mHealth Events for 2016

mHealth Events 2015

With the doors closing last week at the mHealth Summit (the world’s largest mHealth industry meeting) it’s time to begin compiling the definitive listing of mHealth events that are being held in 2016 across the world as a resource for those planning to get involved (click here to view those that were held in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010).

If you know of any mHealth meetings that I’ve missed please share a link in the comments below and I’ll update this listing to include them:

Digital Health Summit (at CES)**
Las Vegas, USA
6-9 January 2016

Connections Summit**
Las Vegas, USA
6-7 January 2016

Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Health in Europe: Removing Barriers to the Empowerment of Citizens
Brussels, Belgium
20 January 2016

mHealth: Global Projects, Software & Critical Perspectives – An ICT4D Meetup
London, UK
26 January 2016

MobCon Digital Health
San Francisco, USA
26 January 2016

Annual Summit on Mobile Healthcare
Toronto, Canada
26-27 January 2016

Open mHealth Data integration Training
San Francisco, USA
28 January to 2016

Health2.0 Trends in Emergency Medicine and Mobile Health
Dallas, USA
28 January 2016

Digital Health CEO Summit
San Francisco, USA
3 February 2016

mHealth for Medical Device Manufacturers
Washington DC, USA
3-4 February 2016

Advancing mHealth: Can the smartphone pioneer a new self-care agenda?
London, UK
3 February 2016

mHealth Trophies
Paris, France
8 February 2016

MDMWest: 360 degrees of Mobile Health Success
Anaheim (CA), USA
10 February 2016

IOT Tech Expo**
London, UK
10-11 February 2016

mHealth Israel: Ber Sheva: Meet the Global Investors
Tel Aviv, Israel
16 February 2016

mHealth Israel Conference and Startup Contest
Tel Aviv, Israel
18 February 2016

RCP Managing complex LTCs & multi-morbidity**
London, UK
18 February 2016

Synbio Future Conference*
Cork, Ireland
22 February 2016

Mobile World Congress*
Barcelona, Spain
22-25 February 2016

UCL Fesitval of Digital Health
London, UK
24-25 February 2016

Recent developments in digital health
London, UK
25 February 2016

Clinical Innovation Congress**
London, UK
9-10 March 2016

Wearable Technology Show**
London, UK
15-16 March 2016

mHealth Hackathon**
Brussels, Belgium
18-20 March 2016

Medical Apps: Mainstreaming Innovation
London, UK
7 April 2016

Apps for Health
Ontario, Canada
28 April 2016

the future of medicine – the role of doctors in 2025
London, UK
19 May 2016

Big Data
London, UK
2 June 2016

Wearables in Healthcare
Budapest, Hungary
14-15 June 2016

FinancialTimes Digital Health Summit
London, UK
16 June 2016

Wearables TechCon
San Jose, USA
19-20 July 2016

mHealth Symposium at WoHIT
Barcelona, Spain
21-22 November 2016

mHealth Summit
Washington DC, USA
December 2016

* We’ll be there ** We’re Chairing/Presenting/Exhibiting

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