Celebrity TV Doctor Dr Phil to headline Consumer Electronic Show explaining the value of Mobile Video Consults with Doctors

USAToday CES 2023 mHealth

What if you could get an appointment to the doctor within seconds, and not have to pay a fortune to see the medical pro? That was the notion that TV’s Dr. Phil McGraw and son Jay (the executive producer of TV’s “The Doctors”) came up with in 2012. They saw DOD as a way to use the growing array of smartphone and tablet cameras to get medical help to people instantly… …”With Doctor on Demand, you don’t have to get dressed, you don’t have to wait two weeks for an appointment, you don’t have to sit in a waiting room where everyone’s sick,” says Dr. Phil. “You push a button and get it dealt with right there.”… …The average wait time to get an in-person appointment with a doctor is 20 days, say the McGraws, compared to 2 minutes for DOD… …”There’s no reason that seeing a doctor should be any harder than buying a song on iTunes,” says Jay McGraw. “More deaths occur during Christmas or the Super Bowl, because people put off going to doctor, and it’s so inconvenient to get an appointment.

Don’t miss this interview of TV’s Dr Phil McGraw by USAToday’s Jefferson Graham ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show debut of “Doctors on Demand” a Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Shasta Ventures backed Mobile Video Doctor Consulting on demand service.

mHealth Insights:

I’m really hopeful that Dr Phil’s very high profile celebrity status will help Mobile Video Doctor Consults get the mainstream US media attention that the Presidents Favorite mHealth use case deserves as this is critical if we’re ever going to move beyond todays’ focus on the 2,000 year office visit model of healthcare.

With more than a million free app downloads in just over 12 months Doctors on Demand has proven that there’s an enormous US consumer demand for help with simple health queries via their mobile (something that we observed here in the UK back in 2005) and I’m sure it’ll generate much greater awareness in the US of the opportunity for Patients and remote Doctors to work collaboratively on the informational challenges.

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