Skype to enter mHealth market

Skype have been notably low key on their mHealth initiatives (most of what I learnt at MWC was strictly off-the-record hence the blank post) so it’s great to see the 520 million member strong community is waking up to the enormous market opportunity with it’s announcement as a sponsor of the mHealth Summit in Washington

Yes I know there are already as many people with iPhone 4’s as there are concurrent skypers AND that the numbers of Samsung, Nokia and LG mobile phones with front facing cameras that are within 3G coverage areas already out numbers that by several orders of magnitude… but as the Skype Video Application for Smartphones continues to get traction this is the competitor I’d be watching if I were a mobile operator expecting to make sustainable revenues from Mobile Video Calling/Services.

Could Skypes appeal across a wide age group and focus on connecting to the home TV make it a (currently sleeping) potential mHealth giant?

No mHealth news on the Skype website yet… I hope we don’t have to wait till November 8 to see what they’ve got up their sleeves!

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