3G iPhone Donor App Anyone?

AP News’ Marilynn Marchione makes a quite inflammatory suggestion that “Rich folks (like Apple founder Steve Jobs) have an edge in getting scarce organ transplants” by listing themselves on the list at multiple transplant center’s.

Whilst there is no evidence that Mr Jobs was on more than one list, Dr James Eason, Transplant Chief at the Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute in Memphis has stated that “he was the sickest patient on the waiting list at the time a donor organ became available” and is making “excellent prognosis” after the procedure.

With the latest Apple 3G S iPhone selling over a million devices in its first weekend i think there is a tremendous opportunity for Mr Jobs to give back to the transplant services that have helped him so greatly.

UNOS Donate Life

How about a UNOS/US Transplant Donor Consent application as the default screen saver on Apple mobiles?

UPDATE 5th JULY 2016: Apple & Donate Life America bring national organ donor registration to iPhone


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5 Responses to 3G iPhone Donor App Anyone?

  1. Matt Sherlock says:

    I think he can take it a step further and reduce the price of any Apple product 10% if you produce a donor card donor. How many people visit Apple stores that would donate if they were exposed to process.

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the great suggestion, I think your’re right and that a good proportion of Apple store customers would donate if they were offered the chance in such a convenient user friendly way.

      I’m not sure about how this “monetary gain” would conflict with the (regionally differing) consent requirements for Donors.

      I can also see a problem with people getting Donor Cards just to get the discount and then throwing them away (wasting the limited resources of the Donor Agency etc.) and if the donors don’t carry the card based form it still wouldn’t help to identify donors (unlike the Donor App/Screensaver suggestion).

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