Dr Dave Albert talks about the IOY (Internet Of You)

…we have to go from reactive to proactive and then to preventive, we have no choice we cannot afford it as the people in this room, people my age and younger start to retire, the cost the demands will be unsupportable and so the developed world spends too much in the United States we spend twice as much as Switzerland which is way more than anyone else and we don’t get our money’s worth and in the developing world they don’t spend anything and they get exactly what they pay for. So how do we find technologies that can solve the problems both the developed and developing world okay we’re entering the age of digital or mobile health… …the Internet of You will be critically important to the future of health care and so global digital health market relevance in the US and Europe in the developed world its cost, and in the developing world its access. A gentleman that helped develop mPesa – which is the most advanced mobile money system in Kenya – told me we buy bread by the slice, sugar by the spoonful and we will buy healthcare by the encounter… …the smartphone will be the world’s personal healthcare portal and it will enable the uber-fication, the personalisation of health care access, and we have as many cell phone accounts as we have people right up to seven billion! So my expertise and I come from Cardiovascular Medicine and its still bad so at a recent – two years ago – American Heart Association meeting one of the leading Cardiologists from Beijing got up and said we in China export lots of things to you in America but you have exported one thing to us and that’s your lifestyle, yes, and you know what we (cardiologists) call smoking and bad eating and a no exercise? Customer development that’s what we call it in cardiology but we’re gonna fight it and here are some of the Internet Of You devices just for cardiology… …Physician directed Patient self Management, that’s the goal of the Internet of You: improve healthcare, lower costs, improve outcomes…

Dr Dave Albert, Cardiologist & Founder of Alivecor.

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