Overview of mobiles being used for Healthcare

Interesting talk by Don Jones, VP Health and LifeSciences at Qualcomm, from the Silvers Summit that took place at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. I particularly like the interesting analogy he uses to put into a healthcare context the 4 billion mobile subscribers:

“I like to tell healthcare audiences that this 4 billion number is equal to the number of people that use tooth brushes”

Wow… if we use the latest figures eg. 4.6 Billion using mobiles we can now say more people using mobiles than tooth brushes!

Part 1

Part 2

“Collapse time and space… …wireless brings to the Healthcare Industry the opportunity to be cheaper faster and more efficient”

Part 3

“The Grand daddy of the wireless health space, Cardionet …300% more effective than the current gold standard… …consumer model… …self installed and managed by patient with very little direction…

…Wireless band aid: peel and stick bio sensor with it’s own power supply that’s disposable… …By 2011-12 these will be very commonplace”

Part 4

Docomo Wellness Phone

“Japan the leader in rolling out these features… with a Government mandate driving this eg. Metabolic exams (weight, height, wasist, BMI) and if you fail these you/your company is fined and their contribution to health insurance goes up”

Part 5

Triage Wireless (Smart Band-Aid Space) measure vital signs: blood pressure without a cuff (or invasive line inside the body)

Blood delivery patch (mini IV wireless drug delivery patch)

Wirelessly controlled implanted drug releasing device

Remote mobile clinics (use in India – for telemedicine to serve remote villages)

Proteus Biomedical drug compliance techology (Swallow pills which then radio transmit to device that is external to the body, powered from stomach acids) “insurance company might say: sure we’ll pay for your drugs… but you’ve gotto prove you’re taking them”

Part 6

Myca: Practice management system for clinicians. Have recieved over 16,000 requests from US Primary Care Physicians interested in using their platform to virtually interact with their patients”

Part 7

Pill Phone: Drug reminders, interactions, share info with care givers, widely available on all 3 USA carriers.

“Sometimes the only answer to why you’re being told to come into the physicians office is because that’s the only way they’re going to get paid for the interaction… …so sometimes our systems of payment and accounting don’t take into account what people would prefer to do or what they could do”

“What I do: Working to put every body on the net”

PS. A big shame the Video Camera wasn’t used to cover the slides… a podcast would’ve been as effective!

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