Join us at the first Scripps Health Digital Medicine Conference, La Jolla, 30 September 2015

Transforming Medicine Evidence Driven mHealth

“Transforming Medicine: Evidence-Driven mHealth” will be the focus of the first Scripps Health Digital Medicine conference to be held from Wednesday 30 September through to Friday 2nd October 2015 at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Sea Side Forum (click here to view the detailed .PDF event programme).

The course is designed to explore the clinical evidence necessary to help jumpstart efforts to drive widespread incorporation of evidence-based mobile health solutions for more-personalized, individual-centric care to improve outcomes, advance satisfaction and decrease costs.

Key topics will include Patient-centered healthcare, Transforming healthcare from the inside out, re-Mixing primary care, Virtual healthcare, ordering up a house call, precision Medicine as a national initiative: The role of mhealth, What will Dr Watson mean?, personalizing predictive Analytics, the perils and promise of mHealth Big Data, employee health, the individual as Their own coo, Bringing the provider to the patient, consumer retail Setting, providing What the patient Wants and needs
individualizing Medicine, Transforming medicine: Evidence-Driven mHealth, if we measure it we can change it, Virtual reality at home, Transforming heart Failure care, mhealth in obesity Treatment/prevention, can tracking stress change it?, regulatory hurdles; Balancing Snake oil and innovation and The Apple of healthcare.

The impressive line up of already confirmed speakers includes:

Richard J Boxer MD, Chief Medical Officer, Pager
Deepak Chopra MD
Gary Conkright, CEO, physIQ
Drew Conway, Head of Data, Sum
Robin Cook MD, Physician and Author of “The Cell”
Zubin Damania MD, Founder, Turntable Health
Walter De Brouwer, CEO, Scanadu
J Thomas Heywood MD, Scripps Health
Don Jones, CEO, Trial Fusion
Ilene J Klein MD, Global Employee Health Services, Qualcomm Life
Santosh Kumar, Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge Centre NIH
Anna Mccollister-Slipp, Participatory Research, Scripps TSI
Jessica Mega MD, Google [X]
Rob Merkel, Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM Watson Group
Wendy J Nilsen, Health Scientist Administrator, NIH
Babak Parviz, Professor, University of Washington
Adam Pelligrini, VP Digital Health, Walgreens
Rosalind W Picard, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT
Amir Dan Rubin, President & CEO, Stanford Health Care
John Sculley, former Apple CEO & mHealth investor
Jeffrey Shuren MD, CDRH Director, FDA
Donna Spruijt-Metz, Director, USC mHealth Collaboratory
Steve R Steinhubl MD (Course Director), Cardiologist
Eric J Topol MD (Co-Course Director), Cardiologist
Chris D Van Gorder FAche, President/CEO, Scripts Health
D A Wallach, Investor, DronDemand
Henry Wei MD, Clinical Innovation, Aetna
Brenda K Wiederhold, Owner, Virtual Reality Medical

Get involved

Registration starts at a very reasonable $345 ($75 for students) so waste no time registering at as this will no doubt sell out very quickly.

If you would like to exhibit at the event contact Corrine Yarbrough (+1.858.5545742 /[email protected]). Click here for more info on Scripps Health’s Translational Science Institute.

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