The Game Changer: Going Mobile?

The latest videos from the Health 2.0 meets Ix Conference have been posted online by Don’t miss the interview with Susannah Fox, Associate Director Digital Strategy at the Pew Internet and American Life Project, in which the potential for Going Mobile to be a Game Changer is discussed.


We are seeing a deepening of the online experience with that group that is motivated by mobility. It turns out that mobile is really changing people as we saw with internet users with broadband. We are also continuing to see greater diversity in terms of race and ethnicity, if you want to reach a population that for example looks more like America then go to a mobile application because there are lots of people who don’t have a desktop computer but who have a really fantastic phone. It could be a trap though because what i saw in looking at the mobile data and then looking at the health data… we are still finding that we do not have full participation so the technology is there but there is a lack maybe of interest, there’s maybe a lack of confidence, there is a lack of a sense of being welcome in the space and so mobile is an opportunity to be a game changer but only if everyone gets in the game“. 3:27 – 4:46

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