SeattleMamaDoc: “Imagine if we used the tools of our time?”

In the United States we’ve spent over $12 Billion reimbursing Doctors to put their thoughts into the electronic medical record. But the tools for communication are not there yet, and what I suggest is that sometimes the first solutions we come up with are not always the most important. It may be communication. It may be the tools to let us talk, learn and educate each other that will be the future…

Wendy Sue Swanson MD addresses TEDxNijmegen 2013 with a talk about the sandwich generation & ways health care technology must adapt to serve Doctors & Patients.

I’m astounded that a smart US Mobile Operator hasn’t already hired Dr Swanson to lead their mHealth efforts.

Related: “Subtle difference but I don’t think most of us want a consumerization of healthcare but we do want to use consumer technology to access healthcare and we wish healthcare professionals could use it to work more effectively

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