Interview with Indian SMS Health Information provider mDhil

Interesting video but I think we need to see stronger use cases and more imagination, for example I’m not so sure the issues of obesity and diabetes are going to be cracked with an SMS that says: “When possible, choose lower calorie and lower fat foods. Being physically active and eating smaller portions of food will help manage weight *Get SMS *321 *32”

Check out the mDhil website

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1 Response to Interview with Indian SMS Health Information provider mDhil

  1. Nandu says:

    David – thanks for re-posting our interview with! We welcome your feedback. It’s important to keep our geographic market in context, as the vast majority of Indians do not receive preventative health information. For example, eating low-fat foods and smoking cessation have been stressed for over two decades in the Western world – not so in India (to underscore, consider this…Philip Morris looks to India as a ‘growth’ market). Our physician network in India reiterated a common story: most Indians were completely unaware of lifestyle choices that led to heart disease or diabetes. As most public health professionals would agree, patient knowledge & proactive ownership of one’s health is a critical step to healthy outcomes. In this respect, our services represent a revolutionary step from what had previously existed in India – we have customers electing and paying to receive health & wellness information over their mobile phone. Best of luck and stay in touch! We’d love to hear more about 3G Doctor as you start to get any traction.

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