What mHealth ideas that we can draw from successful and effective un-mHealthy mobile marketing campaigns?

I think it’s very obvious that advertising is making us unhealthy (food companies have some of the largest advertising budgets and there is much more profit in cheap foods that have low nutritional value, eCig companies are getting away with all the tricks that the tobacco industry did 50 years ago, etc) and this continues as the best talent mobile marketing talent is all too often working for the companies selling unhealthy things for consumers to spend their money on.

An idea I’ve had that might make a difference here is if we try to reconfigure the best mobile marketing efforts we can see being produced by the soda/gambling/junk food/e-cig companies and reconfigure them for use to promote healthier lifestyles.

I’ll kick off with a transformation of a Pepsi/Google Play/Mobile Game collaboration showing how it could be transformed into a effective promotion of a water brand/Google Play/Pedometer app.

Lets make mobile marketing mHealthy

If you’ve seen anything the mHealth industry could/should emulate please have a go at transforming it yourself or post a link to it in the comments and make any suggestions and we’ll try to put something together here to demonstrate how it might be possible.

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