UK Government Champion for Digital Inclusion points out the need for Doctors to leverage the mobile web…

In an online video interview with the BBC, Martha Lane Fox, the UK Governments ‘Champion for Digital Inclusion’, talks up the potential of the mobile web now that you really can get a “great experience via your mobile” and talks of how interesting it will be when “People who have never learnt to use a computer and how they’ll adapt to a mobile”

“Peer to peer relationships and how they’re changing… …for example, I read recently, that people who look for health information online trust their friends, that they meet online and the communities that they go to, more than they trust Doctors, so that’s a big shift…

…the digital divide here in the UK, approximately 10 million people here in the UK who have never used the internet, quite a significant number, and even more alarmingly to me 4 million of those are also the people who are most socially and economically disadvantaged

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