patient-centric. As we are only now beginning to understand the potential impact of Big Data, I’m interested to see how this can be embraced to promote patient understanding and improve communication.

Falvio FaunatalFlavio Faunatal

Hi, everyone! My mame is Flávio Pimentel from Brazil.

I am a physician and work in emergency room. I am starting a personal project to create an emergency medicine decision support system in diagnosis and treatment for smartphone and smartglass.

Andrew MitchellAndrew Mitchell

My name is Dr Andrew Mitchell. I am a Cardiologist in Jersey, Channel Islands and Oxford, United Kingdom. We have recently set up a new online heart screening company in Jersey called Heart for Life to allow members of the public to get quick heart checks. Jersey has many unique attributes that make it an ideal place to startup new eHealth technologies. A small country population of 100,000 linked by some of the highest speed digital networks, supported by the skills of the teams of lawyers and accountants who support one of the leading international finance centres in the world. eHealth Ltd is a consultancy service set up to help new startups locate to Jersey and benefit from the Island’s financial, and geographic locality. To know more about Jersey visit

Grainne DowdallGrainne Dowdall

Hi, I am an Irish health professional with an interest in using mhealth to empower and inform patients. I have a number of ideas I am working on .


Kevin Coomerawel

Hi, I am a Ceylon born Australian with a keen passion in making available any technologies to help communities in the developing world with access to basic health.



KC Trading / FOX Mobile Social Enterprise

Michele LabriolaMichele Labriola

Hello everyone, I’m a master degree student of Technology Management and Innovation for Health here in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Founder/CEO of a pre-operational startup planning to offer IT solutions for healthcare. I’m working in a project to anticipate hospital dispatch and to avoid patient readmission over a solution that remote monitor vital signs, keep track of medication adherence, provides a nurse hotline and give specific customized instructions to be followed by the family or homecare agents when the patient is at home.

Services Manager at DDS Telecomunicações Ltda

Attiq QureshiAttiq Qureshi

Technology and e-commerce leader with a consumer, mobile and retail background. Here to learn about mhealth.

CIO | Online Director

Reg BroekmannReg Broekmann

I have been assisting the KZN DoH to improve the referral system. In the process we have developed technology that allows users (such as Community Health Workers, Nurses and Doctors) to call each other with no cost to themselves using their private cell phones. This system can be used to send SMSs or group calls, e.g. to CHWs to inform them that chronic medication for one of their patients is available at the clinic. We are further looking at the possibility of using the system to support scratch-cards for transport of really indigent patients from clinics to hospitals.

Any advice or previous experience would be most welcome.

Project Manager at Benguela Health (Pty) Ltd

Tom PorterTom Porter

Hello everyone! I am in business development for Atmosphere Apps, located in Gainesville, Florida (Go Gators!). We have been making medical mobile apps for use at the point of care since 2001 and have published over 50 apps across 9 different platforms. Our experience and our passion is in helping clients to adapt an existing print or web resource for mobile. We also can build custom platforms for serial development and would like to talk to enterprise clients who need to leverage technology for bottom line results.

The mHealth space is full of great opportunities and incredibly challenging at the same time. I look forward to learning from everyone’s shared experiences.

Like Reply privatelyDelete 7 days ago

Mobile App Strategist at Atmosphere Apps

Chris SmithChris Smith

Hi everyone. I’m a doctor/PhD student at LSHTM working with Marie Stopes International Cambodia on the Mobile Technology for Improved Family Planning (MOTIF) innovation project in Cambodia. More information.

We are currently evaluating with an RCT due to complete in December 2013. We are always interested to share experiences and also discuss with potential funders. Many thanks

Gerhard KoberGerhard Kober

Hi! I recently finished my master-studies in medical informatics. I’m highly interested in EHR, DICOM and mobile technology and the resulting combinations.

I hope I can contribute to the discussions, and also learn a lot from the experienced group-members.

Helpdesk-Support-Engineer bei Amaris

Tony PrylowskiTony Prylowski

I am CEO and Founder of Compendia, a company focused on tablet and smartphone Document, Note, Picture collaboration securely managed in a Public or Private cloud. I am interested in how the product may be applied within the Healthcare sector. I have researched the HL7 standards and see them as being an important component of any offering. I would like to know what the opinion is regarding provision of such content on iPads and gaps in current offerings.

CEO and Founder at Compendia

Francois RecorbetFrancois Recorbet

Hi, I’m an innovation driven entrepreneur with a strong background in business development, product development and startup management in software and healthcare industries, including e-Health, connected devices, and SaaS. I am also highly committed to better health through technology.

As CEO and co-founder of Nutrilog, the company has become a leader of professional nutrition software in Europe and is looking to expand its reach internationally. Beside nutrition and sports professionals, Nutrilog includes clients as prestigious as Sodexo, Nestlé Research Center, Institut Pasteur, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis, Roche, INSERM, INRA and the University of New Brunswick (Canada).

I have constantly been driven by innovation and brought innovation into the companies I’ve been involved with in all sides of the business: products, processes and business models.

CEO at NUTRILOG – VP Sales at NUTRISVELT / Software / e-Health / SaaS / Quantified Self / Connected Devices

Mohd Rifaye SahibMohd Rifaye Sahib

I’m Rifaye have 9 years of experience in sales, marketing, strategy and business development. I have 5 years in telecom industry in m2m technology in remote health monitoring, mhealth (mobile phone doctor) and mobile payment (ewallet). If there is any opening in mhealth space, do let me know. I am reachable at [email protected] and am open for relocation as well. Thanks

Uri GorenUri Goren

Hi All,

I am the owner of an Israeli agncy/consultancy for digital health and marketing. I also blog on the subject of digital health in my blog (in hebrew). I am a vey enthusiatic about mobile health and wish to lern and implement solutions in this arena. I also help enrepneurs in this arena when possible.

Best, Uri Goren, GM at e-Pochondriac

Eric WicklundEric Wicklund

My name is Eric Wicklund. I am the editor of, a publication of the HIMSS Media Group. I’m looking for resources and viewpoints – blogs, story ideas, etc. – from any and all sources for my site, particularly outside the United States. We’ve become the go-to site for mHealth and telemedicine news and information in North America, but I want to build out the network. I’m looking forward to some fascinating conversations.

Seema PandyaSeema Pandya

I’ve spent my entire career in healthcare, almost 20 years. I practiced as a physical therapist for 10 years, then after my MBA from MIT Sloan, I spent 7 years in brand development and product marketing. Most recently, I’ve been exploring the space between healthcare and information technology. We are just scratching the surface and the opportunities are endless.

I’m interested in helping start-ups in this space with product development, brand building, and marketing! Looking forward to meeting some fascinating people!

Vice President, Strategic Marketing at PanGenX

Durand JacquesDurand Jacques

I am an experienced healthcare manager with over 20 years of experience, with high knowledge and responsibility in strategy and business development, clinics operations/management, and medical staff development. I have high motivation, and skills to successfully achieve goals and objectives in differing and trans-cultural environments.

My special interests include strategic planning, service line development, product development, medical staff development, service redesign, digital healht and international healthcare. I have demonstrated skills and success in leadership, team development, project management, multi-cultural relationship development and facilitation.

I’m the founder of Health2i a start-up based in Singapore focused on health 2.0 services and M Health platforms. Our is one of the more popular mobile service in Indonesia. We are looking for additional contents about some chronic diseases, also open to expand our services to some others countries. Don’t hesitate to contact me on my profile.

Indy KavelaarsIndy Kavelaars

Hello everybody, I like to introduce our telemedicine company: Vitaphone Netherlands. As a telemedical service provider, Vitaphone supports medical professionals in diagnosis, decisions about treatments, and treatment monitoring by offering individual services and flexible vital data management.

The products and services of Vitaphone Netherlands are aimed to increase the mobility of the user. Using modern techniques for measuring and transferring data, patients can measure and share vital data with their doctor / specialist from their home. Also, only relevant data is collected for the physician or care professional, allowing a better guidance for the patient. While on the other hand, hospital visits can be reduced.

We offer i.a.;

* event (ECG) recording

* Medication Adherence Support System

* trial services

Our website. Our newsblog. For more information please contact me, Indy Cavillers [email protected]

Julio Malikane VoxivaJulio Malikane

I am Julio Malikane a eHealth|mHealth programmer and consultant who work in the health informatics field since 3 years and a half. Actually I work as an application analyst at Voxiva Inc’s Rwanda office and I am the technical person behind the successfull and many time awarded eHealth /mHealth system in Africa TRACNet and mUbuzima.

TRACNet as a national phone and Internet-based reporting system for public health with two main module which are Disease surveillance module(eIDSR system) ,HIV module(PCR,VCT,ART,Consumable,PMTCT,MC and DC) and a total of 13 sub module and provide an interoperability gateway with OpenMRS and DHIS.TRACNet contribute to the national HMIS.

TRACNet is the only health system that is used at country wide with 100% users that reports in all the facility in all district in Rwanda.

mUbuzima as a community health workers system,It is play a vital role in Rwanda extending health services to the community level and helping to assure the health of the population. An estimated 60,000 volunteer health workers in nearly every village in the country have a variety of responsibilities aimed to reduce maternal and child mortality and contribute to the achievement of other goals of the Ministry of Health.

The use of TRACnet and mUbuzima has had enormous impact on detection, notification and the management of outbreaks and this contributed to the improve the quality of healthcare. Outbreaks could be contained in the due time to limit their spread and fatality and this has reduced mortality due to epidemic prone diseases.

The speed in communicating results impacted on saving lives in HIV infected infants

The PCR test is used to diagnose HIV in children born from HIV positive mothers and the early diagnosis and treatment are crucial as without treatment, 50% of these children will die before their second anniversary. The use of the mobile technology has reduced the PCR results turnaround time from 140 days to 1 day and this has obviously contributed to reduce mortality among these children as the treatment is initiated as early as the result is available.

Another big impact is on the usage mobile technology to monitor stock outs in ARV drugs. HIV Division could not get timely information and hence it could not act properly on due time to avoid this situation. There are serious consequences caused by the stock outs in ARVs. ARVs are due to be taken for the whole life without interruption. Any drug interruption causes drug resistance with occurrence of species resistant to current regimen being used in Rwanda. TRACnet is used to alert on any situation of drug shortage or stock out with a direct impact on preventing drug resistance.

Louise SinclairLouise Sinclair

Director at Redder Marketing I create communications and marketing solutions to organisations operating in UK Healthcare technology market – often for European and US organisations looking to enter or expand their presence in the UK. This includes organising mHealth events in the UK – ensuring companies make the most of their presence and communicate effectively to Trusts and clinicians exactly what their solutions deliver and the net benefits.

Liz HetheringtonLiz Hetherington

Hi. I’m a Ethnographic Researcher/Digital Anthropologist and recent graduate from the MSc Digital Anthropology course at UCL. My thesis was on mobile phones in Thailand. I’m currently looking for job opportunities in the mHealth field.

Jarret Cassaniti MPHJarret Cassaniti, MPH

Hello! I am a Communications Specialist on the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communication Programs. I work primarily on the Nigeria Web-based Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for Medical Laboratory Scientists. I help design eLearning courses in collaboration with subject matter experts, research technical topics, synthesize key messages, and develop course content. My public health background includes US-based HIV capacity building and continuing medical education in community health centers and community development as a health extension agent in the Peace Corps Zambia.

Roy Pathak

We are introducing an Executive Telemedicine Program in Ontario, Canada. The program will allow patients to have one-on-one sessions with physicians. Next year we are looking to adding toolkits for the patients to upload vitals.

Veronique MadsenVeronique Madsen

Hello! I’m Show Manager for the recently launched MCT-Congress which will take place in Edinburgh next March. I’m here primarily to learn about key issues affecting the m-health industry and to understand more about the various disciplines operating under the broad umbrella of m-health. If there are some basic questions coming your way from me, I apologise in advance!



Project Manager at QD Events

Kevin WhitingKevin Whiting

A personal milestone reached in 2013 allowed me the opportunity to turn full time career focus on my passion: the mobile health care space. I would appreciate any pointers you might have to the analysts you respect and their sentinel articles on market segmentation in this space. My Background: I’ve run my own consulting business out of Carlsbad for the last six years. Prior, I spent ten years in business and corporate development roles closing complex business deals ranging from $25K OEM licensing out agreements to $165M acquisitions. On the technical side, after earning an MSCS, I conducted research at SRI International before moving into software engineering management at Sun Microsystems. In addition, I’ve been involved with multiple start-ups, including Airways Medical Systems, which enjoyed a successful exit via acquisition.

Shupe MwanzaShupe Mwanza

Hello, I am the Project Manager for mHealth in World Vision Zambia i have implemented 2 mHealth projects recently. Am here to learn as much as i can about mHealth at a broader level.

Best regards


Infrastructure and Branch Support – ICT at Eco Bank

Stephen S MorseStephen S. Morse

Greetings from Gotham! I’m Steve (Stephen S.) Morse, from New York City. I’m a Professor of Epidemiology at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, and formerly a virologist at Rockefeller. My major research interests are in surveillance and response for “emerging infectious diseases”, including influenza. I’m also co-Director of a project called “PREDICT”, the infectious disease surveillance part of a US Agency for International Development (USAID) program called “Emerging Pandemic Threats”, concentrating on wildlife and other animal species and the interfaces with humans, where most emerging infections arise. We have a few pilot mHealth projects, but most of all I’m impressed by the promise of mHealth to bring health (and public health surveillance) to the community and individual. Some years ago (1994), several colleagues and I leveraged the increasingly ubiquitous internet (in pre-Web days!) to form “ProMED”, but the technologiy today is far ahead of where we ever imagined it would be.

I look forward to interacting with the members of this active community, and learning about advancing mHealth.

Karima BourquardKarima Bourquard

Hello, I am director of Interoperability in IHE-Europe (Integratng the Healthcare Enterprise, and I am living in France, near Paris. Interested by the exchanges of medical Information between systems and all security aspects. Interoperability is becoming a major issue in eHealth. The success of the development of the mHealth, is closely related with the integration of the mobile technologies and applications with the eHealth EHR/PHR systems. By joining this group, I would like to better understand the needs and expectations of the consumers (patients or Healthcare Professionnals) of the mHealth.

Chris MorlandChris Morland

I’m Managing Director, designer and producer at Citrus Suite. Citrus Suite is a creative mobile technology company, developing award-winning apps for globally known clients. We are working on some interesting innovations in the mHealth space. Our products represent collaboration between medical experts, patients and designers, working together to solve real-world problems. As a development team we are looking for knowledge partners to work with on inspiring projects.

Syed Maruf HasanSyed Maruf Hasan

Hi! Good to be in this group. I am Syed and am working as Senior Mobile Producer in BBC Media Action. My expertise is on mobile technology based projects and product development. I have worked in mhealth and mlearning for more than 4 years and the privilege was mine to work and be part of award winning services like HealthLine (Teleconference between users and real doctors), Categorical health tips (SMS, USSD) and lastly BBC Janala that is in cooperation with English in Action.

I believe that the future of mobile technology in every sector and segment is immense and ever enchanting. It can play a vital role in development of a person or a country and is eventually doing in some part of the world. It is simply like having the whole world in your palm.

I would be happy to interact and share with anyone who has the same belief :)



Kathy McCoy MBAKathy McCoy, MBA

Hi, and thanks for allowing me to participate in this group. I have been in healthcare for more than 17 years, and in healthcare IT for a little over 3 years. I am developing a project for medical apps and app-enabled monitors with some colleagues. We’re planning to launch in a few months, and I will look forward to your feedback. In the meantime, we are eager to find professionals interested in reviewing apps–let me know if you’re interested. All suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Thanks again.

Mardi S.

Hello and thanks for accepting me to this group. I have worked in healthcare for more than 24 years, and am employed at LifeWatch AG for over 15 years as Director of Marketing Communications. We are celebrating our 20th year as an independent diagnostic testing facility, and to date have helped thousands of healthcare professionals diagnose, treat and improve the health outcomes of millions of patients through our advanced health monitoring solutions and services. We were the first company to deliver an online physician information portal; auto-trigger technologies and EMR integration. We are eager to explore new areas of remote patient monitoring in all areas of healthcare. All suggestions are welcome..

Mark MulveyMark Mulvey

Hi, I am working for iSonea in developing non-invasive devices and mobile health applications using Acoustic Respiratory Monitoring (ARM™), to improve the management of chronic respiratory disorders such as asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The company website is, in case you want more details.

Sue PetersSue Peters

Hi, I am 15 year veteran of the mobile industry, with a entrepreneurial and comp sci background, now working on my PhD in Neuroscience with a focus on sleep and development. I’m excited for the future of scientific research and healthcare, with the advent of new “personalized” technologies which will allow us to perform more ethological studies. In my view, this is particularly important now that mainstream science is beginning to understand the important role of epigenetics (environmental interactions) and individual differences. I also had a 15 year history with a chronic illness, from which I have fully recovered in part through understanding environmental effects through the use of mHealth technologies. I believe these tools will be the key to better health for our society.

Farouk RhymaunFarouk Rhymaun

Hello, I am a Management Consultant with 15 years experience in Pharma and Bio tech. My early work in Pharma was centered in Drug Discovery and Pre-clinical Safety. Over the last nine years I have concentrated on the end to end clinical trial processes where I have applied my over 30 years of business strategy and business process improvement expertise. I have deep knowledge of trial management technologies.

I am excited by the the prospects for digital medicine and where it can be applied all aspects of healthcare to deliver better patient outcomes.

Fernando OrfilaFernando Orfila

Hi all,

I am Fernando Orfila. I have 7 years of experience working for Johnson & Johnson focusing on the Hispanic community.

I am interested in learning more about mHealth and how we could leverage mobile capabilities in conjunction with disease prevention and management.

Consulting Director – HolaDoctor

Christina JeffreyChristina Jeffrey

Hi all – I work on the strategic side of Dimagi, an MIT Media Lab spinoff which is now a social enterprise. We develop software platforms for frontline workers, community health workers and patient navigators. Our projects span over 35 countries including our home base, the US. Our products have been used for medication adherence, patient engagement, outreach activity tracking and screening interventions.

I’m currently exploring leveraging this technology within the health insurance access and retention space.

Nice to be a part of the group. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

(Public health and tech implementation project manager)

Abraham GaougaouAbraham Gaougaou

Hi all – I have 5 years on the Innovation Business and Management. I’m working in South of France as an Innovation R&D Manager and Datacenter Manager. I managed the creation and deploiement of the Datacenter Resadia group through France

I am the inventor of the Alloboxtv and Mobispam products.

Now I am looking for a new job, I would like to see new projects​. ​If you hear of interesting things … thinking of me

Stuart KertenStuart Karten

Hello everyone. I’m Stuart Karten, founder and principal of Karten Design. We’re a digital/product innovation consultancy that’s been in the medical device business for 30 years, specializing in design that enhances the user/patient experience. We use design strategy, research, product/digital design, and mechanical engineering to create products and experiences that improve health outcomes, engage patients and caregivers, motivate positive behavior change, and grow business.

Recently, we partnered with the USC Center for Body Computing to develop a Heart Coach app that gives heart failure patients tools to manage their condition (more info here).

We love creating extraordinary experiences between people and products. If you are interested in learning more about how design can help bring your mHealth idea or product to market, please feel free to contact me here on LinkedIn, email me at stuart(at)kartendesign(dot)com, or visit our website at

Looking forward to some great discussions here!

Xiaoming Zhang StevenXiaoming Zhang

Hello everyone. It’s my pleasure to join the group. I’m Xiaoming Zhang. You can call me Steven. I’m the co-funder of Apsante Tech. Inc. located in Montreal Canada. Our mainly business focus on developing Chinese market of Medical Devices. Mobile medical devices are our priority. With years working experience in Chinese medical market, our professional team would help your products to seize Chinese market more efficient.

Diego Torrado ReyesDiego Torrado Reyes

Hello, my name is Diego Torrado and I am the proud CEO and co-founder of Care Checking. Care Checking is a mobile base application aimed to control long term patients. Now we are starting our clinical test through well-know hospitals in Barcelona and we are compiting for Smart City innovation prize in Spain.

(Business Development Manager / Entrepreneur / mHealthcare / Executive MBA – IESE Business School)

Niall Rafferty MedXNoteNiall Rafferty, CEO, Medxnote

Hi Everyone. I’m Niall Rafferty, founder and CEO of Medxnote. We’re building a mobile communication platform for hospital healthcare staff. We’re currently on Launchpad 8 in the NDRC at the Digital Hub. Twitter @medxnote

Naimul IslamNaimul Islam, CEO, Proficient IT Solutions

Hi Everybody !! I am Naimul Islam from Bangladesh currently working for SASEC RTN: ADB TA – 6433 (REG) as RTN National Consultant (BAN). I am so happy to be here with this group. One small part of my current project is telemedicine may be mhealth can be a part. I hope to learn lot from this group. Regards, NAIM

Dan CoffinDan Coffin, Director, Head of Illuminas Health

Hi all. I am Dan Coffin, head of the Health team at Illuminas. We conduct domestic and global customer (market) research in the health & pharma sectors – understanding unmet needs, identifying new mHealth opportunities, testing/developing new platforms, measuring performance and essentially helping bring customer & patient-centric ideas to market. We also work with Telecomms companies, design agencies, clinical institutes, device providers, etc.

It is a relatively new area so I am hoping so share own & learn from experiences, keep up to speed with developments and perhaps even network / collaborate on new ventures so please do get in touch if you would be interested in knowing more.

Whilst I am here, there is an mHealth conference coming up in London – for those that were not aware and in casde it is of interest:

Lin Yang, PhD student at Wuhan University of Technology

Hi all.I am Lin Yang, a research assistant at research group of “IoT applied in Smart Cities” at WUT. And I am interested in People-Centric sensing networks, focusing on mHealth and mobile sensing applications. Thanks.

Thomas DevlinThomas Devlin, Sr Mobile Solution/Offering Architect, IBM Redbooks Mobile Thought Leader, IBM Mobility Community of Practice Leader

Hello, I am a 30 year Technical professional with IBM. In Mobility since 2000. Currently work in several aspects, including MDM, healthcare, BYOD (doctors nurses Patients), electronic records and access. Some personal experience with Physicians and hospital Use and records since MI in Jan of 2012, included in my IBM Mobile Insights Blog, How mobile healthcare technologies may save your life Interested in further developments in providing Practitioners and Patients greater information and access to “their” data. I only which my local Hospital would make records available to patients as Cleveland Clinic and University of Miami Health systems do.

Roly Buys, Executive Strategy AND Funder Relations, Mediclinic

Hi, I am Roly Buys, involved in Strategy at Mediclinic in South Africa.. I am interested to see what vehicals/methods are in use to connect doctors/hospitals and patients in a world where these 2 providers are independent of each other, and how we give greater service/product to the patient.

David EckhousDavid Eckhous PhD Chief Science Officer at Walkjoy, Inc.

Hey All, I am David Eckhous. I have 35 years of experience in bio-mechanical research and clinical work concentrating in gait, balance and falls. My current work on the effects of sensory augmentation in neuropathic gait is being done at Walkjoy.

Thomas Barry, Student at The Elliott School of International Affairs

My name is Tom Barry. I’m a junior studying at The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, where I’m majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Global Public Health. This fall I’m studying in Geneva where I’m conducting independent research on the opportunities and challenges facing mHealth projects in Senegal, what governments, companies, and organizations are doing to overcome these challenges, and the growth potential for mHealth in Senegal through 2018. Please feel free to message me if you’re involved in mHealth in Senegal or would like to learn more about my project.

Bill McLaughlinBill McLaughlin, BPO Consulting, On Shore, Near Shore and Off Shore

Hello mHealth Group. My name is Bill McLaughlin and I am an entrepreneur/consultant specializing in the Tele-Management field. (patient contact centers) I have over 30 years experience across many verticals both building/implementing as well as consulting for the same all over the world.

I look forward interacting with the group and meeting you all in Baltimore.

Rama Subramaniam, Director at eHealth TBI

” Hi ! I am a serial entrepreneur setting up what could well become the World’s largest Healthcare Ecosystem in a PPP framework. I am working in the healthcare domain at multiple levels; from supply side (pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, medical devices, nano-technology and consumables) to Health Delivery models (Primary to tertiary 20, 000 beds in phases in a single location []) and a Global Health Insurance. I also have an incubator ( that focuses on cross border frugal innovation specifically applied to Healthcare (even though the funding mechanism we operate is sector agnostic). We are in final stage of setting up a sector agnostic early stage $100 Million fund ($50 Million commitment received). ”

Michael AllmanMichael Allman, Marketing Specialist at IONU Security, Inc.

Hello fine folks of the mHeath Group… My name is Michael Allman and I’m a jack of all stuff for IONU Security, Inc. …

Maciej SzelezinMaciej Szelezin, Online Project Manager at WKM-Global

Hi, I’m Maciej Szelezin. I work for, and I’m responsible for developing all that is online. The strongest part of our company is publishing but we do also cover other other online activities like webinars, video creation and promotion. I’ve interested with mHealth through my current company activities but roots of this interest comes also from my studies and secondary school where I was obsessed on medical Physics and cybernetics. mHealth conference you might be interested in:

Amanda CarlsonAmanda Carlson, Project Manager at zu

Hi everyone. I’m Amanda Carlson, I’m a Project Manager for a web development company. I joined this group because one of my projects is a Health Care data web app which takes raw data a manipulates it on the fly, stratified by region, sex, gender, etc. I’m hoping to learn a little more about what people in healthcare are looking for when it comes to using digital and mobile tools.

Stuart MaitlandStuart Maitland, Managing Director at mHealthful

Hi I’m stuart, MD of mHealful, a medical app development company based in the UK with one project in medical education, and another in diabetes.

Sue McHughSue McHugh, Owner, Carbon Digital Ltd.

Hi, I am Sue, Director and Co-founder at Carbon Digital. We are a 3D animation and post production agency based at MediaCityUK. We specialise in producing high end CGI and animation for the pharmaceutical industry, please check out our reel here:

A Maria HesterA. Maria Hester, M.D. Creator of the Patient Whiz app for iOS; President, Savvier Health, LLC; Blogger; Online Health Content Creator

I am an internal medicine specialist with a passion for patient enlightenment, so I created a unique app to empower patients to partner in their health care on a new level. The Patient Whiz for iOS scans medical documents such as EKGs at the point of service. It records instructions/messages and allows user to email their recordings to others, such as other family members who help take care of a loved one. Users can set audible alarms to remind themselves to keep upcoming doctors’ appointments or refill medications. There are over 40 charts which they can fill out, email, and print. They can even create a different profile for each family member. The Android version is being developed. I am interested in partnerships to help market this app. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Blessings.

URL is There is also a credit card-size flash drive version, though there are no audible reminders in this version.

Hari SaravananHari Saravanan, Director – Product Line Management at Openstream Inc.

Hi, I am Hari Saravanan. I head Product Management for a product & solutions company involved in designing and delivering smarter mobile solutions for everyone. Healthcare is of focus for me and we have mobile solutions for patients, physicians and caregivers for bringing quality health care, adherence and monitoring on smarter devices.

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Alexander BorveAlexander Börve, Founder and CEO, iDoc24

Hello. I am an orthopaedic surgeon gone digital health. My start up is We are into dermatology through apps and web. We have a consumer play and an enterprise play with the apps iDoc24, iDoc24 PRO and STD Triage. I am also a researcher in digital health, written three papers. I am currently living in San Francisco

Jean Francois BoisvieuxJean-Francois Boisvieux, Medical Expert Systems (MXS) founder and CEO

I’m Jean-Francois Boisvieux founder and CEO of MXS (Medical Expert Systems). We create and provide on line services (internet, mobile) for the prevention, the tele-monitoring and the support of cardio metabolic patients that includes T2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity and their complications. This new ecosystem provide assistance to patient, allows health professional to access the data. mHealth is one part of this information system that includes connected devices, expert systems and cloud database.

Stephanie ZakalaStephanie Zakala, Marketing & Inside Sales Manager at Orpyx Medical Technologies

Hello! I’m Stephanie Zakala with Orpyx Medical Technologies. We develop sensor-based technologies that address the growing demand for self-monitoring devices to better manage chronic medical conditions. Our flagship product, the SurroSense Rx is now commercially available for US patients.

Theo FellgettTheo Fellgett, Director, Partnerships at

Hello beautiful people! I’m Theo Fellgett and I head up eyeforpharma in North America. With lots of projects up my sleeve for 2014. Nice to meet you all

Dianne Van OosterhoutDianne Van Oosterhout, Country Director NLR Indonesia

Thank you for making this group so interesting and active. I am Dianne van Oosterhout and currently Country Director for NLR (Netherlands Leprosy Relief) in Indonesia. As we have plenty remote areas and distances are generally large, we hope to start using MHealth to increase access to health and rehabilitation services and to prevent disabilities. Target groups are both health providers and persons affected. Ultimate aim is to design a cost effective approach that can be scaled up, to include other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). I am sure some of you will have relevant experiene or could advice on appropriate methods/technology.

Ben SmithBen Smith, Web Manager, Police Federation of England and Wales

Hi to the group, and thanks for welcoming me to join, I work in digital communications for a UK staff association (as per my profile) and blog on ICT and digital technology, particularly in relation to international development.

You can find my blog at:

I recently posted on mHealth, which is why I chose to join the group as I thought the post may be of interest to members. Thanks again! Ben.

Lukasz KoltowskiLukasz Koltowski, Interventional Cardiologist, PhD Student, Entrepreneur,

David, thank you for inviting me to this unique group. I am cardiologist with mobile and IT experience. By working on various telehealth and mHealth projects with telecoms, pharma and software-houses I got quite diverse network of contacts. On behalf of my clinic (1st Department of Cardiology, Medical University of Warsaw) I work in multidisciplinary consortiums for European Projects. As an active member of the Telemedicine Association of the Polish Cardiac Society I cooperate closely with other centres in Poland. Since 2009, I write a mHealth blog in Polish:

I am a founder and medical head of MySpiroo – a peak flow meter for smartphones:

Dr Kambiz BahaadinbeigyDr Kambiz Bahaadinbeigy, Assistant Professor in telemedicine and e-Health – MD, PhD at Kerman University of Medical Sciences

My name is Kambiz Bahaadinbeigy and I am a general physician and also PhD in telemedicine and eHealth, I obtained my MD degree in Iran and completed my PhD at the university of Western Australia. I have published several papers in peer reviewed international journals and now I teach and research in one of Iranian universities. I found mHealth and also telemedicine as some tools to enhance the quality of provision of health care in my country and in the Middle East.

Ralf LindnerRalf Lindner, CEO, Medisana AG

Hi to the embers of this group, glad to join. I am Ralf Lindner, CEO of Medisana AG, a home health care products pioneer from Germany. We also pioneered mobile health with smartphone connected consumer medical devices such as CardiDock, Glucodock, ThermoDock and TargetsScale. Further information can be found on our website or We strive to provide the means for a 360° connected user centric platform and the corresponding smart devices to lead a healthier life.

Sudhir KumarSudhir Kumar, Director, Marketing at KiwiTech – Enterprise Mobility Solution

Hello friends, I lead the marketing division of an entrepreneurial team that established the world’s largest content services firm, Aptara. We sold Aptara for $144 million and are now building KiwiTech, already an acknowledged leader in mobile technology. Looking forward to share and learn industry practices on this community. thanks!

Benoit BrouardBenoit Brouard, Pharmacy Resident and ehealth entrepreneur

Hello everbody, i’m a pharmacist, i’m working at the hospital in the “Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris”. I’m also involved in mhealth and elhealth by making mobile health apps for patients and healthcare providers (i’m a developer to). My goal is to develop the mhealth, i’m also writing my thesis in ehealth and Oncology.

Mina Jiang, Leasing Specialist at BIOEVENT

Hello, I’m Mina Jiang from BioonGroup.We will hold a conference named “mhealth congress china 2014” in Shanghai,China so i want to learn more latest news about mhealth and related technologies.Aout the congress:

Salman Ahmaed HashmiSalman Ahmed Hashmi, Solution Architect at LM Ericsson Ireland

Hi, I am new member in the group. Would be nice to share views with you all.

Dusan BelicDusan Belic, Editor at IntoMobile | Entrepreneur

Hey everyone, I’ve been covering mobile industry for years now (check Right now I’m looking for a partner to make an mHealth news portal site, which would offer both free and paid information, similar to Need some money and perhaps a marketing expertise to launch this thing. If you’re interested, please contact me at [email protected] so I can send you a short document outlining the idea. And we’ll hopefully take it from there. ;)

Akhil AgrawalAkhil Agrawal, Zonal Officer at IIHMR

Hello everyone. I am public health researcher with having experience of handling various health projects as project coordinator. Presently I am working with IIHMR

Dr Gerhard Lingg PhDDr.Dr. Gerhard Lingg PhD, Chairman bei imi-health AG

Hello everyone. I am health science researcher with having experience of mHealth,

I am working with

here is my project

Hayden EastwoodHayden Eastwood, Mobile-tech entrepreneur, developer, project manager

I am a developer and entrepreneur currently providing health monitoring systems to NGOs running food aid programs in sub saharan africa. The same system also administers food aid with a mobile electronic voucher system. I’m looking for people or companies who can provide me with hardware devices that can integrate with phones, and help to improve the health monitoring that accompanies food aid delivery.

Michael ScheerMichael Scheer, Computer Science ♦ Tech geek ♦ Director of Administration at Medical Response Unit at FSU

Hello! I am a student in Tallahassee currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science and very interested in everything health related in technology. mHealth is the portal to connect to all other forms of the healthcare field!

Mauricio Campos SuarezMauricio Campos Suarez, Leader at MSD (Merck&Co.) & Social Entrepreneur at SurYNor

I work for a large multinational in Health industry but I am also social entrepreneur. My interest and passion for both technology and human development took me to develop a mobile emergency management platform called smart care 4 mothers. At this stage in prototyping phase I’m looking for take the idea to the next phase in order to be implemented

Mirko OblakMirko Oblak, Business Development

Hi, My name is Mirko Oblak and I work with mobile biosensoric APP available on googleplay. If you’re looking for commercial application, let us know, we have a Mobilis tols, with which we (or you, yourself) can build wanted commercial application. Lately we become APP finalists on Check us out !

Steve PetersenSteve Petersen, Serial Innovator

Hi, My name is Steve Petersen and I am the VP of Software Engineering at Vital Connect, Inc. Vital Connect has developed a biosensor platform that analyzes a comprehensive set of biometrics, generating measurements such as stress level, sleep quality and fall detection. The platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with our partners’ healthcare services and applications. Biometric information is sent to our mobile and cloud software platform, which is accessible via well-defined APIs. Our platform is HIPPA-compliant and allows you to transmit, store, aggregate, mine and analyze all the data. – See more at:

Nadi KaongaNadi Kaonga, Independent Public Health Consultant with a focus on m- and eHealth in Developing Countries

Hello All, My name is Nadi. I am currently a medical student and, concurrently, an independent [mHealth] consultant. Before consulting/starting medical school, I worked extensively with a multidisciplinary team based at Columbia University on electronic heath (eHealth) programs. Our work spanned from design and implementation to research and evaluation; I focused primarily on management, coordination and research and evaluation of the programs. For my most recent clients, I have been involved in helping shape or conduct research to help inform implementation and policy work at national and international levels. I am looking forward to the discussions, collaborations and knowledge exchange in this group.

Osama ElhassanOsama Elhassan, Head of e-Health Section at Dubai Health Authority

hello everyone. my name is Osama ans I work for Dubai Health Authority as heas of eHealth. My core role is to establish an emirate wide HIE whixh requires a great deal of planning, securing the buy-in, leveraging awarness..etc. We recently finalized our roadmap and moving forward!

Nicola BrinkNicola Brink, Director and Co-Founder of TrustaTAG Systems

My name is Nicola Brink. I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa. My background is pharmaceuticals (18yrs.) but I have since left to co-find TrustaTAG Systems. Our product TrustaTAG forms a patented system that provides unique 2D barcodes / TAGs printed on packs (primary and secondary), or on cartons or on strip packs etc. which enables healthcare professionals or patients to use their own mobile phones (both feature and smart phones) to simply scan a TAG and receive detailed, enhanced, legally compliant, pre-approved information on the specific product in question in their language of choice. In SA we have 11 official languages. The same TAG can be used to display country specific information as the system is geo location sensitive. This initiative is being rolled out across the pharmaceutical sector to provide PILs of medicines electronically (via a mobile phone) to the healthcare professional and to the patient. In addition we have an extremely effective anti-counterfeit offering as well as a track and trace system which tracks medicines from manufacturer to consumer. Our system has a number of additional offerings. See .We are not only limited to healthcare.

Julie Thomas, Senior Consultant at Pharmica Consulting LLC

My name is Julie Thomas and I work for Pharmica Consulting, in support of Life Sciences companies and have worked for pharma over 30 years in various areas within the industry. My role is to work with clients in R&D, Clinical, Sales, Marketing and Managed Care on specific needs involving operational process, IT, mobile health, data, etc. We also host conferences that bring together life science and health care colleagues to discuss the for Digital Medicine, CRO Partnerships, SharePoint and Portfolio Management. Check out our conferences at

Livia BellinaLivia Bellina, Medical Doctor,Educator, President on MobileDiagnosis

Dear collegues, I introduced myself long time ago, and now need some updates. I am Livia Bellina,, and I work on m-health and education since 2008. In my experiences on the fields I have seen that M-phones could be the best tool for educate and for connecting people with a local/global network

In addition there is a “different” way for doing education, based on a new strategy ( combined ) of communication M-phone impact on practical training: role of m-phone as part of the educative method for training local health workers of rural areas of developing countries Mobile cell-phones (M-phones) in telemicroscopy: increasing connectivity of isolated laboratories M-learning: mobile phones’ appropriateness and potential for the training of laboratory technicians in limited-resource settings feel free to contact me for any questions ! best Livia

Cory FoggCory Fogg, Marketing Administrator/Content Specialist at MobileSmith

Hello all, I am Cory Fogg, and I’m a Marketing Administrator for MobileSmith. Mobile Smith is an innovative, patents-pending mobile application platform that enables organizations to rapidly create, deploy, and manage custom, native Smartphone and tablet apps deliverable across iPhone and Android platforms with no prior knowledge of software programming. One large area we focus on is the healthcare industry and helping them turn their health apps into a reality. We have helped our clients create several fantastic health apps which really improve the patient experience. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you, and keeping abreast of what is new and important in this field. Thank you all for allowing myself and MobileSmith to be a part.

Oksana KomarovaOksana Komarova, Business Development at Big Arrow Group

Greetings, I cover business development at a communications firm specializing in healthcare. We are based in New York City and work globally. Our clients range from hospital systems to health tech to payers to biotechs and pharma. I am interested in mHealth trends and developments – exploring solutions for our clients and networking opportunities. Glad to be a part of this group!

Brad RobertsBrad Roberts, Director of Business Consultation, Value-Based Contracting Strategy at Aetna

My name is Brad Roberts and I work for Aetna, where I primarily focus on design and implementation of new value-based payment models (ACO, PCMH, etc). Having said that, I am interested in anything that can help improve health and the health system, and I think technology, particularly consumer technology that can allow people to track and manage their own health, has the potential to drop the floor out from under health costs. As a result, I’m excited to see what this group is talking about and keep tabs on where things are going. Thanks! Brad

Mohsin SyedMohsin Syed, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships at KiwiTech

Warm Greetings- I’m part of a digital transformation company, KiwiTech where some of our exciting work is to bring the disruptive edge of mobile to Healthcare and livelihood-critical segments.

Our mobile solutions are enterprise-class and address the following key mHealth areas such as

– patient-physician engagement

– value-based care and care plan generation

– work-force and work-process automation

– EMRs & EHRs integration

– patient data; security, integration and management

– mknowledge dissemination

– mHealth SaaS

Excited to be part of this group and to collaborate on solutions that aim to transform health and community well being through new age mobile technologies. Best Regards, Mohsin Syed [email protected]

Ann GreenAnn Green, Executive Coordinator at

Hello, My name is Ann Green, and I am the Executive Coordinator for HingX. HingX, Health Ingenuity exchange, is a free knowledge management and project collaboration platform used by thousands of eHealth and mHealth experts from hundreds of countries around the world. Using HingX portal you can access online knowledge library, share your information and lessons learned, connect with mHealth experts and manage active projects. Learn more about us, browse available resources and active projects at . We would like to welcome you to the HingX community, registration is absolutely free. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions. Best, Ann Green [email protected]

Dr Matthias ZenkerMatthias Zenker, Partner, GAIA AG

Hi all, I’m Matthias Zenker, a trained physician, working now for over 12 years with GAIA, a research based public health company. One of our main topics of interest are individualised webbased training, information and therapy systems (mHealth solutions).

To keep this posting list short – more information about me, Gaia, opportunities for cooperation and our mHealth products:

@David: Wonderful idea, David – this makes groups much more personal and lively!

Alvaro Cortes ManicaAlvaro Cortes Manica, Master en Ingenieria Biomedica, CTO,Co-Fundador de la empresa Medicatrix ,Impulsor del movimiento Haz la lucha

Hi, my name is Alvaro Cortes i am from México, i have a master degree in biomedical engineering. Now i have an start up called Medicatrix which is specialized in mHealth solutions and Wearable devices. I am convinced that mHealth is the best way to improving clinical outcomes and there is a great market here in México.

At this moment we are developing A Cloud platform that enables collect medical data from an especial equipment. It is a briefcase with medical devices and software integration, which has been developed to give medical services in developing cities and rural places where no electricity or medical services are available.

see how it works here :


Great sharing my Knowledge. This is mi info if you have any question.

Sorry for my English.

My Bio:

Facebook :

Howard Green MDHoward A. Green, MD, FACP, FAAD, FACMS, Managing Partner at Dermatology Associates, PA of the Palm Beaches

Address the Group: Hello Group. I’m the founder of dgr education, llc our introductory iOS and web app is In just three short months, we’ve got professionals registered and participating on our app from over 60 nations!

Harold StrandquistHarold Strandquist, OEM developer, manufacturer wireless medical devices, Business Development, Telemedicine consultant. Healthcare, Medical Devices, Sales & Marketing, Business Development Senior Manager

Hello. My name is Harry Strandquist – OEM developer of wireless medical devices focused in cardiology markets. Telemedicine, disease management consultant.

Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at FirstApp Ltd

I’m Justin Johnson and I’m the CEO of FirstApp. FirstApp develops mobile apps for a wide variety of sectors including mHealth. Our apps most often are based around data capture on smartphones or tablets for subsequent processing. We often integrate with customer server systems but we also have our own cloud based collection and analysis technology. We’re on the look-out for new projects and opportunities in this exciting space and always happy to link up on here.

Our site:

Latest blog:

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Alexander Hoffmann, Project Manager CEO Office at Merck Group

I’m Alexander Hoffmann and have joined Merck Group to explore new opportunities in the mHealth sector, with a particular focus on the African Sub-Sahara Market. I am interested in anything that is related to mHealth in Africa (or is applicable to the African market), from mobile apps or SMS-related systems. Please feel free to get in touch if you see some potential to work together.

Williams Kwarah, Assistant Implementation Manager – MOTECH at Grameen Foundation

My name is Williams Kwarah, I am a public health practitioner and currently working at Grameen Foundation, Ghana. I have been working on the MOTECH ( programme for over the past 3 years in Ghana and have keen interest in mobile health. Please feel free to ask questions about the MOTECH intervention, I am sure I will be able to answer most of your implementation questions and issues around scale of the programme.

Sally KearnsSally Kearns, Experienced Project Officer

Hi, I’m Sally, project officer for the Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) National Coordination Unit in Darwin, Australia. I’m interested in mHealth as we currently have an app for our national RHD guidelines for clinicians and we are developing two new apps for those with acute rheumatic fever and or rheumatic heart disease. These are particularly focused on Indigenous Australians with one app for self-management and one for younger audiences in the form of a game. Both apps will have gamification aspects and education in the form of key messages built in. We are at preliminary stages so far and I’m keen to learn everything I can to make these apps as successful as our guideline apps; to the point that I’m taking a Gamification course! Looking forward to participating in this group.

Saadi Hussain, Wisys

Hi I am Saadi Hussain, Director at iAppdragon. We have developed a full end to end health proposition which is now be piloted in number of countries including UK. Hope to launch a full blown service in Asia by May 2014. The service will cover diabetes, COPD, Respiratory, High Blood Pressure as well as Pre

David RubinDavid Rubin, President & CEO at Aerotel Medical Systems

About Aerotel Medical Systems: Aerotel Medical Systems is a world-leading provider of cost-effective, high-quality and user-friendly medical diagnostic systems and devices for home care, eHealth and telemedicine, as well as telecare and personal safety.

For further information visit at .

Contact: David Rubin President & CEO Aerotel Medical Systems Tel: +97235593222 Ext. 100 E-mail: [email protected]

Deedy McKenna, Consultant, Strategy-Business Development

Greetings everyone in mHealth, I am Deedy McKenna and it is great to be part of such an interesting group of professionals in the mHealth group. As a consultant for Verizon’s Mobile Health division, I offer strategy and business development guidance for healthcare payers, providers and patients. I leverage my 15 years experience in hospitals and large corporations leading employee wellness, health management and other people programs within and for large, dispersed populations. Connecting healthcare and technology through mHealth solutions is a win-win for the employer, employee and physician. I look forward to meeting some of you at the upcoming HIMSS conference in Orlando next week! In good health, Deedy McKenna

Erion Dasho, Program Coordinator of the Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program of Albania

I am Erion Dasho, medical doctor and Program Coordinator of the Integrated Telemedicine and e-Health Program of Albania. We are currently evaluating a web-based DICOM viewer to assist our both teleradiology, teletrauma and telestroke programs. We are eager to incorporate more of m-health in our program and I look forward to exchange interesting insights and ideas with the other forum members that can open paths even to collaboration opportunities.

Kevin Lewis, Healthcare Supply Chain, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), mobile Health (mHealth)

Hello to the group! I am Kevin. I have worked in healthcare for 15+ years, including direct patient care and both clinical (EHR) and healthcare-financial IT. I currently work as a senior-level consultant in the Chicagoland area providing guidance to both acute/non-acute entities toward financial and operational savings, as well as improving population health management through innovation, business-to-business collaboration and meaningful patient engagement (e.g. mHealth). My current volunteer work includes the Altruist Party, the UCAN Children’s Home and assisting Veterans and their families w/ the Blue Star Family Platoon.

Martin Wulfe, Survey research ● Data systems ● Analysis ● Case management systems

I am Martin Wulfe, Senior Research Analyst at Westat and CEO of MWulfe Consulting. I worked on the Demographic and Health Surveys (the original DHS) for 15 years, and worked with UNICEF as their data processing consulting in the Caribbean region. I specialize in data management issues in health and nutrition surveys where data are collected using tablets, especially in the developing world. If you’re interested in fieldwork issues related to CAPI surveys, please visit the group I started, CAPI Fieldwork.

Yoann Lopez, Marketing Program Specialist @Withings

Hello, Passionate about new technologies and more particularly the crossroad of the Internet of Things and healthcare, I now work at Withings as a Marketing Program Specialist. I’m glad to be part of this group and hope to get plenty if insights from you guys. I’ll try my bast to participate as much as I can.

Lingfeng Liu, Associate Professor at East China Jiaotong University

Hi my name is Lingfeng LIU and I am the co-founder and CEO of Hangzhou Youti Technology in China. I previously worked on the research of WBAN and sensor networks for over 4 years. The Hangzhou Youti Technology currently works on wearable medical devices, wi-fi localization, mHealth, and HIS integration. We are also developing series of household remote monitoring equipments for the elders. The system covers basic physiology signals including ECG, SpO2, glucose, and blood pressure.

Karl Bluemlinger, Technical Director Zydacron telecare

Hallo, I am the CTO of zydacron telecare, an austrian startup company that develops a telecare solution that combines vital sign transmission and video conferencing in a single application.

Shinal Pancholi, MSc Health Psychology student studying at The University of Nottingham

Hello group! My name is Shinal and I am currently studying my MSc in Health Psychology and particularly interested in mHealth and behaviour change interventions and how we can combine the 2 together. My applied research project is exploring the role of health mobile messaging for young people and school nurses, I will be exploring interactions and ‘why’ young people may prefer this method of communication.

sawad thotathil, Physician Executive

Hi I am physician-healthcare improvement expert, with experience in deploying mobile apps on the provider side

Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Professor of Practice in Healthcare Informatics at Chalmers Univ. of Technology.

I am also running my own company Medimatix Consulting – specialist in eHealth, telemedicin, mHealth etc. I have been working with eHealth/telemedicin and now mHealth for 25+ years, and have had various leading positions in medtech/eHealth industry during that period – often in parallell with academic activities. Present projects/activities deals with prehospital ICT/eHealth, CDSS, and treatment compliance

SATISH MOVVA, Visionary Tech Leader Disrupting Healthcare Founder & CEO of CarePredict.

We are the first wearable designed for seniors aging independently at home. We track activity and location but also deduce an individuals behaviors with a machine learning system coupled with back end predictive analytics. This allows us to raise alerts for social and clinical interventions by family, friends and clinical caregivers.

Irene Talavera, E-Health Consultant and University Lecturer

Hi everyone, IT Healthcare professional with more than 15 years of experience managing transformational projects and global organizations. I’m currently doing a PhD on mHealth adoption at Henley Business School – University of Reading, UK. I’m passionate about the dynamics of innovation in the healthcare sector and about the potential of mHealthcare to transform the Healthcare system. Looking forward to contributing to the group.

Guillermo Pepe, Social Entrepreneur

I’m Guillermo Pepe, CEO at Mamotest. A Telemammography Network assisting around 50.000 women per year. Our goal is to lower the risk of dying because of breast cancer, in Argentina and LATAM, through early diagnosis. We are investing heavily in top of the line technology (digital mammography, tomosynthesis, ultrasound and breast MRI), infrastructure (Internet connection in rural areas) and training of our medical staff, to accomplish our task. Although Mamotest is a privately held company investing its own resources, we are really excited about the possibilities, in 2014, of partnering with Government, private and public institutions to reach more population at risk of developing breast cancer.

Sunder Somasundaram, Entrepreneur / Executive Leadership / Strategic Business Development / Product Marketing & Strategy / Global Channels

Sunder Somasundara, Global Director, Digitial Enablement (M2M , Mobile Apps), AT

Jim Pittman, Healthcare business development | start-ups | launches. Strategy | content & influencer marketing. [2,760+ connections]

I’m Jim Pittman. I’ve been involved in healthcare and managed care business development and start-ups for 20+ years — and boy have the rules of PR & marketing changed. I now specialize in real-time, content and influence marketing strategy, integrated with grass roots, word-of-mouth, media relations and highly-targeted ad strategy.

Carol Hargreaves, Chief, Business Analytics Practice & Consultant

Hi. My name is Carol Hargreaves. I am a lecturer in Analytics for Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Professional at the Institute if Systems Science at the National University of Singapore. I am currently doing an online course in mHealth through I am particularly interested in opportunities to collaborate & find innovative solutions for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes….@DataAnalytics

François Lescure, President, MedecinDirect

My name is Francois Lescure, I am a pharmacist with 20+ years experience in pharmaceutical industry. I founded MedecinDirect in 2009 with 2 others friends with the objective to offer medical services over the net or telephone to anyone in need of direct medical information by a GP or specialist. Our clients are insurance companies for the most important part but also industries (sort of medical conciergerie) or service providers (medical writing, surveys etc…). Easy to access, Medecindirect can provide medical advice up to telemedicine services. With 1/2 million beneficiaries, the company is leading the French market in this field. I am convinced that m-health or e-health will contribute to the emergence of new behaviors from healthy people as well as patients provided there is a strong implication of all healthcare professionals in the training and education of people on “how to” use all upcoming apps and materials, “how to” interpret data, “how to” modify my behavior or treat my problem, “what is” the best solution and pathway for me, “what if” scenarios. Part of H2020 issues I guess…

Apu Thomas, Head – Education, Health & Insurance Solutions at TATA TELESERVICES LTD.

My name is Apu Martin Thomas. I am a lawyer with a management degree and have been working in the telecom space for the past 4 years. My latest assignment is to manage the m-health space for a leading network operator in India. I was part of a team that had designed a diabetes management solution using connected devices.

India has a high penetration of mobile phones and most Indians would experience the internet for the first time on their mobile phones. The potential for m-health applications in India is enormous and I hope to find partners who will enable me to explore new ideas and launch new products and services.


Hello, My name is Dave Cutler. I’m an inventor, designer and illustrator. I designed, and my company now offers, an elegant brand of adjustable tablet stands called FLOTE™. Our stands have been called the best iPad/tablet stands ever by several leading reviewers including FORBES and INC Magazine.

In particular, our FLOTE Desktop, is an ideal solution for mHealthcare apps that require patient interaction. (In fact FLOTE Desktop was inspired by an inquiry from a mHealth startup). It can clamp to a hospital bed tray and enable the patient to use their tablet for prolonged durations, comfortably and ergonomically. Please visit to learn more. Thank you.

Mandy Lacy, mHealth Research & Project Manager at Royal Hospital for Women

Hello everyone – its good to be part of this group. Mandy Lacy is my name and I am a researcher in the area of patient education technology and its impact on participatory medicine, patient efficacy and empowerment. My PhD area is researching data literacy for patients and for health educators with patient education technologies.

Timothy Meadows, Director of Operations & Business Improvement

Hello all – the past 9 years I’ve worked on the front lines in home health care and hospice. I’ve seen many diabetic, heart, pulmonary and possibly even cancer patients who would have benefited from mHealth solutions – had those technology options been available – to help these patients monitor and manage their health earlier.

The convergence of mHealth and health care is a fast growth area. Huge opportunity exists for solution providers who offer simple ways for people to closely monitor their health, in real time. This real time feedback will enable and empower people to improve their diet, exercise, sleep & medication choices to improve their health and well being.

As a operations professional and health care executive I am searching for an organization to assist with growing this dream into a reality. Inquiries welcome.

Alexandra Kayle, Social Media Project Manager at HIV SA

Hi everyone. I’m the mobile health project manager for HIVSA. My project manages two innovative programmes – namely a free health information library called Hi4LIFE which is accessible via Facebook, Twitter, Mxit, USSD and as a mobile site; and Choma Magazine is targeted at young women and girls aged between 15 – 25, and is available as a mobile app, on Facebook, Mxit and a game. My project provides health information to communities, leveraging social media as a platform of engagement, to inspire dialogue, education and behaviour change in order to contribute towards an HIV free generation in South Africa.

Kirsten de Klein, Director of Human Resources bin Mercurius Wageningen

Hi everyone, I’m a Health and Society student and I just started writing my Bachelor Thesis about the effectiveness of mHealth. Any information, tips, help or anything is welcome!

Micah Lieberman, Executive Director, BioPharma Strategy Series at Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)

I am glad to be a part of this group. My name is Micah Lieberman from Cambridge Healthtech/Bio-IT/Medical Informatics World and I organize and facilitate executive forums, scientific conferences and training courses. I perform a lot of primary market research with senior execs, developers and scientists from the life science, pharma, dx, health IT, medical informatics, mHealth and broader clinical research communities in order to discern industry trends and needs. A few samples of work that could be of interest to this group can be seen at:

Kind regards, Micah Lieberman

Joe Warren, Research & Teaching Assistant at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Hi, I am Joe Warren, Research Assistant in the Division of Health Sciences Informatics, a division of the School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. My passion is telehealth, connected care, integrated care using all kinds of technology from video to mobile devices. To me, it’s all about delivering care wherever the patient is. How else are we going to promote prevention and population health?

Ramon Duremdes Jr, Business and Product Development Consultant

I’m based in the Philippines and currently works in product and business innovation for the PLDT-Smart-Sun telecom group. I have played leadership roles in developing products for both government-owned and privately-owned healthcare facilities. Products include SHINE, LowCal, Health Passport and WellWatch. I also served in the public-private ICT-for-Health Technical Working Group appointed by the Secretary of Health which submitted a set of recommendations to the DOH for the advancement of the use of ICTs for health in the Philippines. I’m broadly interested in mHealth, specially in the topics of service adoption and business models.

Sharon Hindley Conference Manager, eHealth Industries Innovation Centre (ehi2), Swansea University

Hi mHealth members, its great to join the group. My name is Sharon and I work in ehi2 (eHealth Industries Innovation Centre) in the College of Medicine, Swansea University

I am the Event Manager for an international Digital Health conference being hosted by the College along with the Welsh Government, Farr Institute, Cisco NVI and EHTEL The conference will address Open Innovation in Digital Health to accelerate the concept to commercialisation process.

I’d like to reach out to all mHealth members for some help with any suggestions you may have. I’m trying to source case studies of organisations using open innovation to deliver their healthcare projects / services / products. I’d like to invite people working in this capacity to come and speak at the conference to share their experiences (good and bad) with the delegates. Are there any suggestions that spring to mind that anyone could recommend me researching further? I appreciate your help guys and thanks so much for reading this request.

Jim Marshall, Principal, CES Consulting

I am a healthcare professional with 30+ years in operations management and information technology software sales. I have served as a hospital CEO and as a regional operations executive for 7 hospitals. Following 5 years selling EMR software, I currently provide consulting services to hospitals that are struggling with the inefficient use of HIS and EMR software. I employ a detailed approach to creating efficient systems for optimum financial performance and quality patient care.

Gadi Ben-Yehuda, Innovation and Social Media Director at IBM

I am the innovation and social media director at the IBM Center for the Business of Government. I’ve written about mHealth in a number of publications and will be delivering remarks on the same as part of a panel in an mHealth conference in Milan in April.

Fiona Martin, Senior Lecturer in Online and Convergent Media at University of Sydney

Hi – I’m a media and communications researcher at the University of Sydney, Australia studying mobile internet development and mHealth policy formation. Together with my colleagues we’re investigating new, innovative ways of making and communicating policy to mobile users.

Marie Cloutier, Area Sales Representative East at AirStrip Technologies

I am the Area Sales Representative for AirStrip® (, which provides a complete, vendor- and data source-agnostic enterprise-wide clinical mobility solution, which enables clinicians to securely interact with and respond rapidly to clinically relevant patient health information—anywhere, anytime, via their mobile device (iOS, Android, Win 8.1). We put the power to improve the quality of care in your hands.

Erik Fransen, Manager Medical Programs at Vitaphone Telemedicine

Hello, I am Manager Medical Programs for Vitaphone Telemedicine (, the telemedicine company with a track record of 15 years in this business. We offer turn-key solutions providing peace of mind to our customers.

Stephany Wilson

Thought Leadership Strategy Manager at iTriage, LLC Happy Friday!! I just joined iTriage as their Thought Leadership Strategy Manager after being with Truven Health for 9 years. I’m looking forward to learning all I can about mHealth. Nice to meet you all.

Raj Nataraj, CEO, aptMobility

Hello, My name is Raj Nataraj, I am the founder & CEO of aptMobility, a Silicon Valley based App Development services company. Some of the Apps that we have developed for our clients in mHealth are AIDS prevention, PTSD & Pain Medication. I am passionate about delivering enterprise mobile solutions that makes customers successful, by leveraging my hands-on, manufacturing industry experience related to Cloud, Middleware & Supply Chain Management. With over 20 years of experience, working in Silicon Valley in the areas of project management, business development, solution selling and go-to-market strategies for leading enterprise software companies such as TIBCO, PTC, Cordys and Dassault Systems.

My team has experience in Native and Cross-Platform Apps. Links to my profile company profile. Looking forward to learning and collaborating with you all. regards, raj natural

Meng-Hann Chan, Growth Hacker chez Nuvenote

Hi everyone, my name is Meng-Hann, Growth Hacker at Nuvenote. Nuvenote is a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology opens a new wave of hope, helping practitioners to solve these problems. The application resides on Internet (also known as Cloud), it improves your efficiency, it’s low cost, it’s secured, it’s easy to use, it’s adaptable and highly accessible especially targeting India.

Nick Mahurin, CEO, InfraWare

Hello, I am the CEO of InfraWare. We provide solutions for the capture of healthcare documentation (such as dictation) via mobile device and populate EMRs with both structured and narrative data to meet Meaningful Use requirements.

Tristan Joo, Seasoned Business Exec in Mobile / Wireless / Asia across Tech Marketing, P&L & PLM, Strategy / Bus & Ecosystem Develop.

Hi all, I’m chairing a #mHealthMonitoring exec panel on 5/15(Thu) evening in Santa Clara if any of you are interested in attending. Seats are limited: As for my background, I’m a 18-year Mobile industry veteran, now building Optical Sensors for Mobile devices, truly passionate about mHealth innovations. Hope to get to know a lot of you thru this group!

Elizabeth Bridenstine, Communications Manager at Telerivet

Hello! I’m Elizabeth, Communications Manager at Telerivet. A lot of mHealth organizations use our platform for mobile messaging (via SMS) in the developing world.

Andre Taylor, MD, MBA, President, Dependable Home Care, Inc.

Hello, I am President of DHC, Inc., a home healthcare agency. My company has been monitoring the mHealth space searching for devices, methods,

Erich Taubert, Functional & reconstructive Urologist & CMO, Co-founder Synappz Medical Apps

Hi y’all, My name is Erich Taubert. I am a reconstructive and functional urologist and CMZo of Synappz Medical Apps. We look at practically usefull ways to enhance healthcare through mHealth. Our newest is It is a platform 4 patients and HCP’s. You can create monitoring Apps together and push them to your mobile device.

Dax Kho, Enterprise Architect at TWS/Patloom Healthcare Innovation

Aangenaam kennis te maken, as we say in the Netherlands for: “Nice to meet you”. It’s an honour to be joining you all in this group, about a topic of which we all know, is “the next big thing” in the medical sector (or at least as far as I am concerned). Let me introduce myself. I am Dax Kho, Architect and co-founder of Patloom Medical mobile Apps. Patloom is a company, that develops (mainly patient centered) mobile apps (on all platforms) for the medical sector, for which I, together with my partner and 9 developers, have already developed 12 medical mobile apps and by the end of 2014, we intend to bump that figure up to 40, using our modular app development platform. Give me a shout and we’ll talk some more, I hope to get to know you better! Bye, dax

Safiq Ahamed, Technical Consultant at aptMobility

I’m a active Mobile app developer working with aptMobility. I’m involved in developing mobile apps for Health related researches. I’m here to gain knowledge on new aspects of mHealth. And possibilities of creating new apps which can help people in this filed.

Andy Tsai, eHealth Solution Provider

Our company offers wireless devices and analytic software for various facets of the healthcare industry. Today we offer remote monitoring service for home care agencies and clinics.

Ronny Broekx, Project Manager Tele-Health Systems, e-Point “The electronic point of care”

“I’m always concerned about how people interact with our software solutions, although I ‘m a real IT lover, I never try to show it to the clients we’ve worked with and always translate the technology to things people can understand and really enjoy.”

Our website:

Our Link to youtube:–uOcds

Sincerely, Ronny Broekx, e-Point | We care

Kimberlie Cerrone, CEO, Tiatros Inc

Tiatros is a versatile, mobile, HIPAA-compliant patient engagement and collaborative care platform that incubated at UCSF. We’re in commercial use across the University of California, the Scripps Institute, the University of Chicago, etc. Contact me at kcerrone@tiatros for more information.

Jacek Slowik, MBA, Project/Change/Deployment Manager, Business Solutions Architect, Integration Expert for Mergers, Advisor for CEE Invest

I represent here a young ambitious company called Crystal Inc located in Western part of

Poland (CEE). Currently we designed and keep under extensive development one

of most modern e-Health solutions designed in Poland ( ).

This eHealth designed system is focused on small surgeries and what we find more

innovative, on mobile health forces like midwifes and social nurses in the field.

Our intention is to ensure that ourselves designed data bus, a basis for our eHealth

solution will be compatible with the European eHealth focused part of eSens Platform. Myself work as Business and Technical Architect (as management consultant and IT system designer).

Here I now learn, try to understand and later to apply here identified and selected Best

recommended Practices in Telemedicine, eHealth and mHealth areas.

I personally hope that within few months we will have much to share with my colleagues

also here. Of course I am opened for any form of collaboration with more “adult” mHealth


Rick Cuddihy, MD, Entrepreneur Pediatrician founder/CEO of

As a first born, with a very proud Italian grandmother, naturally I became a doctor. I can still hear her saying “mio nipote il dottore” (my grandson the doctor) over and over again. After 18 great years in pediatrics, I shifted gears to listen to another voice, inside my brain, that kept asking “how can I make this better?” EMR/EHR implementation catalyzed the transition despite me initially welcoming the technology.

ziPede improves provider efficiency and patient comprehension at the point of care and beyond.

Our company focuses on the figurative beginning of the sentence…the point of care… that brief time that a provider spends with their patient. We address the two core challenges: time and retention…1. Providers don’t have time to say everything they need to (or should) and spend a lot of time repeating basic details at the expense of higher value patient specific communication. 2. Patients remember only a fraction (20-30%) of what their providers say.

We make existing workflows significantly more efficient and cost effective. We reduce provider repetition and promote higher patient engagement and accountability. Simply put, we help providers deliver a better product…their care to their patient.

From our site:

ziPede is a point of care, communication and education platform for all healthcare providers. At our core, we are a secure, one-way, provider to patient, delivery platform. ziPede is essentially a Rx pad for everything except medications. ziPede enables providers to:

– Prescribe patient handouts instead of printing = reduce cost & time

– Direct patients to specific webpages = the right page in literally one click (for both parties)

– Create reusable text, audio and video for common health topics = reduce repetition

– Say it once, say it well, send anytime (audio feature) = improve consistency

– Send HIPAA-compliant text and audio messages = more efficient communication

Our patient accountability and engagement functionality is evolving. Right now we track and display whether and when patients view what their provider sent them. It is great to see such a diverse and cool group of people participating in this discussion. Thank you. Rick

Parm Sandhu, Director Products and Services Development, TELUS | mHealth | Identity

I just took on the role as Director Consumer Health at TELUS Communications Company. I am a proud member of the TELUS team, where over the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to bring to market many new consumer services in the mobile and fixed line segments. In my new role, I will help foster innovative products and services that will empower our clients to manage their own health and make prevention and wellness more accessible. TELUS Health already provides innovative technologies and applications that harness information, move it securely, and connect healthcare providers and patients. Our solutions touch every facet of the Canadian healthcare continuum, from point of care to pharmacy to insurance. Healthcare is one our core strategic priorities as mHealth represents a new growth opportunity.

You can find out more about TELUS Health initiatives at

Thank You, Parm

Jai Mendiratta, Manager – mHealth, Wireless Solutions Group at Tata Teleservices Ltd.

Hello, I’m Jai Mendiratta and I’ve worked with BBC Media Action as Sr. Product Manager for the Project Ananya which was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Bihar, India. The products on which I worked on were Mobile Kunji (a job aid tool for Community Health Workers), Mobile Academy (a mobile based training course for CHWs) and Kilkari (a voice based service for expectant and new mothers). Currently I’m working with Tata Teleservices Ltd. as Product Manager for mHealth. With my earlier experience in commercial Telecom VAS and with the added experience of working in mHealth with BBC Media Action, I think I can contribute well toward creating a bridge between Mobile operators and healthcare providers/NGOs toward providing better mobile based health solutions.

Jonathan Viney, Director of Partnerships, Topaz Software

Hi everyone – I would like to introduce myself and Topaz, we can help anyone wanting to moblilise solutions for mHealth with Toco Connect middle ware (all the hard work is already done). Our tool lets you can design the user interface simply by picking your workflow from the widest range of functionality and decision tree actions, which is then instantly rendered to every device using iOS, Andriod and Windows. We uniquely have the ability to simply connect into any database systems. Hosted on premise or in the cloud. Let me know if you would like to hear how you can mobilise your idea in hours Look forward to hearing from you Jonathan

Brogan Smith, Account Manager, Duet Health

It is my pleasure to introduce myself and Duet Health. We provide a software platform that assists our health systems clients deliver education, communication, and engagement solutions to their patients. Your patients using Duet’s tools are educated more effectively through their care or use our tools for chronic condition management furthering your programming. All of our programs are white labeled and we take great care in delivering a premium user experience.

Our software is deployed through solutions such as mobile applications, web portals, touch screen kiosks and more for clients like the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Ohio Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the FDA, the CDC and others. We’re also working with research institutions such as The Harvard Medical School to track ROI through the use of our programs towards outcomes, financial impact and educational effectiveness in behavior change.

We understand the challenges of Children’s Hospitals and we have supporting documentation that validates our solutions. I look forward to scheduling time with you to present some examples of our proficiency in the pediatric space.

Rakesh Panthi, Monitoring and Evaluation at National Centre for AIDS and STD Control, MoHP

MHEALTH IN NEPAL??….Hello everyone. I am Rakesh Panthi from Nepal, a public health professional. I am very much interested to introduce, establish and institutionalize mhealth scopes in Nepal. I am much interested in health informatics and its application.Communication (phone and internet) is rapidly developing here whereas it’s utility is almost nil in health sector of Nepal. With the situation that majority of NGOs and GOs are still in paper based monitoring system and also the coverage of service is relatively low, mhealth can play a huge difference.

So I am seeking support and suggestions to move forward my interest into reality. I have been coordinating with organization named “IMMUNE APPs” in Nepal for exploring its possibilities and we have self initiated some small projects. It would be great to know and work with any international organization interested in mhealth in Nepal for doing some interventional research, technical partnership or collaboration as well as deployment of any mhealth products here in Nepal. If there are other possibilities of working, it would be great to vitalize/sustain our initiation. Thanking You.

Tom Boyer, Co-Founder, Principle at CloudChiro

Hello, my name is Tom Boyer. I have over 6 years of experience in the Practice Management/EHR Billing software industry. Most recently I co-founded, which is a web-based PM/EHR/Billing software specifically for Chiropractors & Physical Therapists. Likewise, I am currently acting as the US Sales Channel Partner to ViSolve, Inc.(HIT Company out of India) I am passionate about improving the US Healthcare system through on-going innovation, technology, mhealth, data science, and the use of social media. However, I am a big proponent of security and autonomy on the Internet, specifically in Healthcare. I see the mhealth sector as a big piece of the puzzle, for improving patient outcomes/engagement along with the overall advancement of the field. I’m happy to help out or answer any questions from the group. In addition, I look forward to sharing and receiving fresh content on mhealth. Best regards, Tom

Abdolrahim Zohaby, Business Consultant

My name is Abdolrahim Zohaby (Rahim for short) with many years experience in international trading, particularly medical devices and technologies in the last ten years.

I am interested in innovative devices and technologies to be introduced in Iran. Please contact [email protected] or +98 935 527 3342 for getting acquainted.

Rosie Afia, MSc Development Management

Hello, my name is Rosie Afia. I am currently completing an MSc in Development Management at the London School of Economics and Politics (LSE). As part of the graduate program, I am undertaking a thesis exploring how mhealth initiatives are improving the distribution and delivery of primary healthcare in Sub-Sahara Africa. I am keen to discuss this with experts working on specific projects and, if possible, do some primary research. I will be writing my dissertation between June and September 2014. I am seeking opportunities for a placement within the mhealth sector and/or a potential collaboration while I complete this research. Please kindly contact me at [email protected] (or via my website

Jeremy Walsh, Director of European Operations, Infotech North America

Hello, I am working with some colleagues in Cambridge Respiratory Innovations on a novel, low energy CO2 sensor platform which will drive a series of devices, starting with a capnometer, and respiratory rate meter. We are still at early stages of development but progressing quickly. Our intention is to interface the output with a range of mobile devices. Our new devices should be extremely compact and portable, as well as low cost.

During the 1990s I was one of the founders of Anaxsys which went on to develop a first generation sensor and respiratory rate meter.

Feel free to contact me on [email protected]

William Tella, CEO, GenerationOne

I am the CEO and President of GenerationOne, a leading provider of mobile health solutions which recognizes the importance of merging technology, clinical workflow and behavioral science for sustainable impact. GenerationOne’s mHealth Connect service is a mobile-health tool that enables scheduled and ad hoc communications between participants and care managers to be sent via the participant’s own cell phone or landline, using text, on-screen buttons or interactive voice response. I have a keen interest in healthcare, technology, and the ever-growing convergence of the two. GenerationOne/mHealth Connect website: Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions about mHealth Connect or any opportunities to incorporate it into an existing mHealth or population health management program.

Antti Korhonen, Technology Executive, Board advisor, B2B and Healthcare IT businesses

Greetings from Washington DC. I am a former CEO of a Health IT company (Ekahau) for over 11 years, now running my own consultancy here in DC. Also co-organizing a MUST-attend VIP Luncheon EVENT for mHealth here in DC on 4/30 – seats are running out so be quick to register:

Sy Price, Senior Vice President, Amedisys

Hi all, my name is Sy Price. I’m a Senior Vice President with Amedisys, one of the largest home health and hospice companies in the US. I have been with Amedisys for 7 years and prior to that I worked for Intel for 12 years. I manage several company wide services and I am very involved in day to day remote patient monitoring solutions as well as evaluation of new solutions and technologies. I am very interested and passionate about the opportunities that exist with wearables, implants, and the convergence of multiple devices that will be significantly more user friendly for clinicians and patients, more cost effective, scalable, and ultimately improve outcomes.

Jibril I.M Handuleh, Research Assistant in Psychiatry and public health

Hi all, I am Dr Jibril I.M Handuleh. I am mental health practioner, assistant lecturer and online distance education coordinator at KTSP ( king’s college THET Somaliland Partnership) linking Somaliland and KCL psychiatrists. Our web portal brings online education to med students and junior docs in this country. Iam the Somali lead on this. W: personal portfolio : sites . google.djibrilimhanduleh

Arrod La Roque, Production Planning & Control at Bloom Energy

Hey everyone! I work in operations over at Chatrhealth, a health tech start-up that focuses on dynamic patient safety and communication tools on mobile platforms. I’m eager to network with professionals within the mobile health tech industry, so please feel free to connect with me! Please check out my company at

Tim Delany, Intern at Health Founders

Hi all, Currently interning in Health Founders, a digital health start-up looking to shift the focus of the healthcare ecosystem from a doctor-centric approach to patient-centric approach. Simultaneously I am studying for a MSc in Business and Biotechnology. As part of my masters, I wrote a dissertation on the integration of wearable and mobile technologies into the healthcare ecosystem.

Previously, I was part of a small team in a social-tech start-up called Adtruism; which aims to effortlessly raise money for worthy causes through the use of an icon on websites and blogs. We showed over 100 million ad impression within 3 weeks of launch and subsequently partnered with Google. I am passionate about changing the inefficient healthcare ecosystem through the implementation of disruptive technologies. Particular topics of interest include novel methods, such as 3D printing and wearable sensing, which could be integrated into the digital health sector.

Michael Shreve, PMP, Director, Health Information Systems, Canadian MedicAlert Foundation, and CPO

Hello everyone, I’m the Director of Health Information Systems at MedicAlert Foundation Canada, we manage the emergency health care records of over 1 million Canadians and are interested in partnerships with eHealth industry leaders. Of particular interest are patient portals or PHRs; and Emergency Medical Services – eCharting software. for more info about us please visit

Hakeem Adejumo, Student at Olabisi Onabanjo University

I am Adejumo Olamide, a diabetes advocate and co-founder of The Nigeria diabetes online community(NGO established to provide social peer support for people living with diabetes in Nigeria) Am interested in #mdiabetes and the utilisation of mobile technology to reach rural communities and those with & without access to internet to create diabetes awareness, education and social support. Visit our site and our blog Follow us on twitter @theNGdoc

Lawrence Wasserman PhD, Fortech International Ltd Business Development Entrepreneur

This is an update to previous introduction resulting from expanded ventures. I am engaged in telemed and eHealth and proposed Global Alliance for Telemed and eHealth. The purpose of which is to focus on private public aspects of telemed solutions.It has been said that without PPP telemed programs may not be realized. My concept is to have the Global Alliance entitiy in each country which wll hold a conference which will develop a country plan of action which is first realized by bringing together stakeholders and or collecting comments or visiting local governments etc. The conference with various sessions will at its conclusion form the basis of a report Country ABC Plan of Telemed and eHealth. Interested parties, comments etc will be appreciated.

Catriona Kennedy, Research Professional

Hi all, I’m Catriona Kennedy. My background is in software engineering (industry) and cognitive science (PhD in computer science, Birmingham UK). I am currently an independent researcher focusing on metacognition and the modelling of mental processes, mostly based in Manchester, UK. I also do freelance consultancy, helping to build real-world apps to address social challenges (such as health). Current and recent work includes enhancing online cognitive behavioural therapy and building infrastructure for patient self-management (including mHealth).

I am interested in applying cognitive modelling to mHealth, for example to support behaviour change. I am also interested in the role of automated decisions in mHealth: how can we support transparency and ownership of decisions (and data)? How do we integrate ethics and values into automated decision-making? It would be great to hear from like-minded people.

Veronica Maselli, Senior Marketing Manager at Pharma IQ

My name is Veronica and I work at Pharma IQ as a Senior Marketing Manager. At the moment I am working on an exciting project, the Healthcare Apps Summit ( which takes place next week. The Healthcare Apps Summit is a two day event that has been carefully designed for attendees to gain an insight into the Healthcare and Medical Apps Market, keep on top of the latest regulations and to successfully design, develop and deliver apps through effective promotion and awareness. I run a portfolio of events within the Pharma/Healthcare industry as well as within the Process Excellence (Continuous Improvement) sector. For more information on the Healthcare Apps Summit please email me at [email protected] Nice to meet you all! Veronica

Lisa Militello, Clinical Instructor at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Hi, I’m a new PhD just completing a research project using mHealth to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors in parents with overweight or obese preschoolers. My background is as a pediatric nurse practitioner in primary and school-based health systems. I also have an MPH combing my clinical and research interests to promote healthy choices in children and families. Now…I’m looking for the next adventure as a potential post-doc or working in healthcare with tailored and adaptive mHealth interventions to support clinical care.

Yvonne Lim, Marketing Consultant at HIMSS Europe & Middle East

Hi, I am a Marketing Consultant working for HIMSS Europe and Middle East. We are organising the mHealth Summit in Berlin (6-8 May, and Abu Dhabi (28-29 May, Join us at the mHealth Summit series to learn about how mHealth can transform healthcare experience!

Steve Cottle, Regional Business Development Director, Europe at Morneau Shepell

Hi, I am Regional Business Development Director for Morneau Shepell, who is the leading provider of Employee and Family Assistance Programmes in Canada, and one of the largest globally. We are currently expanding our in-region support across Europe and Asia.

Established in 1966, Morneau Shepell serves more than 8,000 clients, ranging from small businesses to some of the largest corporations and associations in the world. With around 3,500 employees in offices across North America, Morneau Shepell provides services to organisations across the globe. We help organisations improve their bottom line by contributing to the well‐being of their workforce. Our clinical and training‐based services support domestic workforces, foreign nationals and expatriate employees and their families in approximately 200 countries worldwide.

We are passionate about what we do and we excel at it. Our programmes are impactful for several reasons. We drive engagement by working closely with our clients at both the corporate level to understand their programme objectives and locally to strategise on how to achieve the corporate objectives given local norms and culture. We are a leader in technological breakthroughs that have created new ways to access and experience services. We are also thought leaders, and invest time and resources into researching and developing services to better support the interconnections of work, health and life.

Feng (Johnson) QIAN, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management, University at Albany-State University of New York

Hi, this is Feng (Johnson) Qian – assistant professor of health policy and management at School of Public Health, University at Albany-State University of New York (Albany, NY, USA). My main research interests are comparative effectiveness research, new technology innovation and adoption, and economic evaluation in health care. I am very interested in mHealth, in particular, its impacts on access to care, patient safety and quality of care, process of care, and healthcare outcomes. My brief background: I received my medical education and residency training in cardiovascular surgery from Shanghai Medical University (Shanghai, P. R. China; now is called Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University), did a research fellowship at National University of Singapore, and obtained a PhD in Health Services Research and Policy from University of Rochester (Rochester, NY, USA). I would like to get connected with people with strong interests in mHealth and will be interested in exploring opportunities for future collaborations. The link to my LinkedIn profile is:

Steven Thornbury, RPh MBA, mHealth Business Development

Hi…I’m Steve – Sr VP Bus Dev for meVisit…an mHealth Telemedicine within the PCMH tech – my brother wrote Ch 20 of HiMSS new book on mHealth Innovation…please feel free to contact me and follow our growing company meVisit Technologies

Andrew Street, Account Manager, Net Medical Xpress

Hello, My name is Andrew Street, Account Manager Net Medical Xpress Solutions. Net Medical is a Solution Management company specializing in telemedicine. Below is a brief description of some of what we are about. If you would like to discuss in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact me! My information will be at the bottom of the email.

We have our own technology. Including an online encounter platform WebRTC, medical carts for remote access in critical times, electronic stethoscope interfaced with our platform WebRTC and numerous other technology options.

In addition our Staffing Division has a network of over 300 Board Certified physicians in all 50 states in various specialties ready to do online encounters. We currently are doing over 400,000 telemedicine encounters a year.

Lastly Net Medical is NOW ON THE RADIO! The show is called Top Docs and the CEO. Rolling out nationally, 10:00 am MDT – Saturday mornings. If you’re interested in being a guest on the show please let me know. You can also check see more details about the show at the following link:

Again if you would like to reach out to me to discuss any synergy my information is below. Kind Regards, Andrew Street, [email protected]

Ricky Leung, SUNY-Albany

I’m Ricky Leung, a tenure-track faculty in health management at SUNY-Albany. I have a strong interest in HIT and mhealth, including telemedicine and social media applications. My current projects include developing social media platforms and mobile apps for state governments, as well as international collaborations between American and Chinese researchers. I’m particularly interested in studying how mobile apps and social media can lead to positive health outcomes at both the individual and community levels. While residing in New York, I am very open to new collaboration with academic researchers, government officials, and executives in the industry from all geographical regions. Please feel free to contact me.

Shane Stubbs, Exercise Science and Education Director: Blaupunkt Biofeedback SMART Earphones

Hi, I am Shane Stubbs, Global Exercise Science and Health Education Director for the very soon to be released Blaupunkt Biofeedback Earphones. I lead a team of very talented PHDs in Exercise Physiology, Cardiology, Psychology, Exercise Scientists and Health Educators. Together (with Valencell COO Dr Steven Lebeouf and his team) we have built a clinically accurate hardware, software and evidence based education. Our technology launches in 30 plus countries between May and July 2014. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Please see our video of the Biofeedback Earphones at

Johan Goris, Ready for a new challenge

Hello, I am Johan Goris, former hospital Biomed engineering department junior head, former Notified Body CE certification project leader, former Sales & Technical manager of a BENELUX distributor and actually CEO of , a medical device consulting office close to Brussels in Belgium.

I have expertise and I’m still learning every day about mobile & digital Health (vital signs measurement & data exchange), telemedicine, Risk Assessment, Risk Management (RMF) and ISO13485 quality systems.

Judit Sharon, CEO, Onset Technology

Hello, My name is Judit Sharon, I’m CEO of OnPage, Urgent secure messaging. We created OnPage with the notion that some messages Just cannot wait and using casual messaging for time sensitive situation should not be acceptable. OnPage is a cross platform, cross carrier Priority Messaging application on the smartphone. It eliminates the need to carry a Traditional Pager in order to separate the critical messages from the clutter. OnPage, an encrypted priority messaging to adhere with HIPAA, where messages arrive into a dedicated inbox on the device with a prominent alert until acknowledged, and a time stamped audit trail attached to each message. The OnPage service for enterprises can be augmented with OnPage Control Dashboard. It enables enterprises to be in total control of the entire company’s priority communications easily and reliably and add many capabilities organization wide .

OnPage allows Health Care providers, IT professionals and First Responders to be efficient, accountable and reliable – No more, get a message on one device and dial back to acknowledge the message from another device or get critical messages as SMS. Ensure CRITICAL Alerts are NOT missed

Robert DiLoreto, Connecting Innovation to the Enterprise

Hello, My name is Robert DiLoreto and CEO of Chasm Innovations. My entire career has been pioneering and scaling disruptive technology/solutions into new markets and global enterprises…from scratch…Over the last 4 years, I have focused on Digital Health and have accelerated the commercialization and go-to-market phases for start-ups such as, an MIT Media Lab spin-out that developed a smartphone-based device to conduct eye exams for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism while providing your prescription number to order glasses. Launched first in India and now US. Another is, which will be the first consumer device for the early detection of breast cancer.

Along with this focus, has been validating and defining business/revenue models while attracting capital, either from Angels, VC’s, or most favorable, “customer/partner-funded” opportunities.

I like the complexity and value proposition from digital health as there are key components to figure out including the device, cloud-engagement platform and big data analytics.

I try to help clients look beyond just becoming a “point solution” and understand existing eco-systems that can be leveraged over time while identifying differentiated B2C + B2B business and revenue models. Based on the client, I also have a track record of proactively connecting with the C-Suites of major customers and partners around 80% of the time for initial validation, qualification and partnership.

Stephen McComb, Healthcare Technology Collaborator

Hello, I look after a N.Ireland based Connected Health competence centre. Co-coordinating the business led collaborative research. Interests in vital signs, diagnostics, assisted living, integrated care and health analytics.

Don Rosen, Partner

Hi. I’m Don Rosen, CTO at GenerationOne (

I’m responsible for product development and have a long history in Life Sciences, mHealth, and mobile technologies.

Andrew Clement, Director of Operations, Atlantis Healthcare

As global Director of Operations at Atlantis Healthcare (, and a former Registered Nurse, I’m always interested in new and effective ways in which we can deliver interventions to patients, to help them self-manage their treatment regime, improve adherence and ultimately enjoy better health outcomes.

mHealth is an increasingly important delivery and data capture mechanism for us. We have found digital interventions very effective, and cost-effective, communication channels, whether they are websites, apps or device-integrated solutions. This year we are launching healthshared™, a six-week digital program that helps patients accept, and adhere to, prescribed treatments. It includes engaging interactive 10-minute challenges that help people examine their illness and treatment beliefs more objectively, deal with negative emotions, and get into routines for fitting medication into their everyday lives. More info here:

Beyond that, we’re looking at mHealth innovations to provide meaningful support to patients in the most convenient, consumable manner. I’m hoping I can learn and share with this group, and contribute ideas, strategies and product initiatives.

Aamir Hussain, Student, Wuhan University of Technology

Hi, I’m Hussain Aamir, I am PhD student, I’m working on my topic Health services for the Elderly and disabled Person of Intelligent Community using mHealth and eHealth

Terrence Baker, Manager, Information Systems and Clinical Engineering

Hello! Daily I work supporting various technologies within a multi-facility hospital system. In my “spare” time, I have a podcast show called Healthcare Tech Talk. It can eard via , iTunes and Stitcher Radio. I am also a fitness enthusiast and previously a 315 pound guy with high blood pressure. mHealth is an interest to me for somany reasons and I look forward to learning more from this group.

Molly CraneMolly Crane, Public Health Advocacy, Volunteer at KFDWB, Mathematics Tutor for State of CT

Hello! I was studying chemical physics and economics until three years ago, when I was diagnosed with lupus. I recently returned to school to continue my studies, but am focusing on social epidemiology (I’m still exporing areas in public health).

The cost and time required for treatments, tests, and physicians visits forced me to leave school and work. It was astonishing how quickly and easily I lost everything, and how difficult it was to establish consistent care and communication among the numerous and disconnected health systems. I prepared cost-benefit analyses, collected data and case studies, and spent 10 hours a day on the phone or filling out paperwork to have basic procedures covered. The free resources I found online helped me self-advocate by using appropriate terms, but more significantly provided a more realistic and distressing view of the world. Academic theories of socio-economic barriers to health are very easy to write eloquently about, but ultimately the knowledge has to reach the populations in need, and in a culturally and regionally-specific format.

I joined this group to learn more about individuals’ experiences with mHealth (e.g., successful programs, areas of application), and hope to contribute as much as I learn!

Hermen Ormel, Senior Advisor HIV/AIDS and Public Health

Hi all, I’m a social anthropologist and public health specialist with expertise in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). I work with KIT Royal Tropical Institute (Netherlands, and my main areas of work relate to capacity development, research and evaluation, mobile health and gender. I am involved in a mobile health intervention study in Sierra Leone with local and international partners – with low-key technology as that is already challenging enough on the low-resource, low client literacy settings. We get exciting and also confusing results… lots of learning opportunities!

Cheers Hermen

PD See our latest reports on the DFID (who sponsored the research) R4D website:

Syed Abrar, Director, Buddy App UK

Hi everyone. I’m the Co-Founder of Buddy Enterprises Ltd which is a recognised social business offering Buddy App, a multi award winning digital mHealth product in the UK. Our mission statement is we want therapy services and the wider community to benefit from the emergence of cheaper, accessible, consumer technologies, and to see technology benefit from the experience and human support that professionals can best provide. Look forward to engaging further.

Kimberlie Cerrone, CEO, Tiatros Inc

Thank you for allowing me to join this group. I’m Kimberlie Cerrone, CEO of Tiatros Inc. Tiatros is the “Quickbooks of digital health” – meaning that Tiatros is a HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use, affordable solution for quickly setting up digital health and wellness services, telemedicine services, clinical research and FDA trials. With Tiatros, doctors build a Personal Health Network and a care team around each of their patients. Every member of the care team is able to upload medical tests and images, view electronic medical records, monitor real-time health data, manage appointments, prescribe medications, send health assessments, and directly connect with patients over any mobile device or computer, using Tiatros’ rich social collaboration layer. The result is, finally, true care collaboration and patient engagement. We’ve incubated at UCSF Medical Center since January 2010. Tiatros is a Johnson

Nicola Brandsen, Education and Training at Southern District Health Board (New Zealand)

Hi everyone, Thanks for allowing me to join this group. I Coordinate Workforce development at Southern District Health Board, Mental Health, Addictions and ID Services in Invercargill New Zealand. I am a Registered Nurse and have specialised in Opreating Theatres both in NZ and The Netherlands.I have worked in mental health since 2005 both in information technology and workforce development. I am interested in e-learning platforms.

Des Beattie, Southern Regional Director, EMIS

My name is Des Beattie and I’m a divisional head with UK healthcare technology company EMIS. Although EMIS has primarily focused on using IT to deliver its technology, there is a growing realisation that we need to enable our technology via other platforms e.g. tablet / smartphone etc, so as to encourage clinicians to consider care as a ‘continuum’ rather than a dedicated environment.

We also run, one of the largest patient access sites in the English-speaking world. Again, we are developing methods for patients to access information or their clinician via a mobile device – the opportunity to extend healthcare-touchpoints is immense.

Eric Dessertenne, Associate at L.E.K. Consulting

I am Eric Dessertenne and I will start a new position as International business developer for a small company with connected devices in a large range of diseases : Cardiovascular disease, Mellitus, Arthritis…

Our first objective is to help patients with their daily treatment and increase their observance, our second objective is to deliver new solutions to pharma companies to administrate efficiently their products and our third objective is to deliver cost-effective solutions to payers.

Thanks a lot for accepting me in that group, happy to share with you on each new m-health topic. Cheers, Eric

Paul Tessier, Accelerator Executive at Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology

I have over thirty years of experience in the medical device and healthcare information system industries with both large, multi-national companies and startups, including one of the first commercial initiatives in home monitoring for chronic illnesses. Currently, I am working with the Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology (CIMIT), the Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC), the Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies, (CAMTech), and others to help commercialize promising research (i.e. translational research). We are seeing an increased number of POC and mHealth projects.

David Dubbs, Founder & CEO, MyDigitalHealth Network

My name is David Dubbs. I’m the founder/CEO of a mobile platform for patients with Congestive Heart Failure, MyDigitalHealth Network.

The platform provides a totally integrated solution for monitoring clinical factors; tracking prescription protocols and notifications; delivering targeted video content associated with CHF; and creating a communications linkage with the cardiologist. MDHN is committed to significantly reducing the hospital readmission rate (current average 33% within 90 days) while improving patient quality of life.

MDHN provides qualified HF patients, a free-of-charge 7-inch digital tablet that supports wireless device monitors (i.e. blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc.). These daily metrics are automatically posted while generating an historical record for physician review. Further, we tie directly to the patient’s formulary via their PBM in order to provide automated medication reminders and confirmation loops in order to close gaps in care.

The platform will be piloted by a major cardiology group and with a payer organization later this summer to evaluate usage and determine impact on readmission.

Happy Nyasha Mare, National Director at Mobilife mHealth Network

My name is Happy N. Mare. I am the founder/National Director of Mobilife mHealth Network in Zimbabwe, Africa ( i started mobilife 2years ago with a aim to reach deep end mobile users in remote area’s that are need of medical advice. I would like to connect with people of like minded and who are willing to partner in Zimbabwe.

Mobilife connects people, organizations, and resources using mobile technology for the development and advancement of health care in Zimbabwe. We champion the use of mobile technologies to improve health throughout the nation. Working with diverse partners to integrate mHealth into multiple sectors, the network also serves as a convener for the mHealth community to overcome common challenges by sharing tools, knowledge, experience, and lessons learned.

We are committed to increasing the effectiveness of organizations in Zimbabwe who recognize that the more than 8 million mobile phone users in Zimbabwe provide an unprecedented opportunity for organizing, communicating, service and information delivery.

We work together to create the resources NGOs need to effectively use mobile phones in their work, locally relevant content and services, support and learning opportunities and networks that help mhealth network members connect to each other. With these things on hand, many NGOs will be in a better position to enrich and serve their communities.

Dmitriy Kavyazin, Studying Entrepreneurship at Case Western Reserve University

I am a grad student in science and tech entrepreneurship with great interest in mHealth and health data analytics. I recently completed projects and term papers on a number of topics related to mHealth and currently participating in Tech Entrepreneurship part II, Stanford’s MOOC platform

This has been an absolutely amazing learning experience thus far, and I hope to expand my knowledge and network by connecting with mHealth pro’s and contributing to discussion. Also interested in all collaboration opportunities. Cheers, Dmitriy

Sally Friel

Hi. My name is Sally. I am currently studying for a masters in Creative Digital Media at Dublin Institute of Technology and hope to develop an app as part of my major project, aimed at carers and people with chronic disease.

Barry Greene, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Kinesis Health Technologies

Hi, my name is Barry Greene. I am the CTO of Kinesis Health Technologies ( We are shortly bringing out a product for assessing falls risk in older adults.

My personal interest health technology is in the application of signal processing and machine learning. I look forward to engaging discussions. Regards, Barry Greene

Victor Smith, Entrepreneur

Hey i am Victor Smith a small entrepreneur(mobility/mobile apps) from New York.

Amir Rashid, Research Associate at University of Manchester

I’m a Post Doctoral Research Associate at The University of Manchester in the UK. We are currently developing an iPad app for children with arthritis to help them describe their pain.

David GrobermanDavid Groberman, CEO / Co-Founder at HeraMED

I’m David – CEO and Co-founder of HeraMED. We are an innovation driven start-up bringing the IOT and a totally new, proprietary and exciting approach to the unmet market of home oriented pregnancy monitoring.

Our mission is to deliver the first mobile health solution – a revolutionary device and an app, design specifically for home use by the expecting mom to give her the reassurance and peace of mind, that her baby is safe. Our technology further holds a genuine medical breakthrough and with time, will create a real revolution in the manner in which pregnancies are monitored and managed.

Asha Pun, MNH Specialist at Nepal

Hey, I am Asha Pun, maternal and health specialist in Nepal UNICEF country office, very interested to introduce mhealth in Nepal.

Shuang RenShuang Ren, MSPH, Product Manager, Health Products at GBI

This is Shuang Ren, product manager at GBI (’re currently developing a remote medical communication app in both iOS and Android system.

Kenny ONeillKenny O’Neill, Senior Manager, Deloitte healthcare consulting

Hello all, I am Kenny O’Neill and I specialise in healthcare consultancy working for Deloitte in their Healthcare team. I have led the largest commissioner led roll out of telehealth in the UK which was invaluable in understanding how you can deliver business as usual working across a large health economy at scale inclusive of delivering pathway redesign using the technology as the enabler.

In addition I have worked on other large scale mHealth projects such as the DALAS project in Scotland and been involved with European studies of mobile healthcare technology.

In my current role I am always looking at how we can deliver an effective mHealth strategy and make it implementable to deliver the financial savings required to make it sustainable.

I am keen to make more connections through this group to share experience and future opportunities. I look forward to speaking with some of you. Kind regards Kenny

Joffrey MonteilJoffrey Monteil, Student, ESG Management School

Hi all. My name is Joffrey Monteil. I work for Heliceum, a french development studio based in Paris. We develop mobile apps for customers and are currently trying to develop an expertise in the field of healthcare and wellness. We already have made a few health apps and our objective is to improve our positioning in this market. That is why I decided to join this group. I hope to find advices, news and to meet interesting people from health world.

Here is our website:

Keith GeolatKeith Geolat MBA, Sales and Marketing Manager, Covidien

Hi, I’m Keith Geolat. I am the Sales Manager for the OEM Division of Covidien, based in Minnesota. We specialize in converting biocompatible adhesive materials and hydrogels used for fixation on patients skin. I hope to connect with you and stay informed of this rapidly changing market. We may even find opportunities to collaborate on solutions for your device.

Kovid SharmaKovid Sharma, Communication and Media Solutions – Sales, Hewlett-Packard

Hi, My Name is Kovid Sharma , I am the Co Founder and Director of Cellspan Global, We are a business-building company that helps fast track business expansion of our partner companies in the India / Africa Market. Our clients are innovative companies aspiring to deliver their products and services in these markets in Telecom, Healthcare and Renewable Energy.

Currently focussing on Healthcare sector and working with state govts. on improving the overall healthcare infra and services by bringing in innovations and experience.

India is a fast growing economy with large opportunities for companies to provide technologies, expertise and innovative products and services to meet a wide range of needs, including the provision of new infrastructure, products and services for the rapidly growing urban populations, and the delivery of solutions for the large rural population. The specific technology-related opportunities cover four key areas: energy, water and other key resources; data and communications; healthcare; and engineering.

Please inbox ([email protected]) me for more details. Look Forward.

Bridget Moorman, President, BMoorman Consulting, LLC

Hi, I’m Bridget Moorman. I am a consultant with a specialty in clinical engineering, medical device integration to electronic medical records and m-tele-health/remote monitoring for chronic disease management. This group looks like it will be very interesting and I look forward to contributing.

Blanca Usoz OyarzabalBlanca Usoz Oyarzabal,

I’m a physician working in occupational medicine in a large multinational financial enterprise. I also work on my own in participatory medicine. I use ICT to interact with my patients whenever it helps us.

My web

My blog


Dr Ikpeme NetoDr Ikpeme Neto, Medical registrar, founder at Abuja health pages

Hi everyone, I’m a physician and entrepreneur from Nigeria. I trained in Dublin, Ireland and now currently work as a doctor in NZ. I’ve founded a health technology company in Nigeria that aims to increase quality of care and patient engagement by putting all Nigerian healthcare data online starting first with Abuja the capital city. Our first vehicle for this is Abuja Health Pages ( where we are cataloguing all Health care and specialist locations and launching a PHR that is mobile friendly and will integrate all clinical data.

Jan SliwaJan Sliwa, Research Assistant, Bern University of Applied Sciences

Hello, I’m working at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland. We design, implement and run anonymous medical registries for vendor-independent quality evaluation and research. We want to expand this experience into the field of smart medical devices. At the Biostec conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Jan 12-15, 2015 I will co-chair the workshop: “Smart Medical Devices – from Lab to Clinical Practice”

We want to attack the problem: Many brilliant ideas remain at the level of the proof of concept and never reach the market or the clinical practice – why?

Any answers? Join us :-)

Harish ChakkingalHarish Chakkingal, Specialist, Hewlett-Packard

Hello, I’m a Software professional with over a decade of software development experience. Currently am working on how technology can help analyse and enhance the medical industry.

Jasmine ToutonJasmine Touton, 2015 MA/MBA Design Leadership Candidate, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and MICA

Hi! Nice to meet all of you. I’m the lead on media and marketing for Quantified Care, a mobile health technology start-up grown from Johns Hopkins medical and business students. We’re pretty excited about the mobile health devices we’re curating on our e-commerce store and the traction we’ve gained from the Indiegogo campaign we launched last week:

Great to meet all of you! — Jasmine

Steven LemanskiSteven Lemanski, Communications Documentation User Experience

Hello. I’m a technical and marketing communications writer/editor for Creative Information Technology, Inc. (CITI), based in the Washington, DC metro area. I’ve specialized in both the theory and practice of effective communication strategies for user adoption, technical support, product development, and business development/ marketing.

CITI’s latest focus is to bring game-changing web-based and mobile solutions to various commercial health care market sectors. Our latest innovation is Patient Buddy™, which was a winning app at the ACT-IAC’s (American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council) first-ever Igniting Innovation technology competition, this past February. Patient Buddy is CITI’s mobile health app designed to address the significant problem of hospital readmissions. It incorporates medication adherence monitoring, gamification, and a powerful analytics engine that streams data to numerous dashboards, thereby enabling a case manager to quickly see patient status and prioritize follow-up efforts.

If you are interested in more information about Patient Buddy or CITI, please contact John DeSoto, our VP of Health and Life Sciences IT division @ 703-483-4325 or [email protected].

David SolomonDavid Solomon, Strategist, Xperience

Friends, I’m a strategist at Xperience Communications and managing partner for International Caregiver Network ( ICN helps Home Health and Hospice Care Agencies improve efficiency through user-friendly technologies. We connect patients and their caregivers to highly skilled health care providers. I enjoy reading all the posts in this group and felt my introduction was long overdue! Thank you! David

Steve MagareSteve Magare, HMIS Specialist and eHealth Researcher

Hi, I am a eHealth researcher and health informatics specialist with an interest in big data analytics and health technology implementations in resource constrained environments. I think mhealth plays major role in such settings and interested how this can scale to provide widespread impact and improve outcomes using the simplest interventions. Look forward to connecting with mhealth implementers/enthusiasts in Africa or globally.

Nighat KhanNighat Khan

Hi, I am a clinician in women health and have worked across the Globe. I have ventured into health informatics at University College London. I have cared for patients, taught med students and held health seminars, but the Maternal and Infant mortalities in my home country Pakistan is shamefully high. We are in the process of launching a mhealth program for midwives and community health workers in association with Midwives Association of Pakistan.

Its great to be here with some old friends and people working in this area.

Rick KrohnRick Krohn, Health IT Strategic Marketing; Corporate, Business and mHealth Product Development, Communications Expert

My name is Rick Krohn, I am an expert in mHealth corporate planning and business development, strategic marketing, product development and corporate communications. My healthcare career spans over 20 years of executive level and consulting experience. As president of HealthSense ( I have consulted with senior executives of payer and provider organizations, vendors, biopharma, entrepreneurial ventures, employers, and government to devise, develop and deploy industry leading business strategies and technology solutions.

Since 2003, I have been a contributing writer for the HIMSS Journal, focused on emerging technologies. I have also authored two mHealth books that have been published by HIMSS (mHealth: From smart Phones to Smart Systems (2012), and mHealth Innovation: Best Practices from the Mobile Frontier (2014)

Preston BroderickPreston Broderick, MBA Candidate, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Hello All, My name is Preston Broderick. I am currently a full time MBA student at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. For the past 8 years I worked for the University of Pennsylvania managing clinical trials for the Department of Psychiatry and the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.

My main reason for going back to school was because of the enormous potential I saw in the mHealth field as well as a lack of integrative technologies used in a major health system. I hope my experiences in healthcare and clinical research can be an asset to new companies hoping to make an impact in this field. It is my belief that with the right tools and partners, we are in the right industry at the right time to make healthcare more efficient and cost effective.

I am always open to sharing ideas and insight so please do not hesitate to contact me, especially if you may be looking for a hard working intern in the near future :)

Martin AlvemoMartin Alvemo, Venture Development Manager, Millicom Digital Ventures

Hi, My name is Martin Alvemo and I work as a Venture Development Manager for Millicom. We’re looking for investment opportunities and m- and e-health in LatAm.

So if you have any interesting idea just let me know!

Ann GreenAnn Green, Executive Director,

Hello, My name is Ann Green and I am the executive director at HingX (Health Ingenuity Exchange). In a nutshell, is a free, cloud based knowledge management and community collaboration platform for the Health ICT community.

In addition to having hundreds of reusable resources registered for mHealth specifically we also have a robust community of mHealth initiatives, such as mHELP and mPowering Fronline Health Workers, who have standardized their efforts on HingX technology.

As a truly “neutral” convening space for mHealth initiatives, I would like to invite you all to come and check out how HingX could be of benefit to your relative work in the field of mHealth! We always love to hear from the community and understand how we can better serve the needs and wants of our stakeholders – feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about HingX or even if you just want to chat about mHealth in general!

I look forward to reading the continued posts in this group!

Louis MacovskyLouis Macovsky, Owner, Dynamic BioSystems

Hi, I am Louis Macovsky. I am cofounder of RxSim, Inc. residing in a business accelerator. We are developing web-based and mobile tools for the purpose of personalizing management of drug therapies through lay and caregiver education but more importantly through optimization of dose and administration schedules based on the drug’s metabolism and elimination and the individual’s response. We are currently planning a Kickstarter campaign to fund the improvement of the user interaction and experience of our prototype leading to a community-wide beta. As I and my cofounder are academics and not accustomed to web and mobile application development and marketing I am looking to learn from the discussions in this group and even commercial collaboration if there is a good fit.

Aleksandra SevodnyaevaAleksandra Sevodnyaeva, Project Manager, FINTECH_FAB, PROXAGIL

Hi, My name is Alexandra and I’m a project manager in Proxagil. Proxagil is a high-tech company in the markets of distant services, financial technology and innovative medical solutions. Now we are working on the project at the intersection of IT and medicine- medical bracelet with a set of sensors and cloud solution for data processing. We are looking for new partners and investors. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Raymond Mookhram, Founder, Aeonfl@x BV

Hi there, I am Raymond and I will keep it short. I would very much like to change healthcare in a way that it is more accessoble, seemless and more human. We all seem to be focused in gathering data, both patients and doctors, than in analysing data and making meaninfull decisions. Try to get an appointment or a refill. Ok, you het the picture. Not logistics and data-gathering should be important, but addressing issues at hand, important clinical decisions. So I decided to design a simple app and platform to address these issues and to tackle the almighty medical it indistrial complex. Yeah, I know, not something to be dond before breakfast, but perhaps by dinnertime! Cheers, Ray

Harry C LordHarry C. Lord, Experienced Growth & Change Meister; assisting students, faculty, & associates to be successful in their endeavours.

Hello, I am Harry Lord, living in the Los Angeles area, but very much interested in international business opportunities. I am a chemist by training and started a small analytical instrument business many years ago, that sold into 37 countries worldwide. Now I am teaching chemistry at the college level, but still interested in entrepreneurial activities, supporting the on-campus Club, as well as interested in mHealth opportunities utilising my analytical skills, such as breath analysis as a medical diagnostic, and have a patent using this technique for cardiac output monitoring.

Roseanne Porter, Personal Assistant

My name is Roseanne Porter, inventor and entrepreneur. My invention has nothing to do with mHealth but I believe I accidently discovered a possible cure for blurry vision. I am a Home Health Care Personal Assistant to working Elderly Disabled People. I manage the household staff among other business concerning my clients: health, appearance and well being.

Sara BoucherSara Boucher, Experienced Health Promotion Specialist

Kia ora, hello! I’m Sara and I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Otago in New Zealand. (My expected graduation date – August 2015). I have a background in psychology, nutrition, and public health. Our research team is developing and testing a web-based intervention to help mid-age women avoid weight gain by practicing ‘intuitive eating’. I look forward to following discussions in this group.

Nicolas TerryNicolas Terry, Professor of Law, Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Hi to you all. I’m Nicolas Terry, Hall Render Professor of Law, Indiana University School of Law. I teach and write about health quality & safety, HIT, mHealth. I blog at Harvard’s Bill of Health and you can find me on twitter @nicolasterry

Christine LimbChristine Limb, Sales Consultant, The Source Consulting

Hello everyone! I have been working in healthcare sales or consulting for many years and am now focusing on telehealth, including mobile. I will be on a panel discussing mhealth reimbursement and ROI in October and would love some success stories to share. I am also studying Spanish to try to finally cross that line to become fluent and possibly use it for work one day. If you have some stories, please connect with me directly here & we’ll talk.

Thomas M LoarieThomas M. Loarie, Chairman & CEO “Bringing Entrepreneurs & Technology to Life”

I am a 40+ veteran of the medical products industry, having developed and commercialized over 20 products across 11 medical specialties. My involvement in eMedonline (Chicago – medication therapy management) and Silicon BioDevices (Berkeley – wireless point-of-care diagnostcs) over the past five years has brought me into the mHealth sector. I believe many people in ten years time will look back and wish they had engaged in mHealth ten years earlier. This will be one of the major healthcare products growth areas for the foreseeable future. I also serve on the Deans Council of the Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD. A major focus of Jacob’s (named after Qualcomm founder Irwin Jacobs) is digital health. San Diego is the or at least one of the major mHealth clusters in the world.

Amarachi Precious EzeigweAmarachi precious Ezeigwe, Trainer/ Nutrition Advocate at Trevo LLC

Hi everyone, My name is Amarachi Ezeigwe from Nigeria. I am an enthusiastic and optimist Nutritionist. I work as a Nutrition program manager for Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation. My organization has a major focus on Health, Education and culture.
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Gilbert B HammerGilbert B. Hammer, Associate Director, US Digital Marketing, Webcasting Strategy & Operations, KPMG LLP

Hi – The mHealth group appears to be one of the more engaging groups I’ve seen with thoughtful conversations and glad to be associated. I have been working in technology for over twenty years in video, streaming media, web, mobile and other areas for companies such as Yahoo! and Morgan Stanley. While my background might not suggest a connection with mHealth, I see significant opportunities to leverage mobile, video, apps and other inter-connected technologies. Interestingly as someone with a digital marketing background, Millennials, the group most likely to embrace mobile, apps and self-monitoring are also one of the most unhealthy groups in history with high incidences of obesity, drug abuse and other related issues. While certainly sad, it does present an opportunity for startups and companies in the space. Since compliance is the key to self-help, perhaps their acceptance of all things digital might benefit them in the long run. (my comments are my own and do not reflect the position of past or current employers).

Amy PriceAmy Price PhD, CEO, Empower2Go

Hi All, I am working to develop an international public trials platform where the public does their own research with mentored support on questions that are of interest to them. I work with Professor Amanda Burls founder of ThinkWell and my project is called PLOT-IT Public led online trials tools and infrastructure. We welcome collaboration. Blog is at I look forward to learning and exploring together, thanks for including me.

Gerald Jerry WilminkGerald J. “Jerry” Wilmink, PhD MBA, CEO & Founder, WiseWear Corporation

Silicon Hills News: WiseWear Creates a Tiny Platform to Analyze Your Body’s Data


Urs Vito ALbrechtUrs-Vito Albrecht, PI MedAppLab -P.L.R. Institute for Medical Informatics, Hanover Medical School

My name ist Urs-Vito Albrecht and I am Deputy Director of the Medical Informatics Department at Hannover Medical School (PLRI) and Principal Investigator for mHealth of both the PLRI Braunschweig and MHH. By profession, I am a licensed physician in Germany and the UK, trained in Internal, Emergency and Legal Medicine. As leading investigator of the PLRI MedAppLab (, my major area research is the use of mobile devices in medicine in general with a special focus on ethical and legal aspects of using such devices in a medical context accompanied by mobile health application development.
With his additional degree in Public Health with an emphasis on Public Health Ethics and his long-term experience as secretary of the Research Ethics Committee of the Hannover Medical School, I am familiar with ethical and legal aspects of scientific research and regulation.

Shrutin UlmanShrutin Ulman, Principal Scientist at Philips Research

Passionate on being present on the planet at the dawn of the mhealth age. I have a degree in Medicine and Surgery with a PhD in VLSI. In my current avatar I am a Principal Scientist at Philips Research and working on some mhealth initiatives.

Ganapathy S NagarajanGanapathy S Nagarajan, Founder and CEO, Boove Software LLP

I am an entrepreneur focused on Healthcare Mobility, based in Bangalore, India. Boove Software will be focused on offering mobility solutions and services for healthcare and fitness market catering to providers, payers and medical-device manufacturers and consumers, in partnership with healthcare IT providers. Boove enables secure and compliant mobile apps, mobile workflows and tools, mobile medical records and consumer-centered care solutions to deliver faster, better and affordable healthcare.

Boove’s mHealth solutions are focused on transforming the way physicians, hospitals, pharmacy and Insurance companies and consumers interact with each other.

Linkedin Profile –

Ceara TreacyCeara Treacy, Postgraduate Student, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Hi everyone, I have just started a postgraduate research post at Dundalk Institute of Technology in the field of mHealth and in particular the area of Mobile Medical Apps and their development/safety and integrity. I look forward to the many discussions and the insights gained from those discussions in this subject and welcome input in the area I will be researching. Thank you for inviting me along.

Rose QuinnRose Quinn, Financial SEC Compliance Reporting Software

Love disruptive technology! mHealth clearly fits that criteria. Have seen and experienced the benefits of disruption. Would love to explore further.

Kim GuestKim Guest, Transformational Partnerships, Digital Health, Health & Wellness, Mentor, Commercial Strategy.

Hello all, I participate in the mhealth world from a few perspectives – 17 years of Patient advocacy, a tech junkie, and a healthcare resourcing leader. I am proud to have been part of a pioneering team at o2health, taking telecare to FMCG and translating health into telecoms, as well as tech into healthcare. I mentor start-ups in health tech space also. Passionate about being part of the change I want to see and an avid networker. This is a fabulous group and look forward to contributing @kimguest

Matthew WalvickMatthew Walvick, Physician

I am a practicing physician intrigued by mhealth and how it will transform healthcare. My goal is a career working with those of similar vision dedicated to driving the evolution of medicine.


Mauro LandroMauro Landro, Business Developer in Telemedicine and e-health

Hello, I’m an Electronic Engineer with specialization in organization and management of Telemedicine service, EU funding and business development among all stakeholders in e-Health sector.
You can find more details of my activities on Linkedin profile

DipeshKumar DaveDipeshKumar Dave, Consultant at Health & Family Welfare Departament, Governmant of Gujarat

I am Coordating Health Sector PPP in the State of Gujarat, India and also the coordinator for M-health Applications.

ROb MilnesRob Milnes, CEO, Fertility Focus

Hi. I am the CEO of Fertility Focus. Our OvuSense product is migrating to an mHealth platform this year and we’re looking for partners. Find out more about OvuSense here: Looking forward to contributing our learning experiences to the group.

James CawJames Caw, Marketing Manager at Sebrio Consulting

Good day to everyone and thank you for engaging in this valuable group! I represent Sebrio Consulting. We’re specialists in InterSystems Technologies, including HealthShare. We are a boutique software development and systems integration company based on the Southern tip of Africa.

We have built a good reputation in the HealthCare IT environment over the past decade – doing remote work for clients in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Our rates are attractive, our experience is extensive. Our partnership with InterSystems Technologies is current and active as we work directly for them, their clients and through their additional partners throughout the world. Like them, we believe in adding value in all our engagements.

Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with any questions or comments or to request a company profile. Sebrio Consulting – Software Development and Systems Integration –

Jose Manuel MorenoJose Manuel Moreno, Director of Strategic Accounts WebMD – Medscape

Hello to everyone! My name is Jose M Moreno. I am pharmacists +ESCP, actually BUSDEV working for Medscape (CME) and dealing with several HQ of Pharma Companies.

I am fascinated by the developments in mobile health (iwatch) and wearables and would explore a sales role in these areas. Feel free to mail me directly at [email protected]

Lawrence PerryLawrence Perry FRSA, UK Director at Digiteum / Brainware Services Ltd, the Integrated Digital Technology Agency

Hi, I am spearheading the development of Brainware Services / Digiteum into the UK and Europe and we develop apps for organisations across a broad range of industries, including in healthcare compliance apps, an app for the Research Foundation of Lymphoma in New York which won a national award in 2013.

By profession I come from a background of nurse, and have travelled and worked in different countries. I worked as a district nurse in London, and in the past managed nursing homes.

Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with any questions or comments or give me a Skype call ‘dolmaint’ ……..

If you have a problem you can’t solve I’m happy to listen.

Hety SkylerHety Skyler, Sky Search

Hello everyone! Good to be here.I am an Executive Recruiter with 25 years in healthcare IT. mHealth is a fascinating market!


David Trainor​D​avid Trainor​, ​Founder and Principal​,​ Sentireal

Hi everyone, ​​I’m David Trainor and I’m the Founder and Principal of Sentireal®, a start-up software company applying augmented reality and virtual reality to mHealth use cases. We’re developing a software product called SensARy™ that allows health apps on mobile and wearable devices to provide personalised digital content over augmented/virtual reality to large numbers and/or distributions of healthcare professionals and patients. Anticipated applications of this technology include patient guidance and self-management, assisted living and training/assessment of healthcare personnel.

It’s great to be part of this group and I look forward to some good discussions. Please feel free to contact me directly on any topic of interest. You can also check out the company blog that I maintain at and follow me on Twitter @DaveTrainor​​

Peter CooneyPeter Cooney​,​ Principal Analyst​, SensiAn Research

Hello, I am Peter Cooney, Principal Analyst and Director at SensiAn Research.

SensiAn Research ( provides detailed quantitative and qualitative research on established and emerging markets and end applications for a range of electronic devices, technologies, semiconductor components and related products.

We cover vertical markets within the Internet of Things (IoT) and those technologies that make it happen including sensors, connectivity, micros and much more. mHealth is one of our focus areas and we are currently researching this market.

If you would like to learn more about of services please do get in touch. Our twitter handle is @sensianresearch and our blog can be found here:

Newtanya LongNewtanya Long​, Epic Certified Associate​,​ Deloitte

Hi All,​ ​I am a Healthcare IT consultant. Fairly new to the health care IT industry. I worked previously in hospitals mostly as non clinical staff. I’ve been researching mhealth quite a bit and find it very interesting. Hope to learn more within this group.

Hercules HeHercules He, Executive Director​, Chengdu Magicare Technology Co ​LTD

Hi Everyone, I am Hercules He. I previously worked in the insurance industry for over 10 years, and now I work in a new company which is focusing on providing IT solutions to Healthcare mangament. This is a new market here in China, challenging and interesting . Hope, I can learn more from this group.

Mateusz KierepkaMateusz Kierepka, CEO, FunApp (Poland and USA)

Hi all, I’m mHealth developer. 3 years in industry. Right now we are working in on mHealth software: * Diabetics * Fitness * ECG * Pill recognition (Beta)

I’m also working on – device and app which will conect glucometers with any EHR available on market (we will start with 2-3 and we will support moreb in time).

Please visit our web site

Today I’m going to Dubai for Medical fair where I will show our solutions (ECG hardware and ECG mHealth applications).

Mayank MittalMayank Mittal, Country Head – India, PASS Technologies

Hi Everyone, This is Mayank Mittal, I work for a swiss based software testing firm We specialize in delivering mHealth testing (V


Ayub KalaffAyub Kalaff, M.S., Director of Business Development, Mobile Doctors International

A psychologist by training, I have spent the past 11 years in the Middle East implementing primary healthcare services that range from outpatient clinics, home healthcare services and most recently mHealth solutions via 24-7 Physician Help Line.

I am currently head of business development for Mobile Doctors International and was responsible for implementing 24-7 Physician Help Line as a successfully tested gate keeper model. Over the past two years, I have successfully added over 40,000 subscribers from the Gulf region with governmental and private clients in the portfolio. Now consumers in the Gulf have the opportunity to talk to a licensed doctor from the privacy of their home or workplace via their mobile phone in English, Arabic or Hindi.

This model has in turn led to several other service verticals such as Absentee Management, Chronic Disease Management, Wellness Programs and on-site Company Doctors getting implemented. The result of the above implementations has resulted in reducing insurance premiums for some of my clients. As you know, healthcare in the region is consultant focused and hence expensive for multiple reasons. Now for the first time, GP driven healthcare as a gate keeper modal is not only clinically acceptable, due to the savings it has generated; insurance companies as well as clients are requesting it.

Implementing the above mHealth solutions faced multiple challenges, but I am happy to report that at last we see acceptance in the market from some of the key players in the healthcare domain; regulatory bodies, insurance companies, TPA’s, brokers, telecom and most importantly; the consumer.

Peter SopkovichPeter Sopkovich, Business Development Manager, ABI Research

HI everyone, I work with ABI Research and am supporting their expanding mHealth research service. We provide analysis and market data on 4 key segments of the industry including sports and fitness, home and remote monitoring, and professional healthcare. We also investigates the increasingly valuable platforms and services that will support the adoption of wearable wireless devices.



Sheila WhalenSheila Whalen, Healthcare and Informatics Consultant

Hello from Chicago! I was a critical care nurse in Chicago with a focus on surgical and trauma patients for 10 years. I have continued my career beyond the bedside and have been working for a global healthcare solutions company for the past 23 years in a variety of roles including education, sales and consulting. mHealth is the future of healthcare in my eyes. It will keep the patient at the center of care. It’s my goal to inspire and transform healthcare to improve patient outcomes through technology investments and collaboration.

In Feb 2012, I received my board certification in nursing informatics from the American Nursing Credentialing Center and most recently graduated from Northwestern University with a MS in Medical Informatics. My thesis project-The Changing Healthcare Delivery Environment: Impact on Patient Safety, Clinician Workflow and Enterprise Healthcare Information Technology Networks- focused on what I have experienced with countless customer encounters focused on striking a delicate balance for the quest improving patient outcomes while maintaining patient safety.

Dmitri KatzDmitri Katz, designer/founder,

Hello all, I am a 33 plus years type 1 diabetic, who is trying to make a difference in diabetes management. Have just started a graduate research project on the use of digital technology in diabetes self-management. Am interested in communicating with anyone interested in the role of networked mobile devices in diabetes care, or other chronic diseases.

Strongly interested in enpowerment as opposed to compliance.

I blog at

Anpeng Huang黄安鹏, 北大 – Associate Professor

Hello, my research focuses on mobile health in Peking University in China. if you have any questions about mHealth in China, please contact me directly, or visit my homepage:


Milko JovanoskiMilko Jovanoski, Healthcare Partner Marketing Manager EMEA, Nuance Communications

Hi, I am Milko Jovanoski and Healthcare Partner Marketing Manager at Nuance Communications for EMEA and based in Germany, Düsseldorf – the mobile capital as we call it here. Since more than 10 years I am in the Healthcare IT market and especially interested in mHealth solutions, requirements, needs and trends.

We at Nuance have designed a unique solution to enable healthcare applications with clinical speech recognition and support on the one hand healthcare professionals creating medical documentation and on the other hand supporting healthcare software vendors to enabling their solutions with speech.

For more information visit:

Cristian G MunteanuCristian G. Munteanu, PhD, R&D Software Engineer

Hi, I’m Cristian Munteanu, and worked on the first app (Spotmole) to do skin mole assesment using image processing and pattern recognition techniques. Currently, working on mobile apps for OBGYN (Fetalgrowth).

You can reach me at: [email protected]

Nicola PangherNicola Pangher, General Manager Foreign Operations at TBS Group S.p.A

Hi, I am Nicola Pangher, Director of TBS Group ( We are a healthcare technology management company, managing biomedical technologies from acute care setting to personal monitoring devices. We are offering telecare and telehealth services to more than 40.000 patients in italy, have launched last year our 24/7 telehealth service center in the uk and have developed an android based mobile health solution for the indian market.

Sara BoucherSara Boucher, Experienced Health Program Specialist

Kia ora / Hello!

I am Sara Boucher and a project manager for developing/testing a web-based ‘intuitive eating’ program to help women manage their weight. My background is psychology and nutrition; currently I’m a PhD candidate in public health.

At the moment, I’m conducting a small pilot study of the program in Dunedin, New Zealand. The aim is to revise the program and conduct a randomized controlled trial with women throughout New Zealand.

I’m keen to meet people here who’ve conducted qualitative studies of users’ experiences learning health promoting skills in an online intervention.

Cheers! Sara

Elisa DominguezElisa Dominguez, Nutrition Officer, World Health Organisation

Hello. My name is Elisa Dominguez. I’m currently working with WHO in West Africa coordinating a project to support countries on stregthening nutrition surveillance systems.

Countries are very interested to explore innovative systems using IT and movile devices specially to gather data from community health workers that are often illiterate or from peripheral health post with no electric powder and any or poor internet connection.

Happy to know about innovative ongoing experiences in such sense, specially in the area of nutrition/undernutrition that has proven to be efficient.


Laura Kohlhagen MD MBALaura Kohlhagen, MD, MBA, Physician Executive Clinical Consultant

Hi, my name is Laura Kohlhagen. I’m a physician working on the industry side of mobile health communications and clinical alarm management. I’m currently seeking new opportunities in these areas and would appreciate hearing about any open positions. Thanks!

Arnab GuptaArnab Gupta, Technology Management with Flair for Global Strategic Alliances, Startups | IT × Health/Social | 10+ Yrs Ex

Hi everyone, My name is Arnab and I have been involved with developing an outsourcing business and doing independent consulting work in the field of mobile applications for healthcare. I am now looking for projects to partake in to further my career. My last project might be of interest to those involved in this group. (Apologies: I would like to explain it in some detail, so will take the liberty to write a long post.)

Yokohama City and Kanagawa Prefecture are actively involved in building a life science innovation cluster in the Keihin Coastal Area, which is to be one of the Japan’s Special Zones for International Competitiveness Development (“Keizai-tokku”) as deemed by the Prime Minister Abe’s Cabinet Office. Among other large-scale projects is the development of a mobile healthcare platform which will act as a testbed for the implementation of mass-scale preventative medicine programs. The project is based on WHO/ITU’s basic concept of enabling the feedback loop of preventative medicine through the use of mobile technology.

My role was to formulate the project grand design and the roll-out plan. Based on it, I interviewed diverse populations of actors (individuals and organizations) to generate use case scenarios and construct activity and interaction specifications for major workflow processes. Furthermore, I gathered requirements and resolved issues pertaining to the project’s implementation, from backyard operations to initial study design, etc.

Andrew MacFarlaneAndrew Macfarlane, Co-Founder & CEO at CareZapp

Co-Founder & CEO @CareZapp – Transforming care at home: By connecting home, community and technology – enabling caregivers create their own network of care to support the health and wellbeing of a loved one at home.

CareZapp Is Building A Support Platform For Home Healthcare – Recent TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield finalists in London 2014.

Looking to build a partner ecosystem across care & support organisation, civili society, home care providers, digital health and internet of Things – If you are interested, please contact me. Company website: Company Linkedin Page.

Yara Abo el WaffaYara Abo el waffa, mHealth

I am a pharmacist specialized in Regulatory Affairs ,with Masters degree in Public health and Health services and prevention. Recently started working on mhealth for NCDs project in the ITU/WHO.
Lori UzzoLori Uzzo, Content Writer, Voalte Inc

I’m a writer at Voalte, a mobile healthcare communication company. Here is our website:

Sanjeev KumarSanjeev Kumar, Senior Consultant, PwC India

Hi, I work in India in Health and Nutrition sector. We are looking for some ICT models using Mobiles and other devices (Tablets, Kiosks etc.) for Health and Nutrition communication, MIS improvement. The focus is on using these by Front Level Functionaries who are semi literate and semi skilled. Look forward to hearing fro you.

I work in non profit sector with a project which works with field level functionaries in health an nutrition. I am looking for examples where mobile or tablets has been designed for enhancing targeting and tracking communication efforts of the functionaries and is measurable for impact. This is a large scale project in India and we are looking for adopting, adapting or piloting a new initiative that is simple, cost effective and does not require regular or high speed connectivity.

Look forward to hearing ideas and experiences from the group.

Daniel Matthew L StoristeanuDaniel Matthew L Storisteanu, Co-Founder of SimPrints, Medical Sciences doctoral researcher at Cambridge

Hi everyone, I’m a medical science doctoral researcher at Cambridge and co-founder of SimPrints.

Largely funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we are developing a mobile fingerprinting system for global health applications. We have a pocket-sized fingerprint scanner that wirelessly syncs with phones, allowing community health workers to take a person’s fingerprint and have their health records instantly come up on their phone. The system has an API that we are designing to easily integrate with almost any mHealth app, starting with ones based on ODK.

SimPrints allows organizations to overcome identification challenges in places where people often don’t have formal identification, formal addresses, and have common community names and unknown dates of birth.

Please explore our website, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!

Kari KoskinenKari Koskinen, PHD Candidate at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Hi, My name is Kari Koskinen, a PhD student at LSE. I am interested in mHealth due to my research, which concentrates on the creation of mobile applications in the Sub-Saharan African context.

David NobleDavid Noble, BDI Health

Hi, My name is David Noble. My background is clinical medicine (Consultant Anaesthestist based in Australia). I still have a significant clinical load in my “blended” career. I am a “health care transfomationist”. As I see it health care transformation is 20% novel technology and 80% cultural reform. So my space is the cultural reform process.

DeAn Olson RoperDe’An Olson Roper, LCSW, Program Director at Phoenix Houses of Texas

Hi, I am De’An Roper. I have worked for 20 years in behavioral health in many different capacities and systems of care. I have always had an interest in technology; a few years ago, I found myself suggesting to clients to set reminders for themselves by using their phones, or to log their mood on their phone with a memo app. Now, I am a PhD student at Texas Woman’s University in the Health Studies program. I am beginning my journey into mHealth and last year attended the mHealth Summit for the first time. I devour everything I can find on technology as it relates to healthcare. This semester I have developed a blog about the intersection of technology and healthcare.

Melissa AndisonMelissa Andison, Interested in healthcare technology transformation / available for contract employment

Hi all, I’m an Occupational Therapist and Interim Team Lead in a Community Rehabilitation Service. I have provided clinical consultation on a mobile working pilot for a central London NHS Trust. The use of mobile technology has helped me to discover new ways of working with my patients, families and carers. In my daily practice I strive to demonstrate how mobile health can enable more aspects of healthcare to become transparent and interactive. I am passionate about equality in access to health technology to reduce the risks of a digital divide in society.

You can follow me on twitter: @mjandison. New blogs soon to come via and Looking forward to learning and sharing with the group.

David SpisakDavid Spisak, CMPE, Healthcare Exec and Business Development Manager

The challenges facing healthcare require innovative technology, new care delivery models, and the courage to embrace change. In the RTP (Raleigh-Durham, NC) in particular; I see and hear of evidence of promising new technology.

I am interested in seeking out new healthcare delivery models that deliver high quality care at lower costs through the innovative application of technology. Tell me what you see going on in your markets.

Vikram GuptaVikram Gupta, Sr Director, Product Marketing, Wireless Entertainment at Broadcom Corporation

I manage a world wide applications engineering team for Broadcom Wireless connectivity. My team deals with connectivity technologies – WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC – in all kinds of applications from Mobile devices to Smart Tv’s to low power applications. I have founded a company in the Bluetooth space which was acquired by Broadcom in 2005.

Why m-health? I am very intrigued by the confluence of health and technology coming together to deliver quality care at more optimal cost points to everyone. This area can have a material effect on the quality of life across a number of different societies – and thats fascinating. Both my parents being doctors might also have something to do with the interest!

I look forward to being plugged in on this group and educating myself in this field in general. I am still in the process of self-discovery on how I can contribute in this field either in my current role or otherwise..

Aamir AijazAamir Aijaz, Director Marketing & Business Development – mHealth Solutions –

Hi, at DigiLife, we connect unique competences in mobile technology and healthcare to create, end-to-end Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Wellness Solutions in mHealth domain. Our mission is to develop efficient, reliable, affordable and informative, cutting-edge mHealth Technology Solutions leveraging machine-2-machine (M2M) communication.

Currently, we offer TWO (Android based) applications;

MyLife – Patient side application
MediPal – Doctor side application

These applications allow patients & doctors to remotely send & receive vitals over a secure link using M2M communication.

We strategically selected Pakistan, as our first marketplace, for obvious gaps in healthcare.

Howard Green MDHoward Green MD, Dermatology & Dermatology Education

Hello Group! Here’s my introduction… We recently launched a gamified mobile and web app to connect all the worlds Dermatologists, Dermatology Residents and Dermatology PA-C’s and RN-NP’s.

We have dermatology professionals from over 65 nations participating. If you have a chance please check it out and tell us what you think. Best, Howard Green, MD, FACP, FAAD, FACMS, Founder, Skinphototexmatch, Inc. Dermgrandrounds Skinstamatic Wikiskinatlas

Etai Granit, Founder/CEO, Bitbite

Hi All, we are developing BitBite – the first wearable device that monitors eating habits and helps you improve them.

We are looking for collaborations in areas such as: clinical research, implementations, funding and any other good idea!!!

Check us at:

Thank you, Etai

Christophe RoosChristophe Roos, Partner and CSO, Euformatics Oy

Hello Group, Euformatics is presently involved in (research and) clinical genome data usage: single gene tests… full genome analysis. We provide gene variant interpretation based on integration of knowledge from multiple research and clinical sources. Today it is rather more big data, but we look forward to lighter and more mobile solutions in the future, certainly to be developed in partnership with others, possibly from this group.

omnomicsNGS for variant interpretation:
omnomicsQ for NGS data quality control: in pilot use, to be released end 2014

Thank you

Matt StewartMatt Stewart, Editor, OTC Bulletin & Pharma News Specialist

Hi all. Finally getting around to introducing myself properly.

I’m Matt Stewart editor of OTC bulletin – the newsletter for the consumer healthcare industry.

I have a growing interest in how mHealth will impact the consumer space in healthcare, especially as the industry turns to the ‘wellness’ model for future growth.

In line with this OTC bulletin is running a conference on mHealth in the consumer healthcare space in London on 27th November (its on the group’s event listing) which I’m really looking forward to hosting.

If interested in the conference – mHealth: Driving wellness in a connected world – or anything else to do with OTC bulletin and the consumer end of the healthcare industry feel free to get in touch.

Rafael Palomino PerezRafael Palomino Pérez, Director de proyectos, especializado en el desarrollo de sistemas informáticos para investigación médica

This is my company: Related to mHealth, we do PDA (patient decision tools) and monitoring software for patients and services in Spain. Personally, I’m very interested to explore other ways in mHealth to create new opportunities to improve medical research.

Roz Ben-ChitritRoz Ben-Chitrit, The most-connected CONNECTED HEALTH executive recruiter

I run the Connected Health recruiting practice of Sanford Rose Associates. Over the years we’ve been recruiting, our office has become more focused on the market niche of connected health, primarily mHealth and telemedicine/telehealth. It’s our mission to help companies and professionals in this exciting and growing industry find one another and use their synergies to grow the market and provide useful and life-saving (sometimes) technologies to both consumers and providers. I would be happy to connect with anyone in the group who is looking for candidates to fill mission-critical roles…and industry professionals who want to be kept apprised of new opportunities when they emerge. My contact information is [email protected]. The phone number is +1 203-397-0323.

Douglas Anchell CEO Epoch FusionDouglas Anchell, CEO at Epoch Fusion Telehealth and Executive Director at the Tele-Health Marketing Group

I am an entrepreneur in ehealth and well diversified. At this time I own three companies with three different paradigms all involving an array of telemedicine services. We will be making announcements at appropriate times as we reach milestones in our growth. I am also always looking for new talent and ideas. Big things are around the corner, the healthcare revolution is upon us.

We are in the corporate development stage for our mhealth services. Investors and interested potential participants are welcome to contact me direct.

Cythia Cauthern CPHIMSCynthia Cauthern CPHIMS, Sales Executive: Mobile Technologies l HIT l SaaS l mCommerce I Studying Big Data at MIT

Hello, Fellow mHealth Colleagues.

I am a sales revenue leader working for SOLOMO Technology, a mobile technology company. My expertise is selling custom mobile application development for healthcare. Besides selling mobile application development projects, I also sell a product that is a platform to integrate Big Data, POS, CRM, EMR, web analytics, geo-fencing and indoor geo-location services (traffic analytics and consumer/patient engagement).

Helen MarsdenHelen Marsden, Clinical Affairs Manager

Hello, my name is Helen Marsden. I have a background in pharma and academia in clinical research, project management / leadership, process management, Medical Affairs and basically makings happen. Through my entrepreneurial husband, I have been increasingly become excited by how ‘smart technology’ can revolutionise healthcare – especially in the remote delivery of healthcare and medical devices.

I am soon to leave my current employer to explore opportunities to exploit my skills in the mHealth arena. I am also keen to support and advise start-up companies on what it takes to successfully bring a healthcare product to market.

Alfredo Burgos LlamoAlfredo Burgos Llamo, mHealth researcher – looking for challenging projects

Hi all: I hold a PhD degree in Computer Engineering from the University of the Basque Country (Spain) and my thesis work is devoted to the mHealth field, setting out a solution proposal to the lack of diagnostic accessibility of patients suffering from Sleep Apnea Syndrome, based on the use of mobile devices and pulse-oximetry systems.

I firmly believe in the role mobile technologies can play to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of some specific group of patients as well as to build a modern and sustainable Health System.

Taking advantage of this introduction, I’d like to express my interest in taking part in technological projects within the eHealth field which implies the use of mobile health technologies, as much in the research world as in the enterprise.

Nice meeting you all.

Edgar GrantEdgar Grant, Cross-border entrepreneur and consultant

Hello, I am Edgar Grant and I am co-founder & CEO of which is provider of cognitive algorithms for mHealth society.

Spencer Covey
Spencer Covey, Entrepreneur

Good gracious. If you’ve made it to my profile then I know a few things about you. You’re a diligent reader and REALLY into Mhealth (or you’re in sales). Takes one to to know one I suppose – as I am all three as well.

Cliff notes – I help propellerheads sell their gadgets through digital marketing magic. I am a sought after speaker in all things Quantified Self – most recently sharing all the good news at Stanfords MedX conference as a workshop leader.

When I’m not nerding out on healthcare tech and gadgets you will probably find me on my sailboat (O’Day 20).

Reasons to connect with me: Quantified Self, OTC medical devices, Chronic condition management, healthcare blogging & marketing, good jokes, stiff drinks.

Cheers you guys and gals,

Miguel BarreirosMiguel Barreiros, Co Founder at Life Beat and eHealth preventive services passionate

Dear David Doherty and members of the group,

I’m glad to join the mHealth group and I hope that together we can make a difference improving the way we manage health and disease. I’m working in Lisbon and also in Dubai building a systematic screening model to diagnose and manage cardio-metabolic diseases and the associated complications. My goal is to identify the sensitive patient as early as possible to prevent complications and provide proper care with better outcomes in a cost effective and proactive approach.

In an era of mobile information it’s time for mHealth coming to the rescue of poor information regarding the health indicators that can make a difference in the outcomes of the chronic diseases that are compromising the viability of health systems around the world.

Best wishes,

Miguel Barreiros
[email protected]

Jerome HahnJerome Hahn, CEO, TeleHealth Holdings LLC

MedSignals/VitalSignals ( provides a health status monitoring ecosystem complete with the first mobile med reminder and hub. The system is cloud based and uploads seamlessly from any of 75 countries with data stored in the patient’s home country or region required. Our system provides immediate alerts when a patient fails to take a critical med or a vital sign is abnormal. A dashboard provides instant identification of at risk patients out of large populations. For anyone who would like more information, I welcome the opportunity to provide a demo or more information, I can be reached at [email protected].

Hakon Olav DahleHakon Olav Dahle, Chief of Product Development, Dignio

Hello, I am chief of product development in Dignio. We deliver mHealth solutions for professional health care providers and their clients. Our main product Dignio Prevent is managing access to health data gathered from remote monitoring, social alarms and connected medication dispensers. We beleive that mHealth solutions must connect patients and professionals in order to achieve adherence, meaningful care plans and automated monitoring of vital signs. And the health professionals must get real benefits both in terms of quality and efficiency.
Please contact us for more information or any suggestion.

Krishnendu Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Miami University

Hi, I am Kris and I am a faculty at Miami University. One of my research areas is Mobile Health. Any suggestions for curriculum development for undergraduate courses will be appreciated. mHealth devices description are welcome and any tool to support experiential learning. The students is critical as they will join the workforce and will partner you in some form.

John BannisterJohn Bannister, Global Health Regional Sales Director, Omega Diagnostics Group PLC

Hi everyone

I am John Bannister from Omega Diagnostics Group plc, a UK developer and manufacturer of POC (point-of-care) diagnostic test devices for infectious diseases. Our aim is to help fight global health challenges by providing innovative, affordable and easy to use diagnostic tests that give rapid and actionable results to patients and health professionals. The VISITECT® CD4 test for HIV positive patients is the first of many exciting new developments that we hope to announce in the near future.

Our test devices are designed for use in resource poor settings and we’re very interested in exploiting mobile technology to implement a whole array of associated benefits from data storage and traceability to improving treatment initiation and disease surveillance.

Follow us on twitter (@OmegaDiagnostic) or Facebook ( to keep updated on developments.

I look forward to working with you!

Christian CarlsonChristian Carlson, Vice President Sales, MedAware Solutions

Hello, I am Christian Carlson VP of Sales for MedAware Solutions. Our solution, mViva, is an innovative patient-centric, HIPAA compliant, mobile health, teleHealth solution for real-time care collaboration and knowledge sharing that can help eliminate flow disruptions, clinical errors, and poor patient compliance. MedAware deploys a single platform to connect the entire care continuum from EMS to long term patient engagement and all care providers and settings of care in-between. Our transformative platform is built on a platform that was developed for situational awareness on the battlefield for US Special Operations.

If you would like to know more, please contact me directly or click on the website and Dr. Bruce Gewertz’s introductory video for more detailed info.

Dhairya Parekh, Student, Griffith University

Hello, my name is Dr. Dhairya Parekh. i recently finished my Masters with Health Servie management at Griffith University. i am a dentist by profession however now have a keen interest in the field of Mhealth. i am now gonna pursue a PhD in Mhealth and looking for the best Universities for the same.

Mark GriffithsMark Griffiths, Business Development Specialist EMEA Majors, Medidata Solutions

Hello. I am Mark Griffiths in Business Development for Medidata, a solutions provider for Clinical Cloud and ePRO/mHealth solutions to the pharma and life sciences industries. We currently have a number of initiatives under way with some of our sponsors, including GSK.

If you are involved in pharma and looking at new ways to engage your patients as well as to “ditch paper”, please contact me for further information.

Varduhi Ghazaryan, TB CARE II: M&E Advisor at University Research Co., LLC-Center for Human Services

Hello, I am Vi Ghazaryan, in University Research CO., LLC. I am an ME adviser for TB projects. We are currently working on integrating mHealth technology into TB.

Juan Agustin Lopez MartinezJuan Agustín López Martínez, Press Officer, 2nd Health & Wellness @ Mobile World Congress 2015 ECHAlliance

Hello, I am Agustín López health writer and PR of the Health & Wellness Mobile World Congress 2015 that will be held in Barcelona 3 – 4 March 2015. The event will include interactive sessions, workshops, leading mhealth keynotes speakers and will be showcasing the most innovative mobile health & wellness solutions currently on the market. Learn more about the programme here:

Follow us on twitter @echalliance for more information. Hope to see you in Barcelona.

Tom HawTom Haw, Talent for Hire at Large

Thanks for welcoming me to this group. I am Tom Haw, a microoptical instrument maker for 30+ years with a spectroscopic eye on top of a MS Physical Chemistry from UCR and a BA Chemistry from Wesleyan University. I have 6 patents in lasers, photomedicine and hostile measurement, 2 pending. I coach high school lacrosse here in Portland OR, the goal keepers especially. I welcome the dialogue here as there are the human factors, the details of the distributed sensation and accurate discrimination, the secure information and the responsibility to provide remote treatment or treatment centers. Micro optics and both imaging and non-imaging devices will figure strongly in the realization of mHealth irregardless of the media interfaces (shoes, clothing, wearable, phone) and interconnects chosen.. .

Michael MJ BoyceMichael (MJ) Boyce, Social Media ✯ Community Building ✯ Content Management @mjboyce

Hi everyone! I’m working as a Social Media Specialist for eTreat Medical Diagnostics Inc., a startup digital health company who are developing Mhealth apps that help in the measurement and management of chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetic ulcers, chronic wounds, skin conditions and muscular/skeletal disorders.

Thanks for welcoming me to the group. This is a fairly new area for me, but one that I find fascinating, and I’m looking forward to the discussions.

The app, website and social channels are very much in development (I just started a week ago), but if you’d like to follow or share info, comments, good resources, etc., then I hope to connect with you.
LinkedIn. Twitter @eTreatMD. Facebook. Website: You can check out our introductory video, if you like, also.

Antonio Fiordelisi, Informatore Medico Sciemtifico, Agaton Srl

Hello everyone! I am Antonio Fiordelisi, pharmaceutical sales representative. I’m very interested in mHealth, I’m looking for partnership in my country (Italy) in order to create a business which could fill the gap between mHealth and physicians. If you are working in a company which is interested in improved spread of its products (such as wearable devices or health apps or caregivers products) please contact me by the following mail: [email protected]. Thanks to all

Lesley-Anne LongLesley-Anne Long, Global Director, mPowering Frontline Health Workers

Hello mHealth colleagues! I’m the director of mPowering Frontline Health Workers – this is a dynamic global partnership with core funding from USAID and contributions from multiple organizations in our network. Our vision is a skilled health worker for every woman and child. Focusing on the role mHealth can play, we help catalyze ideas, connect programs with donors, and we place a premium on collaboration to achieve impact. I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to know more about our partnership.

Linked-In, Twitter @LesleyAnneLong.

Mohamed HaroonMohamed Haroon, Hospitalist at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital

Hi All! A very interesting bunch here indeed !!!

I am a Medical Hospitalist in Sydney and have an interest in leveraging health informatics and mhealth towards enabling systems that facilitate consumer driven care and foster patient centred outcomes research.

I remain convinced that this indeed is the next frontier in research and see a big role for big data analytics, data integration between sensors , acute and community health settings. Certainly a brave new world in the offing.

Will be very interested on sensors and integration with Apple Healthkit if anyone has experience in the field here.

Gyorgy BathoriGyörgy Báthori, Medical Affairs Manager at Chemium Ltd

Hi to every one. I’m the medical adviser of Chemium Ltd, a small Hungarian start up. We deal with developing new equipments for mHealth applications.

Scott LyleScott Lyle, Director/Co-founder, Digital Innovation, Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI)

I am the Director of Digital Innovation at Zoetis’ Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI). Last week, Zoetis announced the opening of the CDI in London at the House of Lords. The CDI focuses on creating digital solutions for animal health (similar to human health) that enable data-driven decision-making. If you are interested, here are some recent articles about the event for your better understanding of what we do:

VetsOnline: Digital centre will boost ‘precision farming’ says Zoetis

PigWorld: Zoetis looks to Tech City to protect the future of animal health

YouTube: Tech City Cows – Zoetis

Kevin FowlerKevin Fowler, Business Development, I Patient Engagement I Patient Loyalty I Diagnostics I Payers I Providers I Consulting

Hi, I’m Kevin Fowler. In the past, I have spent my career in the pharmaceutical industry. I have worked in Sales Management, Public Affairs, and Patient Marketing. I have deep belief in the power of patient engagement both professionally and personally. Currently, I am consulting for Immucor, Inc. helping them to launch a post-transplant monitoring test. I think mHealth has untapped power to improve outcomes for transplant recipients and reduce the work burden for transplant professionals. I am also a kidney transplant recipient, August 5, 2004, and I have experienced great outcomes partially through my own engagement. Recently, I was appointed to the Patient Family Partnership Council (PFPC) of the Kidney Health Initiative (KHI). I am interested in speaking with MHealth members who are interested in improving health for CKD and transplant recipients through MHealth. I welcome all LinkedIn invitations

Dr Zakiuddin AhmedDr Zakiuddin Ahmed, President, Healthcare Paradigm

A visionary strategist, healthcare entrepreneur & a physician advocate who specializes in developing socially beneficial, sustainable& innovative solutions in Healthcare through information technology with a Patient Centric Focus My areas of interest, expertise & experience are eHealth, mHealth, Quality, Ethics, Digital Marketing in Healthcare, CME & CPD, Clinical Research & Leadership Development President of Healthcare Paradigm, CEO of eHealth Services Pvt. Ltd, Director, uHealth Services (Interactive Group, UAE), Director of PharmEvo Pvt. Ltd, and holds leadership positions in companies including Medical Voice, MedsDaily, Digital Care, among others. As an expert in eHealth & mHealth, I offer consultancy to global organizations including Arther D. Little (ADL). Contributed in the development of “WHO-ITU National eHealth Strategy Toolkit (1st edition)”as an independent expert reviewer. As the focal person, had earlier conducted the 2nd Global eHealth survey 2009 of WHO Global Observatory for eHealth for Pakistan. President and founding trustee of eHealth Association of Pakistan (eHAP). Have been the National Convener of Quality in Healthcare chapter of QPSP; National Coordinator for Telemedicine & eHealth, MoH, Government of Pakistan & Focal Person for eHealth for WHO. Helped create Health Research Advisory Board and developed a workshop “Patient First” on Patient Centric Healthcare. “Country’s First” projects include:“Medical Call Center”; Health Asia; “Hub & Spoke” Telemedicine Project; Family Health Membership Program; Videoconferencing Studio and Services; National & International Telemedicine / eHealth Conference and Exhibitions; among others. Have worked with super specialty hospitals of Singapore, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia & UAE for creating meaningful collaborations. Created the Mirror Site for Supercourse, world’s largest on line repository of medical presentations, in Pakistan. As a globally recognized speaker, Have been speaking at many eHealth / mHealth / medical conferences around the world and serve on the boards of various international conferences and organizations. Have been awarded as the “Most Promising Entrepreneurs Award” by E-Global Awards 2012. Current President of OPEN (Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America) Karachi and on the board of OPEN Global, USA.

Nelli LahtNelli Lähteenmäki, CEO & Co-Founder, YOU-app | Fifth Corner Inc.

Hi everyone, I am Nelli Lähteenmäki, CEO & Co-founder of YOU-app, a micro-action app that inspires people to take micro-actions to happier, healthier life :) Looking forward to learning together with you!

James TurnerJames Turner, User Experience Designer & Co Founder, KennedyTurner

I’m a designer and co-founder at KennedyTurner. We’re a design agency who focus on working with funded startups who are developing mobile connected health devices.

Companies bring us onboard when they’ve got a prototype of their hardware and want to start thinking about the digital component. We’re not just a UI shop though. We work with clients on their business goals, guide them through user research and make sure the physical and digital combine seamlessly.

No matter how amazing your ground breaking new device is, without a user-focused, well designed interface it’s just a piece of plastic. Our clients understand that, which is why we love working with them.

Charles StackCharles Stack, mHealth Solutions Engineer – Putting People First

Hi, I am Charles Stack, a Solution Designer / Solution Engineer with over 20 years experience designing systems, and, a relative newcomer to the mHealth and eHealth community. Just over two years ago, I was fortunate enough to be asked to join inVentiv digital+innovation to aid in the design of interactive solutions for HCPs, patients and caregivers as well as validated systems and medical devices.

I have worked in a variety of industries designing systems that made a difference in not only a company’s bottom line, but also in the lives of its customers. A few years back, I worked in the public safety sector where our systems provided timely information to solve and prevent crimes as well as to save lives. Over these past two years, I have discovered that I truly enjoyed focusing on designing complete solutions where the patient, physician and vendor are brought into a symbiotic loop to generate positive patient outcomes. This is what I want to do.

My skills can leveraged across any number of industries. But, it is is the mHealth and eHealth communities where I would like to stay. I am open to new opportunities in the mHealth and eHealth spaces and would love to speak with those trying to find someone like myself to join your organization.

Lynda BarnettLynda Barnett, RN Care Manager and Options Counselor, Mid Carolina Area Agency on Aging

Hi, I’m Lynda Barnett, RN. I am a Care Manager/Options Counselor for the Mid Carolina Area Agency on Aging in Fayetteville, NC. This position receives block grant monies to pay for personal care services for the most fragile and vulnerable seniors in this county. Within Care Management I also offer Consumer Directed Services for the same population. We are in the process of connecting with the Veterans Administration to offer Consumer Directed Services to qualifying veterans of any age. I am out in the field every day meeting the people who would most benefit from mHeath technology and am already providing payment for several medical alert systems in homes where the senior lives alone. In my position as an Options Counselor I counsel with nursing home residents (any age) who want to move back to the community. Medical Technology for the home would be a prime option for some of these residents residing in both SNFs and Veterans’ long term care facilities.

Marald WikkelingMarald Wikkeling, Penningmeester, Suridocs

I’m currently working as a vascular surgeon and I’m also part of the strategy group of our hospital and just successfully finished my MBA health, with special interest in e -and mHealth. Our management group Suguri is currently working on the enroll of this concept using novel e -and health techniques. Slideshare: In this provocative presentation on slideshare, made by Allan Vafi, we (the Suguri Management Group), account for our paradigm shift in “thinking about health and sickness”. If your interested do not hestitate and contact us !
play video How to shift the Paradigma in Health.

Soji JemitolaSoji Jemitola, Program Director, Health Intel Solutions Limited

Hi Everyone. I’m a medically trained, Management Consultant, now entrepreneur and innovator-to-be. My passion is to drive healthcare improvements using technology and data. One of the vehicles used is Health Intel Solutions Limited.

Looking forward to value-adding interactions and mutually beneficial collaborations.

William KearnsWilliam Kearns PhD, Board of Directors of the International Society for Gerontechnology & President N American Chapter

Hello, I’m a researcher at the University of South Florida in Tampa. My area of research is pervasive monitoring of the movement patterns of people with cognitive disorders with the intention of detecting changes in movement that is predictive of falling, or in the case of traumatic brain injury, recovery from the disorder. Our research is been published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, and in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation. We’re moving forward with the commercialization of a pervasive monitoring solution for estimating and reducing fall risk in seniors. I’m the president of the North American chapter of the International Society for Gerontechnology.

Rik WarrenRik Warren, Director of Business Development, Sensogram Technologies Inc

Hello, Im Rik Warren and I am the director of business development for Sensogram. We have researched, patented and are now contract manufacturing a suite of converged wireless sensors. We measure continuously BP, BO2, Heart & Respiration Rates and Skin Temp. from one small and light form factor. We will be measuring several more signals this year. First clinical trials are completed (with several more in planning) and FDA certification is underway. Our first focus is Home Health and mPERS markets followed immediately by perioperative monitoring and in clinic & post discharge cardiac health. We have just turned towards the market and joining groups such as this one is in effort to get the word out. If you have questions please contact me or visit our web site Thanks for including me in this very interesting conversation. Rik

Christy TabernerChristy Taberner, Professor Innovation, Applied Health Research, Mohawk College

Hello I am faculty at Mohawk College & coordinator of . Very interested in developing and researching mHealth applications. Occupational therapist by background. Great group!

Murali NagenMurali Nagendranath, Strategy Officer, Wired Informatics

Hello Everyone !!! I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the group. I am the Strategy Officer for Wired Informatics.

Wired Informatics’ Clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution helps healthcare organizations extract knowledge from unstructured clinical narratives. Powered by the most sophisticated NLP/Machine Learning engine, Invenio rapidly turns unstructured clinical narratives to normalized data. The result: Powerful Clinical Search, Advanced Analytics, Granular Reporting, Compliance and Billing solutions delivered via mobile or traditional enterprise way.

Guillermo PepeGuillermo Pepe, Executive Director, Fundación Telmed

Hi Everyone! I’m running the London Marathon, in 10 days, in honor of women fighting breast cancer! I just started an indiegogo campaign in order to give women in need the possibility of having a mammogram. Please take a look, contribute and/or share:

Ashish PatiAshish Pati, CEO, Apollo Medskills and Medvarsity

Hi everyone !!! I am glad to be a part of this group…I am the CEO of Medvarsity and Apollo MedSkills. These companies are a part of the Apollo Hospitals group.

Apart from my role in these units, I also lead the remote health initiatives of the group. These initiatives are planned with only one objective and that is to provide ALL with an easy access to quality healthcare. While there is a series of activities in the pipeline, you can check out the first one on the play store…Please type HAPP and you will come across the first attempt to connect 900 mn mobile consumers of India to a range of healthcare services offered by Apollo Hospitals and others. This is a mHealth eco-system that will agregate services from various providers across the healthcare spectrum and offer the same to the mobile consumers. While the first attempt is to offer an APP, the immediate next steps are to offer a subset of these services on voice and SMS. I would like to actively participate in this group to create more such innovations… Thank you all.

Pabla Pazos GutierrezPablo Pazos Gutiérrez, Healthcare Informatics Consultancy,

Hi group! I’m Pablo Pazos Gutiérrez, a Computer Engineer from Uruguay, specialized in Healthcare Information Systems, Interoperability and Standards. I work as a consultant and trainer in mainly for software providers and healthcare institutions. I work a lot with open source tools (HAPI, Mirth, DCM4CHEE, …) and standards like openEHR, HL7 and DICOM. I have several open source software based on those standards, see my GitHub repos.

I also do research, work with university students and present papers and talks on different conferences (slideshare).

My blog is Informatica-Medica and I’m @ppazos on twitter. Cheers!

Bill DaileyBill Dailey, Chief of Staff, Chief of Medical Information and Physician, Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare

Hello. Bill Dailey here. I work at a small healthcare system in Missouri. I mine the EMR for data regarding patient conditions and send mobile alerts to members of our care team using Python, MySQL, Ubuntu server… All open source solution at a very low cost to the organization.

Right now alerts are pulled from radiology reports looking primarily for DVT/PE, anticoagulation status, admit status to trigger care team monitoring of real time quality issues (CQM).

I have a background in Medicine, Chemical Engineering and have a new degree in Medical Informatics.

Exciting world out there right now… Not every solution is Commercial off the shelf (incentives have dried up anyway, who can afford more plug-ins). I can focus my solution on the problem as opposed to making a blanket solution fit the problem. I use Python NLTK and numerous other libraries to accomplish what was only a pipe-dream 5 years ago. Loving it. Bill

Laura BeyerLaura Beyer, CEO Assistant / Public Relations at XLHEALTH, Germany’s first investor for Digital Health startups

Hey everyone, my name is Laura, I work at XLHEALTH, Germany’s first venture capital investor specialised in Digital Health startups. We provide startups with access to their strategic partners and a co-working space designed to profit from exchanging ideas with other Digital Health startups. Furthermore, startups are connected to an exclusive network of mentors – experienced entrepreneurs, pioneers and distinguished experts in the field of IT, healthcare and startup business. As of now, our portfolio includes Digital Health products for diabetes, neurological rehabilitation, motherhood, autism and consultation.

Rosemary MorganRosemary Morgan, Research Fellow at Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Hi everyone! I’m Rosemary Morgan. I’m a research fellow at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on the project Research in Gender and Ethics (RinGs): Building Stronger Health Systems. mHealth is one of the key health systems ares that we focus on, looking out how different context issues, such as gender and social relations impact on the development and implementation of different mHealth interventions and research. I have a background in global health and global health policy, specializing in sexual and reproductive health and gender.

Oisin KimOisin Kim, Co Founder and CEO at

Hey everyone. I’m Oisin Kim, CEO of Lovely to E-Meet you all!


Jacques KpJacques Kpodonu MD, Cardiac Surgeon & Medical Author

Hi,I am Jacques Kpodonu a cardiovascular surgeon within the Harvard Medical School system with an interest in use of simulation and gaming technology for medical education,interest in digital health technology and telemedicine applications for resource poor environment. I am very interested in mobile health apps development and hope I can collaborate with the m health community on exciting projects.

Carol WashburnCarol Washburn, Consultant, Johanson Washburn Consulting

Hi, I’m Carol Washburn. I’m a consultant with many years of product management experience and am currently working on a health care big data project.

Nuno MorgadoNuno Morgado, Partner, UTIL Healthcare

Hello all, I´m Nuno Morgado, Partner at UTIL Healthcare. We´re an mHealth centered software solution provider based in São Paulo, Brazil. Our product, Core, is what we like to call Electronic Health Records 2.0, and will be launched in the next month or two. Its highly innovative when it comes to capabilities and user experience. Check us out and LMK if anyone has any questions.

Romeo DumitrescuRomeo Dumitrescu, CEO & Founder, Sintari Technologies

Hello Group, my names is Romeo Dumistrescu and I am founder of Sintari Technologies, a software development center in Romania. I have over 13+ years of coding and worked on small applications to enterprise and cross-platform projects. I’m new to the mHealth area but we do have some projects in the area. I’m looking to increase our portfolio as we have experience in cross-platform development, which is manly used in hospitals and care centers. Open to any discussions regarding development and technologies used in healthcare.

Kate NewhouseKate Newhouse, CEO, Doctor Care Anywhere

Hello everyone, I am Kate Newhouse, CEO of Doctor Care Anywhere Doctor Care Anywhere is an innovative, private GP service enabling you to speak to a UK doctor from wherever you are at a time that suits you, whether you are away for work, in a hotel on holiday or simply sniffling on your sofa at home. Our vision is a world in which no one has to wait for outstanding healthcare. We provide quality healthcare that works around you. Doctor Care Anywhere membership provides you and your family unlimited access to specially selected UK GPs, via high-quality video on your browser, our iPhone and iPad apps. Surgery hours are 8am-10pm, 7 days a week.

Before this, I was a public sector strategy consultant for eight years advising local government and health and before that, worked at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. I specialised in improving how customers access and receive services from public sector bodies, digital delivery of services, service redesign and behaviour change. I have also been a trustee of Woman’s Trust (a charity offering free counselling service to female victims of domestic abuse).

Great to meet everyone and am interested in any discussions regarding tele-medicine and how to apply and integrate digital technologies in Healthcare.

Naveen KolaharNaveen Kolathur, Supply Chain and Technology Executive, DHL

Happy to be part of this forum as a learner and mHealth enthusiast. I have keen interest in mHealth as an emerging idea due to medical outcomes I have experienced in the US, SG and IN. Inspite of great technological progress in medical science over the past century Healthcare is still a Global problem and I believe mHealth has tremendous potential to bring in much needed transparency and have positive influence on outcomes. At the moment, I am dabbling with a few ideas. I will look forward to learn from the collective expertise in the forum and available to help anyone in anyway I can.

Ravi AgarvalRavi Agarwal, Founder at engageSPARK, Angel Investor, LP at 500 Startups, Philanthropist

Hi all, my name is Ravi, I’m originally a tech entrepreneur from Boston, and while volunteering for Grameen Foundation in Ghana (MOTECH maternal health program), I saw a big need for an easy-to-use Missed Call, Voice IVR, and two-way SMS platform so that anyone, especially non-techies, could launch interactive campaigns in minutes.

So, I founded a not-for-profit social enterprise, engageSPARK, to empower non-techies to build low-cost campaigns in minutes to engage patients and staff by leveraging mobile phones. And especially be able to get local phone numbers in 200+ countries.

Given the great expertise of this group, I’d like ask you all to help us test our platform and give us the critical feedback we need to make it as easy and useful as possible to launch IVR, Blasts, Surveys, Curriculums, Reminders, and Auto Replies for things like adherence, information dissemination, data gathering, etc.

Organizations like IPA, MedAir, and Mercy Corps have been using the platform and have given us great feedback. Mercy Corps has sent out over 1 Million Calls & SMS messages using an interactive soap opera format (with quizzes) for a behavior change campaign for 20,000 people in the Philippines.

I’d really appreciate any feedback to share your insights and suggestions! If you have a few minutes, sign up at to get $2 in free credits to try it out and give us feedback. Check out for more details.

Please also forward to other people you think might want to try this. :) Thanks, – Ravi

Kellan AlexanderKellan Alexander, Customer Success/Communications, Nyaruka Ltd

I’m Kellan. I work for TextIt, an SMS and IVR (Voice) platform used by UNICEF, USAID and others to create mHealth communication applications. Check out our blog: to see our various Use Cases.

Tiziana RossiettiTiziana Rossetti, PhD, Neuroscientist at Hertie-Institut für klinische Hirnforschung (Medical Research Council)

Hi I´m Tiziana and I am a neuroscientist. Neuro-cognitive impoverishment affects a great fraction of aged people, at today there is no cure but treatments can give the chance to delay late stages of the disease and provide a better life quality for the patients. Unfortunately diagnosis is not always easy, and this is due to rejection to the disease or the ageing; aged people are hardly to accept they are aged, are afraid to face cognitive disorders, and tend to hide first symptoms or give a bunch of justifications for their reduced performance. This can lead to late diagnosis with the effect of reducing the effectiveness of the treatments. I am working on a new system to diagnose early stages of cognitive disorders to allow a faster beginning of the treatments. This system does not requires any doctor or to take old fashion cognitive test and neither to play a cognitive game, like the ones are now launching on the market. It is something completely new and I cannot say more :-)

David DeshotelsDavid Deshotels RPh MBA, Original Founder and Marketing Director at Gulf Coast BioTech Consultants and Business Development Manager at Discount DiagnosticsRx

Hi I am David and I have 29 years of health care experience. My company Discount DiagnosticsRx, has developed a service in the US that allows patients with no insurance or High Deductibles to save 75% to 90% off of regular Lab Prices. It is a national program that is free for physicians to access and is very automated. The physician logs in to and orders the tests. All lab test prices are published so that the physician knows what the patient will need to pay. After ordering all labs for the patient, a text or email is sent to the patient to go on line and pay for their tests and save 75 to 90% off of regular lab charges. It allows the patient to pay on line and then they are directed to the nearest lab. The website will be up and running by the end of this month, July. Save the address and try it in 3 weeks. David

Eric EggersEric Eggers, Principal, Digital Health Consult & Founder and CEO, kBLASTER

Greetings group members. I advise digital health companies on development paths free from FDA regulation so they can get to US markets quickly with confidence. My ultimate goal is to allow innovative digital health companies to stay agile and focus on their mobile app, wearable or software, not on FDA compliance.

You can see more at

Rik WarrenRik Warren, Director of Business Development, Sensogram Technologies Inc

Hello, At Sensogram Technologies Inc we have researched, patented and are now contract manufacturing clinical grade wireless wearable multi-parameter biosensors. Our first device, Sensoscan, measures BP, SPO2, Heart and Respiration rates simultaneously and continuously. Our devices add value to every link of the health care chain. From Aging in Place to Post Discharge Observation to Chronic Condition Management, Sensogram makes health better and easier.

Naveen KolathurNaveen Kolathur, Supply Chain and Technology Executive, DHL

Friends… I specialize in Supply Chain but I sm always fascinated by Medical Science/Art. At some point I may pursue this passion by staring something. Have lived accross the US, Singapore and India, I undestand the different systems of Medicine being practiced accross the world.

Dario SalviDario Salvi, PostDoc Research Assistant, University of Oxford

Dario Salvi here, PostDoc research assistant at the University of Oxford. I have a 10 years experience in mHealth development and research. I have worked with many clinical fields including cardiology, rehabilitation, pulmonology, nutrition, hypertension, pregnancy. I have worked with all kinds of development platforms: Java, .Net, Android,Cordova. Nice to meet you all!

Glenn PearsonGlenn Pearson, Principal, Pearson Health Tech Insights LLC

I’m Glenn Pearson, Principal at Pearson Health TechInsights, LLC. After 30+ years in the hospital field (6 years in acute care and 24 in two different hospital associations working largely with emerging technology), I founded PHTI to help entrepreneurs and startups figure out if anyone is likely to buy their products and how to maximize their chances of success. I also help investors determine which companies and products are the strongest for potential investments. My tag line is “If you build it, they may not come.” My last 19+ years were as Executive VIce President of Georgia Hospital Association where I led the following areas: finance (Medicare, Medicaid, private payers), data, IT, communications, PR, and the entrepreneur division that developed and endorsed services ro promote to hospitals. I love what technology can do to help transform how care is delivered and administrative processes are streamlined!

David MetcalfDavid Metcalf, Researcher, Institute for Simulation and Training Univ. of Central Florida and President of Moving Knowledge

David Metcalf, Researcher and Director of the Mixed Emerging Technology Integration Lab at Univ of Central Florida’s Institute for Simulation and Training. Coauthor/editor of two HIMSS books on mHealth and JHIM Contributing writer. Many projects for med schools, hospitals, government and companies in mHealth, Wearables, Internet of Things for Health, Intelligent Home, app and simulation development and 3D/Augmented Reality.

Deborah VerranDeborah Verran, Transplant Surgeon, CRO Australian DonateLife Network

Hi I am Deb, fully qualified abdominal transplant surgeon for just over 20 years, Clinical Resource Officer for the Australian Organ & Tissue Authority, member of the Innovations Committee for SLHD. The CRO role includes knowledge management for a national distributed network of healthcare professionals within Australia as well as advocacy via social media. This involves IT and technology.

Allison GarrisonAllison Garrison, Director of Business Development, CloudMine

Hi, I’m Allison, Director of Business Development for a Healthcare Mobility Company called CloudMine. We provide a HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Mobile Backend Platform that integrates seamlessly with EMR’s & connected medical devices such as programmable inhalers & diabetes meters. Our Enterprise Mobile Backend as a Service Platform accelerates application deployment (internal & customer facing) by up to 80%! Since we protect patient data, we also RESPOND TO AUDITS. Clients receive an excellent ROI & can off-load HIPAA liability as it relates to data encryption. [email protected]

Dennis SullivanDennis Sullivan, Healthcare Practice – Consultant, Verizon Wireless

I’m a healthcare specialist focused on mobility and wireless solutions for hospitals, home health, senior living and others across the care continuum across 15 Midwestern states. I bring insights on technology advancements Verizon is enabling for remote patient monitoring, streamlining clinical workflow, leveraging smartphones and tablets for patient engagement, population health strategies tied to mHealth and telemedicine and bringing thought leadership on Verizon’s deep bench of technologists. We like to say “we power the people who power healthcare”. I’m passionate about helping transform care delivery for happier clinicians and better patient outcomes.

Alexander FrybackAlexander Fryback, Business Consultant and Project Manager, 303 Velocity

Hi, Alex Fryback here, Software Consultant at 303 Velocity. Our company builds mHealth apps for growing companies. We’ve worked on a number of exciting apps from fitness to wearables to real time surgery tracking. We consider ourselves consultants first and foremost because we truly understand business and what it will take to make a successful product. We have an extremely talented team of developers that take the approach of being able to bring anything to life. I recently started a group called mHealth App Development – please join if you’re interested specifically in mHealth Apps. Glad to be a part of the group and look forward to learning from everybody!

Michael OSheaMichael O’Shea, Centre Director, Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH)

Hi. I’m the Centre Director for ARCH (Applied Research for Connected Health). ARCH is a government funded, industry driven technology centre providing access to world class clinicians, academics and patient cohorts to explore and evaluate potential connected health solutions for the global market. Based in University College Dublin, we have collaborations with a number of academic institutes throughout Ireland.

Michael MakaraMichael Makara, Consultant, Hepatology Center at Buda

Hi, I am a hepatologist, I work in Budapest, Hungary, and my areas of interests are:

* Therapeutic decision support system (I have built a database with interactions on enzyme levels, cross-allergy, food-drug interactions, etc)

* Medication compliance(I am currently building mobile apps and boxes).

Etienne Van WykEtienne Van Wyk, Healthcare Manager: Africa, Frost & Sullivan

Hi everyone, my name is Etienne. I am the manager for the African healthcare consulting services at Frost & Sullivan. I have a tremendous interest in mHealth and Connected Health. I look forward to sharing ideas and learning from everone’s experiences in this very exciting area of healthcare.

Edward RobinsonEdward Robinson, Country representative (South Africa), Palladium

Hi all, I am an informatics expert with 20 years IS experience (10 of those in International Development). Among other things, I manage a team of developers designing and deploying mHealth and eHealth solutions for clients across the globe. My passions include new technology and solutions to real-world problems using technology as an enabler.

Tom Byrne, CEO/Founder, HealthComms

Tom BryneHI There Tom Byrne CEO of HealthComms. Our product “MyHomeReach” is a SAAS based product sold B2B, We connect caring communities.

MyHomeReach provides a platform that addresses Isolation, Medication Adherence, Chronic Disease Mgt and maintenance of living environment. It is a platform to provide personalized services key for the individual. It delivers efficiencies to the care giver with standardized assessments, timely alerting and task automation.

And most importantly it brings transparency into this environment allowing family members and healthcare providers to review the quality of care being delivered to our parents

We are interested in meeting with individuals or organizations involved with or providing care/support to those living independently


Shan-EstelleShan-Estelle Brown, Anthropologist, Yale University School of Medicine

Hello hello! I’m Shan-Estelle, a medical anthropologist at Yale School of Medicine. I study patients’ treatment preferences and develop frameworks to tell stories about their lives. I’m moving more squarely into UX research for healthcare purposes and issues of acceptability and usability of mhealth products for people with chronic illness and their caregivers.

Jovan StevovicJovan Stevovic, CEO and Co-founder,

Hi all, I’m Jovan, previously researcher and now entrepreneur in Digital Health. In both my research and innovation experiences I was dealing with privacy, security, data protection and regulatory compliance in both EU and US. With our startup, we are offering secure storage for health data according to EU privacy laws, but we have a broader vision for offering our knowledge to digital health entrepreneurs and innovators and help them face this complex sector. For any info about all topics I touched, do not hesitate to write me. Cheers!

Josep M MontiJosep M. Monti, CEO & Founder, Alertry

Hi there, I’m Monti, CEO of Alertry, the App to send emergency alerts near you and save lives. Also if if you have an Apple Watch, Alertry send an automatic alert if at any time you suffer a heart failure.

Subir Batra, Founder, SafeConsults

Hi All. Great to be part of the group. I am Subir Batra, founder of SafeConsults. We are a new company with the vision to bring mHealth and TeleHealth to India. India has a very poor patient to doctor ratio compared compared to the rest of the world and accessibility of quality care is a big issue, especially for the majority of the population living in smaller towns and villages. We intend to solve this issue using mobile and internet based technologies

As the first step towards this endeavour, we are building a telemedicine (both mobile and web) solution and also creating a healthcare helpline to enable those who have limited access quality care to get better treatment. We intend to follow this up with more technology based solutions in this area.

I would love to connect with all of you to discuss issues, hurdles and solutions, and also learn from the experience of those who have been or are currently working in this area. Feel free to connect with me anytime

Taylor SmallTaylor Small, Senior Director of Business Development & Sales, Glooko

Hello, mHealth. I lead business development for Glooko, a diabetes remote monitoring & population management platform. Look forward to connecting with and learning from many of you. PM if you would like to talk. -Taylor

Sorin Stircu MSCSorin STIRCU MSc, Manager Global Partnerships Development, International Diabetes Federation

Hello mHealth ! I am Sorin, Manager Global Partnerships within International Diabetes Federation. Among other sectors I am responsible of developing partnerships with companies from mHealth, IT/ICT, technology, medical devices sectors. Looking forward to connecting with you and learning about your companies, products and/or services. Kindly send private message if you would like to explore common synergies.

Have a profitable day, Sorin

Mayur RajaMayur Raja, Co Founder, EmergeHealth IT

Hello mHealth members, I am Mayur Raja and I am a co-founder at EmergeHealth IT, a mHealth monitoring service developer based in London and California.

We want to collaborate with best of breed mHealth device manufacturers which will enable us to deliver innovative health monitoring solutions and expand internationally.

We have a partnership with a major international hospital and are seeking to add strategic investors to scale our services.

Please send me a Linkedin invite ([email protected]) if you would like to discuss opportunities further.

Alex Ross, FP&A Manager, Monitise PLC

Hi all, I am a finance expert with 10 years of financial modelling, forecasting and business partnering (4 in mobile). I’m interesting in all areas of Mobile health and how businesses can successfully engage with health and those in the industry.

Ray Richards, coFounder, Do Something Different

Hi – I’m part of the Do Something Different team, using technology & psychology to help people break habits and grow comfort zones.

Leonardo Melo MSc MBA, CEO,

I am researcher in telecom technologies with big data. In our company, we create telecom systems to viabilize big data transmitions inside hostiles enviroments. Nowadays, we transfer in less than 2 minutes exams of mamography and x-rays from more than 60 clinicals and hospitals in Amazonas and trucks with mobile phones, in less than in 5 minutes.

I had Master’s degree (2011) and graduate (2000) in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universidade Federal Fluminense, and sensu post-graduation in Information Technology applied to business by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (2006).

I am director of; developed patent in Telecommunications (2012); Effective member of the Brazilian Association of Clinical Engineering (2009); registered in the Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance / NEMA – National Electrical Manufacturers Association (2011).

Under my management, the company was finalist with the project “Innovative technologies implementations for Teleradiology: Case study in the government of Amazonas state,” in:

. Award Inova Health Abimo 2015 while third place overall – the first as a technology service. The Inova Health Award is a title of excellence that reflects and shares with all the health sector achievements and progress of the domestic industry;
– Winner at Healthcare Innovation Award HIMSS Latin America 2015 in mHealth technology, the first award of this association in Latin America;
– Winner at ABIMED Inovation Award 2015.

I am research in new ways of telecom solutions to use in mHealth. For example, we project, installed and operate telecom soluticions to viabilize telerradiology in Amazonas and inside mobile trucks with multiple celular modems at the same time (multiplex). In the first one, we transfer a mammo exam in 1 minute, and in the second, in 2 – 4 minutes. Multiple time more fast than the international player, that need some hours to do the same.

Terry Fagen, President, Medipense Inc

Hello, I’m Terry Fagen, founder of Medipense Inc., based in Montreal, Canada, and inventor of RxPense a medication management and remote patient monitoring solution. We are entering our trials phase and looking to integrate additional sensors and data which add value to the patient care ecosystem. If you have developed some unique, bandwidth optimized, mHealth apps that can be used or integrated into our RxPense Hub, please feel free to message me.

If you have strong opinions for improving healthcare, or real world use-cases to share, please do.

Danny Huang, VP Oversea Sales & Marketing, CVTE (Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Co. Ltd)

Hello, I’m Danny Huang, the VP of CVTE base in Guangzhou China, we develop medical devices measures different vital signs. Combine with different wireless communication technology including BT, WiFi, GPRS, 3G/4G, and let doctor to interactive with patient through camera embedded.
ODM/OEM projects are welcome!

Vince Waterson, Chairman,​ MEDEX Spot

Hello I am the inventor of the world’s first Unmanned Micro Clinic (UMC) for which I have recently been awarded a US patent. The UMC is a 6ft x 7ft footprint noise proof cabin which equipped with a two way video terminal and many vital signs monitoring devices including a motorized seat back mounted stethoscope array. Each cabin will be located in a drug store, supermarket, truck stop or airport and connected by private satellite link to the Hughes Network Systems teleport in Germantown, MD. The teleport will have many private fiber circuits connecting it to participating hospitals providing MEDEX Spot medical call centers staffed by nurse practitioners. The UMC cabin is able to provide virtual medical examinations from hospital medical call centers without anyone attending the patient in the cabin because of our patented technology which allows the nurse practitioner to control and monitor all the instruments in the cabin which has a built in air sanitization system which removes all pathogens from the cabin space every two minutes; an automatic system to clean all instruments handled by patients after use; a system to detect have removed any floor debris introduced by the patient; an electronically operated door which avoids patients having to touch any surfaces to enter or leave the cabin. Patient medical record and payment to permit access to the cabin is stored securely on a SMART card purchased by the patient a point of sale near the cabin. We plan to also install one of our cabins in a 53ft semi trailer which will include a waiting room, power generator and two way autoseek VSAT terminal which will allow patients visiting the trailer to have virtual medical examinations conducted by a hospital in Maryland. The trailer will enable us to have a 3 months nationwide roadshow which will visit the HQ of prospective drug store and supermarket chains to provide live demonstrations. We will also be taking the MEDEX Spot roadshow trailer to Capitol Hill and to Herald Square, Manhattan (outside Macy’s flagship store) to publicize this new low-cost primary health care service which we plan to launch in January 2017. We are in the process of raising additional funding to enable us to establish a volume manufacturing facility to produce up to 100 cabins per month. Please visit home page to see a video I presented on the operation of the MEDEX Spot cabin, the world’s first patented Unmanned Micro Clinic.

Shady Saeed, Group Director M2M & IoT, Etisalat Digital

Hello , I am shady Saeed head of IoT and M2M platforms in Etisalat Group , , we are a mobile operating group preset in 19 countries in ME and NA , we offer M2M control center and IoT MDM and AEP platforms for different verticals

Rigzin Samphel, Indian Administrative Service, Government of India

Hi, Im Rigzin Samphel an Indian Administrative Service ( IAS) officer working in the state of Uttar Pradesh . Through this group iam looking forward to promote the m sehat project of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. M sehat is a m health initiative for 15 million beneficiaries and 12,000 CHWs in Uttar Pradesh India.

Peter Boyle, Principle, JP Boyle & Associates

Greetings! I operate an Executive Search Firm with specialization in mHealth and adjacent fields such as wearable tech, IoT, predictive analytics, devices etc.. Many of the companies served are early to mid-stage companies that seek to find a senior key executive that will help raise capital, launch their product and/or move into a commercialization phase.

For those interested, more information is available at:

Keith S. White

Keith S. White Hello everyone, I am the Principal at ParkerWhite Brand Interactive. For the past 24 years, we have specializes in developing branding, digital marketing, and lead-generation strategies for companies in the medical device, healthcare, and fitness industries.

If you have any questions of how to develop a robust go-to-market strategy, launch a new product, or build a sustainable brand in today’s marketplace, feel free to reach out to me and I’d love to chat.

Nikos Naoum

Nikos Naoum Hello all, I’m Nikos Naoum, CEO and Co-founder of Blueline,, a London based mobile startup aiming to revolutionize the primary healthcare industry by connecting patients with healthcare professionals.Please see a short videoanimation explaining what the service is about at
We are talking about an “uber for doctors and nurses” or, better put, an “AirBnB like Primary Healthcare Center”.
We’d love to investigate opportunities of cooperation.

Terrence Baker
Terrence Baker Hello all, for the last 12 years I have worked for a large Healthcare organization managing and implementing both Health IT and Biomedical Equipment\Systems. I have tried to constantly keep an eye to the future to bring these two areas together and leverage emerging technology to meet the needs of our Clinician’s and patients. In my “spare” time I have a podcast called Healthcare Tech Talk, , which discusses the use of various technology to improve Healthcare. It can be on iTunes and pretty much wherever you listen to podcasts. I see some potential guests on here.

Erik Vollebregt

Hi everyone, I’m a lawyer and regulatory expert based in Amsterdam specializing in medical technology, including mHealth. I advise a lot of small and large companies and several branch associations in the field of mHealth (including CE marking of mHealth apps as medical devices and data protection issues), am member of the European Commission’s mHealth stakeholder group and have actively contributed to the EU mHealth industry code that will soon be finished. I am also editor of the eHealth Law & Policy journal and author of the blog, which has a lot of information about EU mHealth regulation on it. Happy to help with any questions about EU mHealth regulation – you can book a free 15 minute no strings attached consult via my firm’s website or send me a message. 

Priyankar Bhattacharjee

I am a techie & *-health enthusiast. Anything having to do with combining the two interests me. I recently graduated with a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from University of Nebraska – Lincoln and want to use my knowledge for the betterment of the elderly in our society. To make them live safely and independently is mostly the focus of my research. My thesis publication which you can read here was concerned with building a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) to alert family members/ care-givers during an emergency situation which may be something like a cardiac arrest or even a burglary attempt. My other big interest lies in using objects of daily use as tools to monitor people’s health, and constantly looking at new ways of doing so. You can read my publications on this topic here and here. Although have worked mostly independently so far, starting to understand the importance of collaboration and what impact it could bring in order to put some of my work into actual implementation and launch products at a fast pace. Therefore willing to talk to people in this forum who might be interested in my work or would want to work with me. I currently am working with another of my school mates, a PhD student who’s a master of circuit design and fabrication, embedded software to bring the above mentioned and some of my other ideas to life. Mostly we are missing a good UX/UI designer and an experienced web developer. We are open to collaborating in research or industry environments & teaming up with fellow researchers.

In case any of you have anything at your end or know someone who would be ready to invest in us, or have any kind of available opportunity that would help us or want to discuss ideas. please do buzz me at priyankardotbhattacharjee3atgmaildotcom or pryandot225atgmaildotcom

I am very glad to be have been introduced to this group, and hopeful of forging great ties with people here in the coming days. Cheers, Priyankar Bhattacharjee.

DipeshKumar Dave 

I am consultant to H & FWD, Govt. of Gujarat for last 15 years for MIS., data management and improving the MCH services.

André Mouton 

Keen to assist in the M-Health space and your direct needs. My focus is South East Asia and Africa.

Nikhil Sharma 

Hello. I am BDM for Asia, working with Wipro. We have established solutions for remote patient monitoring. Maternity care solutions for remote fetal monitoring using wearable sensors, CE FDA approved. Cardiac Monitoring, Online flexible extendable Arrhythmia Monitoring. Healthcare IT. Lab at home and other Mobility Solutions. Looking to expand our business in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.

Sara Marshall 

Hello, I’m a project/program manager with work experience with sport for development and health programs, including a mHealth pilot project in Malawi. Living in Southern Africa showed me how reliant people are on their mobile phones and also how useful they can be for sharing, collecting and connecting people to information. I wish to explore this area and the possibilities mobile tech has to improve people’s health and quality of life. 


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