“If Gutenberg were alive today, he would be… getting his Health Care from the 3G Doctor”

Alan Moore, founder of SMLXL and the originator of the term, philosophy and principles of “Engagement Marketing and Communications” has published a riveting paper explaining “The Mobile Society”.


“In its short, eight-year life as a mass media, mobile has already cannibalised over one fourth of all music sold, as well as one in six dollars spent by video gaming, whilst paid content on mobile is already 20% greater than all paid content on the Internet. TV, movies, newspapers, and even books are migrating to mobile. The first paid content was downloaded onto a mobile phone as recently as 1998, yet today, at $31.3 billion, content revenues on mobile have grown to be larger worldwide than Hollywood movies, video-gaming software, or global music industry revenues.”

Alan’s paper shares this journey by taking us back to Gutenberg, and describing how the Mobile as a 2-way communication platform will define us and transform commercial communications…. With reference to Attention Economics he explains using the best examples from around the world how data will play an increasingly important role both for businesses and for individuals, where permission, trust, and information-based bundles of communication will replace the irksome and irrelevant furniture of interruptive advertising.

“If Gutenberg were alive today, he would be taking pictures and shooting videos with his mobile, he would be blogging and vlogging via his mobile, paying for his car parking spaces via his mobile, getting his library books renewed via SMS, dating on Flirtomatic, and getting his health care from the 3G Doctor. When technology becomes successful, it becomes invisible”.

Alan is making this visionary paper available free of charge – thanks to the generosity of Microsoft – to get your copy visit the excellent Communities Dominate Brands blog he co-authors and connect with him or download it here (2 MB PDF)

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