mHealth market hotting up…

One good sign that a market is generating hype is the number of conferences that are being created to serve it. In difficult times conferences are one of the first bits of spending that corporations try to cut back on so conference organisers have to be very quick to jump on any new possible bandwagon.

Since helping Informa to organise the worlds first proper mHealth Conference (the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit) in London last year it’s great to see you could nearly fill your 2010 diary attending mHealth themed conferences:

Here’s the complete list of events I could find that have a focus on mHealth (if you can think of anymore please add them in the comments and I’ll update the list):

Health Informatics Congress, Birmingham UK
27-29 April

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring for Hospitals and Health Systems
28-30 April

eConference on mHealth, Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health hosted by USAID, SHOPS, and the mHealth Alliance
5 May

Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance, La Jolla CA
11-13 May

Spring Health IT Summit, Florida
12-13 May

American Telemedicine Association: Army Telemedicine Partnership Series: mHealth: The Use of Cell Phones for Healthcare Applications
15 May

American Telemedicine Association (ATA) Annual Meeting, Texas
16-18 May

Patient-Centered IT: Empowering Health Consumers, MA
20 May

ICT for Africa 2010, Yaounde, Cameroon
24 May – 4 June

Mobile Health 2010, Stanford University CA
24-25 May

Mobile Healthcare Review, London
26 May

Asia Society “Mobile Health: Connecting for Health”, New York City
3 June

Women Deliver 2010 Conference, Washington, DC featuring a mHealth Alliance panel ‘Mobilizing Reproductive Health: How Cell Phones Are Revolutionizing Women’s Health’
9-10 June

Mobile Monday Belfast: David Doherty, cofounder 3G Doctor, gives a talk and answers questions on the global mHealth

14 June

37th Annual International Conference on Global Health, Washington, DC
14-18 June

Connected Health Leadership Summit & Expo, Belfast
15-16 June

Continua Health Alliance Summer Summit 2010, Belfast
16-18 June

Pacific Health Summit, London, UK, featuring a working session on using mHealth to reduce maternal mortality
22-24 June

Mobile Health Asia Summit, Singapore
6-7 July

7th Healthcare Unbound Conference, San Diego
19-20 July

The World Congress Annual Leadership Summit on Wireless Health (recently renamed mHealth), Boston
29-30 July

mHealth Networking Conference, San Diego
8-9 Sept

MIT Forum: Sensing Opportunities in Mobile Health, Cambridge
13 Sept

mHealth Conference and Expo, Dubai
14-15 Sept

Mobile Healthcare and Medicine Symposia, Toronto
16 Sept

mHealth Summit Africa, Ghana
16-17 Sept

mHealth: JailBreaking Healthcare, Stanford Business School, London
21 Sept

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, London
21-22 Sept

ATA mid-year meeting, Baltimore, MD
26-28 Sept

Mobile Health Conference at ePatient Connections, Philadelphia, PA
27-29 Sept

Mobile Healthcare Technology Summit 2010,, Tennessee
30 Sept

Wireless Health 2010, California
5-7 Oct

CTIA: mHealth Track, San Francisco
7 Oct

West Wireless Health Institute: Health Care Innovation Day, Washington DC
12 Oct

mHealth World Congress 2010, Singapore
18-19 Oct

Mobile Health Expo, Las Vegas, NV
19-21 Oct

2010 Connected Health Symposium
21-22 Oct

Mobile Health Connectivity, Chicago
25-27 Oct

VC opportunities in Wireless & Mobile Health, La Jolla, CA
27 Oct

Mobile Monday London: Trends in mHealth, London , UK
8 Nov

Foundation for the National Institutes of Health mHealth Summit, Washington, DC
8-10 Nov

FierceMobileHealthcare mHealth Executive Breakfast, Washington DC
9 Nov

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit Dubai
30 Nov – 1 Dec

Wireless Health Care Conference, University of California
1 Dec

mHealth Africa Summit, Ghana
2-3 Dec

mHealth Ecosystem Workshop, Chicago
9 Dec

Transforming Healthcare through Mobile & Wireless Technologies, London
13 Dec

Mobile Healthcare Review
14 Dec

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10 Responses to mHealth market hotting up…

  1. bart says:

    US: Conference on Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring for Hospitals and Health Systems
    28 – 30 April 2010

    An overview of health informatics events: (can’t imagine HIT events NOT mentioning mhealth 😉 )

  2. Hi Bart,

    Thanks for those recommendations.

    As for “can’t imagine HIT events NOT mentioning mhealth”… in 2010 it’s depressing to see plenty that still don’t. Even some of the ones you expect to have their foot on the ball don’t even appear to have their eye on it!

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