How 3G Mobiles and Augmented Reality are going to improve our health…

Mark Pesce in the Sydney Morning Herald has a 1 Jan 2010 article (Happy New Year Australia!) looking optimistically at how mobile technology will mark an new era:

“Tying a mobile camera to a place (via GPS) and the internet (via 3G service) means that we can ”augment” the camera’s view with information from many web-based and location-based resources. Tourists will spend as much time staring at their mobiles as they do ogling the sights; augmented reality will create a more enjoyable experience. The rest of us will point our mobiles to a packet of chips on the supermarket shelf to learn what they will do to our waistline. Augmented reality isn’t just for the big buildings, it’s for other things – like our health – which are important to us.”

…Finally, when the first human genome was sequenced in 1997, it cost over $100 million. In November 2008 that price had dropped to $3000. The price will drop below $1000 this year – expensive, but within the range of a normal medical test. Doctors will start to examine a patient’s genome, much as they look at an X-ray today, looking for predilections to disease and sensitivities to medicines. The futuristic world of the 1997 film Gattaca suddenly looks like ours. The era of genetic medicine has begun.

Have no doubt that in the next decade these developments are going to continue to empower patients and add to the increasing demand for remote mobile access to informed registered specialist Doctors.

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  2. great blog, happy new year wishes!

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