Why mHealth? Because… [BLANK] that’s why.

mHealth Summit Why mHealth Tweet

Ahead of the world’s biggest mHealth industry gathering (we’re media partners) the organisers tweeted the above banner and it inspired me to think of contributing a few of my own:

mHealth Summit Why mHealth1

Why mhealth the future of healthcare is already in your pocket

mHealth Summit Why mHealth2

mHealth Summit Why mHealth3

mHealth Summit Why mHealth4

We can make Healthcare so engaging that well all want to engage with it

mHealth Summit Why mHealth5

mHealth Summit Why mHealth6

mHealth Summit Why mHealth7

mHealth Summit Why mHealth continuos care

mHealth Summit Why mHealth eSMS

mHealth Summit Why mHealth forgot

mHealth Summit Why mHealth 2000 year old model

mHealth Summit Why mHealth Youtube

mHealth Summit Why mHealth office visits

mHealth Summit Why mHealth Glucometer

mHealth Summit Why mHealth Smoke Alarm

mHealth Summit Why mHealth health records

mHealth Summit Why mHealth SMS feedback

mHealth Summit Why mHealth data

mHealth Summit Why mHealth access

mHealth Summit Why mHealth SMS reminders

mHealth Summit Why mHealth Waiting Rooms and Ebola

mHealth Summit Why mHealth because empowered doesnt mean you are on your own

mHealth Summit Why mHealth with an Alivecor I can now record and share an ECG

mHealth Summit Why mHealth my M2M Glucometer lets mum know even when im at school

Why mHealth The Future of Tech is Mobile and Everyone is a customer

mHealth consumer intelligible thats why Blank

What do you think I could add (either make your own or let me have the text in a comment and I’ll make it up as an image for you)?

UPDATE: Dr Rafael Grossmann (see comments)

mHealth Summit Why mHealth Rafael Grossmann1

mHealth Summit Why mHealth Rafael Grossmann2

mHealth Summit Why mHealth Rafael Grossmann3

mHealth Summit Why mHealth Rafael Grossmann4

UPDATE 14 Oct 2014: Glen Griffiths, Independent Health Technology and Informatics Consultant (over on Twitter)

mHealth Summit Why mHealth more can be achieved between office surgery visits than just within them GriffGlen

UPDATE 14 April 2016: adapted from some tweets I posted in the last week

mhealth-summit-why-mhealth the PC was a Eed Herring


mhealth-summit-why-mhealth it instills confidence


mhealth-summit-why-mhealth Im more honest


mhealth-summit-why-mhealth I wish my EHR was like my Smartphone

UPDATE 3 May 2016:  Why mHealth? Because 4 Billion don’t have an address

Why mHealth 4 Billion citizens dont have an address

There are about four billion people around the globe who don’t have a way to refer to their home, and for every single one of them it’s a major problem. No address means you’re essentially invisible to the state. Aid, legal rights, voting, and bank accounts are all outside of your grasp. It’s nearly impossible to start a business legally, let alone get anything delivered to that business. In an emergency, where do you direct the ambulance? “Having an address is the first step on the social and economic development ladder. It’s a fundamental life issue


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2 Responses to Why mHealth? Because… [BLANK] that’s why.

  1. Excellent work and idea my friend.

    -80% of visits to the Drs iffice, Do Not require physical touch
    -There are More cellphones in the world , than Toilets or toothbrushes 🙂
    -We don’t need more time with the patients, only Better and more Efficient Time with them.

    Thanks. Best.


  2. Hi Rafael,

    Great suggestions!

    I’ve squeezed the quotes to fit and added them above. Keep them coming!

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