2010 shaping up for M-Health initiatives

In the Juniper Research Blog, Anthony Cox, Researcher, reports on the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit announcement by Vittorio Colao, CEO Vodafone, and gives his perspective on how 2010 is shaping up for M-Health initiatives.

In my opinion Anthony is overestimating the importance of the SMS Reminder service that Orange Healthcare’s Thierry Zylberberg announced they will be launching in Q1 2010. Hard to see how this can be “M-Health’s “Killer App”” when similar (network independent) services are already established and quite widespread as a result of the work of smaller innovative companies like iPlato (who also presented).

On the other hand he’s underestimating what’s already out there when he claims that “Remote Diagnosis” to be “The Ultimate Application” but “may take a little longer” to arrive.

It’s disappointing that Anthony didn’t attend the event as I’d have loved to have got the chance to show him how at 3G Doctor we’re already enabling safe remote diagnosis by 1) securely interviewing patients using the worlds most advanced Interactive Patient History Questionnaires 2) using the output of this Q&A to prepare our registered Doctors 3) Connecting Patients with an informed Doctor using 3G Video Calling Technologies 4) Producing a written consultation report with every consultation.

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