Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong describes a mHealth Future to CNBC

Click the image to watch a great video interview by CNBC’s Jane Wells with “Billionaire Doctor” Patrick Soon-Shiong, Executive Director of the UCLA Wireless Health Institute, in which he describes the fundamental importance of the Mobile Phone in the future delivery of Health:

Jane Wells: “So very practically, say in 2 years I go to my Doctor, am i carrying around an USB memory stick or are we just going, …I go to the Doctor because i have something wrong
Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong raising his 3G iPhone: “you’ll be carrying around this…
Jane Wells: “AND?
Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong: “…and on this will be your information, YOUR information, and access to every piece of scientific information, scientific information around that pertains to you.. …with great specificity

Watch the “Billionaire Doctor Puts His Money Where His Mind Is” interview at CNBC


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8 Responses to Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong describes a mHealth Future to CNBC

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  3. I applaud Dr Soon-Shiong for his vision. I hope Dr Soon-Shiong, that you will spend a few minutes on our site http://www.personalmedicine.com and sign up for an account as a patient. The capabilities you speak of are available right now in 2010, it will not take two years. If your record is in google health, then just upload it. Then when you want to share information, access your medical record, send your medical record to a specialist, make an appointment for a house call, telemedicine visit, IM visit, or otherwise communicate with your professional health network, you can do that right on our site.

    Here is an innovation series I’m doing for Physicians to discuss the differences in incremental innovation and disruptive innovation, making the cost case for the latter as the way to go.


    Natalie Hodge MD FAAP
    ” Your Doctor Comes to You”

  4. Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for your comment.

    It’s interesting that you think that once patients have a Smartphone containing all their “information” and “access to every piece of scientific information, scientific information around that pertains to you.. …with great specificity“

    That the next thing they will need will be a primary care Doctor to make the physical trip to visit them in their home.

    Aren’t you sharing the experience of consumers everywhere who are bypassing the traditional institutions for news, education and entertainment? I think the idea of a home visit in this future might be as nonsensical an idea as teenagers ordering cassette tapes on Napster!

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