Harley Street Reception/Presentation from Tam McDonald

With over 30 of Harley Streets leading Clinicians, Clinic owners and CEO’s in attendance the reception was an overwhelming success, enabling conference delegates and speakers to network with the leading private care providers in Europe, whilst also giving them an insight into the leading initiatives in the mHealth market.

Following on from the networking session Tam McDonald, CEO of Harley Street World brought the invited audience together for a presentation on “The Perfect Storm: Healthcare, Internet Television and Mobile Phones”, which touched on how the world of healthcare has got connected, the impact of health service consumerisation, the shift from reactive to preventative medicine, need to involve patient communities.

His talk reminded us of the global Harley Street brand, the community of leading clinics, before introducing the pilot series of films on breast cancer, link with the Walk the Walk charity, series of physician films and introduced the new projects: asthma, heart health, sport. He then introduced how the mobile has already transformed the Patient Experience with access to broadband everywhere, 24-7 immediate availability all within arms reach, and the opportunities this offered to engage with patients anytime, anywhere…

Tam ended by asking the audience to remember this as the date when Harley Street went mobile… “The expertise that gave the world its first internationally recognised healthcare brand is now available to everyone, everywhere”

Learn more about the Harley Street TV joint venture with 3G Doctor by clicking on the image to view Tam’s presentation slides on SlideShare:

This blog post is part of a series of reviews from the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit. Click here to get the full review.

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