Forbes: FaceTime M.D.

My son Sam and I were recently traveling from Chicago to Pennsylvania to see friends. No sooner had the plane taken off than Sam showed me a seriously infected finger. After explaining that it would have been advisable to see a doctor prior to leaving, we did the next best thing—or what may, in the future, be the best thing.

Sam simply took a picture of his finger and sent it to our family physician, who texted back a few questions. He asked for our destination and electronically prescribed an antibiotic to pick up at a local pharmacy. A few days later the checkup happened over, you guessed it, the iPhone—via its FaceTime app, with our physician on the other end. It was a convenient, high-quality, seamless, mobile and cost-effective transaction that saved a visit to an unknown doctor in an unknown city, and a lot of time as well

Glen Tullman

It’s when I read an article like this that I pinch myself. Who would have thought you could offer a care experience like that enjoyed by the CEO of a Billion dollar Healthcare firm for only £35?

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  1. David20 says:

    Youve got any mad acquisition here, man. I fair plan that you dont lose your name because youre definitely one of the coolest bloggers out there.

    Ross Finesmith MD

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