Can you imagine a world where we have Tricorders but you still have to go & sit next to your Doctor?

Engadget talking with Scanadus Walter De Brouwer

our vision is that a consumer can sit next to his Doctor and they can both look at the same data, if I go FDA the Doctor can look at it you know because this is FDA approved and it sort of becomes a goldilocks device you can talk intelligently with your Doctor what do you think and what should I do… …otherwise you are counting steps or counting calories and your Doctor does something else and your records are there and I would like to have a completely new experience for that” 3:55/17:30

In a conversation with Engadget’s Christopher Trout, Scanadu’s Walter De Brouwer discusses future concepts like time travel before sharing his idea for the Medical Tricorder.

It astounds me that even people with such imaginative visions for the future seem fixated with the idea that we will always need to go and sit next to our Doctor to discuss informational challenges.

I was hoping we’d have visionaries like Walter who are working on winning Qualcomm’s X PRize for the Tricorder thinking beyond that especially now that there’s clear published evidence from Dr John Bachman MD, Prof of Primary Care at the Mayo CLinic, showing that through the use of consumer technology in most cases an in office appointment is not necessary for today’s primary care needs to be delivered effectively.

I think it’s important that medical technology developers realise the rest of the world won’t remain still while they’re busy creating the Tricorder and that this device will arrive into a world where every patient who has a Tricorder device has a 3G video phone in their pocket that can take their medical history. The care of a Doctor will mean something completely different when a Doctor is not only able to share rich video content with them but also provide documented video consultations at anytime and from anywhere (just like we’ve been providing at 3G Doctor in the UK & Ireland since 2006).

3GDoctor Homepage

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