Will Samsung’s Smart Scroll turn the world upside down for mHealth Regulators?

Can you stop bending me & go get your eyes checked

It’s quite clear that the incredibly powerful next generation Samsung Galaxy Smartphone will launch with “Smart Scroll” a native eye tracking app that will enable a user to navigate their device by just looking at the area they want to move to.

I think it’s quite obvious that this is going to enable automatic measurement and analysis of the activity of the extraocular muscles and provide the capacity to conduct some quite advanced neurological tests. The inevitable questions regulators will need to answer are:

A. How do we regulate this new medical testing capability of a device that is bought by citizens because it’s a great smartphone?

B. If we ban it (or regulate it so that it isn’t available) will a citizen who bought this mass market device and could’ve had a medical condition detected (and treated much earlier) be able to claim that the regulator harmed them?

PS. On 14 March the next generation Samsung Galaxy will be launched in New York. When you see it try and imagine what it means for the future of computing. It’s quite hard to imagine that for a young person who will be picking up one of these super smartphones in their local mobile store will in the future have the same type of reminiscent feelings that you might have today about the time when you unboxed your Sinclair ZX Spectrum or Atari 2600

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