Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, a big thanks to Informa for making this happen

To my mind the attraction of the Mobile Healthcare Industry has been hampered by a lack of clarity as to where the opportunities lie in this convergent new marketplace. Uncertainty seems to surround commitments as the various players consider whether the market will be driven by the legacy healthcare organisations (eg. the NHS, Kaiser), the mobile operators (eg. Vodafone, Orange), handset (eg. Nokia, Samsung) chip (eg. TI, Qualcomm) or Medical Device (eg. Biotronik, SJM) manufacturers, Web Companies (eg. WebMD, GoogleHealth) or even a set of completely new market entrants.

The fact is there is value to be added by all, and in 2009 networking events remain the ideal environments for the different players to learn about each other, the particular values they can each contribute, and to help establish trust between the innovators that will make this change happen.

For this reason when Informa Telecoms and Media contacted me I was more than happy to contirbute with my contacts and time to help them establish the definitive event for the Mobile Healthcare industry.

To me Informa seemed perfectly suited to be able to carry this off, not only did they have enormous reach into the Telecoms industry (they established the worlds biggest event for this sector – Mobile World Congress) but they also have leading publication titles and events serving the Healthcare and Investment Industry’s (eg. Scrip, Clinica).

All the same this event and the new ideas it was heralding needed to be launched in the face of a deep recession and this required a team that knew about and could understood the market. That team was made up of Sophie Powell (who is preparing to run a marathon), Carine Vandevelde and Fiona Higgins. I would like to congratulate them for the unrelenting efforts they gave to make sure this first event brought together the right people.

I have every confidence that the event will be even bigger and better next year and look forward to playing my small part once again… I’d also encourage your participation.

This blog post is part of a series of reviews from the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit. Click here to get the full review.

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