3G Doctor’s mHealth Insight App goes live on OVI

The last few weeks we’ve been busy finalising a (long overdue!) design update for the 3G Doctor web presence that will involve making a more obvious distinction from this blog and the secure website. The need for this has emerged from several privacy concerns we can see arising from running an open blog featuring similar branding as the secure service that retains the highly sensitive personal data of patients. Of course the blog will be continuing but it will be rebranded as mHealth Insight to reflect not only what’s happening at 3G Doctor but also the wider mHealth ecosystem that we’ve been commenting on since 2006.

The relaunch will involve some native 3G Doctor applications and one of these will be the mHealth Insight blog so we’re really happy to see a first version approved and available on the Nokia OVI store…

Check it out and please share any feedback, whilst it’s nice to have the first mHealth application on OVI we really hope lots of other mHealth content providers get onboard as the audience is growing rapidly and there are some really useful tools being made available – be sure to check out their FREE OVI App Wizard to get you started

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