What do you think it will take before there is enough consumer demand to disrupt healthcare?

Medscapes Dr Eric Topol interviews 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki

become disruptive in the right way and that was really our goal. I don’t really want to wait around for 10 years for personalised medicine to come, I want to see it ushered in sooner. If I look at other examples like how YouTube changed Media, you know before – 5 years ago – no big media company wanted to put their content online but it was the consumer demand and the fact that consumers actually created the competitive pressure for it. So how can consumers do something similar in this case and then how they can actually start to drive this: we want this information to bring personalised medicine to the forefront now

An unmissable 22 minute interview of Anne E Wojcicki, CEO, 23andMe by Eric Topol MD on her mission to shake up preventive care.

My thoughts:

I think it’s clear 23andMe have done an incredible job selling preventative care to citizens (so far 650,000 have paid at least $99 to have their DNA read) but it’s going to become clear that documentation of the basic encounter with healthcare professionals will be required before there is competitive pressure that will start the disruption. Until more Patients are being given a written record of the information they’re left with little else to do than compare highly subjective and/or untrustworthy reviews on Doctor rating sites.

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