mHealth Guide to the Dublin WebSummit

mHealth Guide to the WebSummit 2014

Ahead of next months WebSummit we’re organising a mHealth Tour and mHealth networking group meet up (click here for more info and to apply/register) but as with other big tech events (eg. see our mHealth review postings from other tech events like Mobile World Congress 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, etc) we’re going to try our best to share with you the mHealth products and talent we can find in amongst the 20,000+ delegates, 1,000+ exhibitors, 2000+ members of the media and 200+ speakers who will descend upon Dublin for the week.

To help everyone get started here’s a basic mHealth Guide to WebSummit that we’ll be updating as and when details become available. If you know of anything that’s been missed or have anything mHealthy to add please comment below and I’ll make the updates.

I look forward to seeing you on the 3rd November in Dublin!

Startups and Companies that will be showcasing mHealth products/services or talking about mHealth at WebSummit 2014:

> 3D4Medical (Ireland)
About: 3D4Medical is an award winning technology company that specializes in the development of medical, educational and health & fitness apps for professional reference as well as student and patient education. Our apps are expertly designed to encourage unique learning experiences through intuitive interactivity and stunning visualizations.

3D4Medical Website

Details: John Moore, CEO, will be speaking on the Future of Medical Software (TIME DATE LOCATION TBC). Click here to vote it up.

> 3G Doctor (Ireland)
About: Service providing citizens with Documented Mobile Video Consultations with registered Doctors. Est. 2006.

3GDoctor Website

Details: Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the following form if you would to take the mHealth tour or attend the networking meet up that we’re hosting on Monday the 3rd November 2014:

> Agatsa Software Pvt Ltd (India)
About: We will inspire world to be healthy, confident by offering ultrasmall, wearable, health monitoring devices which will improve quality of life. We offer OEM platform for ultra small connected ECG, BP, Glucometer devices which are fully connected to network and operate on Android. In addition, with our open source software any developer around the world can write apps on our devices.

Agatsa Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Babylon Health (UK)
About: A virtual health service in your pocket. With an easy appointment and records system, leading clinicians and state of the art personal health monitoring capabilities, babylon is simply your own virtual health service in your pocket. babylon is the first organisation of its kind to be registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC) and have designated body status from NHS England.

Babylon Health Website

Details: Exhibitor

> BetterDoc (Germany)
About: BetterDoc finds a proven specialist for your health problem and will make an Appointment for you.

BetterDoc Website

Details: Exhibitor

> BlueMaestro (UK)
About: BlueMaestro develop and manufacture connected devices. We emphasise design and functionality. We use Bluetooth Smart technology heavily and our products are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Products include devices for the measurement and monitoring of temperature, humidity, light, rainfall, movement, weight and barometric pressure.

BlueMaestro iPacify

Details: Exhibitor

> BluSense Diagnostics (Denmark)
About: SenseLab is a low-cost, user-friendly and cloud-connected device for diabetes Type II monitoring, whose detection principle is based on BluSense proprietary technology. Thanks to a unique combination of magnetic and optical properties of nanoparticles, the assay panel is completed within minutes using just few microliters of full blood.

BlueSense Diagnostics Website

Details: TBC

> Bodixx (Switzerland)
About: Finally health for fun’s sake! We reach the normal no-sports-freak people by changing their habits via a facilitated fun weekly challenge. We help businesses activate normal no-sports-freak employees to engage in corporate wellness programs. Our editors moderate personal taglines according to progress and profile. Sponsors provide incentives on a weekly basis.

BODIXX Website

Details: Exhibitor

> CareZapp (Ireland)
About: Transforming care at home. More and more people need care at home, but caregivers are under massive pressure. Imagine a new way of connecting those who require care and those who care; family, friends, neighbours, community supports and home care providers, social/healthcare professionals. Creating a network of care that transforms the lives of care recipients and caregivers.

CareZapp Website

Details: Exhibitor

> cope it (Denmark)
About: An innovative platform for managing Patients’ fear of going to the dentist, providing a better experience for both dentists and their patients.

Copeit Website

Details: TBC

> Cyclister​ (Denmark)
About: Cyclister’s purpose is to promote bicycle culture globally with Copenhagen, the world’s premier biking city, as their starting point. Cyclister’s mission is to list all rental bikes – B2C and C2C – all over the world and make them easily accessible to anyone who wishes to rent a bike via Cyclister’s online platform.

Cyclister Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Fitmo (USA)​
About: Personal trainer in your pocket. Get fit and healthy with your own handpicked private coach. Anytime. Anywhere..

Fitmo Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Fittpass​ (UAE)​
About: Providing new ways to incorporate exercise into our daily lives, FittPass gives you control of your routine and allows you to achieve your fitness goals.

MyFitPass Website

Details: TBC

> FoodNovate (France)
About: TBC
Details: TBC

> Forus Health (India)
About: The Forus Health mission is to address the healthcare delivery crisis in the developing world through innovative and inclusive product design and service deployment.

ForusHealth Website

Details: Exhibitor

> France Surgery (France)
About: France SURGERY is a private French company located in Toulouse and has over 20 years of experience in the French medical sector. Our team is comprised of several French doctors, specialists and healthcare professionals. We will put you in touch with Internationally renowned hospitals & specialists in France, ensuring that your medical treatment or operation is undertaken in the most professional way, thus providing reassurance and peace of mind for you and your family.

France Surgery Website

Details: TBC

> GameGolf ​(​Ireland/USA​)​
About: GAME GOLF logs what club you use and where on the course you use it. By combining these observations, your game is visualized like never before. All you have to do is power up, put on the device, and play your game. Install the unique tags into each of your clubs and simply tag each club to the device before you take your shot. That’s it.

GameGolf Website

Details: TBC

> Geneix ​(London)​
About: We personalise prescribing by matching medications to patient DNA and data. Saving lives, reducing healthcare costs and improving safety. We empower Drs to say ‘this medicine is not for everyone, but it is for you’. Our platform analyses your gene data to create your unique drug response profile. Visually displaying which treatment is best for you, reducing trial-and-error prescribing.

Geneix Website

Details: TBC

> GloFox Website ​(Ireland​)​
About: GloFox is a simple to use cloud-based business management platform and white-label mobile app for the health and fitness industry. GloFox is a complete booking, payment and membership management platform. This drives revenue, assists greatly with retention and reduces the significant administration cost of of managing a business in the health and fitness industry.

GloFox Website

Details: TBC

> Gudpod ​(​USA​)​
About: Gudpod will revolutionise the way people take vitamins & supplements with a ‘Keurig like’ internet connected appliance & pod system. Gudpod provides better health outcomes to consumers by making it easier to stay on a supplement regimen. Our patented technology platform tracks consumption making data available to popular health apps and offering behavioral/trend data to suppliers.

gudpod Website

Details: TBC

> HandleMyHealth ​(​UK)​
About: Handle My Health™: MIAMI is the patient intelligence engine based on smart devices and the web. MIAMI was set up to help individuals with long term conditions manage their treatment and medications better through online systems, putting them at the centre of care, so they can influence what care they receive and when. The engine has evolved to include new and improved features that our users (individuals and large organisations alike) have requested, but staying true to its core: personalised care through enhanced medicines management, quality of life monitoring and actionable insights.

HandleMyHealth Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Health20 Dublin ​(​Ireland)​
About: Health20 Dublin will be hosting a health innovators dinner for health founders, VCs and digital health geeks to network, collaborate and to continue to explore health opportunities that arise from the web summit. If you would like to sponsor this event, get in touch with the organisers at [email protected]

Health20 Dublin

Details: From 6:30pm-9:30pm on Wednesday 5 November Health20 Dublin will be hosting a Health Innovators Dinner at the Raglans Restaurant, Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin 4.

> ​(​x​)​

HEalthAroundMe Website

Details: Exhibitor

> HealthGrid ​(​Japan​)​
About: HealthGrid, Inc. provides healthcare services in a ‘personal assistant’ style, using ‘Total Assessment’ technology. The company provides a platform for health management that allows users to obtain information which they can usually only obtain after conducting a full medical check-up.

HealthGrid Website

Details: TBC

> Healthy Selfie (Hong Kong)
About: Healthyselfie is a free social networking app that allows users to track their body’s physical evolution. Features include a food diary, tracking info for every selfie, a fit feed and a discovery feature to see how other app users are doing.

HealthySelfie Website

Details: TBC

> hooheals​ (Singapore)​
About: Put simply, we want everyone who comes to hooheals to be more knowledgeable and feel more secure, with tools to make better healthcare decisions. Built on the concern that patients have incomplete information on who can make them better, this healthcare startup aims to empower patients. hooheals organises information on medical professionals so that patients don’t need to do the hard work when they’re sick.

HooHeals Website

Details: TBC

> iMote (Morocco)
About: iMote is an amulet that lets you take control over your smartphone and the world around you. Without touching your phone and with a simple gesture or a push of a button, iMote let’s you skip to the next song, order a cab, decrease your smart AC temperature, take family pictures, or make your phone ring when you can’t remember where you misplacse it. And, to make iMote unique to you, all gestures are customisable.

iMote Website

Details: TBC

> Infomed Services (Egypt)
About: Accurate patient records can mean better treatment. We send one of our physicians to perform a full checkup, gather their history and run labs. A cloud based medical profile is created that is accessible to them and their healthcare providers.

Infomed Website

Details: TBC

> InsightMedi (Spain)
About: Photo-Sharing Network for the Healthcare Community.

InsightMedi Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Kairos Watches (USA)
About: The World’s first mechanical Smart Watch

Kairos Watches Website

Details: TBC

> Kinesis Health Technologies​ (Ireland)​
About: Kinesis Health Technologies QTUG product is a proprietary wearable sensor technology for mobility and falls risk assessment in older adults. Falls are a major problem worldwide, with an estimated 30% of older adults of age falling each year. with annuals costs in US alone of $30 billion per annum.

Kinesis Website

Details: TBC

> Kitman Labs​ (Ireland)​
About: We are a team of sports scientists and software engineers working together to build world class products for the most demanding industry in the World – professional sport.

Kitman Labs Website

Details: TBC

> Launchpad Digital Health​ (USA)​
About: Next Generation Digital Health Accelerator.

LaunchPad Digital Health Website

Details: Exhibitor

> linkedcare​ (Portugal)​
About: Your entire medical practice in one single application. We integrate in an innovative way all the features necessary for an efficient and productive medical practice, providing you with an effective support tool for clinical decision-making. linkedcare is the most advanced electronic prescription on the market. The doctor can prescribe from the patient’s list of medication or renew previous prescriptions in seconds.

linkedcare Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Medyear (USA)
About: Medyear is the world’s first personal health exchange, focused on accelerating health reform, improving patient outcomes, and advancing scientific discoveries. Combining sophisticated security technologies with an intuitive social network, Medyear gives people the power to control the sharing and privacy of their own health information. With Medyear, people can determine which information is shared, how long it is shared for, and who it is shared with. Medyear is a leading proponent of the US Government’s Blue Button standard, so any healthcare organisation which adopts Blue Button can easily and simply send patient data to a Medyear address. Medyear’s parent company is Personiform, Inc, a technology start-up headquartered in San Francisco that was founded in 2012 by Panha Chheng.

Medyear Website

Details: TBC

> Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH (Germany)
About: Mimi aims to challenge the way we think about hearing enhancement. We believe it is time to offer an alternative to traditional assistive listening technology, giving you full control, and focussing on the power of digital and mobile technology. Our app, features some of our Hearing Technology. The app allows you to do a fast hearing test, to try different hearing enhancement profiles, and to experience the difficulties associated with hearing loss.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 00.15.54

Details: TBC

> MUrgency Inc (USA)
About:UN GLOBAL URGENCE RESPONSE RESEAU (One Global Emergency Response Network)

murgency website

Details: TBC

> Musical Health Technologies (USA)
About: Musical Health Technologies is a family-run technology startup based in Los Angeles, California, headed by the brother/sister team of Rachel Francine and Andy Tubman. We employ music therapists, musicians, engineers, designers, writers, strategists, sales people and technologists in order to create and distribute easy-to-use yet sophisticated software that enables musical experiences for people who are typically excluded from music-making activities.

Musical Health Technologies Singfit Website

Details: TBC

> MyFitnessPal (USA)
About: Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal.

MyFitnessPal Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Naia Health (USA)
About: Naia Health Inc., is a seed stage company developing digital, consumer-focused health products that will revolutionize the well-being and lifestyle of mothers and babies. Our initial product is a first-of- kind, radically improved breast pump for nursing moms that is hospital grade, yet fits into your favorite handbag.

Naia Health Website

Details: TBC

> Nest (USA)
About: Nest takes the unloved products in your home and makes them simple, beautiful, thoughtful things through a focus on making technology that’s simple, fresh and helpful.

Nest Website

Details: Tony Fadell, CEO/Founder, will be presenting on the main stage (TBA)

> Omega Medical Systems (USA)
About: Our primary mission is to improve the quality-of-life for those patients suffering from lymphatic and venous disorders.

Omega Medical Systems Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Orca Health (USA)
About: Visualize anatomy and pathology. We’ve created an unparalleled library of medical media, centered around 3D technology. Patients who interact with medical information via multiple sensory inputs feel more satisfied with the course of action they choose and the care they receive.

OrcaHealth Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Pledgerunner (USA)
About: Our goal is to support charitable fundraising through fitness technology. If you use fitness apps or wearable technology, then you’re already halfway there. Just sync your data and pledge it towards a cause and you’re done. Your pledge can include a donation or it can be sponsored by other people. And you can do all of this with any activity, anyplace, anytime. Now at a glance, our idea is not that unique, but we believe we created something different. We simply added a little more heart.

Pledgerunner Website

Details: TBC

> Provolv​ (Singapore)​​
About: Provolv Cricket brings pro-level stats to every player. Wearable technology for cricket is here, on Android and iOS.

ProvolvCricket Website

Details: TBC

> Restored Hearing (USA)
About: Restored Hearing provides scientific solutions to problems with hearing. Our mission is to protect people from tinnitus and promote healthy hearing.

Restored Hearing Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Rex Pet Health (USA)
About: pet owners! book appointments online and see prices up front! we make it easier and more affordable to take care of your pet! veterinarians! free online scheduling and electronic medical record system! we help you manage all the new patients we’ll find for you!

RexPetHealth Website

Details: TBC

> RingMD​ ​(Singapore)
About: RingMD allows patients to connect with expert doctors by video or phone. Through selective recruiting and premium partnerships, RingMD offers easy access to some of the world’s greatest medical practitioners.

RingMD Website

Details: TBC

> S3 Group (Ireland)
About: S3 Group’s Telehealth Business is changing how healthcare will be delivered to you, your family and generations to come. With ageing populations, exploding healthcare costs, technology is central to the cost-effective, patient-centric delivery of tomorrow’s healthcare.

S3Group Website

Details: TBC

> Seamless Medical Systems (USA)
About: Mobile Patient Registration, seamless integration & Patient communications. Streamline medical front office operations and enhance overall healthcare consumer experience and engagement, starting at the point-of-care.

Seamless Medical Systems Website

Details: Exhibitor

> Sekoia (Denmark)
About: Sekoia is an assisted living platform that supports nursing homes and similar institutions. Sekoia seeks to simplify and ease the daily life of workers and inhabitants while simultaneously saving money for the homes.

Sekoia Denmark Website

Details: TBC

> Sohati (Lebanon)
About: Sohati is a health portal in Arabic, aiming to provide trustworthy medical solutions to the Internet users. Along with its reliable medical content, Sohati provides an innovative platform connecting in real time users with physicians and specialists.

Sohati Website

Details: TBC

> Splendo (Holland)
About: Dutch-Israeli creator of innovative health and wearable solutions and one the contenders in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. Splendo creates truly exceptional game changing health and wearable solutions; combining state of the art nanotechnology in a simple to use, safe, comfortable, open and flexible multi-wearables format.

SplendoNanoTech Website

Details: Startup Track

> Sport Summit​
About: Sport arguably provokes more passion and is at the centre of more debate than other subject on the planet. It is also one of the biggest industries worldwide, as well as being one of the most progressive and innovative industries in terms of how technology is used for marketing, data analysis and content creation. The new Sport Summit at this year’s event will examine the intersection of sport, technology and business, as well as covering areas such as Leadership in Sport, eSports and Sport Media.

Jamie Heaslip IRFU

Details: Confirmed speakers include:

> Alejandro Agag, CEO, Formula E
> Leonard Armato, Founder, Management Plus Enterprises
> Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director, Manchester United
> Anastasia Ashley, Pro Surfer
> Richard Ayers, CEO, Seven Leagues
> Matt Berry, CEO, Orca Health
> Xavier Bidault, Digital Director, NBA
> Jeremy Bloom, CEO, Integrate
> Bernard Brogan, Footballer & Legacy Consult Sports Management
> Joanne Cantwell, Presenter, RTE
> Henk Ten Cate, Former Footballer/Coach/Manager, Ajax/Barcelona/Chelsea/Panathinaikos FC
> Sean Charles, VP, Turtle Entertainment
> Jimmy Chamberlin, Liveone
> Damien Comolli, Director, Football Strategy
> Nic
Couchman, Sports Lawyer, Couchmans LLP

> Donal Og Cusack, President, Gaelic Players Association
> Adam Davis, SWOL
> Guy Easterby, Manager, Leinster Rugby
> Nigel Eccles, CEO & Co-Founder, Fanduel
> David Epstein, Author, The Sports Gene
> Rio Ferdinand, Premiership Footballer
> Mark Gallagher, Managing Director, CMS Motor Sport & Former Exec, Jordan & Red Bull F1
> Ger Gilroy, Newstalk
> Ben Green, Multi media producer, The Guardian
> Ron Gutman, CEO,
> Tony Hawk, ProSkateboarder
> Jamie Heaslip, Irish International Rugby Player & Leinster Rugby Captain
> Bret Hedican, Former Pro Ice Hockey Player & 2x US Olympian
> Ben Huebl, Head of Business Development,
> Viktor Huszar, Founder, Teqball
> Cedric Hutchings, CEO, Withings
> Bill James, Senior Advisor to Boston Red Sox & Father of Sabermetrics
> Killian Jones, Founder, Playon
> Iarfhlaith Kelly, Founder, Kitman Labs
> Simon Kuper, Financial Times & Author, Soccernomics
> Frederique L’ancien, Digital Director, L’equipe
> Oisin Langan, Newstalk
> Michael Lee, CEO & coFounder, MyFitnessPal
> Benjamin Levy, President and COO, Thescore
> Ed Lodge, Founder, CSX Concussion Management System
> Paul MacInnes, Sports journalist, The Guardian
> Tom Markham, Head of Strategic Business Development, Sports Interactive
> Andy McGeady, Sports & Stats Writer
> Paul McKinley, Golfer
> Conor McGregor, Mixed Martial Artist
> Jens Melvang, Head of Product, Prozone Sports
> Joe Molloy, Presenter, Newstalk
> John Moore, CEO, 3D4Medical
> Sean O’Connell, CoFounder, Stat Sports
> Seán O’Connor, Chief Operations Officer, STATSports Technologies
> Damien O’Donohoe, CEO, Carribean Premier League/Ikon Management
> John O’Donovan, CTO, Financial Times
> Dr Gary O’Driscoll, Doctor, Arsenal Football Club
> Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV Corp
> Jeremy Schaap, Sports Writer & Broadcaster, ESPN
> Amory Schwartz, CEO & Founder, SA Sports Media
> Emily Steel, Writer, New York Times
> Patrick Steenberge, CEO, Global Football
> Richard Trenholm, Senior Editor, CNET
> Sonny Vu, Founder, MisFit Wearables

> Tedcas Medical Systems​ (Spain)​
About: Their mission is to revolutionise the medical profession, and they’re doing it with a difference. Medical professionals always need to maintain aseptic conditions in their workplace and using natural user interfaces based on optoelectronic tech developed by Tedcas, they will be able to access digital information such as patient records without affecting sterile conditions or scrubbing up mid-surgery.

Tedcas Medical Systems Website

Details: TBC

> The Hill Digital Health Hub​ (UK)​
About: The Hill is a digital health hub, fostering technological innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare. We’re building a friendly, encouraging and inspiring community and space, to harness and focus Oxford’s world class digital and medical talent.

The Hill Digital Hub Website

Details: TBC

> Tictrac​ (UK)​
About: Tictrac is the Quantified Self (QS) platform that makes lifestyle data actionable.

Tictrac Website

Details: Exhibitor (Stand 536)

> Treatmint Box (USA)
About: TREATMiNT Box offers gifts for cancer patients and survivors. It is the first-ever subscription service dedicated to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. Our mission is simple: provide a rock solid way for friends and family to show their support and stay connected when it’s hard to relate. TREATMINT Box’s curated boxes and products provide inspiration to fuel the fight of those battling and healing from cancer. You can expect gifts that comfort and inspire. Send love, send support, send TREATMiNT!

Treatmint box website

Details: TBC

> umanlife (France)
About: is a web platform whose inscription, online health record and calendar are totally free.
Regarding applications the model is as follows: 1 application = 0.49 cts / month. 2 applications purchased = 1 free.

umanlife Website

Details: TBC

> Wellograph (USA)
About: Wellograph is an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and a running watch in one that delivers live, insightful information about the wearer’s activity through simple infographic interface.

Wellograph Website

Details: TBC

> Yuzu Labs (USA)
About: Yuzu Labs is rethinking research. We are enabling participant-centric research by building mobile and web-based tools together with participants, researchers, people from industry, and thought-leaders. We are hard at work and are excited to countdown together to our first launch. Stay tuned. Yuzu is a citrus fruit of East Asia. Our name was inspired by the first controlled clinical trial in the modern era conducted by James Lind. The trial tested several food regimens to treat Scurvy, a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency common among sailors.

Yuzu Labs Website

Details: TBC

> (UK)
About: At Zesty we’re on a mission to make booking Healthcare appointments online an everyday reality. Zesty allows patients to find a Healthcare provider near them, read real user reviews and book an appointment in under 60 seconds.

Zesty Website

Details: TBC


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