Monica Healthcare

Carl Barrett, CEO of Monica Healthcare, presented a new fetal-maternal monitoring product for the home that presents new care possibilities for millions of expectant mothers.

The technology is a wireless, wearable fetal-maternal monitor that is safe and simple to use requiring no supervision and which can utilise conventional mobile connectivity infrastructure to help patients connect with remote monitoring stations and carers. For more detail check out this explanatory video.

The product enables the preterm labour (PTL) management and the rationale behind the business is that 10 -15% of women present with symptoms of PTL and for every day baby can be kept out of NICU there is a saving of £10,000.

The company is reporting growth in the OBGYN homecare market in areas now that they have proven outcome improvements for PTL, diabetes and other high-risk pregnancies. Carl also pointed to a appetite for the technology amongst mothers with reference to analogous market success being seen in the “explosion” of sales of pocket Dopplers.

The company has already formed partnerships with Alere and Cytokine so if you’re a distributor looking to get a bit of action in this growing space I’d get your skates on!

This blog post is part of a series of mHealth reviews from the 2nd Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit 2010. Click here to get the full review.

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