“The phone will become your Doctor”

Rudy De Waele of MobileMonday Barcelona, has just posted me his “mobile trends for the next 10” slidedeck (view or download the PDF by clicking here to visit SlideShare) which is a collaborative outlook from some of the best know mobilists including: Howard Rheingold, Douglas Rushkoff, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Gerd Leonhard, Timo Arnall, Carlo Longino, Katrin Verclas, Atau Tanaka, Alan Moore, Marek Pawloski, Ajit Jaokar, Nicolas Nova, Inma Martinez, Tony Fish, Jonathan MacDonald, Willem Boijens, Carlos Domingo, Russ McGuire, Raimo van der Klein, Michael Breidenbruecker, Robert Rice, Steve O’Hear, Ted Morgan, Martin Duval, Andreas Constantinou, Fabien Girardin, Matthäus Krzykowski, Rich Wong, Andy Abramson, Ilja Laurs, David Wood, Stefan Constantinescu, Henri Moissinac, Kevin C. Tofel, Enrique C. Ortiz, Felix Petersen and Tom Hume.

A fascinating document and I was pleased to find gave some very interesting insights into possible mHealth trends:

“The phone will become your Doctor. Mobile phones are already the ubiquitous mobile device and, increasingly, provide a ubiquitous Internet connection. Just like the best camera is the one that you have with you, more and more hardware functionality, such as innovative input devices and sensors, combined with software and a data connection will piggyback the mobile phone, rather than try to compete as a separate device. Health care will be a major benefactor.”
Steve O’Hear
Editor, last100 / Contributing Editor, techCrunch Europe

“Mobiles monitoring personal health – the second brains of our personal networks”
David Wood
Principal at Delta Wisdom

“Connected phones packed with sensors and crunching power will disrupt all sensor-based models”
Felix Petersen
Head of Social Activities PM at Nokia / Founder at Plazes.com

“Personal Biometric Sensors (cyborg 101)”
Robert Rice
CEO Neogence Enterprises

“Health care delivery, especially in developing countries, will see some true breakthroughs with more telemedicine projects like mobile ultrasound and other diagnostics. New business models involving expertise remotely will emerge so that the divide between healthcare and rich and poor areas will flatten”
Katrin Verclas
co-founder, MobileActive.org

“The use of environmental and biomedical sensors in conjunction with mobile communication media”
Howard Rheingold
Author of Smart Mobs

“SMS based Health and Wellness monitoring and coaching”
(Martin also gave his slide a medical theme with a picture of a surgical team in scrubs fitting a Medtronic implanted device)
Martin Duval,
CEO, bluenove.com

“The communication revolution accelerates destroying businesses that refuse to think the unthinkable”
Alan Moore,
Author, blogger, entrepreneur

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1 Response to “The phone will become your Doctor”

  1. Very nice post, thank you for the link to the PDF! The slide presentation is very compelling and provides an excellent summary of where we hope to see mHealth go. At Globaltel Media we’ve tailored our SMS-based messaging solutions to be used for a variety of healthcare related activities, from sharing information between doctors, to appointment scheduling/reminders, to even rehabilitation info sent via mobile video. I always enjoy presentations like the one provided here, as they show the true potential patient benefits of developing this technology. Thanks again!

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