GSMA to expand mHealth agenda at Mobile World Congress

With not long to go before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, details on the mHealth session on the conference website remain scant:

Fortunately Rudolph Moncrieff, Speaker Manager at the GSMA, was kind enough to update me explaining that this is because there has been a late decision to expand the mHealth agenda and move it to the Thursday morning from the Wednesday afternoon “in recognition of the growing importance of the topic and the potentially game changing impact of mHealth in the years to come”.

The program is still being developed with the UN’s mHealth Alliance but he also provided an insight as to what to expect:

The morning will kick off with a couple of keynote presentations. The first from a leading operator in the field of mHealth, both in terms of R&D and actual deployment of services. The second presentation will be from a leading consultancy firm that has conducted a large global research project into mHealth. Their findings will be unveiled in Barcelona for the first time.

We will then move to a series of panel discussions addressing the following topics:

– Supply Side Ecosystem and the mHealth Value Chain
– Revenue Streams for mHealth
– Wellness at Every Age

Following lunch, mHealth sessions will be run in Hall 7 within the embedded zone there. Not strictly part of the conference, those sessions will nonetheless feature great speakers and address more mainstream topics:

– Why go to the developing world first?
– Innovative Business Models

As ever with our conference sessions, we will be bringing in top level representation from leading players in the value chains concerned, from the operators to the pharmas, software/hardware developers, government representatives etc.

If you’re making the trip to Barcelona I hope this update will encourage you to schedule time to check out the mHealth presentations that are most definitely on the agenda.

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