Sprint announce the 10 mHealth startups that have joined their Mobile Health Accelerator in Kansas City

Sprint Accelerator

Sprint (the 3rd largest US Mobile Network Operator with more than 53.9 million customers and $35.5 billion in annual revenue) has announced the final 10 startups selected for their Kansas Mobile Health Accelerator organised by Techstars that the company hopes will fuel the ‘Mobile Health Revolution’.

​The selected ​companies will be gathered in Kansas City where they’ll receive up to $120,000 in ‘combined seed funding’ and participate in an 3 month long ‘immersive mentor-driven process’ that will culminate in an Investor Demo Day where the startups will get to present their business ideas to telecom leaders, health experts and investors.

Once again I think these healthcare startup accelerators are missing a trick by selecting startups that are mostly led by white males but as a Mobile Operator first this will be an interesting program to follow.

Here’s a snap shot of the mHealth Startups that have been selected:

Company: Akibah
About: Developing a smartphone case for diabetics that features an integrated glucometer.
Location: San Jose, California

Akibah Website

Company: Fitbark
About: FitBark​ ​sells an activity monitor that​ ​tracks your dog enabling you to get insights into the pets​ ​health and behavior.
Location: New York

Fitbark Website

Company: Lifeline Response
About: LifeLine Response™​ ​is a personal safety mobile app that responds​ ​to emergency situations by immediately alerting​ ​authorities if the user is in need of help.
Location:​ ​Chicago

Lifeline Response Website

Company:​ ​Medicast
About: Medicast arrange for Doctors to visit you in your home, office or hotel room for ​house calls and urgent care​ ​within 2 hrs.
Location:​ ​Palo Alto, California

Medicast Website

Company:​ ​Ollo Mobile
About: Developers of the ​​crowdfunded CloudPhone 3G​ ​single button mobile phone and cloud based smart care system.
Location:​ ​Brisbane, Australia

ollomobile Website

Company:​ ​Sickweather​
​About: Sickweather scans social networks for indicators of illness,​allowing you to check for the chance of sickness as easily as you can check for the chance of rain.​
Location:​ ​Baltimore

Sickweather Website

Company:​ ​StayInYourPrime.com
About: Instantly and automatically get your health records from any doctor.
Location:​ ​Oakland, California


Company: Symptom.ly​
About: Symptom.ly is a clinically validated symptom tracking platform for insurers, doctors, and patients, to reduce the costs of chronic illness.
Location:​ ​Salt Lake City

Symptomly Website

Company: Tenacity Health​
About: Tenacity builds wellness communities and reduces health care costs for organizations.
Location: Boston

Tenacity Website

Company: Yosko​
About: Yosko is a comprehensive mobile hospital solution that provides efficient patient care coordination.
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Yosko Website

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