Does the Anti-Vaccine movement exist because of the undeveloped social media voice of Healthcare Professionals?

Well funded family foundations are backing movement to get parents to question vaccines

Kate Trafecante at CNN Money has put together an interesting video on how the financial support of affluent families is having Patients question vaccines.

Following decades of hard work the US Federal government annually spends billions of dollars on the manufacture of vaccines to protect children and billions of dollars more providing the healthcare services that are required to market and deliver these, yet CNN Money have uncovered $1.6 Million that they think is driving the anti-vaccine movement. Why isn’t the big story here asking how this donor cash is having so much more impact?

I think it’s clear that it’s because the anti vaccine movement is spending it’s effort and resources reaching Parents through social media. If every single Practice Nurse, Pharmacist, Paediatrician and GP in the USA had a blog they used to share insights with the Patients that trust them (the powerful story telling videos are easy to find/embed) would any Patent have ever even heard about the fake science propelled by the disgraced Andrew Wakefield?

In 2015 Healthcare providers have a duty to understand and use social media and medical groups involved in the training and regulation of Doctors like the GMC need to be very careful about the unintended consequences of poorly considered guidance that they’re providing that is discouraging Doctors from contributing their important voice online.

If you are a Healthcare Professional please watch and share this great (free) lecture on Social Media by Michael Seres and be inspired to get creative by Dr Z Dogg MD

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