Join us at the Wearable Technology Show, 15-16 March 2016

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Held at London Excel ​the​ ​Wearable Technology Show (co-located with the Augmented Reality & IoT Connect Show’s) is now in it’s 3rd year and has grown to be the world’s largest show for wearables, smart technology and IoT. With more than 3,500 delegates expected the exhibition floor will feature more than 100 exhibitors and there will be 75 hours of conference tracks running over the 2 days (6 of them are free to attend) that will give you the opportunity to learn from more than 150 of the world’s leading innovators in Wearables, Augmented Reality, VR, Smart Devices and the Internet of Things (IOT).

Click here to register (access to the Healthcare Track costs just £365 but a free pass is available that provides access to the exhibition floor and the free developer tracks).

For an introduction/backgrounder on the IoT/Wearable mHealth opportunity you might like to watch the mHealth Symposium that I produced for the International Diabetes Federation – an organisation that has called for mHealth to be an embedded compulsory part of how we provide quality diabetes care (this chronic disease accounts for an annual healthcare industry expenditure of more than $548 Billion) and the slides/video of the presentation I gave at the Mobile Clinical Trial Congress on the impact of Apple ResearchKit on the Clinical Trial industry.

Topics covered in the Healthcare & Apps track will include:

Succeeding in the Future Healthcare Economy: What Will it Take?,  The Future of Healthcare Provision,  Digital Clinical Trials Utilising Wearable Technology,  Healthcare Apps,  Virtual Reality in Healthcare,  How Wearables Are Disrupting Healthcare,  Benefiting from wearables in preventive healthcare,  Innovation Showcase and How prosthetics and bionics are presenting new opportunities in Patient care.

Speakers/Panelists featuring in the Healthcare & Apps track will include:

Shafi Ahmed, Consultant Surgeon Barts Health, Director & Head of Programme, Virtual Medics
Mladen Barbaric, Founder and CEO, Pearl Studios
Gregory Berman, Head of Medical, Kinneir Dufort
Paul Boanas, Director of EMEA Sales, Catapult
Dr George Brighton, Chief Medical Officer & Founder, Technical Health
Tom Brown, Vice President – UK, ROI & Nordics, TomTom
Beverley Bryant, Director Digital Technology, NHS England
Dr Andreas Caduff, CEO, Biovotion
Uwe Diegel, CEO, iHealthLabs
David Doherty, coFounder, 3G Doctor
Nicholas Douzinas, Co-Founder & CEO, Hoolio
Burkhard Duemler, Director IT Innovation Program & Projects, Adidas
Deborah El-Sayed, Director of Digital and Multi-Channel Development, NHS England
Paulo Ferreira Dos Santos, CEO, Kinematix
Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO, Hexoskin
Vahid Gharaei,Business Development Manager, Runtastic
Patrick Goss, Editor-in-Chief, TechRadar
Jouni Heinonen, Board Member, Enfucell
Manuel Heuer, COO, Dacadoo
Olly Hicks, Adventurer & Motivational Speaker, Olly Hicks Ltd
Gareth Jones, VP & General Manager EMEA, Fitbit
Simon Jones, Head of Performance, Team Sky
Thomas Keller, Senior Director Digital Trials, Glaxo Smith Kline
Hannu Kinnunen, Chief Scientific Officer , OURA
Chris Lewis, Industry Analyst, Lewis Insight
Julia Manning, Chief Executive, 2020 Health
Chris Martin, Great Pacific Race Director, New Ocean Wave
Michael Morgan-Curran, International Sales Director, AliveCor
Thomas Olesen, Commercial Director, Qualcomm Life
Marco Peluso, CEO & Founder, Qardio
Matt Reeves, Head of Fitness and Conditioning, Leicester City Football Club
Gilbert Réveillon, International Managing Director, Cityzen Sciences
Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research
Ian Rowe, Founder, Atlantic Experience
Leon Rudge, Technology Solutions Manager, Life Fitness
Timothy Saxe, CTO, Quicklogic
Mike Short CBE, VP Public Affairs, Telefonica Europe
Dr Ken van Someren, Director of Research & Development, GSK Human Performance Lab
James Stanier, Director & Founder, Echolocation
Andrew Statham, CEO, Atogear
Ruth Thomson, Head of Consumer Product Development, Cambridge Consultants
Patrick Thumm, Co-Founder and MD ‘Sports Science’, Antelope Club
Dr Jenny Tillotson, Founder, eScent
Sami Toljamo, Director of Sales and Business Development, Bittium
Annina Verkkomaki, Co-Founder, Omuus
Dave Wright, Chief Executive Officer, MyZone

Want to get involved in the world’s largest Wearable Tech meeting?

If you’re interested in speaking at the Wearable Technology Show please contact Lisa Doerr ( and for sponsor/exhibitor space contact Lee Haines ( Tel: +44 (0) 1179 323 586.

Follow the event on Twitter #WTS2016


*** Update 18 March 2016 ***

*** mHealth Insights from the Wearable Technology Show ***

Heading back from a thoroughly enjoyable event where I picked up some great insights from a diverse range of fascinating Wearable Tech evangelists I thought it would be helpful to share a few notes on things that I found interesting:

Attendance: While only a very small minority of delegates attending were Healthcare Professionals those who did make time for the show found it all very interesting. Standing room only for the ‘Healthcare & Digital Apps Track’ was a good sign and I’m confident we’re going to see some big healthcare brands wake up and see the opportunities to support the work of this event organiser as the environment they’ve produced provides countless opportunities to learn from other industries:


Exhibition Floor: With a 136 exhibitors this was the best bit for me. My favourite was getting a chance to meet with Olympic medal winning rower Guin Batten and learning about the opportunities for wearable brands to partner with the Rannoch Womens Challenge – follow @Rannochwc to Twitter to get updates from this all women team that are looking to set a world record rowing the Atlantic Ocean (over 3,000 nm in just 43 days!).

Few environments require such thoughtful design as being at sea so it’s a great proving ground if you’re looking to validate your wearable product claims (eg. the worlds most successful wearable industry inventor proved lots of his tech sailing across the Pacific in record setting times).


Health Insurers are substituting established popular gift offers with Video Doctor Consults: I met a delegate that was really annoyed that their corporate health insurer (Prudential) has swapped out the free weekly cinema tickets offer for free* mobile video consults with Doctors. They mistakenly had thought that 3G Doctor was the provider of this consult offer and had a complaint about the T&Cs and the complexity of using the service. I think Health Insurers are all too often the antithesis of what we get with the trusted Doctor/Patient relationship and this is just the tip of the iceberg of issues that I think are emerging as Insurers back wearable technologies.

Insertable’s: I was quite surprised to see BabyPod bScreen Shot 2016-03-18 at 13.49.54eing showcased as it suggests that the direct to Patient market is now the primary route for Gynaecologists seeking to market new mHealth tech to expectant mothers (as you don’t see anything like this tech even being profiled at the big industry events eg. the Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists
 Annual Congress).

The media continue to be fascinated by Gynaecologist Alex Garcia-Faura (who was born and raised in a third generation gynaecologist’s family and has published some fascinating work on Fetal Facial expression in response to music measured by 3D/4D ultrasound) who flew in from Barcelona to demonstrate BabyPod – a vaginally inserted speaker – that claims to be able to help mothers emotionally connect with their babies before birth via music and have applications in improving the effectiveness of IVF treatment.

I’m very keen on music therapy but have only ever been involved in projects involving externally generated sounds (for IBD, relaxing, etc) that are becoming popular in elite athlete and Veterinary/Equine markets but I’m fascinated by the opportunities for this tech to be used in Veterinary markets and complemented by greater Clinician involvement and additional non invasive health monitoring (eg. Alivecor HR monitoring) to personalise the prescribed music/therapy to attain the desired fetal neurological stimulation.


Can anyone keep up with Alivecor? During the panel I spoke on I was joined by Micheal Morgan-Curran, International Sales Director at Alivecor, who announced sales would be starting soon for the Apple Watch Alivecor that we saw the prototype of last year (Click here for Alivecor’s official Press Release) for which the final product is a masterpiece of design and manufacturing:


Fortunately the sales success of the original Alivecor has encouraged lots of other mHealth startups to attempt to make rival devices and Kito+ is the latest attempting to pack temperature monitor and a pulse oximeter into the same smartphone casing:


I was aware that Alivecor had a transformational tech back in 2011 but it really is evidence of the investments being made, the quality of the engineering talent hired and the clear story telling talent of the Alivecor team to see that their product has managed to stay so far ahead of competitors eg. the Kito+ by Azoi from California was being demoed on the exhibition floor and the quality of the ECG readings and user experience were nowhere near to what I get with an Alivecor I have been using for 5+ years now.


Lumafit: Going for a very different market to Alivecor I really like the approach that Lumafit have taken. It’s really positive to hear that sales are healthily growing as I have no doubt that the tech and services being pioneered by them to produce their interactive fitness coach will be a key part of the smart Hearable device markets that will emerge as soon a major mobile brand makes a move.


PitPat: It was incredible to meet the team behind this easy to use activity monitor for dogs because they represent the type of talent we urgently need to attract into the mHealth market.

Everything from the branding, unboxing experience, data/privacy t&cs and business model have been considered really thoughtfully:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 15.29.23

Can you begin to imagine the medical experiences a team like this could be creating if the regulators weren’t making so many barriers?

It was fascinating to learn of the multigenerational appeal and sales success (20,000 sales already since it’s launch in January!) the product has received. Imagine if those working in the Government/Insurer funded Telecare market had even a fraction of this companies understanding of what it takes to make a product people would want to buy?

Telecare Whoopie Cushion

Where was Pharma? There were plenty of Pharma branded wearable sensor devices to be found around the exhibition floor but the Pharma industry was notably absent.

Seems like a big missed opportunity they could’ve used to tell their story to this important audience. I couldn’t help but think that even if they used a booth at an event like this just to engage with and recruit wearable tech talent it would surely pay off…


Path Walk with Confidence: As we see increasing miniaturisation and flexibility of sensors I think tech laden shoes will become standard for Patients with a range of disabilities.

Path have gone down the after-market route but I can’t think what is stopping a big shoe brand from buying this tech and embedding it into their shoes as there’s a huge market for quality diabetic shoes and haptic feedback could have a life changing impact in those who suffer with neuropathy (that lessens the foots sensitivity to pain).


PS. As soon as a product like this is on the market for this I’ll have to profile it in the Diabetes module of the mHealth course so please let me know in the comments if you’ve seen anything else related to this that I should trial.


Samsung: As headline sponsor Samsung had the most prominent booth on the floor but I was a bit disappointed. A lot of the content looked like it had been thoughtlessly created or even translated via Google Translate (eg. “Care Yourself at Anytime, Anywhere”):



The video content all looked like the old SIM Band/VoiceOfTheBody tech that Samsung shelved some time back when it fired that team. I have faith that new Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh is going to be putting an end to all these false starts as there’s so much potential if they just partnered to bring new products to market eg. like Apple have done to bring ECG monitoring to their much more popular smartwatch.


Tespack: I really like what this company is doing as I think they’ve found one of the big blind spots that exist because of the mobile industries male dominated engineer workforce eg. as a non-smoker it’s very clear to me that ‘do you have a charge?‘ is the new ‘have you got a light?‘.

The effects of battery anxiety are very different for men and women and mobile operators are missing out on huge revenue opportunities because of the different ways that we use our mobiles when the batteries are low eg. many of us stop using the device completely, others feel a loss of confidence, etc.

I’m surprised that since Angela Ahrendts move from Apple to Burberry this hasn’t already happened because it’s hard to imagine the sales success and loyalty big fashion handbag brands would inspire if they partnered with Apple/Samsung and started making handbags that you can just plug in so that you’re never again hunting looking for a charger or plug socket.


Virtual Reality Headsets: It seemed that if you stood in any one place and turned around you could see someone demoing one of these headsets and yet I couldn’t find anyone who had ever considered the potential harm that they could cause.


Particularly in the early adopting gamers (who after spending £2,000+ on the powerful tech will presumably want to properly use it) I can’t see how there’s not going to be an awful lot of VR wearers reporting physical/muscle injuries especially as these become mainstream gadgets.

I wonder how long it will be before VR games require the players to complete a physical warm up session before game play can commence?

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