Join us in Istanbul 17-19th December for the Digital Health Summit

Digital Health Summit Turkey 2015

Join us in Istanbul from 17-19th December 2015 at the Digital Health Summit.

Keynote topics/panels will include:

Ministery of Health Digital Projects, Genomics and Precision Medicine, Transforming Health Care Through Big Data, Health-Tech for Greatest Generation, , Consumer Accessible Innovation, How Technology Empower Physicians, Smarter Side of Wearables, Digital Revolution in Pharma/Beyond The Pill, Sales Excellence in Digital World, Think Multichannel, Re-inventing Doctor-Patient Relationship, Patient Engagement, Patient Centricity, New Generation of Patients in Digital World.

Speakers will include:

Dr Kıvılcım Kayabali, Founder, PTMS Education and Communications
Dr Şuayip BİRİNCİ, Turkish Ministery of Health
Len S​tarnes, Digital Healthcare Consultant
Dr Burkay ADALIĞ, Medical Director, GSK Urology Centre of Excellence
Afşar Akal, Global Segment Lead for Big Data Analytics, ​Intel Corp. Health and Life-Sciences
Dr Sertaç DOĞANAY, Founder, Social Touch & Tek Doz Digital
Prof Dr. Süphan Nasir, Professor at Department of Business Administratition, İstanbul University
Uğraş GÜNGÖR, Commercial Effectiveness Manager, Novo Nordisk
Uğur CANDAN, Chief Operating Officer, SAP Turkey
Dr Zakiuddin Ahmed, President, Healthcare Paradigm
Berfin DEMİRBİLEK, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceutical
Joe Thomas, Multi Channel Marketing Head, GSK Classic & Established Products Centre of Excellence
Doç. Dr Kerem RIZVANOĞLU, Informatics Division Faculty of Communication, Galatasaray University
Sinem ERENTÜRK, Project House Health President, Project House Havas
Selim SARIYERLİ, Sales Effectiveness & Customer Interactions Manager, Lundbeck​
Dr Sadiye Birep AYGÜN, Genomics Expert/Genome Coach
Seçil ELLİBEŞ, Digital Excellence Manager, GSK Turkey
Esra ÖZ, Health Columnist, ​Milliyet – Pembe Nar
Assc. Prof. Dr. Erkan Saka, Faculty of Communication, Istanbul Bilgi University
Leyla Alaton, Deputy CEO, Alvimedica
Yaprak Yapsan, Idea&Congress Founder, Idecon
Pınar ERBAŞ, Show TV, Journalist, Speaker
Dr Ayşegül ÇORUHLU, Bio-Chemistry Physcian / Anti-aging Specialist
Dilara KOÇAK, Registered Dietitian & Founder, Mezura Clinic
Dr Elgiz Yilmaz, Associate Professor / Vice-Dean​, University Galatasaray
İzlen TOKER, Social Media & Advocacy Manager, Novartis Turkey Cumali ÖĞRETMEN, Cepte Sağlık, Kurucu
Yasin KELEŞ, Sağlık Bilişimi Derneği Başkanı
Engin YILMAZ, Boğaziçi GETEM Direktörü, YÖK Engelli Komisyonu
Mustafa Yildirim, Head, Psoriasis Patient Association

Click here to view the program and to register to attend the Digital Health Summit, contact Project Coordinator Damla Çimen (Tel: +905332091079/Email: [email protected]) if you would like to sponsor/exhibit at this prestigious meeting.

Note: At the 2015 Digital Health Summit we will be hosting a full day of the mHealth for Healthcare Professionals course with the test in English and Turkish (which will be another first!). If you would like to preregister for this please complete this form. In the meantime check out the Introduction to mHealth talk that I gave at the 2013 Digital Health Summit:


*** *** UPDATE 22 December 2015 *** ***

Click here to view the slides that were used in the mHealth workshop.




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