Vignet Unveils Continua Compliant Connected Health Services Platform for Mobile Wellness and Disease Management

Within the Continua exhibition stand (North Hall #2817) at the CES Digital Health Summit (part of the Consumer Electronics Show) Vignet Inc. will be demonstrating its new “Connected Health Services platform” for “mHealth devices and services” based on the open standards promoted by the Continua Health Alliance.

The “person-centered” platform will be showcased on a mobile phone equipped with the Vignet platform and is the result of a collaboration with IBM, Nonin and A&D that will allow “users to capture, aggregate, analyze and share data with their mobile devices, leveraging any wired or wireless interface, such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, Bluetooth LE and USB”. The demonstration will feature “IBM’s WebSphere® Sensor Events server software”, the “Vignet platform”, “Nonin Onyx® II Bluetooth® fingertip pulse oximeter” and “A&D Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors and Precision weighing Scales”.

“Because it facilitates close communication between patients and care providers, this platform can dramatically improve personal health outcomes by enabling care that is predictive, preventive, personalized, pervasive and participatory.”
Praduman Jain, CEO, Vignet.

“Connected health solutions have great potential to improve patient outcomes and deliver more affordable healthcare solutions. By demonstrating an end-to-end implementation of the Continua standard using any mobile phone as home health gateways, IBM and Vignet are highlighting the next generation for affordable, extensible remote patient monitoring.”
Dan Pelino, General Manager, IBM Health Care and Life Sciences

“To date, the use of EMR platforms alone has consistently failed to transform health outcomes in robust and measurable ways… …mHealth solutions, such as the Vignet platform, that enable connectivity across multiple user environments tend to yield much better results because they allow users to identify patterns that can most reliably optimize health outcomes. These mHealth platforms will become the backbone of user-generated connected health management.”
Brigitte Piniewski, MD, Chief Medical Officer, PeaceHealth Laboratories.

Business Wire Press Release

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