If Parody videos are where it’s at who wants to make a Google Glass mHealth parody video?

I slept last night after reading some brilliant advice from Jonathan Marks: ‘Forget the channels, just make parodies. If you’re just after views on YouTube, forget documentaries and make parody trailers. Audiences in the gazillions“.

Waking up I promised I’d take some more of Jonathan’s wise advice and as we’re currently involved in producing some video content I thought why not add a fun mHealth parody to the mix.

The only challenge would be deciding what would be a worthy target. Then I read this Healthline News article asking “Is Technology Costing Doctors Time with Their Patients?” (of course it is because we’re not yet prepared to let the Patients use it!):

Dr. John Halamka, chief information officer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, believes technology has incredible potential for improving patient care, and as a practicing physician has deployed it in remarkable ways at his own hospital. Emergency-room physicians at Beth Israel even use Google Glass when seeing patients.

When a doctor enters the exam room, Google Glass scans a bar code on the wall. Instantly, the patient’s medical information appears in the doctor’s line of vision, and he or she can refer to it while examining and speaking with the patient.

Halamka, who also serves on Healthline’s medical advisory board, says many aspects of technology increase safety and reduce time spent on administrative tasks

We’ve got the Google Glass, the Hospital and the Video equipment. If you have any ideas or would like to be involved with even a suggestion for the script or some acting tips on how to perfect the ‘vacant stare’ while reading all the mistakes in the Patient’s Inaccessible Healthcare Record please get in touch ASAP.

PS here’s a video of another Google Glass in healthcare suggestion (where the Glasses are again being used by the wrong person) that might give you some more ideas…

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