Jitterbug Product Recall

Simple/Emergency Mobile device retailer/service provider (and promising mHealth star) Jitterbug have been hit by a recall from their Korean device manufacturer Samsung. With over 150,000 mobiles affected this could be a major set back for the upstart company and i hope it doesn’t affect the excellent work they’re doing to extend mobile penetration amongst seniors in the USA.

Jitterbug Homepage

Whilst details aren’t currently posted on the Jitterbug site (i guess they’re contacting their customers directly) the ConsumerAffairs.com website suggests that it is a software fault that prevents connections being made to 911 and that it affects $24 million worth of devices that have been sold in the last 15 months.

Whilst i haven’t got the full details of the issue i wonder whether this be another reason why mHealth solutions might be better if they are built on robust and upgradeable smartphone OS’s like Symbian? Not only do these OS’s get used in much greater numbers but upgrades and updates can be pushed over the air instantly and this has considerable benefits particularly as a product recall (as in this instance) would mean patients being without a device while it is being replaced.

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